Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania

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Hr rr RI \_ Pt'HLI'UI 'G COMPA!'JY, Ixc. . ·e .... · YORK

(1) \Vn,LlAl\l \VETHEREL. of ) Iulladry. ounty \rm.

I750 and died January ~, [804, aged fifty-I ur. H wa County Armagh, Ireland.

Williarn \ etherel married at Rullyhagan, :N veml ·r of Tullarnore. Armagh. She was prohall)' the Haunt h Wetl

ber 27. 1818.


The \Vctherill family of Ireland is not an original Iri b Iamilv. It I one in the north uf England. the name being \ ariously spell \ ~ th n \Yctherel, \Vetherall, and originally Witherhold. \ John \ ith rh I ~ewcastle-on-Tyne in 1259 A. D. The family derived 1 nam where we first find it settled .. ,\ ethcrhold," later \. th rail. COllnty of Cumberland, near the : .otti h b rd r. 111 "hold" or keep to which cattle and sheep were driven for of border raids and Scottish invasions.

The family oi County Cumberland pr ad into .. ·ortbuIH connties and later to Durham ami Lincoln counti and Lon all, in Ioea.lities the name was found by 1650. Some branche of th Ireland,wbt.:l-c they received grants of land. Th \. h nil

\Vetheralls are Li ted as l\nglo-Irish families. who t: 11 I

Ireland not earlier than the latter part of the sixteenth c ntury,

(Hanl!'tcy: "Dictionary of English and \"el h :-,uro 11l .' ~ tr

Gencal.)gical and Heraldic History ol the Landed ;I."otr} of ,r t Brr 1

Il', 11P. 21Hl-82, George W. i.\larshall: "Records. English nd I m I f

iI,," arranged amI the Colonial records added by Charles Weth fill ai d \ ... :6. John OTlart: "Irish and Anglo-Irish Families,"

QI. II, p, i-;

t. Richard, of whom further.

2. Sarah, born April 25, li~JO; married at Rich Hill. 'OUI\) \n

Jacob Allen.

3. William. hum Apr il _2, 170..!. -t' joseph, born Octoher 20, Ii 4, 5. George, horn October 4. 1;00. dieu October 15. h: J; marri

ary 12, 1830, Hannah Hayd ck,

("Hecords oi the Society of friend:.," Dublin, Ireland.)

(II) RICHARD \VrL'lIERTT.L as the name is 11 W i. 11 ).

Hannah (Cruth) \Vetherl!1 was born in Rich Hill. (oUl1h \fln ber q. 17SfoI.. anrl died ill Chester Towll"hip. 1'cnn!'-yhama. 0

According- to his nwn statl'ment: • t tune .

ship in the United Slates, he W~L b< rn in . nnag-h, 111 • time (1814) was about twenty-three) ear" old. .\ndh


h. 00,<1. n \prill~. Ii .• nd the record 01 hi, death states lhnt h. was .ig~~,j0:~

J J TJ'csc lac;t tWO record; confirm th vear a ~ho\"n III the bi rth re

y ar 0 {. . . .' -'

the society of FrienJ in Dublin, althou~h the III nth and dale dltter. .

Rich"" \,,,herH! left Ireland and arrived in "e'" YOlk "on 0' abo"t the 'OUl-

tee nth day 01 June, A. D .• 8.2." lie went [0 Penn<ylvanin, whet< he settled at G,een 'Jill. on (0",,, -"ek in Concord Town hip. Delnw.,' County. The>e mdls "ere I at cr known a Hannum )[;.. II.,. he e"gn~ed in the ,",n"l.cllne 01 wor .,,1 do.h. \'Hhin .",<I,·e year • Rkh.," \'cth,·';l1 was ,"lliciently ';tnblisherl in hi" new home and work to be able to lease From George Lewis, in 1822, the \Vallinglo'" 1'01'" ~Iill, 0" Crurn C".k, Spdn.Jield Tow",hlp, Delaware County. For ~ix YClUS he cuntinued here until t8~g. when he relllOl:cd to Lower )Icrion Town~hip, l\[ontgomery County. Pcnn~ylvania. ,\ 11 0 I these mills were success fun:

upaated; hi.; principal productions were Ielt, woolens and satinette.

Richard \VctheriIl retired in I '-lo. giying the husiness to his two S011S. Rohert

arid Isaac, FIve years later. however. he purcha<;ecl from Thomas Y. Hutton. on Seph!11lhrr I. 18-1-5. a rrristrnill on Ridley Creek. in N ether Providence. He operated this mill for only two y('ar~ and then sold it to Robert Boyd, who changed it to a turning l1,ill and snllrl paper factory. III 1 '..j.~. Rich:ml \Yetherill retired to a {arm which he had pllrcha~cd in Chester Township. Pen1lsylvania. He lived on this farm

until his death, giving all his time to its management.

Richard Wetherill married (first). ill 18q. Ann Henvis. (Henvis lV.1He

married (second) Ann t.lagill,

Children :


I. Oebj)rah. bnrn June " 181':;.

2. \'ill 'Ill, hI rn JUlle ..?:!. 18](i,

3. Robert. of whom further .

... Isaac, horn December 16, lSIR .;, Hannah, hom .\ugust 23. 18;0. 6 ~larr, horn March 4, 1822.

,. joseph, hL'rn July 5, 1f:l2.'1.

8. 8.1[;(11, born November 3. 182-1.

C). ':'1ary Ann, horn Decl'mbcr 23, 1826. [0. RIchard. born Novernb",r .:-. 182R

11. George, horn clnbcr I, r83T.

I.!. Benjamin. born I )ecembcr 24 ,83" <lied November I~n,~ \Vh h

Y{'LIr~ of age he \ t t \'.. -'. d ,c.,.._. en e was twenty-one

il j"'I':

~n 0 rsconsrn an Inter tn Iowa. He married in ~faJ' 18:6 at

1(' neru ~ . cCII~~home at Iowa Falls, ).fari(1n 1'om kins In' 18- h " :J.,

~O~~t~t~r,~CIC~'I~~~~io:'hl~~~a.,~i,;:i;"'~7t~;1~1,~'::'~~~:~, ~~};~;~!,,;~ 1~~: !ptl,~""'oes:

ea II I II cOl1l11ry omcs 111 Colorado,

,om[1(i';l~~~CO;"~(:~~a~~\;:.~C~~et~~ Frif'n(!s," Dublin. Ireland. Family records. H. C. Ashmead Aim (~clany) w ctl!ri\I:' 1 • ex: ~:arIHng Cthr IJcsCe[1t, a f .. th.!": Children of Robert and Phceb~

svlvanir: .. PI' ict tj.o F 1 p., J' t') ." Ashrncad : Historv of Delaware Countv Penn

• • ..' fl. amI r ! a a. . J I -



I. l,'rtll U" .\lJri1 12, J788. and the record of his death states that he ~as eighty-onef

115 ul" . . tl b rtl record 0

years ald. These Last tWO records confirm the year as shown 111 . ie 1 1

the Society of Friends in Dublin. althotlgh the month and date chffer.

Richard \V,therillleft Ireland and arrived ill New York "on or abont the lour-

reerith day of June. A. D. T812." He went to Pennsylvania. where he settled at Green Mills on Green Creek in Concord Township. Delaware County. These mIlls were later known as Hannum Mills. Here he engaged in the manufaclure of worsted cloth. ,Yithin twelve years. Richard Wetherill was sufficienlly estab1ished in his new home and work to be able to lease [rom George Lewis, in 1822, the \Vallil1gford Paper ;\Iills on Cru111 Creek. Springfield Township, Delaware Cotlllty. For six yenrs he continued here until J 828, when he removed to Lower Merion Township. MOJltgomcry County. PCllil~ylvania. .All or these mills were successfully operated; his principal productions were felt, woolens and satinette.

Hicharcl '\Vetberill retired in T840. giving the business to his two sons, Robert

and Isaac, Five years later. however, he purchased from Thomas y, Hutton, on September I, 1845, n gristmill on Ridley Creek, in Nether pro

idence. He operated this mill for only two years and then sold it to Robert Boyd, who changed it to a lurning mill and sand paper factory. In 1847, Richard Wetherill retired to a farm which he had purchased in Chester Township, Pcnmnivania. He lived all this farm

until his death. giving all his time to its nU.1..nagement.

Richard Wetherill married (first}, in 1814. Ann Henvis. (Henvis IV.) He

rna rried (!'ccond) Ann ){agill.


r. Deborah. born June f. ,815· 2, ,',. illiarn, born June 22, 1816, 3. Robert. uf whom further.

-I. Isaac, born December 1(1, IRIS.

5. Hannah, born August 23. 18.20.

6. }!ary, born ),[arch 4, 1822.

7. Jo~("pll. horn July 5. 1823.

8. Sarah. horn November 3. 1824-.

Q. Mary Ann, bum December 23, 1826. 10. Riel-ant, horn November 5. r828.

I L GeCtrge. born October r. .S3I.

12. Ben] a 111 in, horn December 24, 1832; died Nov I R'

years 0 f agl.' be went to Wisconsin and 1 t e~ l~r. h oS, '\Theil. he was twenty-one

the FriellI1~' ; ccilughnuse at T~wa Fall~.e)l; . OW~ He,.marned, in May, 1856, at l? Leavenworth, Kansas; in lR7q the' local ~IO!l ,oll1pkms. InT 18SQ they moved CUUIl~Y, Colorado, homesteading the A~am elm the :-'lanc?5 \ alley, Montezuma beautiful C('\lntrr home. in Colorado. 0 Ranch, now considered one of the most

"Hccords of the Society of Friends," Dublin. Ireland, Familv records II G 'h d

A ( " .. ....... 5 mea,

11n Delany} Wetherill ., pp Go (il H . To

sylvania," pp. 4r)l, f,3H. Fami'!y (iata:) . G. \~hmead; "HIstory (1 Delaware County, Penn-

(Ill) HOTlERT (I) "\VETHERfLL son of R·\ I

was born in Concord T.- ' I' n'

. tenure and :111 (Henvis) \Vctherill

8 I\~ I1S lip. e aware Coin tv P> I . .

I 17. and rlicr1 in PI,,'l"rl'l I '. \ . . 1 ) , cnl1sy varna. t\ ugu.:;t zo ()1" <>6

'1 ",Cp11;JJllgusl"- 1'56 HI -,

111ilills on his fathcr'~ retir ~ 0-;" I )J. e )tGl111C the head of the \Vl·tI1cr

, , .. iremcut 111 [('\.10' .\ ., -

"1' • <Hit eventually became the sole owner of


1. William Delanv born in Lowe '[ .

D . • r ~\ erron To' hi ~1

ecernber 16, 1845. died in Philadsl hi 'Fns IP •. orngcmery County. Penn ylvania,

bar of Philadelphia, June 30. 1868 P ,a. ebru~ry IB, T i· He "3:, admitted t th Wethenll married Louise Stratton' d\~~ere he was a succes Iul lawyer. "'illiam D. Jersey. They had two children' l JOh~h~e~ of Joh~: Stratton, of Mount Holly, New

2, Robert (2), of whom further. " t atton. II. )'Iauu \.

3. Richard, of whom further.

4- Phrebe Delany, born in Lower Merion T hi .

February 29 18'''' rna r ried 0 t b owns IP. ~Iontgom~ry County, Pe.n.lIsylvama.

, a= , . C n er 1'" 18-- T Ha f :..... I" r

sota, They had' i Etta .. R 1 \~{' ';>' :.. rmon, l) "Imneapo I', xunne-

. .•. 11. 0 iert IV etherill, III. Arra,

5· MarPri~~IS~c~~rS~nt~;~~r I~1ed~n Townsh.ip. ~.Iay 9. 1~-tQ. • he marri tl Dr. Samu I _ M . D l' ,p.. . / , 18/~' and.resl~cs In Lansdale, Pennsvlvania, Th y had:

1. ar) e an). 11. Richard Wetherill. Iii. Gertrude. .

RoJ;:.a~d f~~:~ai,~~rn(pJe~: :)'G~e,~eahlOg~lcal ,I, Sket;h. Tracing .the I -CClIt of the Children of e an) net en , pp. UI-U,. Family data.)

(IV~A) ROBERT ~ 2) VVETIIERILL,5011 of Robert ( I) and Ph 'be Ann ( Delanv ) Wetherill, was born 111 Lower Merion Township, M ontaornerv Countv. I e 1111 ... \ 1- vania, September -1-, r8..t7. At that time his father owned and operate 1 th thr e Wetherill woolen mills at Manayunk. which prior to the creat and disastrous pani were among the best profit-returning- units in the woolen indu ... trv in this ~tat 11 received his early education in the public chools of Philac1elll~ia and later was a student at the Upland State Normal School. in Delaware ountv, PClltlwhamtl. From the latter chool he went to Chester and there hound himself f r f ur .. a an as apprentice to ]YIiller and Allen in the machinery trade, ~o manifest wa .. hi .. ability in support of his character that his employers. after he had heen with them two years, advanced him to a position in the drafting department, where he c 111- pleted his apprenticeship. During this period he had ,,110"'11 marked ingenuity in mechanics and won the implicit contide11ce 0 f the firm. He remaine I an im; rtant factor in the success of the busines .. uperintending the pbnt and haviuu char of the designing and construction until January 1. IS/J.

On the date last mentioned. be and his brother. Richard "·e hcrill, a- as ada s,

established the business of Robert \'etherill and Cmnpall_', manufacturer ... of orliss engines, boilers anc11l1achinery. By close and intelligent application to th c uduct of the enl!'rprise they developed one of the largest Cllginecl;u!=! work ... in

America. The orig;.-:><ll meager capital greatly increa Nt and ihe works nlarged t

. '. c of the 1110:-t im] rtant in its line in


fl' f!.TfI FRIl.I ..

icr UII I ordn nc \'ith hi,; broth r, ill III trial

, , J l uvcrnment iJatlh .. hip. cru

' . for the (lrllll.:lpa , II

important casu ngs \, , , "k f or the ! radl' genera ).

work ns well as other 1I11JlOl taut \ rn I r 0 i pled lie railway s nnd

R· I ard J1C. held vested i ntercsts in a n urn It; :\.le 1011 •

. ,. tl r .iiics and tOWIJi;. iness to mtcrests r '111" .nt-

cnterpnse - III 0 re I.- ., 'II ,I I th 'i r bu 111(' S to 111 ..

. II \r, - the \

etheri s so ( l lIt f

During the \ \ or ( . ,11 '_ till oJ .rate t ic P all JT

~ "C ' which C(Jllll,.1Jl) ;, I

in." the Sun Shipbuilding ompany, • I .'11 also had larcc and V<l1 ious lilt r-

::> - I' J • 1 (» "ct Jell ruso ju t'> • , k

bl1ildil1fT Diesel engines. ###BOT_TEXT### leI - '" -II 'I the \ 1)1( rican "nf .r \ \ or

. d '1 Iterpns('::. sue. '- ,

ests in other important III ustna t.:1 : ~ '1 '0111 In 11\ New Yr rI and

- \ ' ,")C and (,1I11"truCLI(l1 .'

d Electric Company. j merican 'I <. ,

an -. - . _. 'r:11 Hefactories Company, etc" etc,

Pennsvlvania Coutpany, Gene g_( :'1[

Bullock ;ray.

R~Lert (2) Wetherill married, Februarv 27, J I)' • c •

(Gray V,)


" Pc '1,':< January ]C), fR&, ."11(' is r. ll1ember of

r. :I r ary f~ra,

, "as hur!1t1',11 C\hest~r: 11 R~:'~I~f~i~:; 'and Iff the Dames 0 i the L,oy;tI Legion.

ihc I laughter" 01 iu , mer rca • , \)

She married Thoma . ., 'VI)(,c1\'anl Trainer. (I ranter .', •

2. > nc Rulon. burn in Chester, Pcnns)'lvania, December 9, ISSr; marfler! Jame. Rem\lck

Kerr. (Kerr rv.: '!

f R' h

3· Phe-be Delany, born in Chester. October ~J. ISSJ; marned Carl II, ~ ottrng, 0 icn-

mond, Vinrinia. She died , \prJl f 5, !fiJ2, . , p

Louise Stratton born Jul

20. 1885; married, OctOber '9, Tr,1I I, J. PhillIp