Dominique Chesterfield Honors 11th Grade English Rm.

321 An Irrational Fear and Hatred This year alone there have been

10/20/10 Mrs.Librizzi

deaths in the world. Throught

history there have been millions of deaths at the hands of various disgruntled groups. Events in which these deaths occur closely related because they are often brought on by differences in opion on religion, politics, and/or race. The persecution of witches in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" is sonomous with the persecution of Jews durring the Holocaust. Both events stem from the irrational hatred coinciding with the irrational fear that the accused are the reason for the down fall of socity and christianity. The actions durring these Persceutions, aswell as the genuine motives behind these actions are also sonomous with each other. The witch hunt of the crucible and the atempted extermination of the Jews durring the Holocaust are two exceedingly related events in history. Durring the witch trials and the Holocaust there was a common fear and hatred of thoes that were persecuted. The puritains in the town of Salem feared and hated witches based on the belife that witches would lead to the down fall of the town because of their ability to corupt innosents by "gathering souls for the Devil" (44)and forcing them to "bind their souls to hell" (45). Witches were also feared and hated because the were seen as a threat to the christianity in the town; being a witch as Hale explains, makes you "the Devil's agent" (46) and the Devil is the direct negate to God; the foccus of christian belifs. People in the town even admitted to being " bound to torment Christians till God's thrown down and all must worship hell forevermore" as Marry Warren told her father (57). Germans durring the Holocaust were seeking an escapism for their great loss

. "there is a.fear of this court in this county. Secondly. the hysteria of what was transpiring in Germany spread throught the entire world. In "The Crucible". it was believed that Jews were trators to the country that only sought to destroy it. in the midst of both events there was mass hysteria." and it was noticable that people througout the town were fearful of even becoming involved (98). The same could be said about the Jews durring the Holocaust. the only way to save them selfs from an eminet death was to confess. As a result a rediculous fear and hatred based on the belief that Jews . Durring the Holocaust. people in the town of Salem were fully enthraled in the witch trials. Like Hale said in the play. Times were diffucult and people were angry.durring the first world war. The people of Germany . Not only treatment of the Jews but. when people were accused. they were the "evil" that the town needed as an escapism. For starters. It didn't really matter if they were truly guilty. Huge amounts of propaganda infected the country and declared Jews to be evil-deveiant-cheats that were the sole reason for German failure in the witches. People everywhere were fearful. Germany was also gaining territory in an atempt to conqour the world.were the reason fot the country's downfall spread like a wildfire. The idea that this was the common aspiration of all Jews further developed the fear and hatred into the idea that Jews were not created in the immage of God. they were guilty for life. and thus a threat to christianity that needed to be elimanated. the permanant circumstances under which the victims fount themselfs in were due to that fact that once it was decided that they were guilty.. The actions durring these persecutions mirror one another in three main ways. This irrational fear in tamden with hatred lead to action at the hands of the persecutors resulting in the deaths of innosents.

as well as a motive for their persecution would be all the newly avalible land oppertunites because the Jews were being uprooted from their homes and buisnesses. money.needed a common enemy to blame for the country's short commings and they fulfiled that need by persecuting the Jews. In persecuting the Jews Germany had descovered a cost effective way of bosting the economy. Germany was making a profit off of the slave labor enforced on the Jews and using it for the war effort. In that time it was seen as patriotic to turn in Jews to the NAZI's. land. The people of Salem put there "witches" in jail and then had them hanged to "cleanse the Village. The reasons for what happend in both time periods are the same. Another positive outcome for the persecuting Germans. People would condem innosent Jews to a life of suffering to gain a repor in the neighboorhood as a "good German". With the Jews all being hauled off to various consentration camps there was a new source of profit for the Germans. and popularity. Although it may appear that the characters of the crucible and the people of Germany comitted all of these horrible acts out of blind hatred and fear there were also some similar more honest motives behind thir actions. Jews were isolated in gethoes and then sent to do forced labor in consentration camps until the day they died. In Salem some were willing to "kill a neighbors for their land!" as a way to make a profit. (96) It is totaly . Lastly the actions of the Holocaust and the witch trials of the crucible are similar because in both events the victems of torment were removed from socity. It created more land for the remaining Gremans to attain and profit from." of the people that they feared and hated (46). The last genuine motive for the cruel treatment of Jews was to gain popularity. or they were just killed in the begining in death camps as a way to remove them from the general population.

The next thing for an accuser to gain would be popularity among the townspeople.plausible that once the accused was hanged their farm would be sold of to someone.. someone that would then turn a monatary profit from the farm they had attained by accusing the previous owner of witchcraft. selected to discover the evil.." and would give the accuser a better reputation in the town (46). . Turning in a witch ment the accuser was " God's insturument.