Brief Introduction to 5 Element Chirology Elemental hand analysis differs from traditional palmistry in that it uses different symbolism

and terminology. In cheirology or elemental hand analysis, we use the elements as our basic language or symbolism. Once you get used to thinking in terms of the elements, you can use them not only to describe every feature of the hand, but also to describe everything around you! Every feature of the hand can be analysed according to an elemental correspondence, or a combination of elements. 5 element chirology looks at the hand as a whole, combining and comparing all features. It takes a more analytical, scientific, holistic approach than traditional palmistry. Instead of using the planetary names, elemental hand analysis uses the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether to interpret all features of the hand at all levels. Cheirology mainly deals with 5 different aspects of human life. They are known as the five levels, worlds or realms. Each level represents an important facet of our being. Earth ± the physical level ± reveals things about your current health, predisposition to illness, diet, lifestyle, possible causes of ill health. Potential illness can appear on hands before physical symptoms develop, so can help us to learn about our physical body and prevent future ill health. Water ± the emotional level ± is about relationships, emotional and sexual needs and difficulties, patterns of interacting with others. Fire ± the creative level ± what kind of work and working environment suits you, hobbies, activities, career guidance based upon skills, talents, abilities, interests. Air ± the psychological level ± helps you to understand yourself, your character & personality traits, mental skills, educational advice ± which courses / studies would suit you. Ether ± the spiritual level ± indicates the type of spiritual or religious values, beliefs and practices which may suit you and assist in your spiritual growth. You can interpret every feature of the hand according to the five levels, so whereas in palmistry we tend to concentrate on one level, i.e. each line or marking having one meaning, we now have 5 ways of interpreting everything.

even medium length adds a bit of air element to the earthy palm & suggests that this farmer was more than a manual worker. As the fingers are slightly longer than standard earth hand. Actually I suspect that the hand got "squished" around venus mount in taking this handprint.a wide. cos the lifeline (earth line) is unusually wide. . slow-flowing river of energy. not short fingers as in typical earth hand).Fred Gettings "The Book of The Hand" a square earthy palm with typical few minor lines. fingers represent the mind) Notice the width of his lifeline = earth quality by width . he used his brain too! (palm represents the body. but middle finger is 80% length of palm (medium length. but gives you an idea what (slightly exaggerated) earth width lines look like.

long fingers) with mostly water quality major lines (especially middle section of lifeline & all of fate line) .water shape hand (long narrow palm.also from Fred Gettings book .

This is basically a fire hand (rectangular palm. Her major lines are mainly air quality. . long fingers) with mostly fire quaity lines by width.although actually her fingers are medium (around 80%) ie slightly longer than standard fire (again adds air element). short fingers) .(also from Fred Gettings)This is an air shape hand (square palm.

and she has loads of water quality minor lines. ___________________________________________ .

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