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The Inventor of Pen drive Name: Pua Khein Seng Age: 31 Hometown: Sekinchan, Selangor Education: 1979-1985- SJKC Yeok Kuan, Sekinchan 1986-1992-Pin Hwa Independent school, Klang 1993-1997- Chiao Tung University, Taiwan-degree 1997-1999- Chiao Tung University, Taiwan-master Occupation: Engineer/ president of Phison Electonics Corp Current base: Taipei, Taiwan Years abroad: 17 Status: Married Mr Pua was born at Sekinching, Selangor in 1979. He was grown up in a small village in Selangor. From the year 1979-1985, he was educated in SJKC Yeok Kuan. He continues his secondary school education at Pin Hwa Independent School which located at Klang in 1986-1992. In 1993, he set off to Taiwan where he obtained the bachelor honor in Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. Pua Khein Seng¶s only aim was to complete his degree in Electrical Control Engineering at the renowned Chiao Tung University and return home to work in Malaysia. However, Taiwan has provided him the opportunity to let him think differently as when he went to Taiwan early. After getting his degree honour, Chiao Tung


the junior school renamed as "Chinese-language primary schools´ and the Middle School Department was renamed the "high school". the E shape campus was built. The year after that. Therefore. After finish the courses. the campus was continue being developed to o shape. Mr. three floors buildings and the Hall were built. the school was renamed to overseas schools junior high school. In 1929. with six badminton field. 1958 the school government subsidies. the auditorium was built. the school name change to Ping Hwa high school. since the year 1993. and can accommodate up to 1500 spectators. The students at that year were more than 1800. the school was move to south Klang and the school was day school. start fundraising activities. the air conditioning unit was equipped in the auditorium. Wu fu to launch sites develops the school in 1937. In 1988. the students at that year were 30. the school was originated by oversea Chinese at north klang and it was night school. the amount of students were more than 1200. The total amount of student was around one hundred. In 1947. In 1994. a completed five-storey building and administrative centre was built[2]. In 2001. 1962-due to refused transforming into government high school. In 1966. he was working in Taiwan. 1 indoor basketball court and two volleyball courts. 2 . 1940 in Wu Fu Road. 1.1 History and background of Pin Hwa Independent School In 1923. In 1990 five storey building was built for teaching. in seven years preparatory school is Rm450 million.University offered a place for him to do masters program[1]. he started his abroad journey in Taiwan.

98% have earned their Ph. The College of Management (COM) of NCTU is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)-International. 21 in the world recently for the amount of ESI journal papers in the computer science area.371 students.2 History and background of Chiao Tung University Chiao Tung University (NCTU) National was established in 1958. 64% of CEOs and general managers in Hsinchu Science Park are NCTU alumni. NCTU leads industry collaboration and receives most of the research funding in Taiwan. In addition. It offers 15 bachelor. D. NCTU provides students opportunities to collaborate with top hightech companies and participate in leading technology experiments. NCTU was ranked No. 3 . in the areas of their specialties. and facilitates its collaboration with prominent business schools around the world [3]. 41 masters and 29 doctoral degree programs.´ NCTU attracts students from more than 36 countries. NCTU ranked 49th in the world in the Engineering field in the Academic Ranking of World Universities reported by Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2007. The College of Engineering has 87 faculty members and 2. Among the college faculty. NCTU has a high ranking in Engineering with the reputation as ³the Taiwan-MIT. It is located near national laboratories and the Hsinchu Science Based Industrial Park.1. The acquisition of this accreditation further strengthens the position of NCTU COM in coping with the trend of globalization. in Taiwan.

2. After 6 months. With the smart strategies and partnerships. five of them set up a company which focusing on USB technology. Mr Pua is only 27 year old and they do not know anything about selling. Mr Pua decided to set up an electronic company in Taiwan. So they sought partners or traders who can help them to sell the product. this company has developed the first USB drive SoC in the world. Toshiba has become the largest inventor in pen drive and helped place the product in markets worldwide. Two of the entrepreneurs are from Malaysia including Mr Pua and three others are Taiwanese [4]. Phison Company has made its way into the world market. which is the largest computer company in Japan at that time. The first patent is design by Dov Moran in 1988 of M-System Corporation. Young manager Award and The President Award of National Management Excellence Award from government of Taiwan. After getting much experience in working and has much technical skills. Japanese tech giant Toshiba has work as Phison¶s largest shareholder and customer. the development of the USB flash is only collaborative effort but not intentionally collaborative. As the partnerships. 4 . he is confident that the USB market will be huge in the world. it is not looking like the pen drive we having now. However. Through out after a few year of his contribution in Taiwan industry. However. The year after that.1 Venture of Entrepreneur After completing his master program in Taiwan. Mr Pua has been working in a local company for 6 month. Toshiba help them distribute their idea in the worldwide market. Mr Pua has been awarded Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award. Before the invention of the SoC USB drive. He then took the idea to Toshiba [4]. At the moment they invented the USB drive SoC. With his few course mates who study master program with him in Taiwan. The company was set up by them in November 2000 and it was called Phison Electronic Corporation.

China¶s Market. driver. Through the Global 100 companies of several solutions. we deliver. total solution provider and OEM services for major retail brand names. or any other requests for custom. packaging. In 2009. Phison Corporation Marketing Strategies making the company always is the leading company in those fields. efficiency and ultimate quality in mind to satisfy the ever increasing demand of the data storage market [5]. It is currently the leading UBS flash drive. partners and ourselves.0 Company Background Phison Electronic Corporation was set up in Nivember 2000 at Hsinchu. In product design. it also provides the NAND flash total solution. system integration or the total solution package. Europe¶s Market and North America¶s Market. in the forefront of information technology. All these advantages of the company enables the company penetrate in the Japan¶s Market. memory card and SSD controller in the world. Phison aims to provide an all-in-one solution designed to provide general and specific flexibility to meet and even exceed our customer's requirements. leading technologies and always provide the best customer support. Phison Corporation Consist of the ISO certified product development process. additional features are added to the flash product to lead the industry. The company started with the world¶s first single chip USB flash Drive IC. They always keep innovation. 5 . and our technology assists the customers in expanding their market share rapidly. competitive niche products. Phison fully dedicated to the sales and engineering team will work with our customers timely and effectively communicate the greatest satisfaction. Other than that. manufacturing. This enables the company to adapt to various customer requirements at any time. Phison¶s revenue reached US$750 million. highly competent R&D teams. Phison proved to be the reliable business partner. Taiwan. Phison Corporation always create some creative solution for customer by pushing for new ideas thinking "add-value for the end-user". firmware. Phison always adapt with the market changes and make changes for our customers.3. The reason Phison Corporation take the major part in these society is because of the exceptional enginerring strength enables the company to be a major player in industry standard-setting associations. In addition. Taiwan¶s Market. Whenever there is hunger for high speed data storage solution. The Phison corporation s the founder of Open Nand Flash interface group and the member of the Non volatile memory host controller interface working group which both of these groups are chaired by Intel Corporation. It always satisfied the demand of the customer in IC design.

1. y Save energy resource. y Stability of quality.Miaoli..3.2 Company Location The Phison electronic corporation is located at No. y Responsible for low risk and zero-occupational accident implementation.C.Jhunan. y Satisfaction of customer. reduce waste and improve continuously with vendors.Qun Yi Rd. y Provide Accessible Computers to Visually-Impaired Veterans y Contract Provides a Standard Configuration for Visually-Impaired Veterans Nationwide y Improvement of techniques.O. R. Vision Quality Policy Environment Safety Healthy Policy 3.1 Name Mission Company Summary Company Background Phison Electronic Corporation y Fully integrate environmental stewardship into the business of providing quality products y Best-in-class services y The best customer experience at the best value. y Green Product y Conform to legislation and keep commitment to customer. Taiwan 350. 6 .

Flash memory controllers designed are used in USB flash drives to communicate with personal computers through the USB port at a low dutycycle. It can be divided to two types. 3.1 Flash Controller IC The function of the flash controller is to manage the data which is stored in flash memory and manipulate it with electronic devices or computer. or other similar media for use in digital cameras. and shorten the product development cycle.3 Product Innovation / Services Phison electronic corporation is a Taiwan electronic corporation. There are four major services are manufactured or provided by Phison company. design. Phison Corporation provides software development and consulting services for Customers embedded product design in all its aspects. in accordance with the requirements of customers.3. Due to a person's software is only part of the full product. It is mainly developed the controllers for NAND flash memory chips. The fields are flash controller IC. mobile phones. Phison Corporation specialize in custom printed circuit board for data acquisition and control system products [5]. 3. Flash controllers can also be designed for higher duty-cycle environments like Solidstate disks used as data storage for laptop computer systems clear up to mission-critical enterprise storage arrays [5]. SSD module family will describe the customer through a NAND solution with minimal effort.low duty cycle environments and high duty cycle environment.3. These NAND flash memory chips are embedded into flash based products such as USA pen drive and memory card. CompactFlash cards. and support. Phison Corporation also provides custom electronic development. Phison Corporation also provide support for each event. with specific questions or problems. PDAs. The example for low duty cycle environment is SD cards. This engineer will describe the customer at any development stage of production and clock. These include requirements analysis. embedded solution.2 Embedded Solution Phison Electronics offers a wide variety of interfaces to the host system provides the flexibility and easy integration with any system.3. OEM/ODM solution and industrial design [5]. 7 . implementation.

This is relative to the contract manufacturer (CM) [5].4 Industrial Design Phison Corporation has great advantage in mechanical design. 8 . trade design professional multidisciplinary team.3.3 OEM/ODM Solution Phison Corporation helps the customer in design and manufacture. industrial design.3. Phison Corporation can also realize the design of their increasing innovation and expertise to make the idea of a dream. Phison Corporation designs time international benchmark product quality is critical. 20 of who are Malaysians [5]. In addition. 3. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. Phison Corporation can fully satisfy the designer's original ideas to complete the process and the CAID-based manufacturing experience [5].3. ODM in recent years increasing size and now sufficient processing typically provide overall production of a large part of multiple client scale of production. Phison Corporation¶s mission is to show our customers create procedure and create the best solution. This business model the main attributes of the ODM brand owned or interior design firm to purchase products. 3.4 Human Resource The available human resources for overall workforce in the company are 100 employees. Phison Corporation has creative Center designers perform various product development responsibility project control and management. and ultimately brand by another company to sell products. Phison Corporation allow the customer to brand the company production (as a supplement or only) without the need for organization or operation of a factory.

marketing. A technology used for the calculation of intelligent risk-taking. Even at that time no one believes that they can design their own pendrive and manufacture themselves. and many more on company daily task. before set up a company. without any financial support. He explained that confident will help you to determine and make a lot of decision when others suggestion are keep coming towards you. First. their company only has 5 people. He never considered giving up even in the worst condition worst [6]. According to the talk that given by Mr Pua at IPI conference. you will feel a very active when you have compete with others. According to him. we need a specific collection of personality traits and skills that let us see opportunities. he also mentions that an entrepreneur must be able to do multitask at the same time. this attitude can let you further. An Entrepreneur must have positive thinking in a positive manner. Example. without any financial support. He also felt that like the competition's attitude is very important when u start a new business. Toshiba accept their idea and sell them around the world. Confident in own decision insists on the course of action they set out to accomplish. Therefore. Below is the few important characteristic of an entrepreneur. Risk reward value will be the experience for an entrepreneur to achieve higher level of success. he was working in a semiconductor company. gamble its own instinct. other important features are the independent and confident. He established his business in 2000. This feeling will not let you lost the competition. In addition. 9 . he with few course mates set up a company and invented the USB drive in SoC.4.0 Characteristic of a Successful Entrepreneur Mr Pua has a strong characteristic. finance. According to him. in May 2010. they have do design. Positive psychology is to deal with business life cycles. Before set up the company. Finally. At the moment the company is established. manufacture. Once you have this kind of attitude you like and people want to do better and your competition and greater than they are. KL convention centre. He also said that an entrepreneur must be able to identify risks and has confident to face it. but it will keep you to another higher level of achievement. Other than that.

In 2005. After they create the USB drive SoC. Mr Pua has been awarded Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award. Canon. it was the other milestone for the company. The founder of Phison Electronic Corporation. Therefore.0 Challenge and Success Mr Pua says that it was very difficult at the early state when they set up the business. Mr Pua was struggling to define his target client at the first place [6]. NEC.9 Million Units. Mr Pua found out that many new entrepreneurs including him have the technical skills in their expertise.5. Young manager Award and The President Award of National Management Excellence Award from government of Taiwan. According to the research. Two more electronics giant were invested in Phison Electronic Corporation which are Kingston Technology and Hynix Semiconductor in 2008. the Phison Electronic Corporation won Grand Prize of ASPA (Asian Science Park Association) Awards. Phison Electronic Corporation Elected Board of Director of SD Card Association (SDA) along with Nokia. Sharp and others. in 2009. Toshiba help them distribute their idea in the worldwide market even nowadays Toshiba has become the main shareholder of the company and become the main customer of the company. they do not have any income and followed by lack of business plans. HP. Mr Pua has planned to set up a branch in Malaysia. the amount of NAND Flash controller IC shipped in 2008 by his company is 264. Phison¶s revenue has reached US$750 million [5]. This company is M-system. Lastly. In 2002. They were lack of capital. they planned to sell the idea to the Toshiba. Motorola. In 2010. Before they invented the USB drive SoC. In 2008 may. the company added one more shareholder which is the USB giant before this. They are too eager to promote their products and do not know the correct way and skill to communicate with their target customers. 10 . In 2009. Normally they do not have many contact networks as well. they do not know the sales/marketing expertise. Luckily. but not the sales skill to bring their products and service in front of their customers in an effective way. The company invented the Solid Sate Drive Alliance (SSDA) and this make Phison Electronic Corporation become the first company to sell SSDA in the world. management issue. the company now has more than 100 engineers in Taiwan and 20 of them is Malaysian.

He was working in a semiconductor company for 6 months which enables him to learn the concepts of the flash drive. It will encourage and direct the entrepreneur to the correct way of success. It requires entrepreneur Analysis of each business research and compile data. According to him. perseverance is also important to lead him to success. Other than that. Besides that. it is an advantage to be success. Lastly. Business planning is also become the key of successful. and lastly make decision base on the facts as revealed through the research. someone who got a good communication skills. everyday he is working for 15-17 hours. There has 6 years for him to learn and focusing on the electronic components [7]. the goal and the mission also take important role. Before he was married.6. At moment he established the company is the time where there has the technology to manufacture the Pen drives which was developed by him. In addition. the architecture of the computer and the hardware and the software interface. Many start enterprise success is mainly due to the fact that they are at the right time in the right place. experience is also one of the important factor enables him success in business. This long time focusing research let him create his first product for his company. 11 . tracking the opportunity is important in the courage of success.0 Factors Influence the Success of a Technopreneur The main reason he success in the business is because of timing. gained a lot knowledge either from degree or master. during he was educated in Chiao Tung University he . he may able to communicate well with others people. As an entrepreneur. communication skills is very important nowadays.

the dream. Renee Banzhaf.tw/english/history. Suzy. vision.yourdictionary. www.edu.life123. 8. http://all4one4all. Carey d.0 Conclusion After did the literature review on the venture of Mr Pua.7. I knew that is not easy to become an entrepreneur as I thought. 2010. smpinhwa. http://www. http://answers.html 12 . A good entrepreneur requires a lot of characteristic and good personal behavior.com/index.edu. December 20.phison. instinct.wordpress.2010. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it to my dream. http://blog.. http://www. which is become a successful entrepreneur as long as in the ethical way.com/technology/inventions/who- invented-the-computer-jump-drive.com 6. competing feeling and business strategy are very important on playing their role.com/technology/computer-hardware/jump-drives/whoinvented-the-computer-jump-drive.0 References 1.nctu. May 3.toto-bobo.shtml 5. In order to success in this field.php/inventor-or-founder-of-pendrive/ 7.com/2009/12/20/6987/ 2.htm 4.my 3.