The information contained herein has been compiled, reproduced and distributed in the hopes that it will assist in the completion of Personal Evaluation Reports (PERs). IT IS NOT INTENDED THAT IT BE QUOTED VERBATUM, BUT IT SHOULD BE USED AS A GUIDE and if properly used it will prove invaluable in preparing outstanding word-pictures of personnel being evaluated


The primary objective of the system is to differentiate the simply outstanding and the excellent from the average. The initial evaluation is to be made by the individual’s immediate supervisor subject to normal review via the chain of command. Selection of personnel for promotion Selection for courses and remuster Posting planning and other career decisions Assessment of performance patterns for corrective career action Re-engagement Effective utilization of personnel resources in an emergency GUIDELINES FOR EVALUTING a. c. d. “Particular emphasis shall be placed on leadership ability and potential of MCpl/MS and above. the thinking out of ways and means of improving the effectiveness with which the job can be done. The success of this system is directly dependent upon the attention and support. d. which is equally as important to the accomplishment of the Canadian Armed Forces mission as “combat leadership”. b. The job-layer-outers should receive due credit for their greater value. The results of the evaluation of individuals are used to determine: a. We have all seen those who can turn in praiseworthy results once the job is laid out for them by others with imagination and the ability to think creatively. There are many ways/types of leadership and many ways in which leadership can be demonstrated. c. The goal to be sought is simply that final evaluations of the several traits accurately reflect worth to the service. and to write up instructions therefore in an intelligent and sensible manner so that “executive” leadership. Notice should be taken of the fact that arbitrary assigning of high evaluations to all personnel penalizes the truly outstanding individuals and makes the evaluation system meaningless.To provide information concerning the overall performance of personnel. GENERAL COMMENTS Paragraph ‘c’ above says. e. These “do-ers” are of lesser competence than the “job-layer-outers”. independently. 2 . the ability to complete. Individuals within a pay level are to be marked solely against the performance of others in the same pay level. The manner in which an individual contributes to group conferences. studies which can be used as a guide for action by others. Canadian Armed Forces have developed the Performance Evaluation Report system. b. f. which all supervisors give to the intent of the system. the ability to devise operational procedure and methods that will get the desired job done properly and economically. Particular emphasis shall be placed on leadership ability and potential of MCpl/MS and above.

as they can harm a person’s career by incorrect interpretations. writing merely the phrase “smooth operator” in a narrative does not convey to everyone what is meant. Some examples are: 1) Improvement – degree is uncertain and must be implied unless specified 2) Average – implies a quality which is subject to different interpretations 3) Stout – can imply that the man is “brave” or “tending to fatness” As much time as necessary should be spent in producing a valid assessment. The assessor should not attempt to conclude his narrative with a flippant or witty punch line. the less justice is done to the man being assessed. (e) Avoid Words of Connotation The precise meanings of some words involve the implying (thing not expressly asserted) of a truth (quality). the statement “He appears to be punctual” raises doubt as to whether the man is punctual or not. The narrative must not contradict what appears in the rating section. not together in one sentence. Such words should be avoided. For example. and some words may imply meanings. (d) Avoid Backhanded Compliments A statement like “this man’s drinking doe not interfere with his duties” may be intended to be complimentary but really portrays a detrimental image. Narratives should be brief. For example. 3 . in order to avoid misinterpretation. This practice reflects poorly on the assessor and can be unfair to the person being assessed. (b) Avoid Wordiness The more a narrative rambles on with verbal garbage. Strengths and weaknesses should be stated separately. it is best to first write the narrative on a piece of paper prior to entering it on the PER form. (a) Write What is Meant Typical offenders are the assessors who are too busy to take time to check their dictated or written words. which are different from the primary meaning of the word. Sometimes meaning is distorted or unclear because of poor choice of words.NARRATIVE WRITING The writing of narratives should be preceded by careful planning of what is to be said. and accurate. Normally. or used with extreme care. To ensure that narratives are as valid as possible several suggestions are worthy of consideration. clear. (c) Avoid General Inference Scanty phrases do not carry the same interpretations to everyone.

knowledge and ingenuity has been without a doubt the guiding light to a most successful and highly rewarding operation. which inspires the best performance possible from the junior people in his section. (Name) has continuously demonstrated a high degree of professional ability. He is an enthusiastic. His ability to combine an understanding attitude with a firm knowledge hand gave him a quality of leadership. reliable and conscientious (Rank) who has carried out his duties in an outstanding manner. his enthusiasm. (Name) does not hesitate to take the initiative in any situation with extremely effective results. He is very dependable and can be relied upon to complete any task assigned. resourcefulness and determination to do all work to the best of his ability. once learned. He can be relied upon to make quick. the changeover has been smooth and without problems. and has continuously demonstrated an extremely high degree of professional ability. (Name) is level headed. He works extremely well on his own and requires little or no supervision. He has an outstanding trade background and always utilizes any available information and guidance when confronted with a problem or difficult situation.NARRATIVE ORGANIZATION The narrative should generally be organized in the following sequence: 1) statement of job 2) general statement of performance 3) good points 4) poor points 5) recommendation for/against promotion EXAMPLES OF NARRATIVES (Name) has continually demonstrated an extremely high degree of professional proficiency. (Name) is assigned the duties of ______________. he requires little if any supervision. (Name) is extremely competent when working alone. He constantly strives to improve his knowledge and ability to perform in any assignment (Name) has been at this station for a short period of time only. conscientious (Rank) with a keen appreciation of his responsibilities. (Name) ‘s overall professional performance has been adequate and it is felt that he will show improvement with additional training and experience. (Name) is an effective. concise and to the point. He is an excellent supervisor and leader. dependability. His untiring efforts to carry out assigned tasks. 4 . His performance is distinguished by his initiative. He is always willing to accept additional work and to help in the operational performance of the section. He carries out assignments to the letter and has shown that he has a good sense of judgment and tact. He has recently been reassigned to new duties and due to his own abilities. accurate and correct decisions. He appears to be slow at learning a new task. he has been extremely successful in training and helping the younger and inexperienced personnel attain a high degree of professional proficiency. however. (Name) is an exceptionally well trained (Rank) who is very competent in all tasks assigned.

is completely trustworthy. but occasionally is lax in checking the accuracy of his work. and his personal appearance is consistently outstanding. (Name) exhibits all the traits of a good (Rank). He continuously demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of professional proficiency. but does not always use it to the best of his ability. He continually strives to improve his knowledge. pass and act upon orders issued by seniors without asking for justification or explanation. not only professionally but militarily as well. Although at times lax in his personal appearance. (Name) possesses the ability to become an outstanding (Rank) in every respect. and he willingly and cheerfully obeys orders and regulations. (Name) is always willing to put in extra hours of work and supervision to ensure that a project or problem is being taken care of properly and then follows it through to a successful completion. He has an excellent professional background and puts this knowledge and experience to good use when confronted with not only every day problems but also situations. He always cooperates to the fullest extent possible. (Name) demonstrates and excellent knowledge of all facets of his trade required for his rank. contingent upon the amount of supervision he receives. and he has continually demonstrated outstanding proficiency in the performance of these assigned duties. (Name)’s behaviour during this reporting period has been impressive. and strives constantly to see that all duties assigned to him are carried out in an efficient manner. His military appearance is above average. and is a definite asset to the branch and to the service. which are unusual. He has demonstrated the ability to receive. and discharges the assigned task in an efficient manner. but to date has not fully utilized his potential. He assumes responsibility readily. and the cooperation he gives readily to his immediate supervisor. (Name) is otherwise a good (Rank).(Name) is an extremely dependable and enthusiastic worker. His attention to all the phases of his job. He has a good technical background. but it is felt that these traits will improve with maturity and additional experience. (Name)’s pleasing personality enhances morale within the section. (Name)is a quiet. leaves little to be desired. He takes great interest in the people who work with him. (Name) ‘s easy going manner and quiet humour enables him to get along exceptionally well with other members in the section. He always strives to improve himself and all assigned personnel in their duties. collected and confident manner. (Name) has an extremely keen sense of duty. (Name) is frequently immature in his judgment and actions. (Name) is level headed and initiates all required action in a calm. (Name) has the responsibility of insuring the continuous. His ability to get the job done has made him an asset. (Name) strive to do his assigned tasks. His professional performance ranges from adequate to excellent. unassuming and conscientious (Rank) who continually displays a high degree of professional knowledge and ability. (Name)’s professional ability has greatly increased during this reporting period. His military appearance and behaviour are impressive and always correct. 5 . He is well liked and respected by all personnel who work with or for him. and requires no supervision. He still requires some supervision to ensure his work will be properly completed. He takes great interest in all phases of all work. and he requires a very minimum of supervision. smooth and correct operation of the section. including minor details. Additional experience and proper direction of energy should make him an asset to the section.

and can be relied upon to perform in an excellent manner. He is industrious. with a high sense of personal responsibility for the quality of his work. (Name) performs his assigned duties with a minimum of supervision. He gets along extremely well with those with whom he works. His leadership and supervisory ability is excellent. (Name) is an industrious and conscientious supervisor. He requires a minimum of supervision and works well on his own. cooperative and always willing to assume added responsibility and assist others. (Name)’s performance has been above average. He always applies his background experience and knowledge diligently. (Name)’s professional performance is outstanding. He is extremely versatile and adapts himself to any new task. (Name) continuously demonstrated an extremely high degree of professional ability. He is always willing to pass his experience and technical knowledge on to junior personnel in his section and train them in the proper performance of their duties. Although his assigned duties were initially strange to him. He is very meticulous in his work. He has demonstrated his capacity to effectively and efficiently direct and control his watch section and can be depended upon to maintain a high quality of results. (Name) always decides on how an individual situation will reflect upon the service before acting upon it. or as part of a group. (Name) has diligently applied himself to his work. He gets along well with everyone and promotes good morale. conscientious (Rank) with a keen appreciation of his responsibilities. demonstrates above average intelligence. and has been a very definite asset to the section. He welcomes responsibility and is continually striving to broaden his field of knowledge and increase his value to the service. He has a ready solution for a junior man with a perplexing problem and takes the initiative where required.(Name) takes a great deal of pride in his work and can always be relied on to do any job assigned exceptionally well. He willingly accepts additional work and responsibilities. thorough and accurate in his work. (Name) is an enthusiastic and extremely dependable worker. 6 . He is well liked and respected by his co-workers. (Name) is a dependable and enthusiastic worker. he is tactful. He requires a minimum of supervision. He maintains a smart and neat military appearance and conducts himself in a proper military manner. He is a diligent worker and willingly accepts any assignment delegated to him with unobstructed enthusiasm. and secures the cooperation and loyalty of his subordinates whom he guides and directs with understanding and tact. and is alert for possible ways to improve the efficiency of the department. and willingly accepts responsibility. (Name) has made many worthwhile suggestions and contributions that have ensured efficiency and economy of operations. He is an industrious. though positive in the handling of his supporting personnel and quickly gains their respect and loyalty. He is reliable and carries out his duties with a minimum of supervision. thorough and effective supervisor. (Name) is a definite morale builder and sets a fine example for his junior personnel to look up to and follow. (Name) demonstrates exceptional proficiency in any phase of operations to which assigned. and always puts forth his best effort on any task assigned. He strives to accomplish his assigned tasks to the best of his ability. (Name) is an industrious.

(Name) presents and impressive appearance in his uniform. He habitually makes correct decisions during the routine of his assigned tasks. all personnel concerned. (Name) continuously demonstrates a high degree of professional ability. He is highly informed on all details of his assigned duties. His military behaviour has been above reproach. both at work and off base. with added maturity and experience. (Name)’s conduct. He continually demonstrates an outstanding proficiency in all aspects of his work. has been of the highest order. (Name) accepts orders willingly. and has helped improve the performance and the individual proficiency of the personnel who work with him. while his jocular personality contributes significantly to morale within the section. (Name) has continued to demonstrate above average ability during this reporting period. eager to accept greater responsibility. (Name) voluntarily contributes a great deal of his spare time in training less experienced personnel in their assigned duties. He has an alert. and requires minimum supervision. and his congenial personality promotes good morale throughout the section. and with added experience. (Name) presents a correct smart military appearance. He continually displays a high degree of competence in professional performance. requiring a minimum of supervision. (Name) has submitted many well throughout suggestions and revisions to the section’s operating procedures and is always alert for improvement that will enhance the overall performance of the section. (Name) is considered above average in military appearance. 7 . wearing his uniform with obvious pride. quiet and unassuming on watch. should develop into an excellent leader and (Rank). he organizes his work efficiently and produces outstanding results. (Name) is a competent young (Rank). although he has yet to reach his potential. active mind and quickly perceives and correctly the essential elements of any problems and arrives at a sound solution. and enthusiasm for his job set a fine example for others to follow. and he gets along well other members of the section. had immediate supervision of the_____________. It is felt that he will develop into a (Rank). He is and industrious (Rank). As a result of his extra effort and help. He strives to increase his personal qualifications and value to the service by taking correspondence courses. He works hard and can be relied upon to make good use of his background and professional experience. Although strict and demanding of his subordinates. (Name) is energetic. His habitually smart and correct uniform provides a striking example for his fellow workers to follow. His interest. but with a tendency to become boisterous when off duty. both on and off duty. industrious. (Name) continually demonstrates exceptionally high degree of professional proficiency. (Name) is a very dependable and enthusiastic worker. He utilizes his vast training and background to grasp and understand all situations and always takes the proper action and initiative. as __________. sense of responsibility. and his ready with and pleasing personality enhance morale within the section. plus a continued high degree of proficiency have noted a greater enthusiasm.(Name) is an outstanding young (Rank) in all assessable traits. His eagerness and enthusiasm coupled with an exceptional professional background enabled him to produce positive results and greater efficiency in ______________. as he invariably maintains a high degree of military sharpness. (Name). and extremely conscientious. (Name)’s competence and professional ability is most noteworthy. above average in every respect.

high moral standards. pleasant (Rank) completely loyal and devoted to his duties. dedicated leader whose precise methods continually cause members to surpass what would be their ordinary attainment. and a fine example for the younger members in the section. He works closely with the other personnel in the section concerning advancement. (Name) gets along extremely will with his watch personnel and directs them in a tactful and understanding manner. His jovial personality and constant willingness to help others has been a contributing factor to the high morale of all concerned. his well-rounded knowledge. He is always neat. He continually keeps abreast of all procedures and adjusts his work accordingly. and his effective leadership has done much to enhance the proficiency of the entire section. (Name)’s military appearance is impressive. His work is neat and accurate and he requires very little supervision. His military behaviour is on the highest order. (Name)’s military behaviour is above reproach at all times. (Name) makes a complete and accurate report that reflects pride in a job well done. (Name)’s performance as shift supervisor is excellent. He is a conscientious worker and can be depended upon to produce outstanding results. (Name) is neat and clean and wears his uniform with great pride. (Name) is a very reliable and conscientious worker who enjoys his work and keeps busy at all times. and consistent speed and accuracy in handling his job has been a great asset to his watch section. (Name) gets along exceptionally well with both his superiors and subordinates. loyalty and devotion to duty set outstanding examples for his subordinates. He continually works to improve his technical knowledge and professional effectiveness. He always thinks ahead and when asked for information.As _______________. reenlistment. (Name)’s immaculate personal appearance. enthusiasm and ingenuity in the performance of his duties. Regardless of the job assigned. took it upon himself to learn numerous tasks other than those assigned. so he would be available and knowledgeable if his assistance was required. (Name)’s continuously outstanding performance and his thorough knowledge of his trade have enabled him to contribute many well supported and useful suggestions for improvement of operational procedures within his section. (Name). and continuously promotes good morale within the section. dedicated serviceperson who is a credit to the branch and the service. His military behaviour is above reproach and he is an excellent example to others at all times. 8 . he exhibits an outstanding ability to come up with a concise and informative answer. (Name) demonstrated resourcefulness. During periods of personnel shortages within the section. His military appearance is impressive in either work or dress uniform. and educational opportunities and is always willing to give his time to any person seeking information. tactful. and are a credit to himself and the service. He sets an excellent example and encourages his juniors to dress and look neat. (Name) is a loyal. (Name)’s personal contributions to the section have been exceptional. He is an engaging. respect for authority and rules and regulations. (Name) through the willingness to accept any and all tasks assigned. in either work or dress in uniform. and he shares his knowledge with the junior members whenever possible. contribute highly to the overall efficiency of the section and inspire the esteem of his subordinates. He is a dedicated career man and an outstanding example for other members in the section. clean and well groomed. He strives to improve procedures of not only his shift but the overall section. His loyalty. (Name) is a loyal.

(Name) sets and excellent example for the junior members in the section to follow. He accepts all commands and regulations in a cheerful manner and continually promotes good morale within the section. He gets along exceptionally well with both senior and junior members of the section and continuously promotes good morale within the section. His military bearing and appearance is above reproach and he maintains his dress in perfect condition. and is in fact. and presents a sharp military appearance. however. (Name) continues to increase his professional value by the completion of correspondence courses. He is a very quiet individual. leadership and enthusiasm is excellent and a contributing factor to the high morale with the section. and sound professional background. good judgment. and his military behaviour is unquestionable. (Name) has taken a very active part in the station search and rescue programme. and correctly. through his ability. (Name)’s organizational abilities has maintained a high level of performance. His impeccable personal appearance sets an outstanding example for his subordinates. (Name) is extremely neat and clean and carries himself in a military manner. directly attributable to his excellent knowledge of communications and outstanding leadership qualities. accept their suggestion they have merit. and does. and always has the best interests of the service in mind. with an exceptional professional and technical background. NCO-in-charge. and knows how to properly utilize his personnel in order to get the very best out of them. (Name) does not question proper authority and always acts in a cheerful and respectful manner. (Name) has the attributes of being a natural leader. He willingly accepts all assignments with enthusiasm and is continually offering suggestions for improvements and changes within the section that are well thought out and base on fact. clean. He contributes will through suggestions for the improvement of procedures within the section and has the ability and determination to follow them through to a successful completion. (Name) is well versed in all aspects of his assigned tasks as ______________. (Name) is an outstanding (Rank) and is highly regarded as a most desirable candidate for future advancement to (Rank). as he is always willing to. His friendly manner and willingness to help others promotes good morale. (Name) is thoroughly familiar with all phases of his work. His morale. His personal appearance is outstanding. (Name) is extremely well informed in the technical aspects of his trade and can be relied upon to act quickly. (Name) performs his duties in a smart military manner and demonstrates pride in himself and the service. His subordinates respect him and honour his judgment. He is neat.Examples of Comments on Outstanding Values Regardless of the complexity or proportion of a job. His actions are always in the best interest of his organization and he maintains a high standard of proficiency to be followed by all personnel. 9 . Through his leadership ability and many contributed suggestions he has whipped his personnel into a crack SAR team regardless of the complexity or proportion of the job. and in the manner expected of a (Rank). He is a hard and diligent worker. He always makes good use of this knowledge and experience whenever presented with a problem or task. sets an outstanding example for all personnel. efficiently. manner and personal appearance. (Name) can be relied upon to see that it is handled promptly.

and with the personal problems of members. He carries out his duties to the letter and continually demonstrates a good sense of judgement . is a credit to the section and the service. His military behaviour is of the highest standard. which have always shown good judgement and a thorough understanding of problems at hand. 10 . (Name) works extremely well on his own and is always willing to do more than his share for his organization. His military behaviour is beyond reproach. tailored and impressive uniforms. alert and a highly effective (Rank). Enthusiasm for his work is always apparent in the efficient and meticulous manner in which it is performed. he always reports for duty in clean. He is a cheerful person and well liked by the men who work with or for him. (Name)’s military appearance always imparts the impression that he is “inspection ready”. quickly and with hesitation. His continuing impeccable military appearance provides an outstanding example for his juniors and seniors alike. (Name) is an outstanding (Rank) and is highly regarded as a most desirable candidate for future advancement to (Rank). He is very well mannered. he has followed military rules and regulations. (Name) has put in many extra hours of work to ensure that a project or problem is being taken care of properly and then follows it through to a successful completion. loyalty and devotion to duty. His work has always been extremely efficient and meticulous with never a doubt as to its accuracy. He is a fine appearing (Rank) and an excellent example for all personnel. (Name) sets an outstanding example for all servicemen by his immaculate personal appearance. He is a dedicated man and is an outstanding example for his section at all times. He always has time to listen and assist the younger members in the section with their problems. resulting in increased effort toward completion of assigned tasks. (Name) is an exceptional and outstanding man both militarily and professionally.(Name)’s military behaviour is above reproach at all times. He has been instrumental in the training of younger members in the section and has never been too busy to assist or discuss their work or problems. Always without question. (Name) has recommended a number of operational changes. He is quick to comprehend a new subject and his technical know-how insures the task is accomplished accurately. (Name) has recommended many well thought out suggestions and modifications to the operating procedures under his jurisdiction. His congenial personality and ready wit lend a touch of humour at times when it is sorely needed. (Name) is an exceptional leader whose conscientious and precise methods continually stimulate the interest of those around him. (Name)’s sustained excellence of performance and his knowledge of his trade as well as allied fields of endeavour enable him to effectively perform duties normally assigned to persons of higher rank. have enabled him to contribute many well-supported and useful suggestions for improvement of operational procedures within his section. which were well. A well-groomed (Rank). He continually displays maturity and effectiveness when working both with junior and seniors. He knows and follows the chain of command at all times. (Name) has an outstanding professional background. he has followed military rules and regulations. He has continually increased his professional knowledge through a large number of correspondence courses. (Name)’s sustained excellence of performance and outstanding knowledge of his trade. Always without question. though out and base on good and sound reasoning.

although somewhat overbearing in the direction of his subordinates. He is willing to accept any responsibility. and secures results by drive rather than leadership. 11 . Within his specialized field. He is an intensely loyal (Rank) whose paramount interest is the efficiency of his organization and the good of the service. An industrious and willing worker. and therefore makes an unfavourable impression wherever he goes. He lacks the ability to create enthusiasm among his subordinates. His immaculate personal appearance and dress make a favourable impression wherever he goes and sets and outstanding example for others. and he never fails to give them the assistance they require. He knows his subject thoroughly and constantly seeks to improve his specialist value. He is habitually untidy in his personal and dress. able to cope with situations. Meticulously accurate. (Name)’s military appearance and courtesy is above reproach and sets an outstanding example for others. An intelligent. he is extremely versatile and adaptable. He gets along extremely well with those with whom he works and secures cooperation and respect of his subordinates whom he guides and directs with understanding and tact. extremely accurate in all that he does. Some Good and Bad Catch Phrases His subordinates look to him for advice and guidance in solving hard problems. (Name) is a hard worker. he is energetic. He does not question proper authority and always acts in a cheerful and respectful manner. Exceptionally quick to learn with the ability to grasp pertinent detail rapidly. and is at his best when able to work independently. initiative and immediate decision. he places great emphasis on details. which require professional knowledge. Always desirous of increasing his value. and insures that desired results are produced. Effectively controls and directs those workers for whom he is responsible. he leaves no loose ends for others to complete.(Name) has demonstrated outstanding professional ability and leadership qualities by maintaining a very high level of performance. stable (Rank) with an orderly mind. with a high sense of personal responsibility for the quality of his work. He is positive. industrious and extremely able.

A personable individual. though somewhat unimaginative and stodgy. Sincere and thorough. which are adequately. He has a good sense of organization and excellent administrative ability. he creates a favourable impression. with a tidy mind. His leniency in the management of his subordinates and the uncritical manner in which he accepts their work tends to reduce his effective value. He directs and supervises his subordinates effectively without dull their initiative or deadening their interests. 12 . no matter how difficult. He is immaculate in his personal appearance. Likeable. with an excellent sense of humour.This (Rank) is industrious. intelligent. amiable and likeable. Trim appearing. stable (Rank). he is best suited for routine jobs. conscientious and hard working. An original thinker. A very fine (Rank) who will handle any job given him in a highly credible manner. He is an able organizer and administrator. A mature. Always desirous of increasing his value. he learns quickly and applies his training and experience effectively. cover by detailed instructions. Methodical. he has the ability to devise organizational set-ups and procedures that ensure efficiency and economy of operation. An excellent manager and organizer who is willing to accept any assignment. he secures a high degree of loyalty and cooperation from his subordinates in whom he instills a rate sense of personal responsibility for the quality of their work. adaptable and reliable. he welcomes responsibility. and an ingrained respect for his fellow personnel.

POSITIVE or ACTIVE ATTRIBUTES active energetic quick and fiery restless athletic bold aggressive firm just positive type forceful persistent conceited vain cocksure proud argumentative optimistic impatient intolerant stubborn prejudiced opinionated self-confident radical original unorthodox nervous ingenious imaginative experimenter brusque abrupt hot-tempered outspoken mentally alert reasonable good-thinker mentally coordinated well informed quick apprehension intelligent thinks ahead quick perceptions versatile observant self-reliant capable serious interested in non-professional matters inspires respect in his subordinates works well under strong pressure pleasing personality good sense of humour willing to assume responsibility NEGATIVE or PASSIVE ATTRIBUTES inactive passive studious timid reserved negative type unresponsive pessimistic pliable easily turned quiet calm assertive orthodox lacks imagination considerate careful undependable flippant ability to admit his own errors inclined to putter becomes confused falls back on details as a refuge mentally dull jumps to conclusions a “wheel horse” one-track mentality lacking in humour colourless personality cracks under stress/pressure slow and sure steady cautious weak unassuming taciturn patient tolerant lenient hesitant lethargic sober conventional painstaking courteous tactful learns slowly serious type humourous lacks confidence becomes rattled slow to grasp essentials particular about details not an orderly thinker lacks mental coordination a plodder unobservant matter-of –fact does not inspire confidence in subordinates avoids or is unwilling to assume responsibility 13 .

accepts) responsibility flaccid fickle venturesome magnanimous idealistic trustworthy unselfish just thoughtful biased intolerant MENTALITY (type of. good. and ability to use intellectual equipment) original thinker analytical clever sharp versatile discerning level-headed practical normal mediocre impractical obtuse independent brilliant able quick-witted ingenious logical long-headed theoretical medium undistinguished one-track mind unwise creative thinker astute keen agile-minded judicial sound far-sighted academic ordinary unimaginative second-rate inane imaginative perspicacious bright quick thinker calculating careful balanced formalist average inept dull stupid KNOWLEDGE intellectual scholarly crudite dabbler accomplished lettered enlightened unconversant widely-read well-read half-scholar unerudite shallow unlearned smattered uniformed learned cultivated thick well groomed informed (highly.CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS audacious unstable hypercritical unswerving weak untrustworthy stable self-sacrificing unsteady self-reliant faithful self-controlled cautious open-mouthed dominant broad-minded opinionated resolute narrow-minded negative selfish bigoted irresolute firm disloyal altruistic tenacious bold sincere domineering irritating unbiased superficial courageous earnest dependent has (unquestioned. avoids. poor) loyalty (seeks. average. excellent. indifferent. professional affairs. fair. well. cultural matters 14 . poorly) – on world affairs. moderately.

MANNER commanding engaging alert frank gracious suave easy warm talkative calm deliberate taciturn austere cold curt disdainful dynamic amiable affable polished genial likeable considerate boisterous animated tranquil unassuming unresponsive retiring frigid brusque inconsiderate magnetic well-mannered diplomatic bland kindly pleasant convincing loquacious sedate composed earnest restrained shy affected crude offensive bright courteous urbane benign receptive pleasing conciliatory verbose serene mild reserved unobtrusive aloof blunt obtrusive obsequious PRESENCE (outward qualities) distinguished immaculate dapper severe unimpressive odd impressive spruce foppish pompous undistinguished eccentric dignified neat colourless untidy undignified attractive tidy sober slovenly unattractive DISPOSITION (outward qualities denoting inward mental/emotional traits) spirited animated excitable good-natured tactful complacent specific serious insipid meek irritating ill-tempered hypercritical good-humoured good-tempered cooperative lenient placid retiring gullible gloomy conceited resentful supercilious humourous helpful adaptable indulgent mild indifferent submissive pessimistic obstructionist truculent complaining cheerful generous forebearing quiet phlegmatic evasive spiritless morose impotent faultfinding impetuous impulsive 15 .

kind.APPLICATION ABILITIES zealous lazy negligent rabid untiring thorough deliberate willing slow vacillating procrastinating quick enthusiastic energetic tireless persistent diligent punctilious industrious determined steady painstaking methodical sluggish meticulous resourceful careless intermittent casual non-violent unresourceful indifferent initiates action (speedily. excellently. well. slowly. slowly. excellently. well. type of results obtained) unfailing unquestionable sure good moderate inaccurate undistinguished positive certain unmistakable excellent accurate presentable unreliable commonplace decisive efficient effectual capable passable ineffectual questionable reliable successful dependable ordinary second-rate unsatisfactory worthless 16 . reluctantly) fails to perform duties (speedily. reluctantly) RESULTS (degree.