Functional team charter The significant role of technology in strategic business decisions has created the need for

Executives who understand technology and recognize profitable applications to products, Services and processes. Many companies have addressed this need through the appointment of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) whose responsibilities include monitoring new technologies and assessing their potential to become new products or services, overseeing the selection of research projects to insure that they have the potential to add value to the company, providing reliable technical assessments of potential mergers and acquisitions, explaining company products and future plans to the trade media, and participating in government, academic, and industry groups where there are opportunities to promote the company¶s reputation and to capture valuable data Integrating these technology-based activities into the corporate strategy requires that the CTO nurture effective relationships with key people throughout the company. These include the CEO, members of the Executive Committee, chief scientists, research laboratory directors, and marketing leaders. ³One of the key roles of the CTO is to provide the technical vision to complement the business vision, setting the tone and direction for the company¶s technologies. Leadership, in this context, comes from being able to set the technical course and from being able to define what the company¶s products and technologies might look like in two, three, or more years.´ Product vision should be based on an intimate understanding of the power of the current Technology component of the product and knowledge about innovations and changes that Are occurring in related fields. Objectives: and justification:

ROI improvement of IT: Justification: We would focus on return on investment to balance our capital and expenditure on development and services. V-Empower expenditure on wages 340,000 and software and hardware 21,000 and etc.(V-Empower) they run business successfully and returns increasing ever year. Our motto is run organization profitably Assist and support IT companies: Justification: we provide services to major organization in out sourcing. V-Empower commitment motivates us to tailor quality solutions for your business, efficiently. They provide services to the MICROSOFT, ACCENTURE and etc(V-Empower). Our objective to support IT companies with right person with right skills



Reviewing process and procedural methods: Justification: TCS company review their processes and methods every year on employee performance and technologies they used (TCS). In matrix we follow the same procedure to yield quality of the work. This will help to increase matrix performance.

We recruit software professional to full fill human power in other consultancies. update and implement IT strategy and mange it across enterprise. VEmpower services are in software development. We follow the standards of Tesco in recruiting IT professional KPIS and justification: 1. From in house developed graphics to using standard components. IT Services: Justification: we deliver services to selected. We deal with same department in effective use of Information technology. IT security. training services. managed and control IT providers. Risk management: Justification: we deal with risk in IT productivity as our company based on software product development and offer services. TCS offer same services as they recruit people and deliver services to other major IT organizations. Budget Control: Justification: we control performance of objectives related to overall IT budget to run company successfully. We estimated to enhance the features of iphone and create new application. new technology: Justification: V-Empower offer Complete user interface design of iPhone applications. 8. . Well structured plan would be made to successful completion of project 5. their performance increasing with adapting new technologies(V-Empower). They update application of iphone like interacting with customers¶ existing systems to provide data via web services and Support simple touch events and complex multiple touch events. Our strategy will be updated according to the nature of work and client requirements. we would apply the cost to cost production as in this competitive global market 6.4. Strategy and planning: Justification: Tata consultancy defines. Recruitment: Justification: recruiting technical people in an It company always a major aspect to the company. Well trained and experienced professional are key to our company success. 7.

.TCS studied the IT cost-related practices in the industry to identify and analyze the cost of IT services at the point at which it is delivered by the IT department and consumed by the business departments. We value to work and motivate them by bonus based on the individual and group performance. Like many other utilities. Business strategy would provide a platform to our software services. Despite 2.2. due to forex gain of Rs521.0% q-o-q in USD terms. percentage on Spending of current technology capital expenditure budget : Justification: V-Empower spending 70% of its annual budget (2m INR) in 2009 for new technologies. Tesco conducts customer satisfaction tracking . Development of customer market strategies and technologies Justification: The Brand Tesco needed intelligence from customers in order to best meet its broad objectives. 6. Our objective is similar in reduction of cost inside Matrix and improve quality of the work. We would invest more money on new technologies and security.91. This would give a clear indication to the business about the cost of IT services (TCS). we develop strategy for 5 years to increase in profits and quality of the work. We follow code of ethics of V-Empower for successful business. EBIT margins improved by 7 bps. When hiring new employees.6 bn and 7. TCS won nine large deals in Q3FY11 (TCS).6mn. EPS grew by 10. 5.To manage IT Cost and set expectations around the IT Cost.6% q-o-q to Rs11. food and etc. 3. IT budget growth percentage Justification: TCS reported Q3FY11 results ahead of expectation.1% qo-q to Rs96. spending per employee: our company budget on employess would be low on providing facilities like phone. 4. 7. it's most likely that you simply assess personality characteristics as well as competence elements to aid assure a good match in between them along with other employees in your organization. Revenue grew by 4. Bussiness strategy Justification: TCS developed business strategy to integrate with information systems and Where is the business trying to get to in the long-term. Controlling IT costs: Justification : Measuring the cost of IT services to control IT spend. CTOs and IT Managers must know the operating cost of applications.7% q-o-q rupee appreciation. We are expecting increase in 10% minimum on return of capital employed. Cultivating the IT and enterprise relationship Justification: Matrix value for shared values and cultures among all employees and customers.

com/Prabhudas/ d=824 our text book also enter as reference.tesco.v-empower. www. Market trends and customer needs: Justification: studying and understanding of market and customers in competitive and volatile global economy is more significant to stand. 8. We focus on current market strategies and technologies.among its products and Commercial customer base with Market Strategies International on a quarterly basis(Tesco).we would apply techniques and methods of apple in approaching research on¶s new iphone models performance creating history in mobile http://www. Apple company understand customers need. accessing information is key to innovation and competitiveness. .