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Home Outside Design c r e a t e s t h e l a n d s c a p e y o u ' v e a l w a y s w a n t e d .

a connection with nature

a contemplative garden

a place to grill and gather

a welcoming entry

a place to play

a graceful terrace

a space to show your style

a sustainable landscape

a showcase for plantings

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© JMMDS 2011

Home Outside Design m a k e s g o o d d e s i g n a c c e s s i b l e t o e v e r y o n e .

ONE LANDSCAPE, SIX WAYS: We'll help you discover your own personal design preferences, for a landscape as unique as you are.

Approachable, Affordable, Attainable.
elcome to a new, easy-to-use design service from Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio. Using the design principles described in Julie’s award-winning 2009 book Home Outside, Home Outside™ Design is a one-of-akind service that helps make your landscape more beautiful, functional, and sustainable. Many people don't know where to star t when it comes to planning their landscape. Home Outside Design (HOD) was created to help homeowners
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overcome this initial hurdle while not breaking the bank. Now, anyone can create the landscape of their dreams. Afterall, good landscape design should be a par t of everyone's life. When you sign up for HOD, you receive a kit that contains a DVD version of Home Outside and basic tools including pencils and a 50' measuring tape. Our HOD workbook walks you through every step of the HOD process, from measuring and photographing your proper ty, to describing your vision for your landscape, to telling us about your aesthetic preferences. Based on the information that you provide, our designers will create two or more schematic design options, specially tailored to your personality and

vision. These designs will give you the easy-tounderstand, solid foundation you need to proceed to the next step in your landscape design process.



You need a solid set of blueprints to build a sturdy house—and you need Home Outside Design to make a beautiful, functional landscape.

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Home Outside Design f i t s y o u r u n i q u e l i f e s t y l e a n d n e e d s .


ow do you take a bare backyard lot and turn it into a living, breathing outdoor room? Jake, a 28-yearold professional who was considering a backyard makeover, came to Home Outside Design looking for help with this very question. He knew he wanted to get more use out of his backyard (left), but he wasn't sure how to turn the barren space into a distinctive place that felt like par t of his home--a threestory apar tment house in a dense neighborhood. Jake told designers at HOD that one of his main goals was to create a place where he could host friends for frequent outdoor gatherings. His design personality questionnaire revealed his preference for landscapes with curving lines, formal layouts, and simple, spare, asymmetrical designs. Paying close attention to Jake's aesthetic preferences and practical needs, HOD designers presented him with two design alternatives for his backyard. In design 1 (near right), a central clearing provides enough terrace space for small gatherings, while at the edges of the proper ty, a hammock and benches—shaded by trees and lattices with climbing plants—allow for quieter, more solitary enjoyment of the outdoors. The periphery of the proper ty in design 2 (far right) is also quiet and shaded, with a flourishing garden, but it features a larger terrace bordered by a lawn, placing a greater emphasis on social activities within the space. Jake can choose a design—or combine his favorite par ts of both. If Jake's dilemma feels familiar, HOD can help you as well. Like Jake, you can approach your landscape makeover with two design alternatives for your proper ty in hand—all without breaking the bank.

lattice or wire support on wall for climbing plants benches, patio, and ornament

sculpture or water feature

wooden fence

trio of small flowering trees plant shade perennials

wooden screening fence maintain existing car park

hammock, use tree and post

table and chairs stepping stone path to ornament small tree, center on walk add lattice fence with flowering vine fenced car parking space

shade tolerant grass gathering terrace ornament, centered on trellis

tall, shadeloving shrubs

C A S E S T U DY B A C k YA r D

utility and storage space

movable trash, recycling, & grill storage

trellis with climbing plants planters and bench

design 1
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design 2
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Home Outside Design e n a b l e s y o u t o r e a l i z e y o u r d r e a m s .


ometimes when something is so close to home, it's hard to step back far enough to see the big picture. That's where HOD comes in. As a graphic designer and an avid gardener who is married to an architect, Janet doesn't sound like the type of person who needs help designing her yard.

But with a new garage being built (left) and the former garage turned into a home office, her proper ty needed a fresh, creative makeover. Her backyard, with its large trees and lawn, has two terraces (one that is connected to the house), and many beautiful garden planters and urns. The front yard is fragmented and doesn't show off her style to the public. Janet's profile revealed that she is looking for a garden that has clean, modern lines, connects the inside to the outside, is layered so that there are surprises as one moves through it, and honors the views. She asked JMMDS's designers to explore a host of different ideas and chose an expanded HOD Plan so that she could have six designs to dream about. The Schemes: Classic Formal: a cleanly organized garden with distinct internal focal points to showcase garden objects and planters. A simple pergola at the end of the yard layers the view and gives privacy to the terrace. French Parterre: a garden derived from the Special Landscapes section in the workbook, in which a landscape was described that she had a profound reaction to. Patterns: playful and eccentric; stone paths and garden beds are combined into brushstrokes on the ground plane and movement is through the negative space formed by this pattern. Crisp Angles: explores perspective and direct paths in a clean and distinctive way. Playful Circles: negative and positive space is explored through a series of overlapping and intersecting circles. Varying plant heights and intersecting paths create this playful and imaginative garden. Minimalist Bands: or thogonal organization with contrasting lush perennial borders and planes of monocultures layer this garden. Tree-lined walks and simple focal points add interest and surprise.

classic formal

french par terre

pattern garden


crisp angles
© JMMDS 2011

playful circles

minimalist bands
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Home Outside Design i s a p p r o a c h a b l e , a f f o r d a b l e a n d a t t a i n a b l e .
Yo u me a s u re . We d e s i g n . Yo u e n j oy.

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Sign up by clicking the GET STArTED! button below and we'll send you your HOD kit with instructions for measuring your property.

Once we receive your completed workbook, our designers will mail you two* schematic designs within several weeks.
*base option

Use our designs to work with a local contractor or garden center or build your Home Outside yourself.

(The cost of the service begins at $500)



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Graph Paper

50' Tape Measure


Creating Home Outside DVD Disc One

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three levels of design

Which Design Service is right for me?
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• What is the size of my site?
Urban, suburban, and rural-town-center properties with small, level outdoor spaces (less than 20,000 square feet) Large sites (more than 20,000 square feet) and sites with sloping terrain

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• How much interaction would I like to have with JMMDS designers?

Onsite consultation with Julie Onsite consultation with JMMDS designers Additional site visits or consultations with Julie and JMMDS designers

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• What level of detail do I need in my plans?

JMMDS creation of measured site drawing of existing conditions Schematic-level design plans (at least 2 different options for arranging landscape elements) Detailed design documents, including grading and layout plans and selection and location of items such as plants, paving, masonry, furniture, and lighting

• Would I like JMMDS to coordinate installation?


Coordination of landscape contractors and installation by JMMDS

JMMDS draws its inspiration from principal Julie Moir Messervy's philosophy that gardens and parks can be soul-nurturing places, oases deeply rooted in outdoor archetypes, childhood imagination, and aesthetic impulses. The team strives to create unique destinations that touch the visitor in an evocative way, that will be remembered and revisited, and that speak to the essence of the natural and historical features of the place.

The Toronto Music Garden Canada

Shore Country Day School Beverly MA

Private Residence Vermont

We work collaboratively with planners, architects, landscape architects, artists and engineers on a wide range of selected projects. Our work spans the continuum of landscape design, from intimate gardens to large-scale parks and master plans.

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