Carlos crouched knee-deep in the soft snow behing the broken slate wall.

His black armour kept the cold, winter air from his body but his face was exposed. An icicle hung from his nose and his ears were red thanks to the temperature which was below freezing point. He turned to his left and saw Joe and Stevie, rifles ready, in the same position as he was. Clouds of cold came from there mouth as they waited for the signal. He glanced to his right at the Predator tank in the nearby emplacement. Its long gun turret turned to face the advancing enemy but nothing was fired, not until the signal was given would anyone shoot. He took a deep breath and glanced through a small hole in the slate wall... nothing. He could not yet see the enemy advancing up the hill towards him and his fellow marines. ³scouts in position´ came the message across the radio suddenly ³understood, marines in position. Predator waiting, over.´ he replied softly into the earpiece he was wearing. ³enemy sighted, wait for signal. over.´ came the scout team leaders voice once more. ³waiting, over´ he replied. Moments passed and he remained where he was, along with all the other marines. Then the order to attack came across the radio, there was no going back... The predator fired a huge laser-beam with an outstanding boom before its side-turret bolters opened fire. Carlos had waited long enough, "NOW!" he cried, leaping over the wall and aiming his rifle at the nearest enemy. The enemy wasn¶t man but something different. The enemy was 9ft tall with gray skin and armor with tantacles on its face, the enemy was aliens. The invaders head blew apart, sending green blood flying onto its fellow alien soldiers. "Fire, Fire!" Carlos cried to his squad, "Go for their heads!" He shot down two more Aliens but they were too great in numbers and the marines were slowly forced backwards. Another laser-beam from the battle tank ripped through the alien line, melting several alien on the spot and wounding many others. The aliens let out a loud roar and started chanting an unknown language as they raced up the hill. The battle ground was dark and grey and alive with the sounds of war.the sun was up but wasn¶t seen through the smoke of lasers and crumbling skycscrapers. The enemy and Carlos troops were scattered now.One shot was so close to Carlos face that he felt the white hot laser bullet gently scrape his face and leaving a permanent scar from his right cheek to his right ear. He tuned to the Alien who had fired the shot and used his battle rifle to fire a single laser into the grey aliens head. Suddenly a huge strong masculine alien with a metal jaw fixed around its face and a laser cannon stood above him. Carlos could kill any alien but this alien wasn¶t lik the others. Carlos had one shot left and he fired it at the aliens hand that held the laser cannon and the weapon flew out the huge aliens hands. The alien had no weapon but he was still just as deadly. Carlos drew his combat knife and the alien drew his. The aliens knife was bigger than Carlos¶ by a foot long. The alien kicked Carlos onto the ground with his big metallic boot. Stars danced across his vision and he saw the shadowy figure looking down on him, lifting its blade for the killing blow. He wanted to move but could not make himself, he wanted to shout but could not make himself. The blade started to descend...

With a roar Joe leapt at the Alien in front of Carlos, knocking it to the ground as Carlos got to his feet and stabbed the beast between the eyes. Carlos nodded his thanks and reloaded his rifle as he turned to see the rest of the battle. Things were going well. The scouts

snipers were helping a lot by killing aliens with unbeleivable accuracy on the left flank and his squad were holding the center. The Tank was still firing and reinforcements would arrive soon, he hoped. Then ³BOOOM!´ The explosion was so sudden and large that Carlos was hurtled to the ground, a shard of metal digging into is shoulder. The sensors in his armour started warning him of the damage as his body started to mend straight away. He rolled over and looked at the remains of the tank. It was all but gone, shards of its structure lying everywhere - the limbs of the tank crew were scattered along the war ground. The Alien machine turned to face him, leaving the tank destroyed as it had intended too. It half ran hald walked over to him and raised its huge alien claw-arms. He rolled away from the brute and fired at it but his shot just clanged off the armour. A stream of flame shot from one of its guns and narrowly missed him. Thinking of nothing else to do, he slid between the two legs and fired at the chemical tank on the back of the alien. The tank was punctured. The hissing of the chimcal being released was herd and Carlos turned an ran knowing what the result will be. There was a final yell from the alien as it exploded. He turned around in time to see Joes head explode in a mist of blood. He looked for the kulprit but could see no suspect. A whilring sound came from above him and he looked up. A small helicopter type machine driven by a Alien was hovering above the headless body of Joe - the pilot laughing. Carlos ran under the machine and down the hill towards the rest of his squad. He did not find them.

Hundreds of orks were swarming up the hill now, much more than he expected. His squad were gone and he saw the scout team leader being ripped apart way down the hill. More alien hover-machines swooped overhead and destroyed tanks and alien transport vehicles raced up the flanks of the alien force. He saw many alien slaves being pushed along in front by the larger aliens and a huge brute alien on a truck leading his force forward. Where were the reinforcements? Carlos dared not to face these odds, even as a space marine, and turned and ran to the other side of the hill. Expecting to see space marines rushing to his aid he was suprised to find many more dead marines and many more aliens. It seemed the aliens had ambushed the reinforcements before they arrived. One marine space robot still fought on, crushing alien with its mighty powerful fist but even as he watched an alien put a bomb on its back and ripped it apart. He was alone. He tried to connect to the radio comm.-net but it was offline and more aliens raced at him. He found himself surrounded in no time at all by brute aliens. Then BOOOM! A single explosion and lasers were fired everywhere. Carlos looked around to see the Aliens being held back by fellow space marines in air craft. ³GET ON!!´ yelled the pilot of the metal bird. Carlos borded the vehicle without hesitation. ³How many survivors?´ asked a private. ³one´ carols answered. ³Where?!´ asked the private. ³you¶re looking at him´ said Carlos. This battle was lost but there was more ahead.

Carlos returned to base and gave his report«two years later the war was won and Carlos was the commander of the army that won the war of humanity. But this day was never forgoten.