The Night Shift By Tom Shortridge

MALL PARKING STRUCTURE NIGHT Most of the gates are shuttered. two outbound . He presses a button.EXT. please. DAVID I’ve heard. then puts her car back in gear. PARKING BOOTH NIGHT KELLY. early 20s. DAVID Congrats. DAVID Yeah. an attractive blonde in her 20s. leans out the window of the sedan and hands David her ticket. DAVID Two bucks. then quickly falls back into place as a black sedan pulls up to the booth. notices the books he’s reading. DAVID If only I were lucky enough. One lane is still open inbound. the other manned by DAVID. He turns to her as he returns . and the gate goes up. He turns back to his books. Kelly hands him a fiver. INT. The barrier arm in front of David’s booth swings up as a minivan pulls out. KELLY That final’s a bitch. her change. KELLY I aced it. Kelly waits for a second. He barely glances at her as he takes it and swipes it through the an "exact change" coin-tossing lane. as he’s still engrossed in the textbooks piled in front of him. KELLY Those for Doctor Keegan’s Advanced Literature? That catches his attention.

shaking his head. INT. DAVID (under his breath) Was she He looks back down at his books. Kelly zooms in. gentlemen. David flips the page . DAVID Sorry about your luck. you gotta let me back in.2. KELLY Ohmygod. closed. your vehicles will still be here in the morning. DAVID No. I’ll just be a second. Most floors are empty . I can’t believe I lost it. DAVID We’re. He steals one last look back at her car as it disappears into the night. please. Suddenly.. PARKING STRUCTURE FIRST FLOOR NIGHT He slides out of the booth and heads over to pull down the shutter on the inbound gate. KELLY Good luck. DAVID Night.. marks down their locations. She pulls away. He pulls out a logbook. I gotta find it - . He closes his books and punches through the closed-circuit camera feeds from each parking deck.except for a navy SUV on two. DAVID Idiot. her brakes squealing as she stops inches from the gate arm. and a white sedan on four.then his head snaps up and he looks at her car drive off.

DAVID You really aced it? KELLY Ninety-seven. shaking his head softly. The arm goes up. DAVID You gonna help me ace it? Kelly holds up her phone. pitches his change into the collecting basin. throws his books into his backpack. David pauses. . KELLY You are a lifesaver. An alarm buzzes at David. KELLY You let me go find the necklace. The white sedan rolls down the exit ramp. David watches her go. PARKING BOOTH NIGHT He turns and He settles back down into his seat." DAVID Asshole. these digits are yours when I come back through the gate. a second. INT. it goes back down. pulls into the express change lane. and a screen flashes: "JAM LANE TWO. he pulls out. David smiles and pushes a button that releases the arm. beaming with pride.3. I’ll just be She punches the gas and takes off up the ramp. and watches Kelly head up the ramps through the CCTV system. shutters the inbound gate. The driver pops his tinted window down a crack.

reaches into the collecting basin. surveys the basin and the ground around it. too geeky. the SUV on four has moved. the SUV peels rubber as it spins around the corner and accelerates up to the next level.. PARKING BOOTH NIGHT David pops his head back in. feels nothing... PARKING STRUCTURE FIRST FLOOR NIGHT David hops into the glass-front elevator. with a big-ass LOCKET that was causing the jam. The driver.. He swirls his hand around. INT.. He leans back into his seats. and locked definitely something inside it.’s large.4. A beat as the door closes and he rises up and out of sight. too forward. INT.. rolls down his window. heads to the exact-change lane. . the fuck? He shoves the locket into his pocket... How about On the parking deck just beyond his reflection. ELEVATOR NIGHT David inspects the locket . punches through the CCTV feeds. The SUV rolls down the ramp. jams on the button for floor six. PARKING STRUCTURE FIRST FLOOR NIGHT David reaches into the collecting basin . your place or mine for the study session? No. INT.. sees Kelly’s stopped on floor six. DAVID So. He gazes at his reflection in the glass door. INT.. pops his head out. David freezes. the empty parking decks behind a blur as the elevator slowly ascends. Also.. Whadyou think of Tolstoy? No. DAVID . startled.pulls out a NECKLACE. throws it into reverse. heavy. and guns it back up the ramp..

two at a time. He gets a good look at Roscoe .. He hustles as quietly as he can to a spot where he can get a better look. Especially since he’s packing a handgun... door opens. DAVID . around the corner going up. She yelps in pain. What? DAVID Come on. knocking her over and slamming her ankle against the railing. ducking behind a concrete pillar and peeking out. INT.5. Heavy.across the way. PARKING STRUCTURE SIXTH FLOOR NIGHT The elevator stops..and runs smack into Kelly. STAIRWELL NIGHT David bounds down the steps. what? David gestures upward. mob enforcer type. He’s on the lower half of the sixth floor . Not somebody you want to fuck with.. INT.he’s a huge. KELLY He slaps his hand over her mouth. he can see two cars. complete with leather jacket and ass-kicking boots. too . ROSCOE The fuck are you.a pair of legs are all he can see. David peeks gingerly out. Shhhh. KELLY Ahhh. the SUV and Kelly’s car. Shit. There’s some movement. bitch? David slinks away and heads back past the elevator to the stairwell.. let’s go. clomping footsteps echo through the parking garage. glancing up to make sure Roscoe’s not following him .

DAVID Dammit. DAVID Dude’s looking for you. KELLY Can’t we go out a side exit or something? DAVID Everything’s locked but the front. David stops. DAVID Wait. KELLY Shit. PARKING STRUCTURE EIGHTH FLOOR NIGHT David sprints out of the stairwell.6. He sets Kelly down. . they start down the stairs. INT. collapses on the ankle that got banged up. scary dude with a gun. slings her arm over his shoulder to support her. KELLY What? DAVID He’s gonna beat us down. runs into the small UTILITY ROOM. He sprints up the stairs.the whirring of the elevator’s cabling as the elevator lowers. A noise . KELLY I don’t know - Big-ass She tries to stand. David props her up.

PARKING STRUCTURE SIXTH FLOOR NIGHT David helps the limping Kelly into her passenger seat. INT. STAIRWELL NIGHT The red emergency light is barely bright enough to see the steps. red emergency lights go on in the stairwell. flips it off. MALL PARKING STRUCTURE NIGHT The structure switches instantly from brightly lit to disappearing in the night. INT. UTILITY ROOM NIGHT David flicks on a flashlight.7. pauses for a second to catch his breath. EXT. He slams the door behind him and a loud. A few seconds later. INT. helps her up. He breathes a sigh of relief. grabs the one that says MAIN POWER. DAVID Where’s your cell phone? KELLY In my car. UTILITY ROOM NIGHT David rushes in.the elevator’s stopped. and he gets behind the wheel of her car. pulls out the necklace/locket. but David makes his way down to Kelly. KELLY’S CAR NIGHT David puts the car in gear and starts heading down. . heads right for the circuit breaker. muffled noise echoes through the parking structure. INT. He digs in his pocket. INT. and listens . heads out.

8. Shattered glass. David throws the car into DRIVE and floors the gas pedal.. And Roscoe’s no A rumble from behind them. What? DAVID Who? KELLY My dad . swings its bean over the glass. and the headlights reflect off the objects on the ground again . .glass. he didn’t... David flicks on his flashlight. longer inside. Its glass door’s shattered. DAVID Is this what you were looking for? KELLY How did you DAVID Somebody threw it into the exact change lane. trying to figure out where it came from The elevator. KELLY No.he asked me to drop it off at the jeweler here . and suddenly they’re lit up from behind by the headlights of Roscoe’s SUV bearing down on them.I can’t fucking believe he’s still David slams on the brakes. DAVID Did you see that? KELLY What? David backs the car up a bit. whipping around the corners as they descend.. startled by a reflection of their headlights off something in the pitch black.

David’s attention returns to the road. INT. The SUV slams to a stop at the collection basin as Roscoe leans out to grab the locket. INT. . My dad DAVID I don’t want to know. INT. Kelly looks over at him. He doesn’t even slows down as he flies through the "exact change" lane. their breathing heavy. PARKING STRUCTURE FIRST FLOOR NIGHT Kelly’s car comes around the corner. INT. Roscoe’s SUV in hot pursuit. Kelly’s car disappears off into the distance.9. KELLY’S CAR NIGHT David rolls down his window. flinging the locket into the collection basin as he passes and obliterating the gate arm as he accelerates out onto the street. reaches over. KELLY’S CAR NIGHT David glances in his rear-view mirror no sign of Roscoe following. waving it for Roscoe to see. He glance over at Kelly . KELLY I don’t even know where to begin. KELLY What are you DAVID Hold on. PARKING STRUCTURE FIRST FLOOR NIGHT David swings the locket out the window.they’re both still on the adrenaline rush. rips the locket from Kelly’s hands.

turns red. She smiles back.10. The stoplight turns green. We coulda been dead. the better. . FADE TO BLACK They stop. Their shared laughter builds. DAVID You still owe me your digits. from anxious to relieved. Kelly looks back at the road. Still all clear. DAVID I truly don’t give a shit about what happened back there. and he breathes out a laugh. Traffic light ahead . A smile creeps across his face. DAVID We’re alive. But not right now. I feel like the less I know. DAVID I can’t ask for a whole lot more than that right now. The car drives off into the night. DAVID Except one thing. Kelly looks at him. Maybe someday you can explain everything to me. Beat. He glances back into the rearview mirror. He glances over at her. giggles.