Objectives 1. To create awareness for Project V-12 and to inform target publics on its incentives. 2. To encourage the Filipinos to help promote tourism and to exceed tourist arrival projections (target number) to the country within Project V-12’s timeframe. Strategies 1. Use a 2-pronged communication approach for: a. Local/ National: Identify and concentrate on regions of RP that have the most number of OFWs/ relatives abroad. Harness local government units. b. International: Awareness and publicity campaigns for countries with strong presence of overseas Filipinos (US, Middle East, Italy, Germany, UK, etc…). Identify the key media vehicles in these countries. 2. Develop Unique Selling Point (USP) for Year 1: • Identify unique aspect of Philippine culture that has a mass-following abroad and that has impact on Western culture such as arnis and knifefighting (featured in Hollywood through a popular movie starring Benicio del Torro) Develop exhibition, training, and centers for such interests locally Organize teams that will exhibit and train in selected countries to launch V-12.

• •

Target Publics Year 1 • Overseas Filipino communities & groups. • Viewers of The Filipino Channel US, Middle East, Italy, Germany, UK). • Alumni/ fraternity/ professional associations through their e-groups and websites.!/genegregorio

Key Messages “Ibalik ang dangal ng Filipino” • Volunteer 12 is an opportunity for all Filipinos to have a sense of patriotism and national accomplishment – Program aims to unite all sectors – overseas Filipinos, LGUs, private sector and tourism industry – to help uplift the Philippines through tourism – Filipinos have been bludgeoned by years of negative publicity and events V12 is an opportunity to feel good about ourselves

“Maraming trabaho kapag maraming turista” • Emphasis should be placed on the benefits that tourism will bring to the country rather than on the individual awards – 1 Tourist = US$1,000 = 1 job “Sagot Kita” • Nothing is more re-assuring to visitors than a personal invitation from each one of us

Tactics: Traditional Media Activities Phase 1: Awareness (Month 1) A. Media Launch • A Press Conference, with Tourism Secretary Richard Gordon and other key tourism personalities announcing the Volunteer 12 program and educating the general public on the details of this project; Foreign and local media coverage from Print, Television and Radio, including representatives from key tourism sectors Program components: Brief AVP / powerpoint presentation on Project V-12 Question and Answer portion, where DOT Secretary and key personalities from the tourism sector will answer media queries about the Volunteer 12 program

Phase 1: Awareness (Month 1) B. Advertorial Placements in major and local dailies!/genegregorio

Major broadsheets: Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, and Manila Bulletin Local newspapers: Sunstar or Freeman in Cebu and Davao, and other prominent local newspapers Half-page, full color, weekend placements Proposed Advertorial slants: Educating the market on the Dept. of Tourism’s Volunteer-12 program Information about V-12, how one can become a tourism volunteer, benefits that one can get, etc. Tourism Secretary Richard Gordon: Appealing to the Filipino’s sense of patriotism Call-to-action portion, which will immediately encourage the reader to become a member

• •

Phase 2: Advocacy (Month 2) C. Media Interviews • BSMG to organize and coordinate meetings and round table discussions on DOT’s V-12 Program with tourism media writers, columnists and reporters. Small group interviews involving various tourism sectors may also be conducted • Media sectors: Tourism editors/ NAIA press corps, Business, and Lifestyle editors • Industry sectors: Travel agencies, hotel industry, airport immigration, etc.

Proposed Media Interviews: Key writers/columnists will be identified in the following segments: News, Tourism, Business, & Lifestyle sections. There will be 1 opinion expert per newspaper who can do an extensive coverage/ feature on Project V-12 and its various components.!/genegregorio

Phase 3: Amplification (Month 2-12) D. Feature in News and other programs o BSMG can arrange for a special feature on DOT’s V-12 program; Tourism Sec. Richard Gordon to talk about V-12’s history, how this can contribute in the country’s tourism and economic recovery; etc. o Feature Filipinos who have been to other countries but went back to the Philippines; highlight Philippine tourism by focusing on the factors that will make Filipinos “miss the Philippines”; Idea is to capture the emotions of the viewers by capitalizing on the interviewees’ love for their country. o BSMG can arrange with newsprograms, anchorpersons to casually mention V12 in the show. o BSMG can arrange for common programs, sitcoms), and dramas to include V12 in their plots Proposed TV programs: • Magandang Umaga Bayan • Pipol • Travel Time • Isla • Lakbay TV • Home Along da Airport Proposed TV programs: • Magandang Umaga Bayan • Pipol • Travel Time • Isla • Lakbay TV Phase 3: Amplification (Month 3-12) E. Local & International Promotion of Philippine culture USP for Year 1 Awareness (Months 3-4) • Local awareness program of arnis and knife-figthing (print, radio, and Internet).!/genegregorio

International awareness program of arnis and knife-fighting (Print & Internet).

Advocacy • • Local exhibition and training (Months 4-5) International exhibition and training (Months 6-12)

Tactics: Non-Traditional Media Activities Phase 1: Awareness (Months 1-2) A. Engage in a text promo (please add promo name) – – – Forge partnership with Globe (and Smart) Download through MMS any Philippine tourist spot For every downloaded MMS, the subscriber will receive information on Project V-12; it will also entitle him to get a control number, which will eventually be raffled off at the end of the promo period Prizes: Local tour packages, free trips, tour privileges and discounts

Phase 1: Awareness (Month 2) B. Forge partnership with Philippine Airlines • Distribute merchandising materials / collaterals on Project V-12 within the airline’s domestic and international flights;

Phase 2: Advocacy (Month 3-4) C. Arrange and organize a “Balikbayan Month” • For a specific period, all the “Balikbayans” will be given a special treatment in the form of perks and privileges as they visit/ go back to the Philippines; This is to encourage the balikbayans and other tourists that will enter the country to go home and visit the Philippines within this period.

Phase 2: Advocacy (Month 3-4) D. Tie-uup with “Adopt a Tree” and “La Mesa Dam” projects of ABS-CBN • For every tourist, he/she will be have the chance to plant a tree and have the privilege of having the tree named after him/her.;!/genegregorio

Tourists will have applicable incentives for “La Mesa Dam” project. A shirt saying they’re “I’m Dam Good.”, for instance or they’re names can be added to plaque at the site.

Phase 2: Advocacy (Month 4-12, Years 2-5) E. Promote “Pamana ng Bayan” Project • • Filipino schoolteachers can impart – on a long-term basis – a familiarity with Philippine culture and a longing to visit RP. Filipino nurses and caregivers can impart – on a long-term basis – a familiarity with Philippine culture and a longing to visit RP to relatives and friends of their charges.

Phase 3: Amplification (Months 3 – 12) F. Internet-based promotional efforts • Banner ads within a website: Forge partnerships with websites that are often visited like Hotmail, Yahoo, Department of Tourism, etc. and as soon as the subscriber logs in, an attractive “V-12 banner ad” will emerge on the computer monitor. This banner ad can encourage the viewer to know more about V-12 by highlighting the benefits / prizes / tour packages that a subscriber may avail.

Additional Publicity/ information: • To Create awareness through the different fora like, Globe’s forum, etc. Post a thread to announce the V-12 program and start a discussion. • To feature RP, cultural USP for the year, and V12 in travel/lifestyle sites like Expedia and Fortune Lifestyles, for example.

1. Sites • • • • • • – 89,212 members – 5,712 members Pinoyforum – 2,354 members – 1,531 members – 3,963 members!/genegregorio

2. CD-ROMs 3. Interactive multimedia 4. Electronic kiosks in embassies consulates