Information Technology Activity and Status Report

March 2011

Announcements for Faculty and Staff Meetings
Contact Information Technology Anytime Support Desk Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (310) 506-HELP (4357) or (866) 767-8623 Technology and Learning for Faculty http://services.pepperdine. edu/techlearn/ Office of the Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer (310) 506-4501 Request IT Services it/forms IT Seeks Feedback on University Technology Services in March. Every year Information Technology collects feedback on technology services from a randomly-selected group of faculty, staff, and students via the TechQual+ survey. This feedback helps set University technology priorities, identify growing technology needs, and monitor the effectiveness of the current technologies and services. Past TechQual+ surveys have led to upgrading wireless capabilities at all Pepperdine campuses, expanding training resources, and adding more workshops offered by the Technology and Learning group. The survey was launched on Wednesday, March 9, and will end on Sunday, April 3.

Administrative Support for Schools

Plan to Attend the Technology and Learning Faculty Conference - September 14, 2011. On Wednesday, September 14, the Technology and Learning group will hold the inaugural Technology and Learning Faculty Conference. This conference will provide an insightful and inspiring showcase demonstrating how Pepperdine faculty can use technology to enhance learning. This conference is free to all faculty and serves as a valuable resource to learn about new technologies that are affecting student learning. Workshops will be held for faculty members who would like to experience new technologies. To register or learn more about the conference, contact Hong Kha at


Information Technology Activity and Status Report, March 2011

New Technology Remotely Troubleshoots Classroom Projectors and Monitors. Using GlobalViewer IT staff can readily manage and monitor classroom projectors, DVD players, and other devices from one central location. This proactive management and monitoring will decrease maintenance time and technical challenges associated with the upkeep of these devices. This technology is slowly being implemented in classrooms and is not currently available in every classroom. Technology and Learning Group to Host Free Faculty Webinars in March and April. To better meet the needs of faculty the Technology and Learning group will sponsor two online webinars on hybrid learning and social media. • March 24 - Hybrid Learning: Course Design and Faculty Development - Hybrid learning, which has gained considerable popularity in higher education, combines online learning with face-to-face lectures. This sponsored webinar will introduce the hybrid learning model, provide an overview of 21st-century learners, and supply ready-to-use program materials for faculty who are interested in developing hybrid lectures. IT purchased a site connect license and will stream the webinar live on Thursday, March 24. Register now to attend in Malibu or West Los Angeles. April 25 - Using Social Media for Teaching and Learning - Social media tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, and YouTube are forever changing how students learn and interact with each other. This sponsored webinar will share best practices for using social media and show faculty how they can utilize these emergent tools in their own curriculum. IT purchased a site connect license and will stream the webinar live on Monday, April 25. Register now to attend in Malibu or West Los Angeles.

IT Facebook Page Ready to Receive Students. Information Technology's Facebook page was created to communicate with students and gain valuable feedback on IT initiatives from students. Students can visit the page to comment on IT services and technologies and learn about IT news, events, and technology discounts. The page will also include a student blog, important links to IT resources, and photographs. To become a fan click here. Pepperdine Students Participate in National ECAR Survey on Technology. This month Information Technology will be administering the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR) survey to first-year and senior-year students. Students will be asked about the technology they own and how they use it on campus and at home. Information will be gathered about how skilled students believe they are with technologies; how they perceive technology is affecting their learning experience; and their preferences for technology in courses. Similar to the TechQual+ survey, the results of this survey are used to inform Pepperdine's technology priories and initiatives. For more information about the study visit

Administrative Support for the University
GSBM Faculty and Staff are First to use Features of New Cisco Telephone System. With Graziadio School of Business Management staff and faculty spread across five campuses, staying connected can present some challenges. Colleagues with multiple offices in different locations have to travel from campus to campus, which can take up precious meeting time. With the new Cisco telephone system, meetings can happen virtually from anywhere at any time, decreasing travel expenses while increasing productivity and collaboration on projects. To help Graziadio faculty and staff master the new Cisco telephones, IT will hold training sessions at the West Los Angeles campus on Friday, March 18. To sign up for the 10:30 am session click here and for the 1:30 pm session click here.


Information Technology Activity and Status Report, March 2011

Important Annual Security Briefing for Managers to Take Place this Spring. Pepperdine IT's Information Security office, in association with Finance and Equal Opportunity, announces the fourth annual information security briefing. These informative 90-minute sessions will update budget managers and PeopleSoft approvers on new security standards and will provide practical tips to ensure the security of the University's information. Managers will be personally invited via email to attend. To learn more, contact Kim Cary at Departmental Liaisons Inform Plan to Replace Canon Copiers. Information Technology is planning a multi-year project to replace many of the Canon copiers on the Encino, Irvine, Malibu, and Westlake Village campuses. To assess the needs of the Pepperdine community, IT sent out a short survey earlier this month to all departmental liaisons to gain feedback on their satisfaction with their current Canon copiers. The results of the survey will help determine which copiers to replace first and what features should be considered in the new fleet. IT will provide updates on this new initiative as it progresses. Career Services Strikes Discount Deal With SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey is a customizable online survey tool to collect feedback and data on projects or events. Career Services partnered with SurveyMonkey to give Pepperdine students, staff, and faculty a 25 percent discount on their yearly subscription. To create a new account click here. In order to receive the discount you must register with a email address and the discount will be applied at check out. For existing Pepperdine account holders the discount will be applied automatically and you will be notified of the credit.

Administrative Support for Software Tools
WaveNet Travel & Expense Module Allows for Electronic Receipt Attachments. On March 1, IT's Enterprise Information Systems group created additional functionality within the travel and expense module that allows users to scan and submit receipts electronically by attaching them to their expense reports. This feature has the potential to speed up processing for expense reports and reduce the occurrence of lost receipts and documentation. WaveNet Quick Links Increase Convenience for Faculty, Staff, and Students. Quick Links is an easy to find menu of important links for students, faculty, and staff, which includes links to course catalogs, academic calendars, financial assistance, and employee resources. IT staff members James Ballacchino and Sean Fife implemented Quick Links as a way to bring together many important resources to a convenient location. If you would like to suggest a link to be added to Quick Links contact Sean Fife at

Infrastructure, Systems, and Networking Updates
Pepperdine Campuses Receive Upgrades to Network. In order to meet the growing Internet needs of our students, faculty, and staff, Information Technology's Systems and Networking group is working to upgrade the Internet access and speed at all campuses. Throughout the month of March, IT staff will be increasing the number of wireless access points at each of the campuses. Negotiations are underway to increase the Malibu campus’ Internet bandwith. Updates on these projects will be provided in the near future.


Information Technology Activity and Status Report, March 2011


EDUCAUSE Review, January/February 2011 - Tim Chester, vice provost for academic administration and chief information officer was featured in an article titled, “Technical Skills No Longer Matter” in which he responds to an article in the Wall Street Journal that questioned the skill set of chief information officers in higher education. Dr. Chester argues that a person’s skill set is not as important as their ability to keep their department abreast of the ever-changing technological needs of their universities. Click here to read the article.


Kha, Hong, and D. Hoover. 2011. To iPad or Not to iPad: A Qualitative Study to Learn More About the iPad's Potential to Impact Learning Across Varying Disciplines (Research-Based). Presentation, EDUCAUSE ELI 2011 National Conference, Washington, D.C., February 14. Kha, Hong, and D. Hoover. 2011.Innovative and Strategic Thinking with the iPad. Presentation, EDUCAUSE West/Southwest 2011 Regional Conference, Austin, TX, February 23. Download PDF of presentation slides. Cha, Jennifer, and Hoover, Thomas. 2011. Getting Everyone on the Same LMS Page. Presentation, EDUCAUSE West/Southwest 2011 Regional Conference, Austin, TX, February 23.


Information Technology Activity and Status Report, March 2011

Benchmarks and Accountability

Anytime Support Desk. During February 2011, there were 1545 requests for support managed through the Anytime Support Desk. Of these requests, 56 percent were resolved within two days and 96 percent were resolved in fewer than five days. The average wait time for individuals calling the Anytime Support Desk was 33 seconds. Eighty-two percent of requests were resolved by the Anytime Support Desk on the first call. Online Requests. In February 2011, there were 193 additional requests for support managed through online web request forms. The top two types of online requests were: audio-visual service (61) and network resources request (35). Anytime Support Desk User Survey Results for February 2011. Through an automated feedback process, all Anytime Support Desk callers have the opportunity to complete a web-based satisfaction survey. In February 2011, 173 (12%) of 1417 survey requests sent to Anytime Support Desk callers were submitted. The four-question survey uses a “1 to 5” sliding scale with “4.00-5.00” equal to Excellent.
Month December January February Response Rate 15% 12% 12% Overall Competency Satisfaction 4.54 4.57 4.56 4.62 4.61 4.66 Customer Service 4.43 4.49 4.36 Resolution Timeliness 4.58 4.60 4.66

Staff Support by Major Area. All Pepperdine IT staff allocate their day-to-day efforts using client, project, and task codes; using this data, total division-wide staff effort for February 2011 was distributed as follows:
University Administration Support Colleges, Academic Affairs University-Wide, Common Services IT Administration and Management General Overhead (Leave, Holiday) 1,467 hours 3,067 hours 4,110 hours 2,998 hours 2,376 hours 10.47% 21.88% 29% 21.39% 16.95% $65,921.96 $79,213.16 $170,982.52 $99,784.02 $83,153.83

Total: 14,017 hours

100% $499,055.49

Support for Schools. Pepperdine IT staff effort provided to Pepperdine schools is as follows:
Month December January February Seaver 52.80% 53.31% 50.37% GSBM 20.44% 22.42% 26.68% GSEP 23.19% 20.59% 18.48% SOL 1.21% 0.88% 1.72% SPP 2.36% 2.80% 2.75%

How to Subscribe to this Report. If you would like to be added to the distribution list for this report, please contact Tiffany Yu, communications specialist, at extension x4139. The Monthly IT Status Report archive is available online at


Information Technology Activity and Status Report, March 2011

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