Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project

by: Joyce Calo

Name__________________________________ Hour ________ Background Information: Students will research one bacterial pathogen and produce a "Wanted Poster." Student Requirements: Students select a pathogen from the list below. They will then produce a wanted poster with the given parameters (listed below). Your target audience is other high school students. BACTERIAL DISEASES pathogen Bacillus anthracis Bordetella pertussis Clostridium botulinum Clostridium perfringens Clostridium tetani Corynebacterium diphtheria Escherichia coli Francisella tularensis Hemophilus influenzae Lactobacillus acidophilus Mycobacterium leprae Mycobacterium tuberculosis Neisseria gonorrhoeae Neisseria meningitidis Rickettsia richettsii Rickettsia prowazekii Salmonella typhi Salmonella typhimurium Shigella dysenteriae Streptococcus mutans Streptococcus pneumoniae Streptococcus (group A) Streptococcus (group A) Treponema pallidum Treponema pertenue Vibrio cholerae Yersinia pestis Commonly known as…. anthrax whooping cough botulism gas gangrene tetanus diphtheria acute pyelonephritis tularemia or rabbit fever meningitis cavities leprosy (Hansen's disease) tuberculosis gonorrhoea spinal menigitis Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever typhus typhoid fever food poisoning dysentery cavities pneumonia scarlet fever rheumatic fever syphilis yaws cholera plague

_____ Is it considered armed and dangerous? (fatal or not) 9. etc. Details are missing Written description is missing many details. _____ any other identifying characteristics (example: some criminals have tattoos) modified from: http://www. Sources written on scrap paper.Project Description/Abstract: Make a wanted poster for one of the Eubacteria listed above. Written description is helpful in “picturing” what the bacteria may look like. attractive. Not much help in “seeing” what the bacteria may look like. _____ hide out of the culprit (where it is most likely to be found) 7. color.O. how long the victim is held hostage (length of illness) 6. Easy to read and to verify source Reader not sure if there are possible cures Has only 1 or 2 sources. No details. shape. One color Not Your Best Looks like blob. shows lots of details. Used EZbib and has at least 3 sources Excellent Picture of the bacteria Hand drawn. _____ hand drawn picture of the bacteria (electron micrograph or microscopic picture/diagram) 2. Have sources such as “Google” or “Yahoo” . _____ most common injury done to victim (signs and symptoms) 8. _____ organism's M. cures. If there is NO cure then the fact is stated. Reader can fully understands how the organism attacks it’s victim and spreads Reader can fully understand the possible injuries Average Looks like every other bacteria out there. _____ most common victims to prey upon 5. protection (prevention methods) 12.) 3. catches the attention of someone walking by the poster. probably done in blue pen. Missing Description of bacteria with other identifying characteristics How the organism attacks and spreads most common injury done to victim and amount of possible damage most effective weapons against the germ Bibliography included Written description is somewhat helpful in “picturing” what the bacteria may look like. Reader is left unclear about how the organism attacks it’s victim and spreads Reader is confused about possible injuries Reader feels a bit safer knowing there are possible cures. _____ number of victims 10. _____ most effective weapons against the germ (antibiotics. No color. Include: 1. no detail. (police jargon) (How the organism attacks and spreads) 4. Poster is to be on construction or poster board paper.accessexcellence. Reader can somewhat understand how the organism attacks it’s victim and spreads Reader can somewhat understand the possible injuries. etc.) 11. _____ description of the bacteria (size.

Science words of information. Artist used scientific words and is not sure what they mean.. Artist used scientific words and knows what they mean. . Used hoping to impress the teacher. Unable to describe in their own words Artist used scientific words and has NO CLUE what they mean.

Wanted Dead or Alive Cash ReWard .