1.Theme Management of diarrhoea in children.
A. 5% dextrose B. 0.9%saline C. 5% dextrose & .45% saline D. 50 ml per kg ort over 4 hours E. 150 ml per kg ort over 4 hours F. 150 ml per kg ort over 24 hours G. Amoxicillin H. Trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole I. Anti diarrhoeals J. Anti emetics k. Lactose free diet 1. 8 month old child with h/o diarrhoea 8 episodes in the last 24 hours 2. Child with diarrhoea & vomiting for past 3 days. 3. Child with Shigella dysentery. 4. A bottle fed baby with diarrhoea, urine reducing substance positive

2.Theme: Diagnosis of Injury In Children(Nai or Not)
A. Fracture B. Non accidental injury C. Accidental injury D. Normal finding E. Henoch Schönlein purpura F. ITP G. Leukemia H. Sickle cell anaemia 5. 10 Year-old boy with h/o fall from cycle. o/e lower leg swelling & deformation. 6. 8 month old child with large blue patch on the bottom. Father Caucasian, mother- African 7. 10 Year-old girl brought to the A&E by her stepfather. o/e girl has petechial lesions around her waist & ankles 8. 5 year-old girl develops sore foot after playing football at her school. GP is concerned about patches of different colours on her lower legs. Otherwise the girl’s examination is normal.


4. now presents for a check up. Helicobacter pylori serology G. 12 year-old comes with h/o fall on his hand. A man who has a stressful job presents with history of epigastric pain for past 2 years .September-2002 3. 24 hour ambulatory esophageal ph monitoring B. Fecal occult blood. Xray wrist ap. Woman with h/o pain in the stomach after a fundoplication operation 14. 18 year-old comes with h/o fall on his hand.He smokes about 20 cigarettes per day 2 . 10 year-old boy comes with h/o fall on his hand.lateral with views of scaphoid C. 16. 13. Physiotherapy 9. D. 50 yr old obese woman with h/o pain in the epigastrium which comes on at night & wakes her up . X-ray wrist reveals impacted fracture lower hand on the left. 11.Theme:Investigations of Wrist Fractures A. Refer to ortho. E. Xray thumb E. Woman with long h/o peptic ulcer disease with positive H-pylori. Has not had an examination for the past 4 yrs. Plaster cast of wrist F. 15. 10.She also complains of cough & ?water brash. Oesophageal manometry C. Discharge with advice G. Endoscopy D. Isotope scan B. 36 year-old man who has been treating himself for dyspeptic symptoms for several years. X-ray of thumb reveals no fracture. Barium meal 12. No investigation needed at present F.Theme:Investigations of Dyspepsia A.

Extra dural haematoma B.Theme:Diagnosis of Head Injury (Edh. o/e haemotympanum present 26.Theme:Diagnosis of Antepartum Haemorrhage A.September-2002 5. 23. Mild head injury D. 3 . 45 year-old alcoholic with h/o recurrent falls was brought to A&E by his wife in a confused state. Lost consciousness initially but alert. Show F. bright red vaginal bleed over past 3 hours. 42 year-old man fell down . 7 year-old boy with h/o fall from cycle. A 38 year-old woman. Examination reveals no abnormality. 23 year-old footballer brought to the A & E. 25. 4th gravida with h/o blood & mucus. A 20 Year-old primi with h/o painless.Mild. O/e uterus is tender to palpation & BP-90/40 18. Trauma 17. o/e fetus transverse lie 19. oriented now. Severe head injury F. A 26 year-old in labour with blood & mucus 20. Was talking to the paramedics well after injury but subsequently lost consciousness 24. Fracture base of skull 22. Vasa praevia D. Subdural haematoma C. Abruptio placenta B. Sdh. 38 yr old man h/o fall. Velamentous insertion E. Moderate head injury E. A 27 year-old primi with h/o post coital bleed 6. Placenta praevia C. Ca cervix G. o/e vagina red & ulcerated 21.o/e GCS-13. A 21 year-old primi with h/o hypertension presents with acute abdominal pain. Moderate) A.

Intubation D. Full blood count D. Inhibition of ovulation C. Vaginal ultrasound 27. 32. Inhibition of implantation E. Inhibition of tubal motility B. Escharatomy B. Depot Progesterone 4 . POP 39.menarche at 12 has been having regular periods so far. Endometrial sampling B. Debridement I. 21 day progesterone C. Spermicidal F. De-roof blisters F. Patient presented with scalds with large tense blisters 9. D&C F. 30. 14 year-old girl . Man rescued from burning house with singed nostrils asking for his other family members 33. Colposcopy E. Cold irrigation 31. 28. 8. Intravenous fluids C. West Indian woman 33 year-old with h/o menorrhagia & dysmenorrhoea. Vaginal sponge 40. Production of hostile cervical mucus D.Theme:Management of Burns A. 45 year-old woman who attained menopause 2 yrs back presents with an episode of vaginal bleed. Aspiration of blisters E. she has been having heavy bleed & appears exsanguinated now. IUCD 37.September-2002 7. Fasciotomy H. Estimation of co2-Hb level G. Past 4 cycles. 23 year-old woman on OCP presents with vaginal bleed.Theme:Mechanism of Action of Contraceptives A. COCPs 36. Theme:Investigations of Vaginal Bleed A. 34. Man with full & partial thickness burns from his elbows to hands. Auses miscarriage 35. Man with burns over chest & anterior thigh. 29. Mirena coil 38.

Laser treatment C. Glaucoma. Continuous OCPS D. No treatment effective 41. with frequent vaginal & vulval pruritus. 45. 54 year-old woman who has had irregular period for last 3 months c/o flushing. B-blocker drops. G. 42. 43.September-2002 10. Bihosphonates H.Theme:Management of Post Menopausal Conditions atrophic Vaginitis. weight gain. 51. Intravenous steroids. X Ray shows bone rarefaction. mood swings. Oral steroids E. Post menopausal diabetic Woman. Intraocular steroids D.THEME:Management of visual loss SLE. Peripheral vision constricted o/e glaucomatous cupping seen. 45 year-old diabetic with proliferative retinopathy of right eye. F. prolapse A. Eye operation B. 52. 5 . underwent hysterectomy for some pathology. Vaginal oestrogens B. Proliferative retinopathy A. 49. Cranial arteritis. 68 year-old male with 3 month h/o pain & diminished vision in left eye. 48. Pain increases towards evening. 47. 11. 44. On retinoscopy macula shows pigmentation bilaterally. She cannot take oral preparations. Cyclical OCPS C. 78 year-old woman sexually active c/o dyspareunia & vaginal dryness. POP G. 78 year-old female with decreased visual acuity. Ring pessary E. Drusen. 84 year-old woman with 14 issues c/o feeling of something coming down per vaginum 50. 53 year-old woman who has attained menopause c/o constipation. Transdermal oestrogen patch F. 32 year-old woman with menopausal symptoms. 44y year old woman with h/o SLE has diminished vision . Prevent infection measures 46. excess thirst. Left eye shows retinal haemmorhage on fundoscopy. 45 year-old woman who has attained menopause 2 yrs back complains of weight gain & depression. 58 year-old male with right sided headache & pain R eye.

o/e conductive deafness -left ear. Meniere’s disease F. Now o/e a mass palpable in epigastrium. Now no pain. Abdominal USG D. G. Appendicitis. o/e mass palpable in right iliac fossa without pain. 60. Adenoids 58. o/e board like rigidity abdomen & no bowel sounds. 57. Acoustic neuroma B. Otosclerosis. AOM with effusion E. TOE G. she can hear well again. CT H. 54. 6 . Temporary shift of threshold of hearing D. AA. Radiating to groin now. Pain had spread to the right iliac fossa. After 9 months post partum. 62. 8 year old girl found to be deaf at a school hearing test. 61. vertigo & tinnitus . 14 Year-old boy with h/o abdomen pain periumbilically. Laparoscopy F.o/e low sensorineural deafness of left ear. 59. Noise induced deafness C. Chest X-ray B. Observation only I. Serum amylase C. 13. 56. 40 year-old man with family h/o deafness. peptic ulcer rupture. pseudocyst A. Male with h/o APD (acid peptic disease) presents with 24 hr h/o acute abdominal pain. Man with h/o intermittent claudication & IHD presents with tearing pain radiating to back. o/e BP-90/ 40 55. ECG 53. Laparotomy E.September-2002 12. 18 year old presents with deafness of 1 day duration after a night out at the local dance club. 23 year-old lactating mother presents with hearing loss.Theme:Diagnosis of Deafness A. Female with h/o pain started in loin. Man with h/o injury to upper abdomen. After 1 week mother notices that girl is fine & can hear well. 40 year-old man with h/o vomiting.THEME:Investigation of acute abdomen ureteric colic.

CT-scan E. CT scan B. 23 yr old man with h/o diplopia . ECG 67. He is all right in the morning. Commonest dementia in UK. 32 Year-old woman 1 week after cholecystectomy presents with left sided weakness. Blood levels of anticonvulsant 63. No vomiting.Still she has convulsions. The seizures start as twitching of mouth followed by generalized convulsions lasting for about 3 mins. o/e a bruit in the neck. headache & seizures. Dementia common in hypertensives. Dementia responsive to anti depressants 73. EEG D. 42 yr old woman presents with hemiparesis. 23 year-old woman with neck stiffness. 15.Theme:Diagnosis of Dementia A. dementia characterized by senile plaques & neurofibrillary tangles. ECHO C. 74. 72. MRI F. Blood cultures B. B. 65. 14 year-old girl with well controlled epilepsy so far presents with recurring seizures. ECG E. Huntington’s chorea. Family h/o dementia & characterized by early death. 64.Theme:Investigations of stroke A. Dose of Valproate on which the girl is. Aids dementia 70. Blood glucose C. 66. 7 .Theme:Investigations of Epilepsy A.September-2002 14. o/e she has a murmur precordially & is febrile. Pseudo-dementia D. Alzheimer’s dementia C. 12 year-old boy with generalized tonic clonic convulsions lasting for ~ 5 min. 8 year old boy with h/o 2 episodes of seizures in his sleep. 69. Doppler ultrasound of neck D. 68. temp 37. Drowsy 16. has been increased several times .7 deg C. Multi infarct dementia E. 71.

Man with injury to back of his upper thigh. Median nerve F. 13 year-old girl with diffuse swelling of thyroid. Man with h/o fall. 79. 84. 78. E. Fracture mid shaft of humerus. 81. Presents with wrist drop. FNAC 75. Facial nerve I. USG shows nodular lesion which is not cystic. 8 .September-2002 17. No symptoms of dysthyroid function. 18. 83. T3 levels D. Musculocutaneous nerve B. Injury to shoulder. There is region of anaesthesia on dorsum of hand. Man with unilateral swelling of Thyroid. Man with h/o injury to lower leg. 32 year-old man with swelling on 1 side of Thyroid gland. Woman with thyroid swelling. 86. 85. sweating & tremors of hands. TSH C. 76. Child with h/o fall. Man presents with injury to medial epicondyle of humerus. Woman presents with loss of voluntary movements lower part of face. 77. o/e region of anesthesia over the lower part of shoulder. USG F. Common peroneal nerve C. Woman presently taking Thyroxine for Hypothyroidism. Sciatic nerve D. Loss of taste anterior two thirds of tongue. Has injured his arm. Femoral nerve G. THRH B.Theme:Diagnosis of nerve injury A.Theme:Investigations of Thyroid conditions A. Senstion & movements preserved in the upper part of face. Has come for assessment of Thyroid function. Radial nerve H. No investigation required now E. Axillary nerve. Weakness of hamstrings. 82. Glossopharyngeal nerve 80. Restriction of dorsiflexion of Left foot & region of anaesthesia over foot.

96. Legionella C. Patient presents with chest pain related to movement. Woman with 3 day h/o cough & purulent sputum. Woman with 3 day h/o cough. Unstable angina F. 89. perihilar mottling. Musculoskeletal pain C. Echo D. sputum & chest pain. Woman who used to have chest pain on walking some distance now presents with chest pain even at rest.Theme:Diagnosis of chest pain A. rigor & chills. 18 year-old boy returns home after stay in some country. IV drug abuser presents with fever. cough & diarroeal episodes.September-2002 19. Woman on OCP with h/o DVT 94. Chest X Ray 92. Man presents with chest pain on climbing up the stairs. more on inspiration. 90. Man with h/o crushing chest pain. cough. 21. Myocardial infarction 87.Theme:Investigations of chest pain/dyspnoea A. 91. Blood examination shows cold agglutinins. chest pain . 98. 93.Theme: Diagnosis of Pneumonia A. C XR shows fine. 9 . Streptococcus pneumoniae B. 20. Spiral CT E. Pneumonia D. Man presents with cough. Woman presents with fever. Stable angina E. Mycoplasma D. 97. Febrile on examination. Post MI 88. Pneumocystitis carinii 95. Pericarditis B. ECG C. fever. crushing chest pain. V/Q scan B. He presents with fever. 45 year-old diabetic presents with 2 hour h/o central.

Proteinuria. Renal Tubular Acidosis D. Hyoscine C. Palliative Xray therapy F. hematuria 110. Hypertension. inc. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome B. Normal urea. CRF C.September-2002 22. Woman with terminal hepatocellular carcinoma presents with ascites & hepatic encephalopathy. hyperkalemia 107. Hypertension. normal creatinine.Theme:Metabolic parameters in Renal conditions A. Increased urea. Biphosphonates 99. Woman with Ca breast presents with weeping lesion of breast. 23. hyperphosphatemia 108. NSAIDS E. 109. creatinine. Haloperidol D. Woman with Multiple Myeloma presents with thirst. constipation. 103. Man with excessive salivary & bronchial secretions presents with rattly breathing due to excess secretions.Theme:Terminal Care A. Acute Glomerular Nephritis F. 101. B. 100. Man with Ca Prostate presents with intractable backache. fragmented RBCs. anaemia. SLE 105. inc creatinine. 102. Nephrotic Syndrome E. glomerular crescents on microscopy 10 . Relatives are concerned. hypertension 106. 104. Metronidazole gel. Lactulose G. hypoalbuminaemia. Man with Ca bronchus presents with intractable hiccups. Inc urea.

Traction C. h/o Weight loss. CXR shows suspicious lesions. Admit in hospital E. 113. Bedrest B. 14 year-old boy with h/o pain right iliac fossa. Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation D. Man presents with h/o bloody diarrhoea & mucus past 6 months. Man who has moved a cupboard in his house some time back presents with h/o backache ever since. 116. Man with h/o fall yesterday & backache & urinary retention ever since.Theme:Diagnosis of chronic abdominal conditions IBD. 11 . Appendiceal mass F. 72 year-old man presenting with confusion. o/e faces filled in colon. Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhoea C. 25. 117. 114.Theme:Management of Backache IVDP.1 in the apex of lung & the other at base. Now has loss of sensation in his perineum & inability to pass urine. Now there is a mass present on examination. Neurological problem 115. Sigmoid colon carcinoma E.September-2002 24. Carcinoma . Pathology shows granular mucosa. Chrons disease 111. inj to spine in malignancy musculosk pain in back A. she has abdominal pain relieved by passing motion. IBS. 112. tiredness present. 22 year-old woman presents with diarrhoea for the past 7 months . Ulcerative colitis B. Man with sudden h/o lower backache.appendiceal mass A. Diverticular disease G. Surgery D. Skeletal metastasis F.

Aplastic anaemia B. nasal discharge & blocked nose. Woman on Lithium treatment presents with depression. Allergic rhinitis G. TFTs D. X-ray of sinus reveals clouded mastoid. Check blood levels C.Theme:Side Effects of Drugs Chloramphenicol Lithium Carbamazepine etc A. He had epistaxis initially but now only clear fluid dripping from his nostrils. weight gain. Ca –maxillary antrum C.Theme:Epistaxis Ca maxillary antrum.1 week history. Dexamethasone 122. 121. sepsis post nasal polyp surgery fracture ethmoid etc A. Rhinitis medicamentosa 118. Chloramphenicol causes this. Woman presenting with headache.September-2002 26. Fracture ethmoid E. 27. Woman with Ca Breast with cerebral metastasis on Carbamazepine treatment for convulsions presents with confusion. Woman with h/o manic depressive illness on Lithium treatment presents with tremors of hand. 119. pain over maxillary antrum. LFTs E. Maxillary sinusitis B. Fracture nasal bone F. 125. 120. 124. 12 . cold intolerance & lethargy. Woman with 3 month h/o headache. 123. epistaxis. Man who had a nasal polyp surgery a week back now presents to the A&E with epistaxis. 11 year-old boy with h/o fall. Tenderness over maxillary sinus present. Vasomotor rhinitis H. Sepsis D.

Technitium scan F. ITP H. Haemophilia 126. 133.September-2002 28. Sickle cell anaemia G. 29. Ca Prostate C. Man with h/o wt loss. Abdominal USG 132. 13 . Man with Ca Prostate which has spread beyond the capsule now presents with renal failure. CML C. clot retention A. Myeloproliferative disorder F.Theme:Diagnosis of Leukaemia A. Ca Prostate. Elderly person presenting with massive lymphadenopathy & splenomegaly 127. Man wit h/o painless haematuria & weight loss now presents with acute inability to pass urine. Woman with antibodies in blood. Man with prostatic carcinoma on Gnrh analogues now comes for follow up. PAP C. Urethral stricture 129.Theme:Invest in Malignancies A. Clot retention D. BPH B. Elderly man with spenomegaly & Philadelphia chromosome positive 128. Auto immune hemolytic anaemia E. backache now has progressive difficulty in passing urine 30. Man diagnosed as Ca prostate now presents with severe backache 134. ALL D. PSA B. 65 year-old man who has been drinking large pints of beer since afternoon now presents to A&E with inability to pass urine. CLL B. Skeletal survey D. Bladder stone E.Theme:Diagnosis of Urinary Obstruction BPH. Thallium scan E. 131. 130.

141. Long acting b-agonist E. Man who has nocturnal wheeze inspite of being on twice daily b-agonists 142.Theme:Management of Asthma A.September-2002 31. H. A man having projectile vomiting due to pyloric stenosis with hypokalemia & base excess 136. dryskin & anuria 32. inhaled steroids. Na chromoglycate F. Respiratory alkalosis E. A man with pallor. A man with pulmonary embolism with tacycardia & hypotension and breathlessness 138. Leukotriene receptor antagonist G.Theme Metabolic alkalosis acidosis resp alkalosis acidosis etc A. Theophylline I. A man with villous adenoma of rectum with diarrhoea 137. Short acting B. 143. Metabolic acidosis B.agonist (inhaled) C. Comes to u for medication. 140. Metabolic alkalosis C. Short acting b-agonist (nebuliser) D. 6 year-old girl who presents with wheeze when brother plays with his friends cat. Hypokalemia F. Avoid allergens 139. Intravenous steroids B. Renal failure 135. 3 year-old girl whose parents are smokers coughs every time they smoke. Aminophylline iv J Avoid smoking K. Respiratory acidosis D. Boy presenting with acute severe asthma to A&E. Boy has diagnosed first time h/o asthma. 14 .

Theme:Management of Meningitis A.Theme:Management of Shingles A.Theme:Management of Cancer Pain A. 148. Woman with multiple myeloma presents with features of hypercalcemia. 15 . Amitriptyline D. GP is waiting for paediatricians advice. 8 Year-old child presents with fever & rash over his whole body. 146. Already on opiates. fever. Calcium supplements F. Woman returned from Pakistan to meet her family at UK presents with meningitis. Woman with Ca breast has pain in her elbow. Pamidronate G. He is still febrile and drowsiness has increased. 149. X-ray shows bony rarefaction & this is causing her great pain. 145. 152. IV drug abuser has high. headache & vomiting. Parenteral Penicillin B. SSRIs E. Oral Acyclovir C. iv Acyclovir B. 154. Paracetamol 147. CT scan D.September-2002 33. Sputum for AFB 151. Man with pain along distribution of intercostals nerve but no lesion over the region. Opiates E. Woman with Ophthalmic Herpes. NSAIDS C. Man with Ca prostate c/o backache which prevents him from sleeping. Plasma expansion C. 153. 34. Lumbar puncture E. HRT 144. Child with meningitis has been started on Antibiotics. Boy with Lymphoma has developed Herpes. 35. Woman with Herpetic neuralgia 150. Palliative Xray D. TENS B.

Open airway F. Pale. 157. Cold peripheries.Theme: Complications of Myocardial Infarction A. O/E pulse irregular & rate – 120 per min 162.4 days after MI he presents with dyspnoea. CT scan G.PR-50 per min & BP-140/96 37. Man involved in RTA. Pulse 120 per min. Intubation & ventilation E. 163. Woman post MI presents with syncope. heart block 160. 16 .GCS-3 159.Left side shows injury. Atrial fibrillation B. Ventricular rupture E. GAIN iv access & Blood transfusion D. Splint fracture B. Man post MI presents with chest pain. Positional variation of pain present.HR=40 PER MIN 161. 12 yr-old girl involved in RTA. gain IV access & Intravenous fluids C.September-2002 36. breathing is rattly. Woman involved in RTA . Man in an RTA. Man post MI presents with palpitations & breathlessness. 164.BP-90/? 158. tachycardia present. ECG 155. Pulmonary embolism G. Ventricular tachycardia C. Blood Pressure -90/40. Acute pulmonary oedema H. O/e systolic & diastolic murmur audible at apex. tachycardia & frothy sputum. Man in RTA brought to A&E with head injury. Chordae tendinae rupture of mitral valve leaflet D. brought to A&E. Cervical spine immobilization H. Pericarditis F. ECG shows saddle like ST elevation in ant leads. Man post MI presents with syncope.Theme: Resuscitation-Immediate Management Post Trauma A. Man 1 week post cholecystectomy presents with an MI. RR-30 /min 156.thigh deformed & ecchymoses present over it. Vitals stable.

Delirium. He now has syncope. looked after by neighbors presents at a shop at 6 o clock in the morning. Woman with cough & fever 1 week back has been posted for a sterilization operation tomorrow. Posted for surgery under GA tomorrow.Theme:Pre Operative Investigations A. Man who has been posted for a cholecystectomy is a known IHD patient. 169.September-2002 38. Gain iv access & immediately transfuse blood. ECHO 173. 170. ECG taken preoperatively shows a LBBB. ECG-24 hour monitoring. E. Theme: Diagnosis . Woman with h/o COPD needs hysterectomy. Psychotic depression 165.Theme:Prevention of Bleeding-Wrist Injury In Child Due To Broken A. tachycardia & ?BP 40. 5 yr old child fell on broken glass. Gain intravenous access & transfuse fluids C. Man hears voices commanding him to risk his life. 17 . Nurses r trying to get an iv access. Late onset Schizophrenia C. 174. Woman who stays alone. Woman brings her husband to the casualty saying that he has been behaving strangely for the past 3 days. CXR reveals no abnormality. 166. Man who has been admitted in the medical ward .Dementia A. chorea E. Apply pressure to site of bleeding B. Blood sugar F. 176. 167. Woman with Diabetes needs a laparotomy. 39. CXR C. 20 year-old woman who has attempted suicide by slashing her wrists claims that she wants to live no more. Man with Rheumatic heart disease has a mid systolic murmur & click on auscultation. Korsakoff psychosis F. H. Neighbors say she has had for the past 2 years slow forgetfulness. Wrist has been slashed by the glass & profuse bleeding from the wound site. 175. Male with suspected splenic injury involved in RTA presents with pallor. Angiogram D. Spirometry B. 172. Alzheimers Dementia D. Delirium B. 171. 177. Man who has had surgery shouts & screams as he regains consciousness 168. on the third day screams at staff & nurses saying that they r going to kill him.

D 109. F 177. F 30. D 99. B 48. C 85. A 54. A 152. C 131. B H A I A A A A 32. G F F F G G F 160. B 18 . B 36. H E 57. D E D D E B 126. B/c 124. A 127. C B C C C F B 41. C 151. E 79. D 38. D A A A A B 116. C 125. D 37. B 113. A 74. C 69. E C F C C 3. K 143. H 53. G 82. B 132.September-2002 Answers 1. F 91. C 122. D 7. A 120. B 136. B 141. C 27. C 173. C C C H G C 56. E 40. G 52. B 71. E D E E D D 154. B 78. D 153. C 155. D 112. C 14. B 170. C 140. B/c 49. B 128. D 129. G 22. K / J 5. B 44.B 11. G 165. C F C F 15. E 175. D 31. E 114. H 161. B 83. B 95. C D B D G C B 58. C D D D C 25. D 46. F F C F A F F 42. E 20. A 67. F C C F C F C C 33. D 75. B 10 . A 133. C 65. F 139. A 34. A 18. A 174. F 103. F 26. B 23. D D D G E D G 43. A 96. D/B 147. A E B 167. A / D 70. F 80. E 61. F E F F A F 64. A 168. C 145. E 137. C 29. H /G 4. A B C A 172. F/ E 111. C 150. F D g 55. F F C B C 117. B 19. E 110. E 51. B 8. C 13. E E A E G 84. D A D A D A A A A 130. G 105. A 100. B 148. C F G E 16. B 97. B C B B C C 158. D 77. D 81. F 9. A 106. D 92. D 121. D 50. B C B B D B B 76. E 93. A 24. C 17. C 89. A 88. B B C C E B 107. C D C C A D 138. E 163. B 119. F 63. A 171. F 2. B 59. C 73. C 39. A A D A D A 94. E 118. C 98. A G G G G A A A 115. DC 164. F B B F 108. C 166. C 12. F 146. D/ F 135. F 21. C C C B C B 101. C 62. J 144. E 90. C E E D D 134. A 123. B 72. H 86. A 47. C 176. D D E E E E 104. B D B B E D B D 35. B C A C A 66. G D D G D 142. C 157. A 6. A B 162. H 87. C G 60. B 102. A A A A B D A 68. A 28. E 169. D D E H D F 159. A 149. E 156. G 45.