Low Voltage Transformers

SEI makes transformers with input and output voltage upto 3.3 KV single phase or 3 phase upto 200 KVA capacity suitable for 50 / 60 Hz supply. Low voltage transformers are also made suitable for other frequencies such as 400 Hz, SEI also makes special types of electronic low voltage transformers such as 3 phase to 2 phase transformers (Scot connected transformers) & 3 3 phase to 1 Phase transformer, within above voltage and power limits. These low voltage transformers are available in different thermal classes A, B, F, H & C.SEI Transformers confirm to IS 2026, IS11171, BS 171. Transformers are also made to confirm other national and intrnational standards against specific requirments. Electronic low voltage transformers are supplied either in open execution for incorporating in user panel or in sheet metal enclosures which are mostly for indoor application. For outdoor duty transformers are supplied in oil cooled construction. Oil cooled transformers are also prefered for heavy duty individual applications. Salient Features:

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Use of high quality non-aging silicon steel lamination used for core, keep the iron losses minimum. Use of electrolytic grade copper & aluminium conductor ensures the better regulation and low load losses. Use of appropriate grade insulating material eliminates the possibility of premature failure due to insulation failure.

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Low audible noise level Careful designing and quality control at every stage in manufacturing ensures a high

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Transformers are impregnated in proper grade varnish after quality transformer which gives a long trouble-free service strength to the transformer to fight against atmospheric moisture and eroding chemical fumes.

Isolation Transformers
We offer our premium quality isolation transformers, which are precision engineered to provide low noise electric power for various sensitive equipment like mainframe computers, laboratory instruments etc. These ultra isolation transformer also provide the equipment full protection from any kind of power disturbance, surges, spikes, shocks etc, which cause failure of electronic circuits, shortening of equipment life and ultimately lead to heavy losses of production.

These isolation transformers are also used as power transformer & safety precaution. Some of the rectifying transformers units are also suitable for use in severe environments and comply to military standards. telecommunication equipment. analytical instruments etc . computers & peripherals. The internal electromagnetic and electrostatic shield of ultra isolation transformer breaks the capacitive coupling between the primary & secondary windings and remove noise from the power line. CNC machines. . Regulated output rectifier transformers provide excellent output voltage regulation for varying line and load conditions. Broad specifications which cover most of the application are: y y y y y Rugged construction Excellent insulation resistance Low line leakage current Low losses EMI/RFI noise free power supply y Applications : Isolation transformers are extensively used in medical equipment.Isolation transformer developed by us are mainly used for decoupling the two circuits as well as to allow the power without connecting two circuits electrically. Salient Features : Battery chargers are designed and made to customer's individual specifications which vary widely. Rectifier Transformers Transformer rectifiers are used to convert three phase power supply to quality DC power supply. remote control equipment.

forced or fan cooling Regulated configurations with tight voltage control Unregulated configurations for simplicity and reliability Features clean input power with low harmonic distortion Provided with thermal sensor trip and fan fail signal They have minimum output current ranging from 50 A to 400 A Transformer rectifiers are highly efficient and requires minimum maintenance Advantage of Transformer Rectifiers One of the advantages of transformer rectifiers is that they are suitable for powering 28 V DC busses consisting of emergency back-up batteries.Salient Features : y y y y y y y y Available in various models. These industrial air cooled transformers are developed using cutting edge technology under the supervision of expert professionals. We have used superior quality raw material to manufacture these air cooled transformers. Uses & Applications Transformer rectifier finds wide application in areas like: y y y y y Military aircrafts and fighters Commercial transport aircraft Helicopters Trainers Avionics Air Cooled Transformers We offer our range of premium quality air cooled transformers. which cater to the demands of different industries. There are options for free. Salient Features : y y y Reliable and long lasting Efficient power back-up Continuous operation . which impart them high durability. These rectifiers provide the essential benefits and simplicity of a standard transformer rectifier unit.

speed of D. which cater to the demands of different industries. It provides a steplessly variable voltage output from the fixed input voltage. It is a simple but versatile tool in the hands of engineers and technicians.C.Oil Cooled Transformers We offer our range of premium quality Oil Cooled Transformer. We have used superior quality raw material to manufacture these oil cooled transformer. intensity of light & heat. Voltage such as A. which impart them high durability. Reliable and long lasting Efficient power back-up y y y Continuous operation Salient Features : y Air Cooled Variable Auto Transformer VARIAC is a Continuously variable voltage auto transformer with many distinct advantages. Voltage & current. D.C.C. These three phase oil cooled transformer are developed using cutting edge technology under the supervision of expert professionals. Motors etc. In turn all the derivatives of A. Specifications Types and Models VARIAC is identified by its output current rating which remains constant throughout its operating range. .C. VARIACs are made in wide range of current and voltage suitable for 1 pH (240 V & 415 V) & 3 phase supply to cater the every need of industry. can be controlled effectively. Available in various models. Current.

C. The drive motor used in slow speed. 50. 15. OUTPUT CURRENTS : 2. Where the output is varied manually by the knob provided on the shaft. 40. output voltage is equal to input line voltage & in ³Over Voltage Connection´. 75.INPUT VOLTAGE 240 V 1 PH 415 V 1 PH 415 V 3 PH OUTPUT VOLTAGE 0 . 30 & 60 secs. voltage output is 12% above the input voltage. Standard timings for complete rotation available are 8. Motorised: Brush arm driven by a drive motor coupled to the shaft. 12. 100. 25. 28.415 /470 V 0 . FREQUENCY : 50/60 Hz OPERATING MODE Manual. having instant start. 1pH. Applications VARIAC is useful in innumerable places wherever smooth variation of voltage and its derivatives is required. high torque. Stage and auditorium lighting Temp. 4. 6. Salient Features . 10. 20. control and regulation of furnaces. ovens etc. The drive motor is reversible. AC synchronus motor working on 230/240V. 8. Motors Adaptable for remote control applications. In ³Line Voltage Connection´ max. To list few: y y y y Speed control of D.415 /470 V Every VARIAC comes with two alternative connections for input. 150 & 200 Amps. the max. 60.50Hz supply.240/ 270 V 0 . stop and reverse characteristics. 15.

100. VARIAC can withstand heavy overloads of short durations such as starting currents of motors. these are also available in motor operated mode with shaft driven by a high torque low speed drive motor through a gear train. floor mounting construction. Units are supplied without oil. Variation in the output is linear. Full variation of the output from 0 to max. Cores are rigidly mounted on non magnetic frame and high grade carbon brushes collect the current from side of the wingdings. Use of precision machined components ensure the uniform-operating torque for brush arm. 150. Besides manual operation. 300. Variation in output voltage is by transformer action by changing number of turns included in the circuit. confirming to IS 335. A specially designed spring holds the carbon brush pressed uniformly against the commutator surface. Time taken for one revolution is 15 seconds upto 100 Amp models & 30 second for above 100 amp models. immersed in transformer oil. 50/60 HZ A *Many a times these are referred as 2 phase units as the input to these units is from 2 lines of 3 phasesupply . Brush holders made of rectangular section (as against the squares). Dial indicates the approximate output voltage at no load (for rated input voltage). VARIAC is fully tropicalised to give an uninterrupted service in tropical atmosphere. 75. resulting in low magnetising current and core losses. VARIAC does not produce any distortion in any wave form. Standard transformer oil is to be filled by the user at site. Higher timings can be provided on request. Dials are also available marked in percentage. 50. eliminate the possibility of its fixing in wrong direction and consequent burning of winding.y y y y y y y y y y Core is made of high grade. 400. and carefully annealed. value is available in one revolution (approximately 350°) of the handle. 500 & 600 amps. provides a firm contact and eliminates sparking at commutator. 200. Specifications Standard models are made to the following specifications 1 Phase Input Output Current Frequency Insulation Class 230 V 0-230V/270V 1 Phase * 400 V 1 Phase 3 Phase 400 V 3 Phase 0-400/ 470V 40. VARIAC confirms to IS 5142 ± 1969 Oil Cooled Variable Auto Transformer These are basically cooled. 60. non aging continuous CRGO Strip.

heating & distribution purposes. Sound levels are kept substantially low for quiet operation. Three Phase Dry Type Transformer are manufactured upto 1000 KVA . All the transformers are manufactured as per IS: Standards IS: 2026 whenever applicable. non aging high grade silicon steel Radiators have been provided for effective cooling wherever required y 3Ph. Dry Type Transformers rating for Lighting.Salient Features: y y y Wingdings are made of electrolytic copper conductor Cores made from low loss.