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“This  is  the  decade  of  Kingdom  Manifestation.  The  last  shall  be  first.”  sayeth  the  Lord. The  current  economic  crisis  has  created  a  plethora  of  unprecedented  opportunities.    In  the  next  few  years, our  world  will  see  billions  of  dollars  of  vetted  and  proven  business  deals.  Throughout  history,  these opportunities  have  normally  been  reserved  for  a  handful  of  accredited  and  experienced  investors,  the super  wealthy  and  large  institutions.    For  centuries,  the  church  has  been  proclaiming  that  the  wealth  of the  wicked  is  laid  up  for  the  just.    Yet,  in  modern  times,  the  “church”  has  found  itself  isolated  from  the marketplace  of  opportunity,  business,  investment,  deal  flow  and  causes.  Now,  the  barriers    are  quickly being  removed  and  the  time  to  take  action  is  now.    No  longer  will  the  Kingdom  minded  exist  in  isolation. Therefore,  it  is  our  responsibility  as  Kingdom  citizens  during  this  season  of  opportunity  to  embrace  new ideas,  learn  these  concepts  and  implement  the  Kingdom  strategies  and  solutions  necessary  for  the creation  and  transference  of  wealth  to  manifest  God’s  divine  will  and  purpose  for  his  people  on  this planet. In  this  season,  God  is  using  the  vetted  and  respected  voice  of  Bishop  Rodney  Sampson  to  preach  and teach  the  authentic  message  of  Kingdom  Manifestation  while  simultaneously  delivering  the  platforms, solutions  and  opportunities  for  all  members  of  the  Kingdom  to  participate  ,  invest  and  benefit. Bishop  Sampson  will  inspire,  motivate  and  direct  you,  your  leadership  and  the  people  you  lead  on  how  to participate  in  the  manifestation  of  the  Kingdom  that  will  impact  our  respective  personal,  local,  global  and eternal  destinies.    Every  sphere  of  our  society  is  changing,  including  the  church.  The  shift  has  begun. Take  action  and  get  results  today  by  getting  on  Bishop  Sampson’s  2011  schedule  and  beyond  to  manifest the  Kingdom  in  your  church,  ministry,  conference  or  summit. Thy  Kingdom  Cometh

Featured  Messages  (Samples)
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Manifesting  The  Kingdom Are  you  talking  Kingdom  or  manifesting  Kingdom? The  Case  for  Innovation  &  Entrepreneurship  in  the  Kingdom Dead  Debt,  Living  Legacy I  Am  Money  I  Am Intentional  Success Survival  of  The  Fittest Boundless:    A  Mind  Without  Barriers  Creates  Ideas  Without  Limitations How  Kingdom  Leaders  Pray It’s  Never  Too  Late  for  Things  To  Get  Better The  EFactor Creating  Wealth The  Case  for  Entrepreneurship Your  Manifest  Destiny:    7.5  Words  To  Transform  Your  Future Yes  We  Will:    Solutions  For  Realizing  Your  Personal  Power Activating  The  Trillion  Dollar  Universe

Note:    Past  messages  are  used  as  a  guideline  and  roadmap  for  future  message  and  transformational development.  Bishop  Sampson  Sampson  constantly  innovates,  writes  and  delivers  relevant  and engaging  messages  that  are  timely  and  authentic  to  the  audience  at  hand.

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Marketplace  Rate $5,000  min.   $3,500  min.   $10,000  min.   $2,500  per  month $6,250  per  month   $20,000  minimum

Kingdom  Rate  $2,500  min. $2,000  min. $5,000  min. $1,000  per  month $2,000  per  month $10,000  minimum

Ministry  -­‐  Sunday  Mornings Ministry  -­‐  Weekday  Evenings  (Bible  study) Speaking  -­‐  Conference  Speaker Coaching  and  Advising  -­‐  Personal* Coaching  and  Advising    -­‐  Leadership  Team  ** Training  -­‐  Entrepreneurial  Intensive  

Marketplace  and  Kingdom  minimums  are  noted.    On  a  case  by  case,  we  will  consider  a  different  scenario.  We simply  ask  host  organizations  to  honor  the  gift  and  experience  of  Bishop  Sampson  as  their  budget  allows.    In addition,  Bishop  Sampson’s  round-­‐trip  room,  meals  and  travel  (Delta  Airlines  1st  class  ticket,  exit  row,  aisle preferred)  are  the  responsibility  of  the  host  organization.    At  least  two  (2)  volunteers  to  assist  Bishop  Sampson with  the  communication  and  presentation  of    Kingdom  resources  and  opportunities  are  requested.    A  letter  of confirmation  and  small  deposit  in  some  instances  is  requested  to  confirm  a  date. *  Personal  coaching  and  advising  are  in  the  area  of  personal  networking,  revenue  generation,    innovation, technology  and  wealth  creation.    Time  limits  apply.  Performance  fees  may  apply.    3rd  party  fees  may  apply. **  Leadership  team  coaching  and  advising  are  in  the  areas  of  innovation,  technology,  media,  growth, transition,  revenue  generation  and  implementation.    Time  limits  apply.  Performance  fees  may  apply.    3rd  party fees  may  apply.

About  Rodney  Sampson
 His Grace, Rodney Sheron Sampson is a globally established and respected spiritual, intellectual and economic leader. He functions as an Apostle, Prophet and Teacher in the body of Christ. Sampson was consecrated on June 27th, 2010 under mandate of The Old Holy Catholic Church in intercommunion with The International Bishops Conference (Collegium Episcopi). Archbishop LeRoy Bailey, Jr. and Archbishop Rainer Laufers were the chief consecrators. He is the founder and Bishop of Kingdom Manifestation, www.kingdommanifestation.org, a movement dedicated to manifesting the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven in every relevant sector of society and life. Kingdom has instituted Action, EveryChild USA, Manifestation, and Kingonomics as its primary initiatives in coordination with its Spiritual, Educational, Economical, Cultural and Social Dioceses. From 2004-2006, Sampson was a trainer, coach and consultant with Dr. John Maxwell痴 global leadership training organization, EQUIP. From 2006-2009, Sampson faithfully served as a General Overseer and Advisor in the 8th largest African American denomination (The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International) under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. Sampson speaks and presents to thousands each year. Simultaneously, Sampson is a vetted business innovator, strategist, corporate developer, marketer, author and global influencer. Futuring ideas and implementing successful organizational objectives is his primary core competency. He simultaneously reaches into the worlds of business, not for gain organizations and government. He regularly advises nations, businesses and bishops that lead millions of constituents throughout the planet. Over the last 15 years, Sampson痴 clients on three continents have generated more than one billion ($1B) in revenue from utilizing his advisory, management, business development and marketing services.A serial entrepreneur, Sampson founded Multicast Media Networks (Streamingfaith.com) in 2000 (sold in 2010), Intellect in 2002, Mobile Currency in 2006 and Legacy Opportunity Funds in 2007. Currently, Sampson is developing Kingdom Manifestation Investments, a US based Business Development Corporation designed to provide public and retail investors with access to investment vehicles traditionally reserved for accredited investors. Sampson is an Owner and Partner in EFactor.com, the fastest growing online and onEarth social networking utility for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. To date, nearly one millions entrepreneurs from 165 plus nations have joined E.Factor. Sampson also serves as a Board Member of OHM Business Development, Access Health Partners, Meet The Giants and Mobile Currency Uganda. Sampson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Tulane University and a Masters in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management. He also studied in the Doctorate of Medicine Program at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine from 1995-1999. In 1998, Sampson received an honorary Doctorate of Ministry from the I.G.F Theological Seminary. Sampson is the author of Your Manifest Destiny: 7.5 Words to Transform Your Future, Yes We Will: 15 Audio Meditations to Transform Your Future, Yes We Will: Solutions for Realizing Your Personal Power, and blacks and their Trillions: Introducing Symbiotic Economics. His next release, entitled Kingonomics: Business Insights From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For The Coming Age of Collaboration is scheduled for a January 2010 release on Ben Bella Books. A strong believer in global reinvestment, Sampson has been a friend of Africa. He has worked closely with The Republic of Namibia and The Republic of Gabon in the areas of leadership development, business development and strategy and public affairs. For his contributions to humanity, Sampson was awarded The Phoenix Award, the City of Atlanta’s highest honor, by Mayor Shirley Franklin in 2004.Dr. Sampson and his wife, Lady Shanterria Sampson, and their five children reside in their native home, Atlanta, GA. His wife is his partner ministry, business and purpose.

Personal Native  of  Atlanta  (Southwest  Atlanta) Married,  father  of  five   Education Frederick  Douglass  High  School  |  Atlanta,  GA Tulane  University  |  New  Orleans,  LA Penn  State  University  College  of  Medicine  |  Hershey,  PA Keller  Graduate  School  of  Management  |  Atlanta,  GA Outstanding  Achievements Honorary  Doctorate  of  Ministry Tenacity  Award,  Atlanta  Business  Chronicle City  of  Atlanta  Phoenix  Award Appointment  and  Elevation  to  General  Overseer  in  8th  Largest  African  American  denomination   Consecration  under  Mandate  of  Old  Holy  Catholic  Church  in  International  Bishops  Conference  (Collegium  Episcopi) Published  Author,  Your  Manifest  Destiny,  blacks  and  their  trillions,  Yes  We  Will:  Solutions  for  Realizing  Your  Personal  Power Business Vetted  technology,  new  media,  finance  entrepreneur  and  innovator   Co  founder,  Multicast  Media  Networks  (Streamingfaith.com),  2000 Founder,  Intellect,  2002  ::  Member,  Passion  of  The  Christ,  Chronicles  of  Narnia  and  Injoy  Marketing  and  Business  Development  Teams Managing  partner,  Legacy  Opportunity  Funds,  2008 Owner  and  partner,  www.efactor.com,  2008 Executive  member  of  the  board,  OHM  Business  Development,  www.ohmbusinessdevelopment.com,  2008 Kingdom  Manifestation  Investments  |  EDEN  |  C.H.R.I.S.T,  2010 Total  job  creation  ::  125+ Community EQUIP  (Dr.  John  Maxwell),  EveryChildUSA.com,  Kingdom  Manifestation,  Omega  Psi  Phi

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