Eli Ninemann Social Studies/block 4 March 1, 2011 The Healthcare Bill and its Constitutional or Unconstitutionality Respectively

On March 21, 2010 Obama managed to get passed a healthcare bill which is predicted to cost $950 billion over 10 years, reduce deficit by $143 billion, expand coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans, expand to include families under 65 with gross incomes of up to 133% of federal poverty level and childless adults, allow insurance to be bought through state based exchanges, allow subsidies to low income families wishing to get insurance, make insurers unable to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, employers offering workers pricier plans subject to tax on excess premium and after 2014 any one without insurance is subject to a $695 fine. Currently the nation is wracked in debate upon this bill to decide if it is constitutional or unconstitutional. Personally I believe it is a just and constitutional bill. This bill will provide more jobs for a struggling economy. 32 million people will have healthcare which means more people will be going to doctors and hospital causing a spike in demand for doctors. This will cause more hospital and other healthcare buildings have to be created (providing construction workers jobs) then they have to be outfitted with state of the art equipment (jobs to manufacturers) then you need doctors and nurses to work in it (giving jobs to doctors and nurses). When someone goes to the hospital and doesn’t have health insurance the taxes have to cover the bill. If everyone has health insurance then it they will foot the bill thus relieving the U.S. government of bearing the burden. This would come in a good time because the U.S. government needs as much money as they can get to reduce the dept that we have accumulated. According to

S. While if they had gotten it checked then the doctor could have removed the appendix.Joyce Ninnemann. The person would then be hospitilasied for a few days and would go on like normal. This would be worse than the health care bill because with the taxes even people with healthcare have to pay higher taxes. Thus saving money from the funeral cost. thus saving thousands of taxpayer dollars. Or if a person has an ach in their side (appendicitis) and doesn’t get it checked and it ruptures then the said person would be hospitalized for months to get the cavity cleared. “To deal with a mental patient in a mental hospital after they have reached a critical point it costs over $3.” The healthcare bill is just an extension of taxes that is air to everyone. Also Under the Commerce Laws “The United States Congress shall have the power to regulate commerce… among the several . without apportionment among the several states.000 but if they were dealt with earlier and taken to a clinic it would cost a 10th of what it was in a hospital.” The U. constitution has a right to tax under the 16th amendment “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes. If he had been treated earlier then the whole shooting affair could have been avoided. Another example is the person who shot the senator in Arizona. from whatever source derived. Because if the government wanted to they could just impose higher taxes then create a government funded healthcare for everyone who doesn’t have healthcare. While in the health care bill only people who don’t have health care have to pay fines. and without regard to any census or enumeration. The difference in the costs of a few days and a few months is huge. the hospital costs for those fortunate to live and don’t forget the sorrow that the deaths caused. a nurse practitioner specializing in the psychiatric with 46 years of experience.

Commerce Laws .states”(Commerce Clause). The U. Springfeild. 1981.S. Advanced Nurse Practitione. U.S.A. Their for the health care bill is constitutional because it saves money and corresponds to the 16th amendment and the Commerce laws. 46 years of experience. Works Cited Joyce Ninnemann. This allows congress to impose the health care bill because health care is commerce because according to Webster dictionary commerce is “an interchange of goods or commodities. business”(Webster Dictionary) Health care is exchanged for money there for it is and interchange of goods and a commerce.. trade.Print Webster Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. U. Print. Constitutional Committee.: Merriam-Webster INC. Massachusetts.1787. especially on a large scale between different countries (foreign commerce) or between different parts of the same country (domestic commerce). Constitution.r specialty in .