Chinese Military Shovels WJQ-308

Gross weight : 1.0 KG • Total Length : 590 mm • Length of folded : 400 mm • Rigidity : HRC47

1. NAIL PULLER: easy to pull the nails out.

2. CAN OPENER: open package of paint cans, cans and bullet boxes, etc.

3. STABILIZER: close the top and bottom halves of stabilizer to fasten detonator with fuse. Also for other metallic materials with ropes.

4. STABILIZER for BINDING: stabilize the ends of wires or ropes, either double fold or twisted, by turning the handles.

5. DESTROYER CUTTER: close the top blade and the scissor blade to cut wires, ropes, cables and phone lines. Easier to squat for massive amount.

6. CLIMBER & TOWING HOOK: 1) help for climbing trees, houses and mountains, 2) turn it downwards, to use it to drag things not suitable to touch like wires or chemicals

7. HOOK & "FLYING ANCHOR": attach ropes to it, you can fly it to reach the top of walls, barbed wires or windows and thus "have the gap paved to the avenue"

8. PICK or PICK-AXE: for shelters like fox-holes, dig in various ways and all directions; great combination of digging and cutting and make the process a pleasant enjoyment

9. 1) SAW: cutting wood, bamboo and other materials; 2) BOTTLE OPENER 3) HEXAGON WRENCH

10. KNIFE: basically you can cut anything in the world and also a cooking utensil when you are having barbecue; no worry, the materials were invented after 108 experiments, just use it to cut!

11. SPADE WITH MEASUREMENT: you can use it as a spade and there is measurement for you to know if you are reaching the core of earth.

12. LIFTUP CUTTER & BREAKER: ropes and wires attached to posts are hard to break with a usual cutter, or scissors, as it is hard to sneak the half of it from the below, but it will be easily done with this by snatching the wire etc and twist it till it breaks

13. SHIELD AND HAMMER: 1) it is from the classical Chinese hand shield for self-protection; 2) with the little cute hammer, you can fasten nails, small stakes, bamboo stakes, etc

14. MEASUREMENTS: Gross weight : 1.0 KG Total Length : 590 mm Length of folded : 400 mm Rigidity : HRC47 Origin : China