Chapter I Introduction A.

Objective: This research paper aims to know what drug abuse is and what the harmful effects of drug addiction are. It also wants to educate the readers on the different kinds of drugs and what are the characteristics of each. Furthermore, this study has the basic purpose of preventing drug abuse in our society especially among the youth. B. Statement of the Problem: This research paper will answer the following problems that will help us in understanding all factors involve in drug addiction. 1. What is drug addiction? 2. What are the reasons why people use drugs? Why do they become addicted to it? 3. What are the different kinds of drugs that are frequently abused? What are the harmful effects of each? 4. How can we prevent drug addiction? C. Significance of the Study: This term paper will help us understand drug addiction, what are the reasons why people use and become addicted to it, what are its harmful effects and how to prevent it. The study of drug addiction and its harmful effects can be a learning tool to enhance the students’ knowledge and apply it to their daily activities. This is just small contribution to various learning skills and knowledge for healthy living in our country’s society. The project’s goal is designed to help students improve their lifestyle, develop a sound mind and body, implement a study plan and participate in various programs in a drug free community. This goal can be achieved through this

Ffdffdf 3. The output of this study can be a resource material that the teachers can disseminate through classroom interactions. . Eee 2. Definition of Terms: 1.term paper that can teach the students the value of staying away from drugs and help them achieve their goals in life even after high school. D. Dfdfdf 4.

poor or from thinner city. Majority of drug addicts are employed. DEFINITIONS OF DRUG ADDICTION 1. F. 2. People who use drugs are unemployed. people go through some withdrawal symptoms. When stopped using drugs. But this all is not true to a limit. MISCONCEPTIONS • • • • • • • • Drug addicts need drugs daily. Koob “Addiction is a compulsion to take a drug without control over he intake and chronic relapse disorder”.Chapter I Presentation of Data WHAT IS DRUG ADDICTION? • • • • Drug addiction brings a negative feeling Various stigmas attached to them Drug addicts do not care about anything Now a days many drug addicts maintain a normal functioning life. Do not experience physical withdrawal when stop using it. CHARACTERISTICS OF DRUG ADDICTION • • Loss of control Compulsive pre-occupation . According to George. Many drug addicts do not use drugs daily. They function normally. According to World Health Organization “Drug addiction is a State of Periodic or Chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of drug”.

coughing. Reefer. Dope and Ganja What does it look like? Like dried parsley. fatigue. nose bleeds. CANNABIS o o Have a negative physical and mental effect. Solvents and aerosol spray decrease the heart rate. sneezing. Grass. Physical effects like • • • • o o o Increase in heart rate Blood shot eyes Dry mouth and throat Increased appetite Its use can reduce short term memory Alter sense of time Lack of concentration and co-ordination Type Marijuana What is it called? Pot. with stems and/ or seeds. INHALANTS • Immediate negative effects o • Nausea. . Wd. lack of coordination etc.• • • • Continued use despite negative consequences The Drug The Addict The Environment MAIN CAUSES OF DRUG ADDICTION TYPES OF DRUGS AND THERE EFFECTS 1. rolled into cigarettes Brown or black cakes or balls Concentrated syrupy liquid varying in color from clear to black How is it used? Smoked or eaten Hashish Hashish Oil Hash Hash Oil Smoked or eaten Smoked – mixed with tobacco 2.

Occasional use cause a runny nose. nose candy. . Bold. flake. OTHER STIMULANTS • Can cause increased heart and respiratory rates. Type What is it called? Coke. Injecting it with contaminated equipment can cause aids. snow. heart rate. COCAINE • • • • • • Stimulates central nervous system Immediate effects Dilated pupils In small bottles Elevated blood pressure. injected Crack cocaine Crack. respiratory rate and body temperature. and Climax 3.• Its use in large amount can cause violent behaviour. rock. Butyl Nitrite Locker Room. big C. Type Nitrous Oxid e What is it called? Laughing gas or Whippets What does it look like? Small 8-gram metal cylinder sold with a balloon or pipe aerosol spray can Vapors inhaled Vapors inhaled Vapors inhaled propellant for whipped cream in How is it used? Amyl Nitrite Poppers or Snappers Clear yellowish liquid Rush. Bullet. unconsciousness or death. white and snowbirds Inhaled. freebase crystalline rocks that look like soap Smoked 4. lady. What does it look like? White crystalline powder White to tan pellets or How is it used? Cocaine blow.

Pills or capsules didrex. Hearts. dizziness. sandrex and plegine 5. dilated pupils. injected. These symptoms usually disappear when drug use ceases. Dexedrine. What is it called? What does it look How is it used? like? Taken orally. headache. High doses can cause irregular heartbeat tremors. Very large doses can cause respiratory depression. Copilots.• • • • Elevated blood pressure. Type What is it called? What does it look like? Capsules. staggering gait and altered perception. Ups. sleeplessness and anxiety. uppers. Bumblebees. prludin. pre-state. coma and death. Footballs and Biphetamine Additional stimulants Ritalin. inhaled Amphetamines Speed. DEPRESSANTS • • • • • Type Effects are similar to the effects of alcohol. Small amount can produce calmness. cylert. Large doses can cause slurred speech. loss of co-ordination and even physical collapse. Users may experience sweating. Its regular use can result in physical and psychological addiction. pills. blurred vision. injected . tablets How is it used? Taken orally. black beauties. voranil. Benzedrine. decreased appetite. Pep pills.

Barbiturate Downers.Taken orally s devils. Causes drowsiness. Tablets Taken orally yellow jacket. barbs. inhaled orally. convulsion.Tablets or capsules Taken orally s equanil.or red and blue Nembutals. junk. miltown. Ludes.and Tranxene 6. or hypodemic tablets. or injected orally. User may experience watery eyes. brown White to dark-brown Injected. Sopors ne Tranquilizer Valium. sugar. Addiction in pregnant women can lead to premature. Tuinals. yellows. redRed. capsules. or tar-like smoked. serax. Smoked. medicine with Dark liquid varying in Taken codeine. blue devils. yellow. Seconal. Dark brown powder chunks. itching. blue. inject able solutions Opium Paregoric. clammy skin. codeine in cough tablets Morphine Pectoral syrup White crystals. Librium. NARCOTICS • • • • • Produce a feeling of Euphoria. coma and death. parepctolin dover’s powder. still born as addicted infants. nausea and vomiting. Overdose may cause slow breathing. injected or Codeine Empirin codeine. or injected. black tar. and powder big h substance compound Tylenol with thickness. horse. mud. miltown. Taken smoked eaten. . amytal Methaqualo Qualudes. andcapsules Type Heroin What is it called? What does it look like? How is it used? Smack.

ALCOHOL • • • • • • Causes a number changes in behaviour. DRUG ADDICTION . Change in mood. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF DRUG ADDICTS • • • • • • • Anger Talking about drugs Prefer to stay alone Wearing sunglasses and full sleeves shirts at all times.IN TEENAGERS . Very high doses can causes respiratory depression and death. 8. Various lungs diseases are 10 times more likely to occur among smokers than non smokers. Low doses can increase variety of aggressive acts like spouse and child abuse. and convulsion. eating and sleeping habbits. Some 170000 die each year from smoking. Some 30% cancer deaths (130000 per year) are linked to smoking. tremors. Kidney cancers also strike smokers at increased rate. TOBACCO • • • • • • • Chief cause of death in our society. hallucinations. Sudden cessation in it can produce withdrawal symptoms like severe anxiety. Smoking during pregnancy also posis serious risks. No longer spending time with friends who don’t use drugs. Permanent damage to vital organs such as brain and liver.7. Talk rudely and make in appropriate remarks. Smokers suffer from various heart diseases. Continued use can lead to dependence.

Today’s methods are very effective. . Modern treatments are based on scientific research. 40 – 70% of the patients remain drug free. sentencing to asylums. These methods were ineffective. Popular treatments involved imprisonment. the likelihood that you will be exposed to drugs and alcohol is very high.“As a teenagers. church guided prayers etc.” HOW TO RECOGNISE DRUG ABUSE IN TEENAGERS? • SCHOOL PERFORMANCE o o o • Active dislike for school Makes excuses to stay at home Drop in performance PHYSICAL HEALTH o o o Listlessness Apathy Reduced self care • • • • APPEARANCE PERSONAL BEHAVIOUR MONEY ALWAYS COME LATE AT NIGHT STEPS TO PREVENT THE USE OF DRUGS AMONG TEENAGERS • • • • • Normalizing Abstention Assertiveness Training Building self confidence and self worth Parental Education Communication at Home ADDICTION TREATMENTS–PAST AND PRESENT • • • • • • In the past drug addiction was a moral flaw.

TREATMENTS • • • • • • Detoxification The challenge of treating drug addiction in jail. in the end it is their own personality flaws. some cause people to become dependant on them. Effects of drug addiction on health If left unchecked. the drugs only worsened their problems. Other drugs make people hallucinate. Other drugs make people vegetable. Drugs can make people bad. Drugs themselves don’t make people bad. Some drugs are highly addictive. Drug abuse is a disease of the brain. the drug is going to win. but it is close-minded to think that all drugs turn people into somebody worse than they originally were. Behavioural therapy Relaxation Therapy Counselling Meditation Effects of Drugs Drugs make people bad A common idea taught to young children to stop them from trying different drugs. Some drugs make people more aware of thins around them. . But use wisely. drugs a foster creativity. and reduce their violent tendencies. The people weren’t forced to use drugs. and a new state of mind. drugs don’t make people kill. This is just another stereotype that is pushed on people. Drugs don’t make people commit crime. which results in a change in behavior. and cause people to commit rime to pay for more drugs. and the drugs change brain chemistry. Some drugs are used to calm people down.

and therefore the crime rate is dramatically impacted by drug use. treatments. or they can passively enable the addiction to advance. beyond community crime statistics. and sadly children are all impacted. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that some $67 billion per year is the impact that drug addiction has on this country. drug busts. Addicts have a much higher likelihood of committing rimes than others. Drug addiction causes impaired reasoning. Effects of drug addiction on our society . incarceration. that problem has already taken a heavy toll on the family.” as drug addiction has taken over to the point where the courts have been forced to remove the children from the home. stoke. Husband and wives. beyond the devastating effects on families. Look closer and chances are treating that you will uncover a drug addiction component to any of these stories. the negative effects on a person’s health are potentially devastating. While addicts use rugs to “feel better. HIV/AIDS. or they can be the victims of it. Effects of drug addiction on the law The news media report daily struggles with theft. and arrests for crime ranging from child neglect to murder. Effects of drug addiction on the family One of the saddest aspects of the insidious nature of drug addiction is that by the time an addict realizes he/she has a problem.” the unintended consequences include but are not limited to overdose. This total includes the cost of law enforcement. Parents in treatment centers tell counselors and therapists that they want to “get their kids back. Families can be sources of strength and support. drive-by shootings. Effects of drug addition on the economy Beyond the personal health issues.Aside from the obvious behavioral consequences of addiction. etc. cardiovascular disease and most of related maladies. Families can share in the victory over drug addiction. illegal trafficking and manufacturing of drugs. brothers and sisters. traffic injuries. lost time in the work place. drug addiction has a major impact on the American Economy.

heroin or methamphetamine use. illegal drug use and prescription drug misuse.  Prevention in schools  Road Safety  Expansion of residential treatment programmes  Tighten up the laws of selling and promoting tobacco and alcohol.  Encourage drug free culture. CONCLUSIONS What we must do about drugs?  Toughen penalties against all those who makes profit from drug trade. – . we have a hue problem. We’re not talking about cocaine. but doctor-prescribed mediation. You can easily see that if you group the two together.The National Library of Medicine estimates that some 20% of all people in the United States have used prescriptions medication for non-medical purpose.