PEMERINTAH KOTA PAREPARE DINAS PENDIDIKAN DAERAH UJIAN SEKOLAH SMA/MA TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010 / 2011 LEMBAR SOAL Mata Pelajaran : Satuan Pendidikan Program : Hari / Tanggal : Alokasi Waktu : Dimulai pukul : Diakhiri pukul : PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Untuk menjawab soal dan mengisi biodata Anda gunakan ball point tinta warna hitam atau biru. 2. Isilah lebih dahulu nomor ujian Anda pada kolom yang disediakan pada bagian sebelah kri atas lembar jawaban ujian. 3. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum menjawabnya, jika terdapat hal yang tidak sesuai petunjuk umum tanyakan kepada pengawas ruangan. 4. Jumlah Soal sebanyak 50 butir soal, terdiri dari : Pilihan ganda 50 butir soal ( No. 1 sampai dengan No. 50 ) 5. Berilah tanda silang (X) pada lembar jawaban pada salah satu option yang Anda anggap paling benar. 6. Apabila ada jawaban yang Anda revisi, maka berilah tanda dua garis mendatar (X) kemudian berilah tanda silang (X) pada option yang Anda anggap benar. 7. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas US. ” SELAMAT BEKERJA

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Three C. What does the writer compare with coffee or tea? A. Number C. Four D. like Ritalin. 20 E. Six 2. B. 1. A drug given to people with trouble sleeping also helps people remember numbers. 100 4. Several officials D.Read the text carefully and choose the best answer A. Who have made the prediction A. Five E. C. A research group has suggested that such drugs might become as common as coffee or tea within the next couple of decades. Two B. A. Many doctors 3. D or E This Text for Question 1 to 5 Drug to Improve Mental Performance Some scientists have predicted that healthy adults and children may one day take drugs to improve their intelligence and intellectual performance. A. When might the intelligence pills become as common as coffee or tea? In about … years. 10 C. students taking exams might have to take drugs tests like athletes. which is given to children with problems concentrating. but people already take vitamins to help them remember things better. Many children E. Question B. There are already drugs that are known to improve mental performance. Some athletes B. 2 B. 15 D. These drugs raise serious legal and moral questions. Problem 2 . It will probably be very difficult to decide at what point a food supplement becomes an unfair drug in an examination. Some scientists C. … Goups of people will take pills to improve their intellectual performance. To counter this. so it will not be a simple problem to solve.

first B. she screamed at him like a crazy person. A. the music was louder than when she had walked upstairs. 6. the writer told Barbara’s communication with her neighbor for the …time. "Yes. and athletes might have to help people sleep E. second 3 .D. she told herself. might have to sleep and remember numbers like athletes C. So. His eyes got big. She marched upstairs to remind him of his promise. A. I can’t believe I said that. She couldn’t hear a note. She knocked very loudly on his door. She took her baseball bat upstairs with her. He said the volume was so low that he could barely hear it. In the second paragraph." she said. She asked him to turn it lower. this was the third time. She had asked him twice already to turn the volume down. The very next day. The main idea of paragraph one is that Barbara …. She told him she would kill him if he didn’t turn the music down and keep it down. might have to be given drugs to improve their mental performance B. Drug E. Performance 5. He said he would try. he wasn’t. The first time she asked. Barbara could swear that when she reentered her apartment. She went back downstairs. Of course. was happy with her neighbor’s stereo C. he blasted his stereo. The main idea of paragraph two is that the students taking exams …. had a nice communication with her neighbor 7. and the athletes might have to sleep and remember numbers D. had a good neighbor B. She hoped that he was telling the truth. I can hear every note!" He said he would keep it down. When he opened the door. might have to take drugs test like athletes This Text is For Questions 6 to 10 Stereo Barbara couldn’t take it anymore. asked her neighbor to turn his stereo up D. A. "it’s just like your stereo was in my living room. was annoyed by her neighbor’s stereo E. he was surprised. He said he didn’t know that she could hear his stereo. Her upstairs neighbor was blasting his stereo again.

is showing signs of overheating. Consumer prices rose in November for the first time since February. fifth 8. The property sector. however. E. China’s economy has showed its rapid recovery. Growth was strongest in heavy industries such as coal. Industrial output has exceeded the expectations of many analysts in November. was still patient thought that the volume was slow turned the stereo lower D. C. B. In the A. B. agreement This Text is for Questions 11 to 15 A. steel. 4 . This latest information is further evidence of that trend. invitation C. suggestion B. hope E.” This sentence is used to express…. went out and hit his neighbor by using baseball bat 10. purpose D. C. Retail sales and investment have also showed solid growth. 9. But the rise was small and probably reflected higher food prices caused by early snowstorms which destroyed crops and disrupted transport. power generation and automobiles. D.C. The rise in industrial output can be better felt as the customers have been restocking their inventories and confidence is returning. “She marched upstairs to remind him of his promise. third D. At the same time officials decided to extend tax subsidies for purchases of small vehicles and appliances suggesting that some here still believe Chinese manufacturers need government support. found out that her neighbor kept his promise the next day E. What did Barbara’s neighbor promise? He …. A. the writer told the readers that Barbara …. would not turn his stereo up would make his stereo louder would turn his stereo up would not make his stereo down would not make happy third paragraph. fourth E. It has recovered earlier and more strongly than any other. The government this week announced measures to try to cool it. Recovery China’s latest economy has recovered well.

sell B. retail sales and investment D. promise B. shows no growth D. sadness E. refusal D. crops and transport E. dump 13. A. grows a little E.11. invite E. The writer shows his … to the readers about the growth of the China’s ecomy. throw D. Who decided to expend the tax subsidies? 5 . The followings are from the heavy industries that grow the best …. A. grows too fast 14. The customers of the industry are able to … their needs again. coal and etail sales 15. power generation and property B. advice 12. buy C. The main idea of paragraph three is that the property sector …. stops too long B. coal and steel C. argument C. A. A. rises too little C.

it represents really no risk to human health. The attack of avian influenza has happened in … continents. Bird flu has caught lots of media attention lately and some health experts are warning of a potential global pandemic. Officials This Text is for Questions 16 to 20 Avian Influenza The attack of avian influenza has been identified in birds across Europe and Asia. What does the text mainly talk about? A. DeHaven says that there is no danger in eating poultry or poultry products as long as the food is cooked properly. 16. The deadly disease of the 21st century C. E. two continents C. Dr. five continents 17. three continents D. Investors D. But at the moment bird flu can only be transmitted to humans through direct contact with a bird's feces or respiratory secretions There has been concern people could get bird flu from eating chicken. China‘s economy B. The advantages and disadvantages of raising poultry. it's always a good idea to wash hands after touching raw poultry. The efforts of Indonesian government 6 . However.A. Before that. Chinese manufacturers C. The migration of different birds B.although as a general rule. four continents E. Some people are also worried that they can get bird flu just from touching poultry. Millions of birds and at least 60 people have died. one continent B. the bird flu is attracting more attention because it may be more dangerous. outbreaks in 1924 and 1983 led to the destruction of millions of birds. But bird flu is not a recent phenomenon. and it is unknown in the United States. either. A. The variation and prevention of bird flu D. There was an outbreak just last year in Texas that showed no serious problems. Bird flu is spreading through migratory birds. So if you have meat from an infected bird or an egg from an infected bird and you cook it properly. That is not true if the birds are healthy .

Which of the statements about bird flu is NOT correct? A. interesting B. How is bird flu spreading? A. DeHave is an expert of Avian Influenza This Text is for Questions 21 to 25 7 . Why the bird flu is is attracting more attention? Because it may be more …. important C. A. Bird flu has got no media attention lately C. helpful E. By throwing the birds C.18. Some people are also worried that they can get bird flu just from touching poultry E. By inviting Dr. Bird flu is an old phenomenon B. useful 19. hazardous D. Using wings B. Through killing the birds 20. DeHaven D. Dr. Through traveling birds E. It is possible that humans get inflected by direct contacting with the bird’s feces D.

and gives us pictures on television. But where does energy come from? There are many sources of energy. which gives the predator animal energy. All these are a few of the various types of work. And predator animals eat their prey. Energy powers our vehicles.Coal. lighting from plants • Geothermal Energy • Fossil Fuels . warming something. the only rare components in our universe C. use B. Energy is an important part of our daily lives. one of the less essential parts of our universe E. trains. one of our universe B. A. When we run or walk. availability 8 . A. form C. we "burn" food energy in our bodies. Energy from the sun gives us light during the day. It helps plants grow. giving them energy. planes. Energy powers machinery in factories and tractors on a farm. distribution E. Many times it's really hard work! Cars. planes and rockets. boats and machinery also transform energy into work.Energy Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe. we will look at the energy that makes our world work. What does the writer think about energy? It is …. Energy lights our cities. our bodies transform the energy stored in the food into energy to do work." When we eat. In The Energy Story. source D. lifting something. one of the most essential components of our universe 2. Energy warms our homes. The energy sources we will look at include: • Electricity • Biomass Energy . light bulbs. we are also doing work. Energy is defined as: "the ability to do work. plays our music. Energy stored in plants is eaten by animals. When we think or read or write. It dries our clothes when they're hanging outside on a clothes line. the only one part in our universe D. Work means moving something. cooks our food. Everything we do is connected to energy in one form or another. The first paragraph mainly discusses the … of the light energy. We use energy to do work. Oil and Natural Gas • Hydro Power and Ocean Energy • Nuclear Energy • Solar Energy • Wind Energy • Transportation Energy 21.

Your energy. animal energy E. wind energy B. Your work record. D. willing to search work This Text is for Questions 26 to 30 Dear Paul. A. food 4. your friendliness and your deep kindness especially to all the new members of staff is something I and all your fellow staff members will never forget.3. I really want to thank you personally for everything you have done for us. was outstanding but your contribution to making our place of business a happy and friendly environment where everybody looked forward to going to work is something that I will always be eternally grateful to you. plant E. Paul. skill to find out work E. 2) refers to …. light D. I want to offer you our best wishes on your retirement on September 16. A. 2010. 9 . A. system to create work C. solar energy C. What is the definition of energy made by the writer? Energy is the …. You will always be welcome. plants energy D. Again. water energy 5. Capacity to perform work. creativity to perform work B. The word ‘it’ (par. I'm sure you'll be spending a lot of time listening to jazz music from now on but please come to the office and see us from time to time. Paul best wishes on your retirement. The second paragraph mainly discusses the function of the …. On behalf of everyone here. in that time. farm C. machinery B.

was promoted C. studio B. got sick 9. house 8. office C. A. was retired E. writer C. New members of staff This Text is for Questions 31 to 35 10 . Creative business D. Pleasant environment B. The … of the letter is Paul A. What was outstanding according to the letter? A. Paul’s work record D. Jazz music C. Paul’s environment E. inventor 7. got a new job B. manager D. Paul’s staff C. sender E. Paul’s business 10. A lot of profit E. market E. What did Paul contribute to his work place? A. store D.Yours Sincerely. Rasyied 6. moved to a new place D. Paul had to leave his work because he … A. Paul’s business B. recipient B. Rasyied is one of Paul's colleagues in his….

after eating. Have you got a high temperature as well? Not really. professional 12. Dr Collins says. Come back and see me if things don’t improve. I don’t usually get it like this. Gardens. Thank you. avoid going to places where there’s likely to be a high pollen count. It does look like it. “What can I do for you?” This is used for …. But I feel sleepy. My nose hasn’t stopped running for about a week. Tom has a … problem. health C. Thanks then. What can I do for you? I feel terrible. and less drowsy. so he goes to see his doctor. A. I can give you some anti-histamine tablets.Going to the doctor Scene: Tom feels unwell. Do you think it is hay-fever? Have you ever suffered from these symptoms before? No. How are you doing? I’m OK. and so on. Take two tablets twice a day. I’m afraid. Dr Collins: Dr Collins: Tom: Dr Collins: Tom: Good morning. Obviously. I think it might be hay-fever. family D. it’s probably the hay-fever that’s making me feel so awful. The anti-histamines will help a lot. Make another appointment if the tablets don’t help. parks. Hello Tom. But do you think it is hay-fever? Yes. advising 11 .well. and like I’ve almost got a cold coming on. It’s just the . school B. Can you ask the next patient who’s waiting to come in please? Dr Collins: Tom: Dr Collins: Tom: Dr Collins: Tom: Dr Collins: Tom: Dr Collins: Tom: Dr Collins: Tom: Dr Collins: 11. They’ll make you feel a bit more like you. not very well really. Well. OK? Is everything else alright at the moment? Yes. All the best. Thanks a lot. A. but I’ve never had it before. OK. It’s just started getting bad recently. social E. Whenever I go outside my eyes start itching and I almost feel like I’m crying.

tired C. How long has Tom been feeling terrible? A.too. eyes B. Rinawati is one of the lecturers of the 10 Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya who is studying ‘Ship Building’ at the University of Tokyo for a master degree. offering help D.B. Yamato: From what you have ever told me. head D. asking for help C. He plans to continue his study at the University of Indonesia. pain This Text is for Questions 36 to 40 A home discussion by Rinawati and Yamato. mouth E. ear 14. sleepy D. 12 . Less than 4 days B. sad B. Jakarta. One of them is University of Indonesia. Rinawati : What would you like to do after you finish your high school. confused E. Yamato is her host’s son. giving an instruction E. Tom has something wrong with his …. The synonym of the word ‘suffered’ (line 7) is ‘felt…’ A. Yamato? Yamato: Well. Yamato has taken Indonesian studies at his Senior High School. Less than 10 days D. More than 12 days 15. stomach C. I would like to continue my study in Jakarta. Indonesia Rinawati: Really? Why do you want to study there? The universities here in Japan are much better than those in Indonesia. More than 11days E. I know that actually your country has many good universities. A. making an appointment 13. Less than 5 days C.

Rinawati: Yes. British or Australian university graduates. And please answer them. they are still lack of facilities. Yamato: Thanks. Yamato: Most of them speak English very well. A. You’re right. you’re right. you are quite wrong. I can prove it easily. Rinawati: Good luck. Yamato. however. Yes. Rinawati: Listen to me. What do you actually want to study at the University of Indonesia? Yamato: Well the major I will take is International Relations. Yamato is a/a … graduate now. 16. I have to admit that you’re brilliant. to talk about Indonesian university D. aren’t they? Rinawati: Yes. please. A. to speak English 17. Studying in Indonesia is much cheaper than in England. Please don’t study in Indonesia. but however good they are. maybe you’re right. When will you leave for Jakarta? Yamato: In two weeks. Yamato. you’ll find more excellent universities and you will also have opportunity to improve your English. Then? Yamato: They belong to university’s facilities. I’ll ask you some questions. don’t they? Rinawati: Yes. Yamato: Many of Indonesian professors are American. you had better go to the United States or Australia or England. Rinawati: Why? I know about it because I’m Indonesian Yamato: Okay. to talk about Indonesian Professors E. to continue studying in America B. elementary 13 . however. they do. Yamato: I’m sure. In those countries. don’t they? Rinawati: (Smiling) That’s right. Australian or in the USA.Rinawati: Yes. Indonesia has such superiorities. Well. Yamoto. isn’t it? Rinawati: Oh. I didn’t realize it. Yamato: (Lifting his forehead) One more thing. to continue studying in Indonesia C. The topic of discussion is ….

right and wrong C. Junior High School C. direct and indirect E. All C. graduate E. Senior High School D. American A. excellent D. The discussion gives the … points about the Indonesian Universities’ facilities. university B. Several E. A few B. lack This Text is for Questions 41 to 45 14 . college E. long and short 20. A. major C. … of Indonesian professor are Australian. Some D. good and bad D. The word … means the person holding the academic degree. A lot 19. big and small B. British.B. university 18. A.

00 B. 45% polyester. 50%polyester. but the cost of the service is unknown. There is delivery service for 3 seater sofa only D. 55% cotton 22. Delivery is free C. 54% cotton E. It costs £100. General domestic use? B. Does the catalogue company offer a home delivery service? A. £469.95 B. £359. 51% cotton.21. For what type of use is the Karina range designed / made? A. £59. Yes. 49% polyester.95 D.95 E.95 24. 50% cotton B. £489. Light domestic use 15 . 46% cotton D. £409. 46% polyester. There is no delivery service offered.95 C. Yes. 54% polyester. 23. Yes. This suite is about A. E. C. How much does the 3 seater sofa cost? A.

93cm B. Where did the little mouse live? In ….” said the dog. she found a coin. 94cm C. “Oh. Commercial use 25. I’m going to buy a nice red bow for my hair. And he brayed. Then the dog asked her. And she asked. “I’ll sing like this. “I’ll get frightened. How high is most of the Karina range? A. General commercial use E. And he barked. I’ll get frightened. “I will bark like this.” said the donkey “will you marry me?”. “What will you do at night?” “I will bray like this.” said the donkey. when she was sweeping the floor. but on the wedding night. 96cm E. you look beautiful. will you marry me?” “And what will you do at night?” asked the Mouse. I will marry you. the cat asked her. no.”With this coin. “Beautiful Little Mouse. 95cm D.C. Why don’t you marry me?” “What will you do at night?” said the Mouse. I’ll look beautiful!” She was really beautiful with the red bow in her hair. they got married. 97cm This Text is for Questions 46 to 50 The Vain Little Mouse Little Mouse lived in a beautiful small house. 26. “Yes. Heavy commercial use D. “Little Mouse. the cat did not sing his beatiful song.” said the mouse. you look pretty.” said the Little Mouse. So. She sat next to the window so that everybody could see her. 16 . Finally. One day. She said. He ate the vain little mouse. And he sang a beautiful song.” said the cat. “Little mouse.” said the Mouse.

The appropriate moral message from the story is “…. Take your parents’ advice 17 . Be careful with what someone has said. a nice red bow for her hair B.A. a beautiful mirror 28. a hat to cover her hair E. a beautiful comb for her hair D. B. C. Will you hate me? 29. E. The word ‘he’ (line 16) in a setence “I’ll sing like this”. What does the word ‘he’ refers to? A. a bow which is dark for her hair C.” A. What is she going to buy with the coin? A. D. Will you go away? B. The Mouse B. a a a a a big house small house beautiful little house beautiful big house beautiful house 27. The coin 30. Will you marry me? E. Will you be close to me? D. The Dog C. C. The Donkey D. Obey other person’s asking B. Appreciate someone’s opinion D. The Cat E. Do whatever you can do today E. Will you be my friend? C. and he sang a beautiful song. What did the donkey say to the little mouse? A.

18 .