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Translation from BUND Jahresbericht (Annual Review)

This revue was written by the BUND environmentalist responsible for

overseeing the golf course development along the banks of the Ems River.

BUND (Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V.) is an

environmental group. Even though it is not a political party, it is heavily
involved with the political process concerning every element of the

Nature Conservation
Extension of the Golf Course in Lingen

Outstanding Integration of a Golf Course Along the Ems River

At the beginning of construction along the banks of the River Ems in

Altenlingen, we from BUND saw it necessary to call the police to make a site
observation. Without the necessary permits for working in an area requiring
them, the contractor for the Golf Club Emstal had begun construction of a
180 meter long body of water in an area which did not have the permission
for such activity at that time. From this point we felt the Golf Club had little
interest in playing by the rules and perhaps would build a conventional golf
course - looking solely to build a golf course from the stand point of sport.

We admit this: We made a mistake. What stands now is a golf course

which fits in excellent harmony with the landscape of the Ems River valley.
What stood one year before was an area of 50 desolate hectares dominated
by intensively cultivated cornfields. Within a few short months this was
transformed into a project which is now a model for the integration of a
sports park in a protected area.
The Board of Directors and the responsible golf course designer (Tony
Ristola) had a goal to create throughout the property, a landscape in the
original and natural character of the River Ems.

• The new portion of the golf course (10 new holes in addition to their long
existing nine holes) has the moving dunes like character of the adjoining
Ems River banks properties by Wachendorfer Bridge and to the west by Gut
Beversunden. These adjoining natural areas are protected by law (§28).

• For connecting the two protected river bank areas north and south of the
golf course they built, as suggested by BUND, an a wide corridor which will
remain fallow. This area is larger than six hectares.

• In some areas fallow grass and sand dunes and hollows were constructed.

• In former times, the corn fields were drained through an underground pipe
system. This pipe system was exchanged for a 560 meter long natural style

• The planting are only native deciduous species.

• Through the new part of the golf course is a 1580 meter long foot path open
to the public.

• Planning and construction were discussed in harmony with golf club

planners, the city of Lingen and BUND. In all, about twenty meeting were
held in the second half of 1997.

We have to admit our first discussions were held in a frosty, fairly formal
atmosphere. This changed quickly when it turned out that the golf club side
put a lot of emphasis on designing a leisure and recreation area which really
fits into the Ems River Valley. From this point on our work together was
very constructive.
This new naturally styled water feature for the extension of the golf course
was for decades piped underground and fed to the Ems River. It was built to
drain the vast cornfields.
Leadership Driven Architecture
...Because Vision and Leadership are Inseparable
Tony Ristola
+1 909.581.0080
Design and construction are not separate jobs, but different parts of the same job

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