1. A rock has a volume of 15 cm and a mass of 27 grams. the type of stone is ...... A. 1.3 g / cm B. 1.8 g / cm C. 2 g / cm D. 15/10 g / cm E. 15/10 g / cm 2.

Substances that can flow and provide little resistance to changing shape when pressed is .... A. Fluid B. Solid C. Power D. Pressure E. Density 3. A block weighing 24 N is located on the side floor 3m and 2m. then the pressure on the floor beam is A. 1 Pa B. 2Pa C. 3Pa D. 4Pa E. 5Pa 4. A quantity which is defined as the force acting on a plane perpendicular to the area of unity it is called .... A. fluid B. density C. pressure D. style E. business 5. Pressure liquid which is only caused by the weight of pressure called ....... A. atmosphere B. air C. surface D. liquid E. hydrostatic 6. A container of mercury (density of mercury = 13 600 kg / m) as high as 76 cm. then the hydrostatic pressure acting on the bottom of the container is .... A. 101,292.8 Pa B. 105,315.7 Pa C. 121 115 Pa D. 130 000 Pa E. 142 231 Pa

the magnitude of the force produced on a large sucker is .. tinngi pool of oil and water on the second leg is 3m.higrometer . A.archimedes 9... the density of oil is . altimeter B. the same energy E.. A. the water level is equivalent to hydrostatic pressure (as high as 76 cm of mercury) is . 10 N E.7. 10.. 1 m D. A hydraulic jack has a small suckers and sucker diameter of 6 cm in diameter 30 cm large. -10. barometer C.. thermometer D. same business C. in one type of liquid.. when the little suckers in the press with force 400 N.000 kg / m.. Boyle B. is the law . A. A.hidrometer E. indigo water density 1. 11.. tools necessary to measure the atmospheric pressure (air) is . A.550 kg / m C... 1 N 10..2 m E. The law states that the principal hydrostatics. 10 3 N C. fluid 11.pascal E.. all points located on a flat surface. A.. The density of objects B. 800 kg / m 12.. The same pressure D. From Question # 6 above.34 m B. .. has . 10 4 N B..580 kg / m D. a U tube filled with water and oil.Lussac C. 11. ohm D.10 2 N D.5 M C..35 m 8. Pressure exerted on the liquid inside a closed room as large forwarded all directions. Gay . 500 kg / m B.600 kg / m E.

10 5 Pa B. A.1. 5. 52 . when atmospheric pressure = 72cm Hg.. g = 10 m / s. tensile strength 17. 10 4 Pa E. water pressure E. low .. weight B.. A. A. 10 5 Pa C. then the pressure at a depth of 5 m in a lake is . 71 10 N / m C.02. 10 5 Pa D. Small B. potential energy D. density D.819 L D..1. 326 L and able to withstand 7.. In the case of objects that float and float effect that the upward force equal to . heavy objects C. 48. 46. So the gas pressure is . A. Weight of water B. 1 N / m 18. the density of water = 1.1.13. A. 31. A...3.700 L B. the large volume of air at atmospheric pressure 1.2.. 10 N / m E.42.1..1..10 N / m B.2. in an ideal gas kinetic theory. and the density of mercury = 13 600 kg / m.02.4....1.000 kg / m.. a mole of gas occupies a volume of 100 dm x.106 L 15. Kinetic energy E.735 L C. 1.2. 10 4 Pa 14. and gas temperature was 127 C.000 L E. water volume 16.10 5 Pa is . 48.gas paryikel always move up to have . speed C. particle . the gas particle velocity will be more .10 5 Pa which can be stored in an air compressor-volume. 32 10 N / m D.3.. when the higher gas temperature.1..1.

... A. 1552 J C. special C. in E.C. medium D. energy contained in the ideal gas is called the kinetic energy or energy .1450 J E.1486 J D. A. 1663 J B..1380 J 20.. shrink 19. Main B. swell E. outside D. free . the amount of energy in a gas mole-temperature 27 C is ..