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Fellow New Mexicans

thank you for that

warm welcome,

How about a big hand

for these great
speakers! And I also
want to
thank each one of
you for coming today.
I am honored by your
and support. A big
shout out to one of
my biggest
supporters, Ace the

I would be remiss
today if I did not
thank all my friends
and family
who came from
across the country to
be here during this
special day.

I also want to thank

my mother for her
love and support. I
love you,
mom. But, please do
me a favor and keep
any baby pictures
away from
the press!

Lastly, to my partner
and love, Crissy.
Thank you for always
with me, supporting
me, believing in me,
and joining me on this

This afternoon, we
meet in a place of

The symbolism
throughout this
beautiful park gives
tribute to those
men and women who
fought tirelessly,
defended bravely,
and died nobly
for the freedoms that
you and I enjoy today
-- freedom from
fascism, socialism,
militarism, and evil.
These patriots risked
their lives so that we
could pursue our
Dreams while
enjoying the
freedoms provided to
us through our
documents. I hope
that you will take a
few moments today
to explore
and experience this
monument of
thanksgiving to those
individuals who
made the ultimate
sacrifice by laying
their lives down on
the altar of
freedom for us and
for future

Today, we find
ourselves fighting for
our freedoms once
again. Our way
of life is being
threatened and
encroached upon by
our own government,
by the elected
officials tasked with
representing us.

Under the guise of

safety, power-hungry
politicians have
stripped more
and more of our
rights away and
erected laws that
benefit their
elitist allies while
hardworking New

Much like today, our

forefathers fought
against an out-of-
government nearly
250 years ago.
Through that
endeavor, they
one of the most
documents that
articulated our
belief as a people:
The United States

What set this

document apart was
how it started. Three
simple words
set the tone and tenor
for how we informed
the world we would
as an independent
nation. Three simple
words that
immediately declared
with whom power
would actually rest:
“We the People . . .”

It has become more

and more apparent
that the Governor has
that she serves the
People. Instead, her
leadership has failed
Mexican families and
lined the pockets of
her donors and elitist

Yet, Michelle says

she is proud of where
New Mexico stands.

Michelle is proud that

New Mexico ranks
last in education. . .

Michelle is proud that

New Mexico ranks
first in child
poverty . . .
Michelle is proud that
New Mexico ranks
first in child
hunger . . .

Michelle is proud that

New Mexico ranks at
or near the bottom
when it
comes to violent
unemployment, and

These are not things

to be proud of. These
are things to be
ashamed of
and Governor -- New
Mexico is ashamed of
you. We want our

Michelle has shown

herself to be an out-
of-touch elitist. In
short years, these are
● She Favored crony
corporations over the
hardworking small
of New Mexico. This
has caused small
businesses to
operate at a 37%
loss in revenue while
we have seen over
87,000 jobs and over
businesses disappear
essentially overnight;

● She Invited illegal

immigrants into our
State before and
during this
migrant crisis and
pandemic, turning her
backs on ranchers
and farmers
leaving them
vulnerable along our
southern border;

● She supports the

excessive Federal
overreach from the
Administration to halt
the building of a
border wall while
walls and fences for
her and her liberal
elitist friends both
here at
home and in
Washington, D.C.;

● She Turned her

back on New
Mexico’s economy by
not fighting to
protect our State’s
revenue we receive
from oil and gas
when the Biden
banned fracking and
shutdown the
Keystone XL pipeline
killing more New
Mexican jobs ; and

● She Prioritizes the

rights of criminals
over the 2nd
rights of law-abiding
New Mexicans;

The truth is this:

Michelle has failed
New Mexico.

She has proven time

and again that her
priority is herself and
who fill her
campaign’s war
chest. She is not
working class, but
rather an elitist who
has grown up with
privilege while we pay
price of cleaning up
the mess, she has
made . . . not to
mention the
mess her dog made
in the Governor’s
I have heard from
New Mexicans in
every corner of the
state that they
have had enough.

New Mexico is a
proud state that
values our liberty and
freedom. We
believe that we are in
control of our own
destiny and can forge
future for ourselves
that is better than our

That is why I am
proud to announce
my intention to seek
the Republican
nomination to
become the next
Governor of New

From today on, I am

spreading a message
that resonates with
every man,
woman, and child that
calls New Mexico
home -- that
Michelle’s policies are
not permanent and
we will fix what is
There’s a lot to fix.

This is a new
movement based
entirely on our shared

● We believe that
bigger government is
not the answer and
does not
provide prosperity;

● We believe that
government should
fear the People rather
than the

People fearing their

government; and that
there is no room in
Mexico for elitists!

· We believe we
need a new
generation of
candidates that will
for the people. New
candidates who can
actually win instead
of running
for statewide office
multiple times and
losing. New
candidates who
speak out
consistently for the
cause of freedom
instead of being
silent until they get
ready to run for office.

We are a proud
people with a proud
history. We deserve
leadership that
is willing to stand up
for it rather than
diminish it. I stand
you today prepared to
take on this important

As Governor, I will
establish an
economic taskforce
that will be
responsible for
slashing excessive
and overbearing
regulations and
taxes that kill jobs
and place hurdles in
front of small
After all, it is NOT the
government’s role to
create jobs, it is the
government’s role to
create an attractive
environment for
people and
businesses to create

On the first day of my

Administration, I will
forgive all fines that
Michelle has levied
on small businesses
and churches. You
have my word
that the State of New
Mexico will not
harass, bully, or
infringe upon
the rights of
businesses or houses
of worship.
I will stand shoulder-
to-shoulder with our
police instead of
legislation, like
eliminating qualified
immunity that
hampers law
enforcement that puts
criminals first over the
law-abiding public.
As a State, we have
not done enough to
help first responders
front-line workers,
considering all they
have put on the line
for us
over the last 14
months. That is why,
as Governor, I will
work with
the leaders in both
the House and the
Senate to recognize
and reward
their selfless service
and thank them for
their dedication
during this
Every member of my
Administration will be
a New Mexico
resident. You
can’t lead a
department Governor
with a cabinet
Secretary who
even live here. We
deserve leadership
that understands the
facing all New
Mexican families.

It is time that we
reinvest and
reprioritize our
children’s education.
The opportunities that
lay before them are
bountiful and they
to be prepared to
chase any dream
they set their sights
on. That is
why I will make it a
priority of my
Administration to
ensure that
parents are able to
choose what schools
their children attend. I
also institute
standards designed
to revive our failing
schools and
provide much-needed
resources to
Just like New
Mexican families
must budget their
resources, the state
government has the
same obligation. That
is why I pledge to use
powers of the
Governor’s office to
keep the State
Legislature in
session until they
pass and present for
my signature a truly
budget that cuts two
dollars of spending
for every one dollar of
People of New
Mexico, you have my
word . . . I will veto
ANY tax
increase that crosses
my desk as

I will veto every bill

that tries to take away
your ability to protect
you or your family.
The second
amendment shall not
be infringed. Once
we start chipping
away at the
Constitution and
taking rights away,
start down a path
where all of our rights
become negotiable
threatened. That will
not happen on my

I will veto any

legislation that
contains a single
penny of taxpayer
dollars to fund
abortion. Government
should protect its
citizens, not
destroy them.

I will veto any

legislation that
jeopardizes the
livelihood of our
ranchers and
farmers. It is
important for them to
know they will
finally have a friend in
Santa Fe that will
support them.

Friends, I love our

beautiful State and
our amazing country.
I also
love our Constitution
because it is our
defining document as
a free
people with rights
bestowed upon us by
our Creator. During
my time in
uniform, I swore an
oath to preserve,
protect, and defend
Constitution and I
believe that obligation
still exists.

I intend to be a
Governor that New
Mexico can be proud
of. I mentioned
earlier that this is a
movement of shared
values. That means I
all of you to stand
with me -- shoulder to
shoulder -- during this
campaign. We
succeed when we
come together as one
team with one
mission: to return
New Mexico to

The future for New

Mexico is bright and
full of blessings for
ourselves and our
children. Together,
we will restore liberty
secure our prosperity
for years to come. I
look forward to you
me on this mission.

God Bless you, the

People of New
Mexico. God Bless
our State, and may
God Bless the United
States of America.