SCENE 1. Benvolio: Stop.

Benvolio: Help me to stop this fight Tybalt: i hate all the montagues and i hate you. Prince Escalus: You man, you are like wild animals. Your quarrels spoil the quiet of our streets. Lady Montague: Whereʼs Romeo? Iʼm glad he didnʼt take part in this fight. Benvolio: I could not sleep very early this morning. I walken out into the woods and i saw Romeo there, alone. i went towards him but, when he saw me, he hid among the trees. Lord Montague: Many people have seen Romeo early in the morning weeping alone. When the sun comes up, he goes into the room and he shuts out the light. iʼm afraid of him. Benvolio: Do you know why heʼs unhappy? Lord Montague: He would not tell me. Benvolio: Look!, here he comes, go home, i will try to find why heʼs unhappy. Romeo: I love the bautiful Rosaline, but she does not love me. Benvolio: Forget her, donʼt think about her! Romeo: how can i forget her? Benvolio: look around you, look at other beautiful women. Romeo: When i look at other women i see rosaline as the most beautiful of all. SCENE 2. Paris: iʼd like to marry juliet, what do you say? Lord Capulet: Sheʼs my only child and sheʼs too young. let two more summers pass before she marries. But you can speak yo her and try to win her love. Every year, at this time a give a great feast. It will take place tonight. All my friends will come to my house and dance. You must come too, so you can talk to Juliet. Lord Capulet: (to the servant) On these piece of paper thereʼs a lis of names, find those people and invite them to dinner at my house tonight. (Paris and lord Capulet wlak away, and Romeo and Benvolio walk in).

Capuletʼs servant: Sr. Can you read? Romeo: (grabs the list) (says a bunch of names, finishing with Rosalineʼs) where in this people going to meet? Capʼs servant: At my masterʼs home tonight, the great and rich lord Capulet. If you are not a Montague, come and drink with us. Benvolio: This is the chance i wanted for you. Go there and compare your Rosaline with other woman, you will see that she is not more beautifl than then. Romeo: Youʼre wrong, since the world begun, the sun has never seen a woman more beautiful than Rosaline. SCENE 3. Nurse: you were a pretty little baby when i came here. Now i have one wish, i want to live enough to see you married! Lady Capulet: I want to talk to you about marriage. Juliet, do you want to find a husband? Juliet: i have not thought about it very much. Lady Capulet: Here in Verona, younger girls are already important ladies and mothers, i will tell you that Count Pairis hopes to win your love. Nurse: Heʼs a fine man, almost a perfect man, he is the finest man around. Lady Capulet: Youʼll see him tonight, at our feast. he needs a wife, and you will make his life complete. SCENE 4. Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio hide in hats to enter Capuletʼs feast. Tybalt: (hears Romeo speaking) i know that voice, that man is a montague. What is he doing here? (calls a servant) Lord Capulet: Whatʼs the matter? Tybalt: That man is a montague, heʼs your enemy! Lord Capulet: Is that young Romeo? Tybalt: Yes!. Lord Capulet: Let him stay, the people of Verona say that heʼs a good young man, and he is behaving like a gentleman tonight, donʼt look so angry, we must entertain our gests.

SCENE 4.1 Romeo sees a lovely beautiful girl. Romeo: Your hand is too soft for my rough touch, but my lips are ready to touch your gentle hand with a kiss. (he kisses his hand) Romeo: Looks like you have lips too (he kisses Juliet) (sound of the door, Nurse enters) Nurse: your mother wants to speak with you Juliet. Romeo: whoʼs her mother? Nurse: Her mother is Lady Capulet. Romeo: Oh no! I have fallen in love with the daughter of my enemy. (he runs away) Juliet: Come here nurse, who is that gentlemen over there? Go and ask his Name Nurse: His name is Romeo. He is a Montague, the only son of your enemy. Romeo: Itʼs juliet. Oh!, Itʼs my love, sheʼs beautiful as the sun in the sky. Sheʼs looking at the stars, but her eyes are brighter than they are. The birds will see them and think itʼs already day time. Juliet: Oh Romeo, Romeo, why is your name Romeo?. Leave your family and change your name, if you canʼt, i will leave thae Capulets, it is only your name taht is my enemy, but what is important about your name, if a rose had another name, it would still smell as sweet. Change your name so that we can be together. Romeo: Call me love. That will be my name and it will never be romeo Again. I hate my name couse itʼs your enemy. Juliet: How did yo get here. The walls are high. Romeo: Stone walls canʼt keep out love. Juliet: if my family see you here, they will kill you. Romeo: if hatred ends my life, then i will die because i canʼt live without your love. Juliet: do you love me?, i know you will say “yes”. But tell me the truth. Romeo: I promise to the moon that touches the tops of thouse fruit trees with silver. Juliet: Donʼt promise by the moon. It changes every month and i donʼt want your love for me to change. Romeo: what shall i promise by? Juliet: Nothing, you make me happy but this has come so suddenly, i must go now. Romeo: No!, wait!. Nurse: Juliet!.

Juliet: i can hear a noise, i must go but wait here until i come back. Juliet: Dear Romeo, if you truly love me and want to marry me, send a message tommorrow, i will send someone to get it. Tell me where and what time, and then iʼll forever be yours. I will follow you, my lord, across the world. Romeo: My love? Juliet: what tume should i send someone to you? Romeo: nine! Juliet: My messenger will find you, itʼs almost morning, so i must go, goodnight, iʼm very sad to leave you but itʼs a sweet sadness. Romeo: Let your eyes rest and peace in your heart, i wish i could rest in such a sweet place, i must go to Friar Lawrence, and tell him abour Juliet, he will help me.