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FREE - Issue Number 291 - May 2021 THIS PAPER IS FREE! COVID-19 Edition The Last?

St Mary’s Church Wayland Show Ball Helps Benjamin Project

Sunday Service at 10.00am
We are pleased to announce that 10am Sunday Services are resuming
from 9th May 2021 but will be in accordance with Government
guidelines so only a limited number of worshippers will be permitted
under our booking form which can be located on our website at Further details of our other services resuming
will be updated there also, so please do keep checking.
Storybags has also returned on Mondays 9.30am – 10.45am for pre-
school children and parents/ carers (during term-time). Play, bible story,
drink/snack and friends. Due to limited spaces, please find booking
details on their Facebook page: @storybagsstmarys

Helen Crane, Claire Bowes and Sarah Suggitt, of the Wayland Show Ball Committee,
presenting a cheque for £8,000 to Angela Teague of The Benjamin Foundation
The Wayland Show Ball Committee were very pleased to present a have fun, socialise and boost self-esteem, particularly following
cheque for £8,000 to The Benjamin Foundation towards it's new the pandemic as well as accessing support if required and
Youth Project, which has just been launched in Watton. The funds forming healthy peer relationships to support development and
were raised at last year’s Wayland Spring Ball but due to the increase confidence.
pandemic the project had to be temporarily postponed. Interested young people can easily get in touch by text, email or
The new Watton Youth Club launched on 16th April with a direct message on the Club Facebook or Instagram pages or
drop-in/taster session and from 23rd April it offers weekly contact Cyan Fullbrook, Lead Youth Support Worker on 07817
sessions during term time for young people in Breckland. The 014002
group, at Watton Youth and Community Centre on Harvey All details are on the Watton Youth Group website:
Street, aims to provide young people with new opportunities to

Coming Out Of Lockdown Shipdham & District Book Group

Don't Wait: Get Debt Help Now The Butterfly Room by Lucinda Riley was suggested as a suitable
Fountain of Life Church, Ashill has been running a Christians diversion from the Covid Lock Downs and the snow. If ever a book
Against Poverty (CAP) debt centre for over six years. The free needs face to face discussion it is this one as it proved to be a real
service is available to all people in the surrounding area. love/hate item so great were the differing opinions. In ‘normal’
The combination of rising unemployment, reduced hours, illness times this is a situation which has produced some of our best
and larger bills covering the period when so many people have discussions. Hopefully we may revisit it, probably briefly, when we
been at home has created a situation where many people now have finally meet again.
unmanageable debt. As people emerge from lockdown the Posy Montague is approaching her seventieth birthday still living in
uncertain economic effects may impact people hard. However, for her beautiful family home, Admiral House, set in the glorious
people here in Mid-Norfolk, there is a solution. Suffolk countryside where she spent her own idyllic childhood
Heather Nunn, CAP Debt Centre Manager, said: “Although we’ve catching butterflies with her beloved father, and later raised her
continued helping people out of debt throughout the pandemic, we own children, Posy knows she must make an agonising decision.
know that many people have been in survival mode and it’s only as Despite the memories the house holds, and the exquisite garden she
we come out of lockdown that they will start to seek help. We can has spent twenty-five years creating, the house is crumbling around
help NOW by virtual/phone and no one has to wait until we come her, and Posy knows the time has come to sell it.Then a face
out of lockdown. appears from the past, Freddie, her first love, who abandoned her
“We want everyone to know that we’re here to give that help and left her heartbroken fifty years ago. Already struggling to cope
completely free of charge along with localised support, with her son Sam’s inept business dealings, and the sudden
understanding and encouragement. reappearance of her younger son Nick after ten years in Australia,
The Debt Centre currently has plenty of appointments available so Posy is reluctant to trust in Freddie’s renewed affection.
we’re urging people to get in contact as soon as possible to get help Unbeknown to Posy, Freddie and Admiral House have a
and get their lives back on track. devastating secret to reveal.
There is a team of volunteers, some of whom have been in debt Views expressed went from those who could not put the book
themselves and are now out the other side, able to give a helping down they were so absorbed in it to others who hated it. However,
hand with practical solutions. as one member said, everybody had a secret and those who
CAP client, Lisa (name has been changed), said: “Without CAP I persevered discovered them, some horrific, others just personal
think I would probably be dead as I wouldn’t have had money to disappointments. It is certainly not all beautiful gardens and old
buy food! Now, I’m going to uni! Now, I know I can afford it and I buildings as it first appears but worth exploring for the
feel mentally better, I’m hoping to change people’s lives the way characterisation as well as visual descriptions..
CAP has changed mine.” For the next book we are reading The Merchant’s House by Kate
If you know things are out of control and you’re stressed, missing Ellis. This has something of everything: murder, police
meals or sleep, please give us a call and let us help you get your life involvement, archeology, history and much more all packed into
back on track.Book an appointment with CAP by calling about 250 pages.
Freephone 0800 328 0006 or visit Keep well, safe and reading. Sue Hart
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 2
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 3

A Quick Look lockdowns many of our habits have Once you have done that, the called 2021 Wayland Show
changed, particularly in the way we number's phone rings and when
shop. answered they will hear “You have a Cancelled for Second Year
Round Buying things on-line having them call from [your name]” The Directors and the Chairman of the Wayland Agricultural
By Orbiter delivered direct to door may have The other end then has three Society have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021
Well here we are again, and this time bred laziness and we may not be as immediate choices: Wayland Show due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
there seem to be many more lights at keen to venture out into the cold as  they can accept the call just once After careful consideration, and in consultation with the Wayland
the ends of tunnels, and signs of a we once did as a matter of course. and if at any time they don't like Show committee, it was felt that the ongoing uncertainty
return to normal are everywhere. But the British public is very what they hear they can block the regarding current and future restrictions on numbers and social
Even the weather has been back to adaptable, and we could be at the number; distancing rules are major barriers to holding a successful Show
normal, the only trouble being that its point when all when face masks and  they can accept the call this time in 2021. The safety and enjoyment of Wayland Show visitors,
idea of normality is the tendency to social distancing will be just a bad and always in the future; exhibitors and helpers are paramount.
change so often. Thus, for a couple memory. People may even try to give  they can immediately block the The Wayland Agricultural Society will now focus all endeavours
of days at the end of March we me a hug. Oh, no ! Nurse, the number without speaking to the on planning for the Wayland Show in 2022 which will take place
enjoyed record high temperatures, screens! caller. on Sunday September 4th 2022. We shall look forward to
only to be followed, as soon as we Good afternoon. When the call is over – in future welcoming exhibitors and visitors back on that date in order to
got out our deck chairs, by a freezing one of the following applies celebrate the agricultural heritage and rural life of the region.
cold week with snow showers.  If the calling number was only
Now, although at last we are allowed Unwanted accepted once, then the next time
to meet up in groups of not more than
six outside in the open air, the
prospect is not quite so appealing,
but perhaps the summer will get back
phone calls –
you can fight
that number calls, they will have to
announce themselves again.
 If the called party always accepts
the number, then the call is always
Shop Local !
a bit of warmth. put through without the caller
One of my habits, in these lazy days back! having to say who they are.
of retirement, is to read the obituary By Julian Horn  If the called party blocks the
column in my national paper and just Scam calls from criminals claiming number, then in future, when that
occasionally I see a reference to a to be from Amazon, BT and blocked number calls, the phone
person whose name I recognise, but Microsoft amongst others, are all too will never ring it just refuses the
rarely have I read of a personal common today. Some people report call.
acquaintance. So it was a great receiving more than 10 calls a day, Usually, when a scammer rings a
surprise to read about the passing of making their lives a misery. number with this system in place,
Bob Davey, who was well-known in The golden rule to follow is NEVER they immediately hang up because
the Wayland area. engage with the caller – they are they know their intended victim is
The report triggered my memory of a fakes. None of these organisations, or switched on and the scammer will
day, thirty or so years ago soon after the police will ever call you out of move quickly on to another less
my moving to Norfolk. My wife and the blue, and whatever they tell you, protected number.
I had begun a series of walks around the callers are lying to you! The computer generated calls,
the area in order to get to know our Banks do sometimes call to verify a frequently claiming to be Amazon
new surroundings and were on a transaction, but never give personal Prime or Microsoft Support,
footpath from North Pickenham to details on the phone, including normally also give up immediately.
Ashill when we came upon a church information on a computer screen, or Depending on the phone model,
almost completely hidden in trees,, agree to transfer money to another some are preloaded with known
creepers and other vegetation. And as account. If you are not absolutely scammer's numbers, some have
we approached we met an elderly certain, make a careful note of who answering machines as well. Usually,
chap, with a distinctive pointed white they say they are and then call the they all have the ability to enter
beard, who explained that he was in organisation preferably from a known numbers of family and friends
the early stages of recovering this old mobile or neighbour’s phone, and and when a preprogrammed number
building from the ravages of nature. always look up the number in a letter rings, it is put straight through
He helped us through a gap in the or other source you have, NEVER without the caller having to do
wall to see what he explained were ring them back on the number the anything.
some medieval wall paintings, scammers give you in case they give I recently fitted one of these for a
though they were difficult for us to you their number. friend and it works very, very well.
recognise what they depicted. This If you follow those rules, you The model I fitted was the BT Decor
was the first of my few meetings shouldn't get caught. But if you do 2600 which can block up to 1000
with Bob over the following three succumb, then the first thing to do is nuisance call numbers and has
decades, but during that period he immediately contact your bank and speaker and ringer volume controls.
had worked tirelessly on his self- credit card companies and explain It’s also hands free and hearing aid
appointed task of restoring the what happened and let them protect compatible and the built in digital
church of St, Mary,Houghton-on-the- you from theft. answer machine gives you 30
Hill. His efforts soon attracted the To help you, find out what your minutes of recording time.
attention of the national Heritage bank's number is advance and keep it Many places sell the BT Decor 2600
people, who further researched the somewhere safe so you always know and they are available locally from
site, attracting visits from such as you have the right number to hand if Adcocks - who are open again now,
Prince Charles. Subsequently annual the worst happens. and other places (including,
services, with local choirs and We all know prevention is better than ironically, Amazon!). They are very
congregations from surrounding area cure, so how can you deter or prevent simple to fit, but if you need help
became a well -attended event, at the criminals from contacting you in then I can supply, fit and program
least until the Covid restrictions, but the first place? one for you for around £70, but I
will, no doubt, be resumed soon. There is a system called “BT Call stress that you can do it yourself
Incidentally whenever I have asked Guardian” which is available on quite easily - and save money!
anyone to direct me to Houghton-on- several devices and importantly If you have any questions, you can
the-Hill, I have never been given a works even if you don't get your contact me on 01953 858908
confident answer. phone line from BT – you just need
At the time of writing the country is to have caller identification on your
all set to return to some sort of line. St Mary’s
normality in the course of the next You may have encountered it when
few days, with the re-opening of ringing a friend or neighbour and it Church 150
shops, hairdressers, pubs and so on, works like this:
and although this gives the When you call a protected number, Club Winners
impression that things will at last be you hear a voice announcing the 1st prize £50 - ticket number 150 –
back to the what we remember as number is protected and asking you Hannah Johnson
normal will turn out to be totally to say your name and then press the 2nd prize £25 - ticket number 128 -
different, as during the year of hash - # - key. Eileen Kittel
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 4
daisies. Make sure you have all the bits of Remove one or two of the thickest and apparent then society will have to think
In Your Garden root out or they will come back. Rake the barest stems as close to the ground as you again.
With Lotta Potts top over and sow the seeds according to the can. This will encourage young stems.  As most recycled plastic goes to landfill,
Here we are in the merry month of May. packets. Some people like to sow in Three or four years on you will have perhaps future generations will be forced
Despite being locked in/up/down since I straight lines but this looks a bit odd unless replaced all the old stems without noticing. to mine our waste tips as a source of re-
can’t remember when, the winter months in a cutting garden and others draw shapes Forsythia and flowering currant are very usable plastic.
are past and early spring shot by without in the soil, outlining in sand, and sow forgiving as regards pruning. These two  The idea of using 3 glass syringes and 3
drawing breath. April, at least the early patches. You can sow patches scatter-gun will also make hedges with the advantage needles to inoculate 100 men ( when Roy
part of it, has been a bit of a disaster for style but if you sow in straight lines inside that other things can be grown through in did his National Service ) is considered
gardeners. I have never stuck by the idea the shapes any weed seedlings can be the summer. Small-flowered clematis unthinkable today, particularly as the
of planting spuds at Easter and this year it identified if they're in between the rows would work as would annual climbers such syringes and needles would have been
would have been a bad idea. Holy Week and got rid of. as nasturtiums and even sweet peas. Hedge cleaned, sterilised and used again.
was nice and warm but after Easter Day it Some of the best are pot marigolds, nigella, cutting starts now with the tradtional thuja,  Now we have recently vaccinated approx.
turned and by the following Tuesday it Californian poppy, our native poppy. Make box, beech, hornbeam and leylandii having 30 million people against Covid 19, and
snowed. Wonderful planting weather! It sure you buy seeds of flowers you like. a trim now and a second in August/early most people will have at least 2
got worse, cold, windy and as I look out on Most of the annuals will seed about September. The fast-growing privets and vaccinations, and we will vaccinate
the deadline it’s snowing again. The spuds abundantly and next year you could be evergreen honeysuckle will need cuts every approx. 50 million people in total, twice,
will just have to stay nice and cosy chitting going daft trying to identify and remove the six weeks from now until the middle of so approx. 100 million vaccinations will
in the conservatory. It is encouraging to ones you dislike. You can grow these in September and last but not least yew and be done in total, using 100 million plastic
look around and see that the truly hardy beds, borders, pots, containers and the box needs just a single chop in August/ syringes and needles, which will then be
spring plants will just keep on growing same way get a packet of vegetable seeds. early September but gardeners who like the thrown away, most probably to landfill.
regardless once they have made a start. The easiest are lettuces, peas (these will neat and tidy with sharp edges might like to Leading the debate against the motion
On to May. First things first, try to catch need support), carrots. Read the packet give these varieties an early trim in May/ was Andrew Barwood, the owner of a
up on the April jobs. It’s comforting to instructions carefully. Don't buy anything June as well. Plastics Company Bowles & Walker,
know that most of the jobs for April can be that suggests starting off under glass or in a Climbers and wall shrubs need to be tied in Watton, who argued:
done in May anyway, depending on the propagator if you don't have such things. before the weight becomes too much and  It is accepted that plastics do not have a
weather. Start off with the lawn. In a Some annuals will germinate in a pot the whole thing collapses. Just tie-in the good reputation at the moment, but there
warm spring the lawn will be cut from the covered with a plastic bag on a sunny shoots you want to keep and cut back or is a wide range of plastics for numerous
end of March. If you did manage to give it window sill but that's not guaranteed. Many remove any that are growing away from the applications, some applications are single
a cut or two when it was warm and dry I vegetables can also be grown in containers support so that those left will thicken up the use, but many are multiple use.
hope you left the mower on the highest and some in hanging baskets. Salad shape and produce better flowers later.  We believe that the material is not at
notch as the grass might have suffered in baskets with small lettuce, tumbling Whilst you are checking shrubs, look at any fault, but the way in which it is managed
the following frost/snow and gales. The tomatoes, radishes, and herbs can look variegated ones and remove any shoots that after end-of-life.
cold winds will have done more damage fantastic. They need a lot of looking after. have grown plain green. If not these will  There are numerous environmental
than anything so if the blades of grass on Strawberries in baskets are popular but grow more strongly than the variegated benefits that defend the use of plastics,
your lawn have brown tips don’t worry. again they mustn't dry out. Probably the ones and eventually take over. and even though the use of plastics is
Just leave the cutting until it’s longer than best baskets would be the ones with solid Whilst you are tidying up don't forget to perceived to be damaging to the
you want and then cut off the tips. Feed sides as strawberries are perennials and deadhead daffodils, tulips and any other environment, it has allowed society to
the grass early this month if it wasn’t with care will last a couple of years. bulbs that have finished flowering as they move forward and should be respected.
possible in April but no later than the It's a good idea to remember to 'succession' will happily make seedheads rather than
 In this regard rather than needlessly
beginning of this month. Remove weeds if sow. Sow a few seeds today then a few direct the food from the sun down to the
throwing plastics away and potentially
you want but by regular cutting as the more in two weeks and so on until you bulb for next year's flowers. Please don't
damaging the natural world , plastics
season progresses they’ll still be green. If reach the end of the sowing season as tie the leaves in knots or remove them for
should be managed significantly better at
you have been taking notice of the shown on the packet. It won't look much tidying's sake. They need them leaves! Six
end-of-life to ensure that they are re-used,
fashionistas you might be thinking of ‘re- but by the time they've all come up you'll weeks is the recommended time to leave
recycled or energy reclaimed, a practice
wilding’ the lawn. You might even think wonder what you are going to do with a the foliage to die back and a tip for small
that has already been in place at Bowles
this will be a great idea for the ‘natural’ couple of dozen lettuces. I'm one of the gardens is to grow the smaller and
& Walker for an extensive period of time.
look and no work. Good if you have a very people who take issue with seeds-men who miniature spring bulbs as the foliage dies
After a healthy and spirited debate, we then
large garden and can leave some or even put lots of seeds in a packet. For instance back quicker than their full size varieties
voted, but the vote was inconclusive as
most of it to run riot with a few mown most gardeners insist on sowing fresh and will be covered over by later planting.
approx. 40% voted For, 40% Against, and
paths through it. If you have a small parsnip seeds every year. How many need They do better as naturalised specimens as
20% Undecided.
garden (in my opinion) don’t fall for it. 2000? They are tiny seeds but I'm sure well.
However, numerous Rotarians agreed it
Long grass still needs care and occasional companies like Thompson & Morgan, This, of course, is the proper start of the
was the casual discarding of plastics
cutting. Unlike short grass this long stuff Suttons et al have machines to fill packets. growing season for every plant in your
without thought of the consequences that is
needs to have the cuttings removed if you The same goes for beans and peas. In a garden including the ones that might not be
the real problem, and cited countries in
want to have wild flowers or any flowers small garden with an even smaller veg so welcome . . . so keep weeding.
Europe, Germany and
really as grass will take over. It will also patch or even a few pots it's unlikely you'll
the Netherlands for
take over the flower and veg beds. If you get through a couple of hundred peas and
want to have the natural look without the the same of beans. Let's face it if you grow Watton Rotary example, and
bombsite look best to leave the lawn a bit runners you only need a couple of plants
longer than usual and maybe plant a few and there'll be enough to feed the average Plastics Debate which are
patches of clover or other hardy flowering street. However, peas and beans last a year Watton & District Rotary Club recently
litter free in
plants to attract bees and, of course, leave or two and most seed packets these days held a Plastics Debate on the motion:
the daisies. The real menace to lawns from show the year the seeds are packed and the ‘This house believes that the
with the UK, so
now on is ants. The nests start off with last year for sowing and this is usually two indiscriminate increase in the use of
perhaps it is very
areas of crumbly soil that grow into little or three down the line. It's surprising how plastics has caused irreparable damage
much due to the culture
‘termite’ mounds. Best to deal with them long they do last if you keep them cool and to our environment and the natural
of the country, and further education was
at first sight and flood the area with cold dry. I remember that early in the 2000’s world’.
required to change the mind set of people
water. The old idea of boiling water will Bob Flowerdew’s advice was to chuck out Leading the debate for the motion was Roy
in the UK who casually discard unwanted
certainly kill the ants but will also kill the any with 19 on the packet but to try a few Challand, a retired Biomedical Scientist,
plastic without much thought to the
grass. Turn the hose on and keep going on damp kitchen paper just in case. Some who argued:
until either the little critters have drowned of mine lasted well past their dates!  We have gone from virtually no use to
or cleared off. As well as the sowing and planting some almost universal use in 65 years.
So to flowers. New ones will be appearing shrubs need to be pruned this month. All  It is the casual discarding of plastics Rotary Rose
daily but if you don't have an established those that have finished flowering like without thought of the consequences that
garden or one that has been neglected then forsythia and flowering currant should be is the real problem. Available
you can make a start with flowers that will pruned once the flowers have finished. It's  The continued use of plastics is based on Our rose Rotary Sunrise will shortly be
appear this year – annuals. The joy of very easy. Look at the shoots that have the ready availability of coal, oil and gas, available again in May for £16.00 each for
annuals is they come in seed form that can dead or dying flowers at the tips, follow but these are the three raw materials the a potted rose, of which £1.00 is donated to
go straight in the soil and are bursting to them down to a young sideshoot that hasn't current government and our Rotary Foundation for future charitable
grow. You need to have reasonably clean flowered and cut off the flowered stem just environmentalists wish to significantly use.
soil to start with so dig it over, removing above it. Simple. Then go over the rest of reduce the use of and therefore in turn the Contact if you
the real horrors as you go such as the bush and repeat. If you have an elderly cheap source of plastic will disappear. are interested.
dandelion, ground elder, bindweed and plant now's the time to rejuvenate it. When the true cost of plastic becomes
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 5

The Ovington Crower A Zoom Meeting

By tha Boy Sid
Well hare yew orl dewin now thas gitten
warmer, wot, yew hent noticed? No nor
Has Happened…
hev I. Sharp ole frorst moost mornins an
thet kip snowin, jist when yew wanter git
and other news!
yore teartas in. I jist sin tha long range On the evening of Wednesday, 17th March
weatha forecast on tha tele an thet don’t thirty seven members of the Watton Society
look like thas gooin ter git a lot betta duz joined together for a very interesting and well
it, well thar ent much we kin dew abowt it presented talk on the Mid Norfolk Railway
thas fer shore. Jist hefta keep tha ole by Paddy Anstey. We all enjoyed this
winter coot on a bit longer. presentation and our chats with each other
Things hent changed much in tha willage of and Paddy. Prior to the meeting Paddy had
late, we’re hed one or tew folk move owt an given a lot of help to the committee and he
a simlar number move in, but hent got rownd hosted the meeting, as it was our first attempt
tew hevin a word wi ‘em yit. We’re jist at hosting. We still have things to learn but
weartin fer things tew git a bit back tew are gradually getting there. The talk covered
normal arter nex Mondey, I’re hed a word wi the history of railways in Norfolk, the present
tha pub lanlord an he say “He hent bin day and hopes and plans for the future. For We are continuing to obtain green plaques for children again later in the year. We had some
allowed tew hev many inna tha bar yit but those of you who may not know, the Mid the Town Heritage Trail. Five of these are on entries last year but we really need the
ken hev a dozin or so outside. He say I hent Norfolk Railway runs from Dereham to order at the moment, all celebrating the children to be back in school and in their
hevin yew lot puttin yore gret ole boots orl Wymondham and holds several special railway that Watton once had in the town. clubs where teachers and club leaders can
ova my flower bed, so we shell hefta meark events during the year which will be on their We would very much like to replace the encourage them!
doo wi lockin tha doors an tunnin moost of website. plaque on Harvey House (Quinton House) The future – We will discuss future hopes
tha lights owt an sit in tha bar like we did The Watton Society also holds the Watton in that was destroyed during renovations, and and inform members as well as further items
afore, I’ll hev a word wi tha loocal bobby an Bloom competition involving the front have a plaque marking the Stevens in the Wayland News. We can’t thank Julian
slip him suffin warmin an he on’t look tew gardens and which nobody knows they are Almshouses although not actually on the enough for his unfailing support, especially
hard wen he goo parst of an evenin”. entering. We do not announce the date but it Almshouses themselves. The ownership of during this difficult time. The Watton
Cos tha land hev dried owt a bit we wos can be held at any time from Spring to Harvey House has been difficult to ascertain, Society Committee – Leigh Cannon, Magaret
earble tew goo muck spreedin larst week an Autumn. It will take place this year and the any help would be welcome. Cator, Margaret Herbert, John and Judy Kerr,
we dint hear a sound from tha ole cowncil Mayor has kindly agreed to judge it. We shall also run our Poster Competition for John Ward.
chairmawtha, an we went past her house wi
moost o tha loods. She’s gitten sorft I
invitation to join the Rotary Club, due to
reckon, thas corse she hent hed any meetings
ter git har orl riled up leartly.
New Members For family and work commitments, Bob has
accepted our third invitation.
My missus sez Ire gotta goo an hev anotha
jab aginst this virus thing, gotta hoss oova
Watton Rotary Bob moved to Norfolk 32 years ago from
his beloved North-East (once a Geordie
tew Thetford nex weekend, rite on fourses
RICK WOODROFFE – Wing Commander always a Geordie) with his wife and young
time an orl. Well thet’ll be tha end of it fer
Richard John Woodroffe MBE (RAF family. He swapped the hectic pace of life
now I hoop.
Retd ) born in Newmarket, Richard involved with owning two classic car
Hed tew hev a larf the otha week. Horry an
( Rick ) left the town with his parents in garages for a small farm where he could
Cloddy hed tew mend the ole barn roof, well
1959 and after living in Aden and spend more time with his family.
thet wos abowt time fer thar wittles so
Singapore, finished his education in Primarily he reared livestock but
decided tew goo down an hev ‘em in tha
Abingdon, Berks, before joining P&O diversified to operating an eco-friendly
barn owt o tha wind. “Cor blarst” say
Lines Ltd as a Purser Officer. He was then
Cloddy “Sum duzzy fewl hev knocked tha
commissioned into the Royal Air Force
ladder down, wot we goon’t tew dew” “I
and after 30 years left the RAF to become
know” say Horry “Thars a nice fresh pile o
The General Secretary of The Royal
muck down ther, I’ll jump down an tell yew
British Legion Scotland in Edinburgh.
how deep thet is” He took tha plunge. “How
Rick then worked for Veolia looking after
deep is it?” called Cloddy. “Thet only cum
the MOD Water & Wastewater Estate in
up tew ter yer ankles” “Rite I’m cummin tew
Scotland. Following retirement in 2015, he
join yew” He leapt from tha barn roof—and
moved back to East Anglia and lives in
was covered in fresh muck from head tew campsite partly powered by solar and
foot. “Yew duzzy ole tewl! Thort yew sed it wind generation. His hobbies include
Rick was presented with the MBE by Her
only cum up ter yer ankles” he spluttered. restoring classic cars and riding his
Majesty, The Queen, at The Palace in
“Ah” explained Horry “I forgot tew tell yew motorcycles.
1989. He is married with 3 sons and 7
I went in head fust!” Pictured are Bob Cave (left) and
Well thas yore lot. See yew soon. Rick Woodroffe (above)
BOB CAVE – After twice declining an
Dew yew kip a troshin. Boy Sid
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 6

A memory of Prince Philip April at Lakenheath Fen Thought For

A month of watching, writing, counting and listening!
April is a busy month for survey work at the nature reserve, with The Month
several different projects running at the same time, focused on
monitoring the breeding behaviour and success of lots of different By Revd Gerry Foster,
species. I hope this article will help to give an insight into what Vicar of St Mary's
we will be doing in April for both our regular and newer visitors
alike- much of this survey work is carried out naturally behind Church, Watton
closed doors, so it might be good to explain things a bit! At this time of writing, we have just celebrated
Since late February, early on a Tuesday morning (come rain or Easter. St Mary’s has been enjoying services
shine!) a hardy group of team members (staff and volunteers) via zoom, but we are looking forward to being
have been dotting themselves around the perimeter of our reed back in St Mary’s Church building from
bed areas, connected via walkie-talkies to each other. Between Sunday 9th May 2021, for Services at both
06:00 and 09:00, we record the ‘booming’ calls of male bitterns 8.00am and 10.00am. There will still be the
from within the reed beds, looking to see where they are need to book places for the 10.00am service
(roughly), how many ‘booms’ they issue and how forceful they through Eventbrite, to follow Government
are. The walkie-talkies help the team to work out whether two of Guidelines for the restricting of numbers and
us are hearing the same bittern at once, and they are also useful all sanitising care continues to be in place and
for sharing other non-bittern information such as crane sightings, face masks will be worn. See http://
marsh harrier courtship or any other interesting wildlife. The for details.
team (organised very well by warden Emma) also write down on Sunday 9th May is ‘Rogation Sunday’ in the
a map where they think their bittern was, which helps later on Church calendar. Rogation is an ancient
when we overlay the maps together and we can get an idea of church festival to seek blessing for a
where the birds’ territories are. community and its sustenance. The word
By the end of April, these booming surveys switch to looking for rogation comes from the Latin verb rogare,
My husband, David Carter (right wearing glasses), was a BBC
‘feeding flights’ instead; female birds short voyages out of the meaning "to ask", which reflects the
producer and one of the programmes he produced was 'Let's
nest site for a few minutes to gather food in a nearby ditch or beseeching of God for protection from
Find Out.' A team of young people interviewed people of
pool, to bring back to her growing chicks. We’ll also be looking calamities. As the Book of Common Prayer
interest and Prince Philip was one. I believe this was the first
for marsh harrier food-passes (mid-air transfer of food between puts it: “Rogation Days are the three days
programme of its kind that Prince Philip was on.
the talons of a male to a female). In a similar way to the bitterns,
preceding Ascension Day, especially devoted
Prince Philip phoned my husband before the programme went
marsh harrier chicks will reach a size when the female feels to asking for God’s blessing on agriculture and
out to say that he hoped there wasn’t going to be a red carpet
comfortable leaving them for a moment to grab incoming food industry.”
and the smell of paint! David said that he was afraid there was
from the hardworking male in mid-air, and to take it back to feed Since mediaeval times there has been a
a smell of paint and the red carpet was being measured up as
to her brood. tradition of “beating the bounds” of the parish,
he spoke. To this the Prince asked if David could get him in a
praying for God's blessing upon the crops and
back way avoiding all the worthies. So that’s how the Prince
thus the well-being of that particular
entered the BBC.
settlement. It is still observed by some parishes
After the programme, there was to be a special tea laid on for
today – with a procession, prayers and a
him but Prince Phillip said he would prefer to have a cuppa
sharing of hope in God's goodness to nourish
with the backroom boys and find out how what they did to get
every endeavour which enables people to
the show on the road.
David said he found the Prince both charming, helpful and
Rogation invites people to ask for blessing – for a
interested in everything. One of the young boys interviewing
particular place; for all its inhabitants; for every
the Prince said he wanted to go in the navy when he left
endeavour to promote the common good. It is
school. A few days afterwards he had a letter from the Prince
totally inclusive – joining everyone in seeking
with an address to write to. The young lad followed this up
sustenance and a commitment to play their part in
and got a job in the Navy, thanks to Prince Philip.
its provision.
My husband is standing on the front right of the photo. The
This seems such an appropriate Sunday to be
man sitting at the back was the prince's body guard who had to
back in the church building, while also always
stay with him at all times. Prince Phillip had the photos taken
looking outwards beyond the walls, for God’s
and sent everyone involved in the programme an autographed
blessing on all Watton and, indeed, the Wayland
photo! Very thoughtful and greatly appreciated by everyone.
community. It is a time for prompting us all to
think of our relationship with God. He wants us
to be partners with him in all aspects of our lives,
in and through all the ups and downs, just as in
fact farmers need to work with the Lord of all
creation and the weather…. Jesus Christ is the
As well as these majestic species, we count the smaller birds too living Lord, whom we remembered on Good
- BBC (Breeding Bird Census) and BWWM (Breeding Waders Friday, but also that he rose from the dead that
of Wet Meadows) surveys will take place through spring and first Easter morning and is present with us
early summer. BBC surveys focus on counting the numbers of through the Holy Spirit.
everyday birds such as blue tit, robin, great spotted woodpecker This Rogation Sunday is also an opportunity to
and collared dove, helping to build a picture over time of their give thanks for and ask for a blessing on our
population trends. We will split the reserve up into portions, and Organist Lorraine Eldridge, who will be
each survey (in pairs) our own section, around once a month. playing for the 10.00am 9th May Service, as
BWWM surveys are similar but focus on nesting redshank, she is retiring further north to be nearer family.
snipe, lapwing and curlew which use undisturbed wet meadows I too want to pray a blessing on each and every
for breeding in- we will look at Botany Bay (down the far end of one of you, as after seven years of being the
the reserve) specifically for this new survey. Vicar of Watton, I retire 25th July, to move
All these surveys are critical in helping us to understand which west to be nearer family. I am so thankful for
species use the reserve and how successful they are at breeding all we have shared and I will pray for you
here (and therefore how well we are protecting them!). We have going forwards together in partnership. A
had to find new ways of doing things with COVID as a constant community can only fully flourish, if it’s made
threat; keeping our distance from each other, minimising contact up of all ages and stages of flourishing
indoors and in vehicles, and plenty of hand-washing, have been individuals, who are pulling together, for the
key. But after a year almost entirely devoid of surveying in good of all.
2020, it is lovely to be back counting again, in whatever form it The seasons change, but God’s love is the
takes! We will also be surveying butterflies, dragonflies, a same yesterday, today and forever
myriad of other insects and plants too, in the coming months. and Jesus Christ is recorded as saying in the
With best wishes, Gospel of Matthew 28: 20:
Heidi Jones (Visitor Experience Officer, RSPB Lakenheath Fen). “And surely I am with you always, to the very / 01284 863400 end of the age”. Thank you. God bless you.
Your Vicar: Revd Gerry Foster
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 7
The 1950s and 60s were known as the Haute
Couture years, knitting had a huge boost as a
A Note to
greater varity of colours and styles of yarn
were introduced and thousands of patterns Clubs and Club
fed the market with fashionable bright
colours and designs.The twinset was born Correspondents
and soon became very popular with a short As we are finally released from the
sleeved top with a long sleeved cardigan in restrictions imposed on us during the
the same colour won over the top, thus the pandemic, I sincerely hope that clubs and
height of fashion. societies will be able to get back to
Kathy has precious memories of time spent meetings, outings and exhibitions, and that
with her mother teaching her to knit, sitting you will remember to keep the community
patiently for hours while they recited rhymes informed via The Wayland News.
of which Kathy’s favourite was: There have been a few changes since last
Go through the front door and around the year, most notable of which are a new
back email address! The old one (julian@) has
Peek through the window and off jumps Jack gone and no longer accepts emails. If you
For more information please contact : send your contribution to that address, It
Kathy on 820615, Marlene 820327 or Sue will NOT arrive. You MUST use the new
hart 822536 address –
- please make a note now.
Also, the deadline has changed! At
Rotary's Global present it is the 12th of the month. Page
featured greatly in Repton’s work, he
Watton Evening WI consulted at Holkham Hall, Northrepps,
Scholars space is allocated strictly on a first come,
first served basis. 12 Noon on the 12th of
Our quiz for March was run by Helen Hoveton Hall, and Buckenham House to Rotary Clubs around the world are able to
the month preceding publication is the last
Hornagold (a member), it was on Norfolk name a few. But he looked upon his work at sponsor Rotary Scholars to study at
date and time that copy will be
and split into four sections. The overall Sheringham Park as one of his ‘most Universities, in our district this is usually at
CONSIDERED for inclusion. Arrival of
winner was Jane Broscomb with 31 points, favourite work’ (pictured above) Cambridge or UEA Norwich Universities.
your copy before deadline DOES NOT
2nd was Carol Robeson with 29 points and As an artist and architect, to help clients We have recently welcomed as our speaker
Catherine Wykes and Ruth Stapleton were visualise his designs, Repton produced 'Red Cerise Siamof from the USA sponsored by
to be certain your entry gets published,
third with 22 points. We were all surprised Books' (so called for their binding) with District 6250 USA, and hosted in the UK
then please make sure it arrives in plenty
how much we knew about Norfolk, explanatory text and watercolours with a by Rotary Club of Cambridge Sawston.
of time otherwise you may still be
especially as the majority were not born and system of overlays to show 'before' and 'after' Cerise is a graduate of the University of
bred in the county. views. Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in
Hopefully, as the world returns to normal,
April is the start of our WI year, who would ‘Capability’ Brown worked for many of the Biochemistry, and is studying for a Masters
so will The Wayland news.
ever have thought that we would not have wealthiest aristocrats in Britain, carving huge Degree in Philosophy of Health, Medicine
been able to meet for a whole year. landscape parks out of old formal gardens & Society at Cambridge University –
Our April speaker on Zoom was Peter and agricultural land. However, Repton Cerise is most interested in a very timely
Lawrence, he lectured at Denman, the WI worked for equally important clients, such as topic: the treatment and prevention of
College, for many years; since its closure is the Dukes of Bedford and Portland, often he communicable diseases, and has already
now a Zoom lecturer for ‘Denman at Home’. was usually fine-tuning earlier work, that of studied the effects of intestinal parasites.
He spoke to us about Humphry Repton, (21 Brown himself. Success at Woburn, led to his Cerise previously worked at St. Mary’s
April 1752 – 24 March 1818), born in Bury commission to design the central gardens in Hospital as a Senior Scribe with Madison
St Edmunds, and buried at Aylsham; he was Russell Square, London. Emergency Physicians, accompanying
the last great English landscape designer of Vice President Pat thanked Peter for a hugely physicians as they meet with patients.
the eighteenth century, often regarded as the enjoyable talk, and we look forward to In her application for the Scholarship she
successor to Lawrence (Capability) Brown; listening to other talks from Peter. wrote that she wanted to be an ‘ Advocate
he also sowed the seeds of the more intricate for preventive medicine and culturally
and eclectic styles of the 19th century. competent & unbiased healthcare’
Repton helped shape landscapes where the Shipdham Knitters
barriers between gardens and parks were The History of Knitting Part 2
broken down; estates that combine the The National Society’s Instructions on
Saham Toney
polished look of ‘Capability’ Brown with
more naturalistic and dramatic landscapes.
Needlework and Knitting was the first British
Publication on the subject and intended as a
At age twelve he was sent to
the Netherlands to learn Dutch and prepare
handbook for use in the Church of England
schools. The pupils would be shown how to
Plan Update
for a career as a merchant. However, Repton Shaping the future of Saham Toney!
knit and sew by a teacher as instructions in Since the last edition of Wayland News,
was introduced to a wealthy Dutch family these early books were hard to follow. An
who stimulated his interest in 'polite' pursuits there has been virtually nothing new to tell
early influential author of knitting pattern you about the Saham Toney
such as sketching and gardening. Returning books in the 1800 was Jane Gaugain
to Norwich, he was apprenticed to a textile Neighbourhood Plan.
During the 19th century there was a boom in The examiner told us he intended to make
merchant. When his parents died in 1778, he publications such as The People’s Friend. In
used his legacy to move to a small country his unaccompanied visit to the village
1906 Weldons produced a knitting book with during the week starting 29 March. We
estate at Sustead, near Cromer. standard abbreviations still used today.
Repton's childhood friend was James Edward have not had confirmation he made the
Individual leaflet patterns were not printed visit, but assuming he did, one of two
Smith, botanist, also born in Norfolk; who until the beginning of the 20th century. As
encouraged him to study botany and things will happen next:
the knitting craze swept Britain patterns, He will raise more questions for us and
gardening. His capital dwindling, Repton women’s magazines and yarns were
moved to a modest cottage at Hare Street Breckland Council to answer; or
produced for leisure and a hobby with a If he has no further questions, he will
near Romford in Essex. In 1788, aged 36 and decline in the subject as part of industry. The
with four children and no secure income, he prepare his report. He has not set any
prominence of knitwear continued into the timeframe for doing that.
hit on the idea of combining his sketching 1920s with new methods and technology
skills with his limited experience of laying Until we hear from him, there is nothing
such as zip fasteners plus the availability of further for us to do or tell you about, hence
out grounds at Sustead to become a synthetic yarns.
'landscape gardener' (a term he himself the brief nature of this article.
Hardship experienced by many during The As usual, if you have any comments or
coined). Since the death of Capability Great Depression in the 1930s forced many
Brown in 1783, no one figure dominated questions on any of this, or the
to return to knitting through necessity. Neighbourhood Plan in general, or if you'd
English garden design; Repton was ambitious Patterns in magazines and pamphlets by the
to fill this gap and sent circulars round his like to be added to our mailing list, please
Red Cross now taught skills for repairing get in touch with Chris Blow, Saham
contacts in the upper classes advertising his existing garments. The British wartime
services. Toney Neighbourhood Plan Work Group
government department produced a booklet leader on 01953 880915.
His first paid commission was Catton Park, to with the title ‘Make do and mend’ which
the north of Norwich, in 1788. Norfolk Most importantly, stay healthy and safe!
became away of life for many.
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 8
Spend time in the garden
Ashill & Holme Hale Garden Club Take care of your Even if you don’t have a very big garden,
spending time outdoors can be beneficial.
mind this May Now that the pandemic-related restrictions
This month marks Mental Health Awareness are being eased, seeing people outside can be
Week, from 10 to 16 May. As we recover a great way to elevate your mood.
from the pandemic, during which so many For ideas of some of the best vegetables to
people have faced emotional challenges, grow in pots see
mental health awareness seems incredibly Check out, a blog
pertinent. It may be that you’ve personally written by an anxiety sufferer who has
experienced challenges with your own experienced the great benefits of gardening.
mental health over the last year, or you may He posts some great tips for gardening on a
know family, friends or colleagues who’ve budget too!
been struggling. Get the kids involved too
At Christians Against Poverty (CAP), many You’ll find lots of resources online to
of our clients come to us with a variety of encourage the kids to get outdoors, gain a
struggles. This ranges from needing debt sense of achievement and boost their mental
help to support with finding a new job or wellbeing. Check out
budgeting advice. Often through getting and make the
CAP’s help people report an improvement in most of National Children’s Gardening
their mental health and a reduction in stress Week at the end of May.
or anxiety. Seek help with problem finances
With the theme of this year’s Mental Health At CAP, we know all too well the link
Awareness Week being nature and the between financial struggles and mental ill-
environment, we’ve put together some tips to health. If you have money worries, seek help
help you make the most of the early summer sooner rather than later. There are lots of free
outdoors. debt counselling charities that can help. Just
Grab every opportunity that you can to taking this first step can feel like a weight
get outside has been lifted. Have a look at
Advice from the NHS and mental health
charity Mind says that there are health- plan for advice.
boosting effects of spending time outdoors, Seek help with your mental health
being close to nature and having a chance to If you’re struggling with your mental health,
breathe fresh air. According to Mind, it don’t suffer in silence. Get help through
improves your mood and reduces feelings of Mind ( or your local GP.
stress and anger. Plus, it can increase our Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a UK
energy levels. charity with over 580 services across the
Both the NHS and Mind websites have tons country delivering debt counselling, money
of great ideas for getting off the sofa, management, job clubs, life skills groups,
exercising and enjoying the health benefits of and support for people breaking life-
the outdoors. Find out more at and controlling dependencies. Visit to find out more.

April Blossoms and Birdsong Galore lettuce outdoors by mid-April. Use fleece
With the government’s roadmap out of the to keep off any light frosts forecast.
current lockdown still on track the Garden From mid to late April you should be able
Club is finalising plans to have our first to plant out your recently germinated
monthly meeting of 2021 on Thursday runner beans, dwarf green beans and
June 24th. We have sufficient space at mange tout / peas.
Home Hale Pavilion to apply social From mid to late April you should be ready
distancing measures and still accommodate to plant out your second early potatoes that
all members, so put the date in your diaries have been chitting away over the last
and come along. In the meantime despite month in your greenhouse or cold frame.
some cold April nights and a few These should be followed within a week or
hailstorms there is blossom emerging in two by planting your main crop potatoes.
gardens and roadside hedges. There are By the end of April you should be sowing
numerous tasks to do in your gardens at your leeks, spring onions and leaf beet
this time of year. outdoors. Remember to pot up tomato and
Gardening jobs for April / May sweet pepper seedlings to individual pots
Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Lawn: Now once true leaves develop and grow on in a
is a good time to prune hardy Fuchsia to warm sunny place. Where practical, protect
promote new growth for flowering later in fruit blossom such as on Pear and Apricot
summer and stop them getting too woody. trees from late frost damage by covering
Prune back to healthy buds. with fleece when frost is forecast.
Hard pruning of winter stems such as Wildlife Gardening: If you have a bare
Cornus and Salix will ensure vibrant stem area in a border or an unwanted patch of
colour next winter. Cut to just above the lawn consider sowing it with wildflower
previous years growth, or 5-10cm above seed to encourage pollinating insects.
the ground. When putting out food for birds avoid any
Plant bulbs of corms of summer-flowering bulky items such as whole nuts and large
plants such as Gladiolus, Eucomis and chunky pieces of bird food that may choke
Galtonia candicans. fledgelings.
If your clumps of daffodils did not flower If you want to provide early pollen for
well this spring, bulbs could be too insects either mow your lawn on a high cut
congested. Once the foliage begins to or leave the grass unmown until later in
yellow is a good time to dig up clumps and May.
divide into smaller clumps and replant at a Website:
depth three times the bulb’s height.
Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs: Although Email:
there have been some light frosts in early
April, you should be able to sow carrot,
parsnip, beetroot and cut and come again
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 9
at 1630 hours. Convoy attacked by dive lucky, we have only had 2 bullet holes and and the squadron opened up formation and
The Letters of bombing by flights in succession. Several two dents from bullets. The other squadron took evasive action. F/O McConnell was
direct hits on vehicles and road observed. had a dead A.G. when they got back, he seen to go down. The formation was then
Freddie Thripp Eleven aircraft sustained slight damage by caught the only bit of shrapnel that hit his attacked by 15 Me.109s before they were
Ed. New readers catch up: I am taking defensive A.A. fire from the convoy. A.C. machine, and one machine and one crew able to reform close formation. Sgt
advantage of the lack copy, to tell the story Charleton was hit in the side by a bullet lost the other night, but nearly every one Morrison and his crew were the only crew
of one young man, Freddie Thripp, who during the attack and was killed. All was hit. We have heard of our effort who returned. None of this crew was
served at Watton in the first two years of aircraft returned safely. Column reported towards the war today, and is very injured, although the aircraft was very
the WW2. to be effectively delayed. Referencing the satisfactory, but not half so interesting as badly damaged by A.A. fire and E.A. fire
This is Fred’s story of those times month by damaged aircraft, the operation summary actually doing it. I dont know about (both cannon and machine gun). This crew
month just as he recorded it in his letters for that day records that “All aircraft fireworks day, it was not in it. And the reported that they were flying at 8000–
home to his Mum, Dad, sister Rene and returned safely but 8 out of 12 aircraft were bomb explosions were better than any 9000 (sic should read 800 – 900) ft when
Uncle Harry. They tell a unique story, rendered unserviceable by bullet holes in cannons 1d or 2d. It seems a shame to see attacked. They saw Sgt Grierson's aircraft
sometimes humorous, sometimes various parts.” the little villages and woods all ablaze hit and go down in flames, and also two
desperately sad. I consider myself blessed miles from anywhere. But still now they other Blenheims, which they were unable to
to be the custodian of Fred’s memory since On the 12th May 21's Summary says: “Nine are giving us a chance we will show them identify go down in flames.”
all his family have passed away. aircraft stood by at 1 hours notice from what we can do. I dont know what you will
Fred was born in London during October 1600 hours. Detailed to attack and think to the photos, not too bad I hope. Here it the story in Fred's own words.
1920. At the age of seven the family moved disorganise German troop movements in It appears that I just got my leave in in Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry.
to Totternhoe, a small village in the defile of the town of TONGRES. Attack time. As first thing the next morning, all Well here we are again, but not in quite the
Bedfordshire, where Freddie attended the at 7,000 feet high level with stick. Aircraft leave and passes were cancelled and we same spirit. I suppose that you heard about
local village school, completed his to be over the target at 2040 hours. are only allowed out till 10 now instead of those eleven machines failing to return
education at Dunstable Grammar School Formation approached target and enemy 12, which is rather awkward for getting a from the raid on Brussels, well they were
and joined the Royal Air Force in April fighter aircraft appeared. Formation supper after the pictures. The weather is all ours. Nine were from B flight and 2
1938. Fred served at Watton with 82 closed up to resist attack and then came really marvellous now, we go and clean were from A flight. Some of them escaped
Squadron which was based at Watton under intense A.A. fire from TONGRES. our guns, and I mean clean them now, as and are in hospital, and there is quite
flying the Bristol Blenheim light bomber. A.A. fire appeared to be an area barrage they get very dirty, what with firing them possibly some more hanging around that
The other squadron here was 21 Squadron. and although avoiding action was taken and maybe gunsmoke over the lines. Then we have not heard of yet. My best pal was
When I quote from the Operations Record Flight Lieutenant Watson's aircraft was hit we lay on the grass and go to sleep. Well in one of them and we know definitely that
Books (ORBs) the National Archive destroying the rear half of the fuselage. The nothing much has happened here so will he was killed.
references for this month are: 21 Squadron aircraft was seen to dive and the crew are say cheerio for now, hoping to see lots It was only by a miracle that they got back,
Summary AIR27-263-15 and ORB AIR27- presumed to be killed. The target was more bomb explosions. With Love. Fred as the engines cut as they landed through
263-16 and 82 Squadron ORB AIR 27-681- attacked effectively although cloud over the loss of oil and petrol. The A.G. had the
15 target obscured it for one or two aircraft. The raid Fred mentions above with only a narrowest escape anyone has ever had. His
Fred's letters are undated and we have to All remaining aircraft returned safely by little damage was on the 15th May, when turret was shot to pieces, his gun hit, holes
work out the sequencing by reference to the 2315 hours.” Fred flew with Wing Commander 'Paddy' all over the fuselage. The armour plating
records of the raids of which he writes. It is Bandon (a real legend!) and Bish Bareham, did its work very successfully. It was only
further complicated when trying to On the 15th May, 82 Squadron's ORB has Fred's usual Observer. The 15th was the by chance that all A flight were not on it,
separate what he, personally, experienced this entry: “12 aircraft were detailed to first operation for Fred in May and I think but the rest of us were over in France
from when he talks about his squadron in attack German forces in MONTHERME. that letter was written on the evening of the having a good time. We had to navigate
general. The sequencing here is my best The town was to be bombed east of the 15th as the squadron landed back at Watton some fighters over to different dromes, then
guess. river MEUSE with loads of 250 GP [250lb at 1620 hours. The other reason for by a prearranged plan we all met on one
General Purpose] and 40lb A.P. [Anti thinking this is that Fred's next letter refers drome. You should have seen the stuff we
The 10th May 1940 was the day “the Personnel] bombs. to his flying with the Wing Commander, brought back with us. And of course we all
balloon went up”, when Germany invaded The Squadron flew in sections of line but must have been written before the 17th sold the stuff at a profit to us and the chaps
France and the Low Countries at dawn. The astern and on arrival at the target, the May as we shall see. However there is no themselves. They can get 50 cigarettes for
Battles of France, the Netherlands, and sections broke up, and formed their aircraft entry in the ORB for Fred having been on a 1/6 so we brought quite a number back
Belgium began. On the evening of that day, into line astern for converging dive sweep, or indeed flying until 20th May, but beside some liquid. We had an air raid
Neville Chamberlain went to the King and bombing on the target. A. A. fire was quite I do feel the ORBs are incomplete in soon after we landed, but nobody takes any
resigned and Winston Churchill was asked accurate, but the gunners were unable to places, as he clearly was in the air as we notice of them, you just carry on, listening
to form a Government and he accepted. concentrate on any one target for very long: shall also see. to the guns and watching the smoke puffs in
It was in this context that RAF operations two aircraft were very slightly damaged the air. We landed on one drome which had
really began to ramp up and desperate through A. A. Dear Mum Dad Harry & Eric. only been bombed a couple of nights
attempts were made to stem the flow of One crew saw bombs fall in a square, in Well here we are again, back from our before. I can nearly find my way over
troops and weapons into Northern France the town full of vehicles with yellow sweep OK, but still no activity, and only the France now by just looking at the towns. It
and into the Netherlands. The responsibility bonnets, another square, which was empty, usual convoys and fishing boats, and a was very pitiful to see the refugees going
for fighting the earliest days of the battle and the surrounding houses received direct couple of our destroyers. We also saw the along the roads, with a couple of blankets
was largely borne by the Fairey Battle hits. The road leading across the River remains of one of the sunken trawlers, with and a few odds and ends strapped onto
aircraft of the RAF Advanced Air Striking MEUSE was blocked. the top of the funnel and masts just poking their cycles, with no place to go, yet all
Force (AASF) already in France as a part A Henschel 126 attacked two of our out of the water, and just a solitary mast a going in the same direction. We could just
of, but independent from, the British aircraft without success. An ME 109 short distance away. Then I alone saw a make out what they were trying to say to
Expeditionary Force. They were decimated, attacked another of our Blenheims, with mine wandering about on its own, and us, about good luck and all of the rest of it.
the cost in men and machines was dreadful. Corporal Harris in theturret. The attack something else floating on the waves that But it was quite an education, all through
Between the 10th and 14th of May the was from the port quarter, and after Cpl looked rather much like a body but could the whole trip. I always looked on the old
AASF lost around 75% of their initial 135 Harris had hit the ME 109 in the wing, it not see it again. But last time I flew with war stories with a certain amount of doubt
aircraft and more than 200 experienced broke off the engagement. An ME 110 was the Wing Commander, and led the but it is just as they say. The cookhouses
aircrew. seen but it did not attack. French Curtiss formation not with my own driver. What do are small tents hidden in the trees. Well I
Recognising that scale of loss could not be fighter provided a valuable escort. you think of the new move towards could tell you a lot more but that can wait
sustained, Bomber Command quickly Holland? A certain squadron is standing by for a while, until leave periods start coming
started to commit the Blenheims of 2 Based on those entries, Fred's first(?) letter right now to go over there, so it is round again. We are waiting for some new
Group to the fray and that was when the this month must have been written after the beginning to look good now. Well no more machines to come in now. Then we get
Watton crews joined the fight which would 15th of May as he references the losses news for the present, only all of us have going again with what is left of us. Cheerio
bring death to so many of them. To explain described in 21's ORB and the slight colds and goodness knows what else. With for now.
Fred's first letter we need to read 3 entries damage to the Blenheims of 82 Squadron Love, Fred With Love. Fred
from the ORB's on the 15th. PS If you will I should like some more of
Fred's next letter references a disastrous that sulphur ointment for my face, and
21 Squadron were first into the ring on the 'A' Flight, 82 (B) Sqdn. RAF Watton operation for 82 Squadron on the 17th perhaps some Yeast-Vites. I hear now that
10th May with a two aircraft on a Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. May, the story of which is an entire article we go into the attack tomorrow with our
reconnaissance from which both returned Well, I have just got a few minutes to in its own right. For now, this is what the remaining six.
safely. Then on the 11th May, 21's ORB myself, but I am liable to be interrupted ORB records:
has this entry: “Aircraft took-off at 1500 any moment. Talk about fun since I have Time Up: 0450 Time Down: 0820 “The 12 The last sentence above dates the letter
hours to attack German armoured convoy been back. I suppose you can guess where aircraft took off the raid (sic) firmly to the 19th May as the 20th May
on road between MAASTRICHT and we have been, and read in the papers and GEMBLOUX. Heavy A.A. fire was was the date when the remaining six went
TONGRES. Formation arrived over target on the wireless. So far, we have been very encountered before reaching the objective into the attack once more, Fred flying again
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 10
with the Wing Commander who had fought problem for the trade, as all retailers of some parts of the Midlands had their really easy way to make an impact. You
tooth and nail over the two days to stop 82 drinks were keen on the collection of supply delivered in sealed plastic bags, is could find out more about volunteering at
Squadron being disbanded after the disaster empties and it was common practice for now rarely delivered by a milkman, and your local foodbank for one afternoon per
of the 17th. Fred's last letter for May does firms to add a penny to the purchase price, most of us obtain it in disposable plastic week, or support a neighbour by collecting
give an indication of the intensity of refundable on return, and it was often a bottles of various sizes, measured in litres, shopping or medicines for them. Your time
operations now. bonus to us small boys when we were and we take it as a matter of course. can prove just as precious as your money –
given several empty bottles to return to But however it comes, it will always be my if not more so.
Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. shops or Off-Licences, keeping the pennies favourite drink. Pity it comes from such an
Well after a day of inactivity, and a week of as pocket money. odd looking animal.
great activity and excitement! maybe, I've But with all the abundance of available soft Griston Parish
settled down for the weekly. Today is the drinks, my personal favourite was milk,
first since I last wrote that I have not had a good old-fashioned milk, the liquid upon How to be Council
private firework display. But there is one which so much of our daily life depended.
thing I give the Gerrys credit for, that is Milk must have impressed my mind from a charitable when Happenings
their fine organisation. We have watched very early age, as on the second page of I apologise for the lack of news for Griston
them and bombed them every day last our family photograph album there is a money is tight for last month, the time ran away with me
week, and we see things that you do not picture of me about three years of age, If there’s one thing the COVID-19 and I missed the publication date for
hear of at all, or at least three days after. If dispensing pretend cans of milk from a toy pandemic has shown us, it’s the power of inclusions into The Wayland News.
only the outside world were told of what is cart, which was based on the real cart that charitable giving. According to a special The Parish Council has three new
happening day by day, the world would be brought our daily supply of the precious giving report from the Charities Aid Councillors, we are very pleased to
in an uproar, but still, they say ignorance substance. Foundation (CAF), support for NHS-linked welcome them. They are Bridget Park, who
is bliss. One of our pilots and one observer In those days, although some companies, charities skyrocketed in 2020. It just goes has lived in the village all her life and
has rejoined the squadron after being shot like United Dairies, supplied milk in to show what’s possible when collectively served as the Parish Clerk for many years, I
down and some more news has come in bottles, smaller firms, such as the one that we all get behind a cause. Perhaps you am sure she will be a mine of information
about one or two more but has not been came to us, operated a system whereby a want to get involved and give to the causes to the Parish Council. Lee and Kate
officially confirmed yet. We lost one more large churn was carried in a small horse- you care about, but money is already so Steventon have lived in the village for
machine and crew the other day, but we drawn cart and at a certain time early each tight that you don’t see how it’s possible. nearly thirty years and have also been co-
have a lot more replacements. There is morning at the sound of a bell all his Good news! There are lots of other ways to opted onto the Council with Bridget, they
quite a good scheme on now, as one crew housewife customers would emerge from support your favourite charity and make a join with a variety of knowledge from their
from each flight is allowed off per day, it their houses carrying jugs which the difference. previous occupations.
is my turn tomorrow, but it has been milkman would fill using appropriate sized Make use of social media: Facebook has a The Village meeting hosted by the Parish
raining all night, and so I am hoping that it little cans, which were hung around the feature which allows you to set up a Council to hear from Philip Leslie of
will clear up before tomorrow. Thanks very side of the wagon. fundraising pot for your friends and family. Eastern Attachments, a company who you
much for the parcel also the Yeast Vites Very soon in my childhood this archaic Why not create one for your birthday and know are looking to purchase the
and ointment. The other day the order means of supply had been superseded by ask people to donate instead of buying Coughtrey site, was well attended. It
came through that we had to be in camp by the more modern system whereby bottles gifts? Simply log in to your Facebook enabled residents to put their concerns to
8pm, but that has been cancelled and we of the precious liquid were delivered to page, click to create a post and select Mr Leslie. The main concerns were the
are now allowed out till 9p.m., so we may one’s front doorstep, often at an hour when ‘Raise money’ to get started. increase of traffic and noise which could
be able to get out a bit better now, as it has most of us were still asleep in bed, the Raise funds while shopping: Are you a affect residents. At the time of writing no
been too late when we get down, to do transactions being on a credit basis until at regular Amazon shopper? When you order further information is available on this
anything. I got hold of a piece of very the end of the week the customer would through Amazon Smile, they’ll donate matter.
encouraging news this afternoon, but I leave the money due on the step with the 0.5% of the amount spent to a charity of There have been some leaflets distributed
cannot say anything yet, as it would not do day’s empties, or else the man would call. your choosing. It won’t cost you anything – in the village, bearing the name of the
the informer any good to be found out. Although, as mentioned above, I had a other than what you’d be spending on your Parish Clerk. They were written and
Well I think this is about all for now, so great liking for milk, I was not often able to purchase anyway – and there are loads of distributed without the permission or
will cheerio for now. With Love. Fred partake in a whole glass at home because in eligible charities to choose from. If you’re knowledge of the Parish Clerk. This must
those days fridges were unknown so not convinced 0.5% will go very far, bear not happen again. If you are intending to
We will find out next month what Fred’s storage had to be limited, but fortunately at in mind that the initiative has raised more circulate any leaflets, they must bear the
good news is! the time I was still at Junior school a than £5.7 million for UK charities since name of the author. If you do intend to
government scheme to supply free milk to November 2020. Every little really does include someone else’s name on any
schoolchildren came into force, at least in help. Head to to find publication you must have their
CHEERS! London, to counter the possible onset of out more. permission.
by John Egerton such ailments as rickets, which were Get sponsored: The pandemic has shown The mound and the slide are now back in
I think that we all enjoy a wee drinkie from prevalent at the time. that we don’t need to venture far to do use and we thank Wil Smith of T.T.S.R. for
time to time, and although I am by no Rather surprisingly, with so many large something worthy of raising lots of funds. the repairs the company have carried out.
means what might be termed a toper, I am suppliers delivering daily throughout Look at the late Captain Tom who raised The Parish Council are very happy that so
no exception, though my tipple these days London, even into the war years there were millions for the NHS without leaving his many families enjoy the Recreation
is usually confined to a small glass of a handful of private dairymen, who garden! There are various websites Ground and the Play Equipment, it would
whisky, rum and coke or Ginger wine, and managed to keep a single cow in a remote available that allow you to set up a be very much appreciated, if users can
sometimes a half of lager to go with a pub shed and these always seemed to be fundraising pot and gain sponsorship, most make sure they leave the playing field
lunch. Welshmen and although these obviously of which won’t cost you anything. What clean and tidy, by placing their rubbish in
But memory takes me back to those days of lacked the full facilities of normal activity could you get involved with to help the bin provided or taking it home with
my boyhood, when ‘shorts’ were not on my companies, they managed to scrape a living raise vital funds for a worthwhile cause? them.
menu, my tastes then being for longer from the handful of customers in their Do what you love: Fundraising doesn’t May 5th 2021 is the date of the Village
glasses of refreshment, and these were immediate surroundings. have to be all about athleticism. Maybe Meeting, it starts at 7pm prior to the AGM
usually satisfied by the products of the After the war I was able to indulge myself running a marathon or skydiving is never of the Parish Council Meeting. It will be a
many soft drink companies that ruled in my enjoyment of milk drinks with the going to be your thing. Think about what virtual meeting on Zoom. This is your
before the Second World War. The name expansion of the pre-war trend for milk you enjoy doing or what skills you have – opportunity let your Parish Council know
that dominated trade being R. Whites, who bars throughout the country dominated by how could you turn these things into what you would like to see happening in
specialised in supplying fizzy lemonade, two companies who traded under the fundraisers? If you love video gaming, you your village.
ginger beer etc., the odd thing that I recall names Moo-cow, or Black and White, could do a sponsored 24-hour game-a-thon. The Agenda will be posted on the Parish
is that everyone always pronounced the continuing the craze for ice-cream and milk If you’re into crafts, consider if you could Website and the notice boards, you will
letter R when referring to them – never products that were often given publicity in make something to share with friends and need to contact the Parish Clerk for the
were they simply ‘Whites’. American films about teen-age life. family to raise funds. Your handiwork joining details:
Other brands began to take their place in Milk shakes became a familiar item on the could even benefit a charity directly – for
my existence, such as Coke-Cola, and, at menus of most cafes all over Britain, and example, you can support your local
least in the London area Corona, a firm that came in various flavours and were often neonatal unit by knitting or crocheting
delivered bottles of their product direct to topped with blobs of ice cream, and for items for premature babies. See
your door, collecting any empties the some years were a dominant part of young
following week. (Ed also in Norfolk - as a people’s refreshment, particularly at -premature-babies to find downloadable
child in the '50's I well remember the seaside resorts, but sadly, in my view have patterns. Challenge yourself, have fun, and
Corona man coming round. Green was my faded out of fashion. make a difference in the process.
favourite!) Milk, the drink that came to most of us in Volunteer your time: Finding ways to be
Glass bottle production must have, been a bottles, though there was a period when charitable that fit into your lifestyle is a
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 11
plant them mixed together or separately in flavoured our Gin with it, this does not get and they are really good. Just one tiny
Great Hockham my colour scheme flower beds. at all boring, and we have stewed it with problem: if you look up their growing
Do you like my Easter display? Our custard and the balance in sitting in the characteristics you will find: ‘Susceptible
Gardening Club Mum hung decorated eggs on branches of freezer waiting for the next batch to arrive. to – everything.’ ‘Resistant to – nothing.’
It’s always a landmark time of the year twisted hazel from the tree in her garden, Currently fighting a losing battle with bugs We have found this to be only too true.
when we put our tender potted plants now we do the same. Three were bought on my money plant, but if I think this One year we harvested less than we
outside for the summer – and somewhat in Russia, wooden painted eggs, 3 more through, I believe a couple of years ago I planted. Belle de Fontenay performs, at
irritating when they have to be taken in were bought at a craft fair in Thetford, had the same problem. The plant is least for us, in a similar manner. Come on,
again because of unseasonal frost. Hope started a new trend, the bauble is enormous, and it looks like it is ready for life is too short. So we tend to grow
you didn’t get caught. encircled with flowers, snowdrops, the chop, but I'll keep a few bits to plant on varieties that have done well in the past.
But Nigel and Laura Lincoln nearly did: Hi foxgloves, poppies, forget-me-not and and dump the rest. The greenhouse has We always try and support local, always
Ed, Last week we were basking in the marigolds, the 2 eggs with daisy and been patched up again, and hopefully will get out seed from the man on Thetford
hottest day of the year, last night I was daffodils. last another year, and have just about got market, but due to the current situation, he
busy putting fleece on the fruit trees and On Thursday Liz picked me up and took all my seeds in. So happy gardening was not there, at least when we needed to
veg to protect them from frost. Welcome to me to her garden at Feltwell, she has 3 everyone, even though it's snowing, hailing get on with chitting and planting. So we
April. Last year a May frost hit the early lovely new bluebell chickens. Liz has been and sunny at the same time!! Cheers Sue. felt we had to go on the web.
busy over the 'stay at home' and the garden Jane Dalton is hoping we can soon get Now we find an absolute host of varieties
looks really tidy The koi are growing in the back to normal: It really is a whole year to choose from, so what to do? We first
formal pond and we spotted 3 fish in the since our last meeting and this last chose Casablanca, grow it every year,
wildlife pond dug last summer, using my Lockdown has sadly, done some serious does everything it says on the tin. But
old pond liner and sharing plants. The birds damage to everyone’s lives, not to mention what about the rest? It seems there are
love the pond to bathe and the water snails mental health and relationships! several new varieties, quite a lot from
seem to be prolific breeders... Spring is truly here with gardens a mass of Europe. So in addition to Casablanca we
We walked to Michael's across the village colourful bulbs bursting into life. I will chose: Sarpo Kifli, creamy waxy, new
to look at the garden that we created send you a few photos Ed… potato flavor; Sarpo Mira, pink skinned
together during the summer of 2020. The The birds are singing and doing ‘what they flowery texture, good for chipping and
pond is clear and the water plants do’ at this time of the year, building nests baking; and Sarpo Blue Danube, quoted as
beginning to grow new leaves. Lots of and they will soon be bringing up new the best roaster ever. All of these are also
bulbs coming up, 500 and more have been families. We had a camera bird box for recommended as being disease resistant,
planted. The neighbours say it is the best Xmas but so far no takers for this bijoux so we should be OK.
garden in the close, still some work to do luxury apartment! Will keep you posted… Just one more weeny problem: while it’s
to finish the surround of the raised bed, no We can surely see the light at the end of good to have a range of potatoes for
pictures at present. the tunnel, as our 2nd jabs are completed or different uses, when small quantities are
Sunday we met up with family then I sat due and Lockdown is being gradually bought up to the veg drawer they can get
and watched while Michael burnt the old eased…. mixed up. But this year each variety is a
shed. Chatting with Liz, not sure if my red So with better weather and time to enjoy different colour. Sorted!
face was down to the fire, the wind or the our outside surroundings and gardens… be Edward Szczepanowski: Secretary, Great
sun? brave and invite your trusted friends and Hockhan Gardening Club.
Monday I progressed a bit further with the family and feel the joy of being with others
Japanese bed, dug a shallow hole to stand again… what a relief!
flowering fruit trees, and we had virtually up one of the 3 stones, which I moved Slow sure steps WILL be
no fruit, so this year it’s out with the myself. Weed suppressant down, Tony fine – it will take us all
fleece. The bleeding hearts also got helped to move and place the 2nd stone, some time to regain our
clobbered last year, so the newly the 3rd will have to wait for some more confidence and feel secure
emerging shoots have also been covered - man-power, too heavy for Tony and I. I at being with people
hopefully for just a couple of nights. The have dug a hole to take the bonsai horse again… take care
peonies will have to take their chances. chestnut still in the pot, mind. This will everyone, Jane.
Primroses, daffs, forsythia, bergenias and imply that it is in a shallower pot and While not self sufficient,
fritillaries are flowering away despite the disguise that it's 2 colours. Prue and I are very
bitterly cold wind. On the veg front lots I have managed to clear some more of the fortunate in having a
of seeds have been sown, but not much leaves at the village hall and I have a new garden large enough to
has emerged yet – even the toms have helper in Wendy, a newcomer to the grow about as much stuff
been slow to germinate this year. I am village living on Millstone Green. as we feel able to manage.
trying a new type (to me) called Legend Would you believe that I edged the grass, We have tried many things
but it looks like some gardener’s delight with a pair of scissors, around the tree over the years, some things
may have to be started as a back-up just in where I have planted all the spring bulbs, do well, but if for some
case. Early spuds (Winston) went in on they are such a joy to me. Everyday I look inexplicable reason
Good Friday, but the main crops (Sarpo for new shoots and buds bursting to flower. something doesn’t do, we
Mira and Desiree) will have to wait a Spring is a glorious time of year. don’t.
couple of weeks. A visit to Anglesey Liz and I both have these toadstools One thing we always grow
Abbey winter garden a few weeks ago growing in the bark we have put on the are potatoes: we grow
was a welcome break and we can’t wait garden as a mulch. them totally organically,
for the weather to warm up and for a The hyacinth are Royal Navy a lovely dark they crop very well in our
socially distanced cuppa with friends in blue double, Pink Elephant and Purple soil and really do taste
the garden. Nige & Laura. Sensation, they are all lovely big flowers, I better. We usually grow
For Julie Brown the year is rushing by: may keep them in the pots for another year. several varieties for
Hello Ed, Where did March go to? Today I have been experiencing difficulties with several reasons. First and
I received a box of tulips as a thank you my email, technology a bugbear for me, foremost, taste, obviously,
from a neighbour. She said I would be give me some secateurs any day. then because we are
able to enjoy them again? They had the Hope you are all enjoying your gardens too organic we try to pick
bulbs still attached, I have sorted them and a little bit of freedom... Best wishes spuds that are naturally
into colours, then I can decide whether to everyone, Julie resistant to whatever is
Susanne Thomas is as busy as usual Hi Ed, likely to adversely affect
hope I'm not too late: Hi All, The rhubarb them.
season is upon us again, and although lots One variety, Pink Fir
of people put manure on theirs, we are Apple, is always raved
having custard on ours!! It is unfortunate about when it comes to
that the Horn Fair is currently a non-event, taste and texture for a
as I usually get rid of about 30lb of rhubarb salad potato. This is true,
on our Great Hockham Gardening Club but being somewhat small
stall. What does one do with 30lb+ of and a funny shape they are
rhubarb. We have made jam, but it's not a bit of a problem to
mega successful. We have made pies, but scrape – but this should
after 2 or 3 it gets a bit boring. We have not matter, as taste is all –
The Wayland News May 2021 Page 12
places to sleep. her cat carrier but once in the car she
Life with Audi
Please Support The American Experience
By Judi B
was quiet and calm enough. Apparently
saving up her energy to attack whoever
let her out of her prison. It’s a 20 hour
YOUR Local Like the car with which she shares a
name, Audi is an exclusive, luxury
feline, exclusive meaning one of a
road trip to DC from Houston so we
stopped in Memphis to visit my son and
let Audi have a meal and use the litter
Businesses kind, and luxury meaning high
maintenance. Audi came to us as a
two week old kitten.
box. She flew out of the carrier claws
extended and teeth bared. Surprisingly I
was the only one requiring band aids.
In the year we were in DC, Audi
alternated between adorable lap cat and
Then, after a few weeks, the bundle crazed wildcat. There were peaceful
of joy on the left became this . . . moments when she allowed me to clip
her claws and pet her. Minutes later she
could be a hissing, clawing ball of fur.
She stalked my husband every morning
while he got ready for work. She liked
to sit on the edge of the bathtub while he
took a shower, batting at the shower
curtain and licking the water off the
Isn’t that cute? tiles. In the evening she liked to lie in
As a cat lady I could not resist the wait under the sofa ready to attack his
request to foster this little girl. For the ankles the minute he sat down. At night
past ten years almost every kitten she slept on my chest and neither of us
season has seen my apartment turn into was brave enough to move her.
a kitten nursery with 120 or so kitten When we moved back to Texas she
paws padding about getting into came with us, same procedure as before,
mischief. My husband convinced me Momma cat may have a had a including the stop in Memphis for
those days were behind me. This was premonition when she decided to leave refreshments.
an emergency, no time for reasonable this one under a car while moving the In the new apartment she found a new
debate, I said “yes, bring her over”. rest of the litter There is a much cited place to hide.
She was delivered to my home in a belief among cat rescue people, which
shoe box accompanied by a can of some experts disagree with, that mother
kitten milk and a few baby bottles. For cats often reject kittens they sense may
the next four weeks I was on a not survive. Whether this maternal
schedule of feeding the kitten, cleaning discernment covers behavioural health is
the kitten, helping the kitten use the not clear, but it often happens that the
bathroom and teaching my husband one-of-a-litter kittens I have fostered
how to do all of those things while I have varying degrees of dodgy
took a break. We discussed possible temperament.
names. She was found under a car, Usually we keep kittens until they are
possibly a Toyota, but that’s not a three months old, then they go back to The laundry would just pile up until
name for a little girl. I had fostered a the shelter to be spayed or neutered and she decided to leave. Audi was
cat called Bentley a few years prior, finally adopted. But in this case, my officially in charge. She would
and we had a Porsche at the shelter so, husband, who nearly had a stroke when patrol the bathroom forcing us to go
Audi sort of seemed just right. We he found a bottle feeding kitten on his down to the fitness center to use the
named her Audi just before her first bed three months earlier, now vacillated restroom there. If she was sitting on
visit to the vet so she didn’t have to go between “She’s got \to go” and “This is the countertop in the kitchen we had
through the indignity of being referred the only home she has known, we can’t to approach slowly and not make any
to as “unnamed kitten”, or “kitten one” throw her out.” So she stayed. sudden movements just to get to the
or worse “orphan”. When we moved to Washington D.C, refrigerator or pantry. Often my
Audi found her paws quite quickly and she came with us. It took three people husband would ply her with treats
was soon tottering around the in full body armour to wrestle her into while I was able to prepare some food
apartment finding new for us.
When we had to move again Audi
stayed behind. My daughter offered
to take her. We made the appropriate

THE WAYLAND NEWS “we will miss her” noises but behind
closed doors we celebrated like
teenagers at a rave.
PLEASE READ!!! Page space is allocated strictly on a first come, first served When I visit my daughter, Audi treats
basis. 12 Noon on the 12th of the month preceding publication is the last me with the respect I deserve for
date and time that copy will be CONSIDERED for inclusion. Arrival of your saving her life, just kidding; she snags
me with claws (which have not been
copy before deadline does not guarantee inclusion, if you wish to be certain trimmed for over a year) and hisses
your entry gets published, then please make sure it arrives in plenty of time like a snake. But a few nights ago she
otherwise you may still be disappointed. stopped by my legs, curled up and
went to sleep.
You can contact Julian by ringing (01953) 858908.
A sleeping Audi is really the best Audi.
The e-mail address is now:
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contributors and not the views of the publisher or printers.
While every care and effort has been taken to ensure accuracy, the
publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions.
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