Welcome to the FlowBreeze Walkthrough. FlowBreeze is a text to flowchart automation add-in for Microsoft Excel.

This 5 step overview demonstrates the main features of FlowBreeze. Click the "Next" arrow above or click a link in the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 Create your first (simple) flowchart Using the Flowchart Wizard Swin Lane Template Generator Editing Flowcharts More features

Click the Next button above to proceed. Type "goto to lunch" and press <Enter>. 3. Type "FL" and press <Enter>. Click Continue Trial on the reminder screen. A Start terminator will automatically added to the sheet. The word "report" triggered a document symbol to be created. Click Start on the "Start Flowcharting" screen. Click Yes on the "Add End Terminator" screen. 7. 6. Type the words "print report" and press <Enter>. Click OK on the "Add Branch Labels?" screen. 2. 9. Click Stop Flowcharting button on the toolbar. The "?" triggered a Decision symbol. A data symbol was generated based on the words used. Click the Start button on the FlowBreeze toolbar. Click the Add flow line button to add the connector. 8. The Yes and No labels were added. 10. Type "done?" and press <Enter>.Your First Flowchart . 11.Instructions: 1. Congratulations! You've made you first flowchart. Type "read file" and press <Enter>. . 5. Select "Done?" from the left and "Read file" from the right. Click 2 rows below "Go to lunch" on the shaded guideline. 4. 12. The Process symbol is the default for most entries. An "Add Flow Line Connector" screen opens.

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you can click and drag th the flowchart.Select "Right" in the Side column.Enter "No" in the Branch Label co 5. . 6. click A .Select "2" from the Connect To dr . (Optional) You can click the Symbol customize the output. use the default settings a 4. clicking a connecto Reroute Connections from the toolba the connector to the shortest path. If needed. For best results. Select the "Done?" entry.Start Read file Print report Done? Go to lunch Stop Flowchart Wizard In this section we will convert the text o page into a flowchart using the Flowch steps: 1. . ente approximate layout that you would like (In this example. Enter the text. In Step 1. Click the Flowchart Wizard button (This will open the Flowchart Wizard fo 3. the text has already b 2. Also.In the Connectors section. . Click Finish and FlowBreeze will ge 7.

) . e "Done?" entry. Right" in the Side column. Also.) Flowchart Wizard button on the toolbar. . enter the text in the e layout that you would like the flowchart to have. use the default settings and click "Next". mple. pen the Flowchart Wizard form. For best results. No" in the Branch Label column.Wizard on we will convert the text on the left side of the flowchart using the Flowchart Wizard. then clicking onnections from the toolbar will automatically route tor to the shortest path. ish and FlowBreeze will generate the flowchart. you can click and drag the shapes to re-position rt. Follow these e text. d. 2" from the Connect To drop down. l) You can click the Symbol and Style columns to he output. clicking a connector (arrow). the text has already been entered. click Add Connector. Connectors section.

.Click Next. . . Note: Since templates are often generic.Enter the name of the template. . 1. . .Select the Cross functional . Click Create Template on the ribbon. FlowBreeze Standard includes a Template Generator feature that makes it easy to create templates for Swim Lane diagrams.Click Next. .Click and edit the lane titles (see note below).vertical swim lanes option.Swim Lane Template Generator Note: This step will create a template in a new workbook.Click "+" or "-" to change the number of header sections. On the Header / Footer tab: . you can leave the lane titles and section text as-is and edit them when the template is used in a flowchart. Loading Templates: .Edit the section text as desired (see note below).Check the "Add title block header" option.Click "+" or "-" to change the number of lanes. .Leave the the number of rows as 1. On Style Wizard Properties the .Edit the page layoout options if desired. 4.Click OK to generate the template. 3. On the Body tab: . After you create a sample template. 2. close the workbook and return to this walkthrough. The the Template will load all tab: symbols on this page into a form. .

or they can be loaded via the Start Flowcharting screen by selecting the "Load a template" option. .Templates can be loaded using the "Load Template" button on the ribbon before starting a flowchart.

tor feature that makes it .

e" button on the ribbon ia the Start Flowcharting .

Done? No Yes Go to lunch Adding Shapes: You can also add addition shapes to your flowchart by clicking the Start button and continuing a flowcharting session. Stop .Start Read file The Flowchart Editor . Click Edit Flowchart on the ribbon. you can use any of the tools in the Insert group on the ribbon to manually add shapes and connectors.Click the Change Style button and apply a new style to all symbols.Click an item in the Style column and change the style. Click OK and the flowchart will be updated.Try it Out: FlowBreeze Standard includes a Flowchart Editor feature that makes it easy to change the formatting after the flowchart has been created.Click an item in the Symbol column and change the shape. . Try the following: . Print report 1. . . The Flowchart Editor will load all the symbols on this page into a form. then use the Flowchart Editor to apply the styles. (See note below) 3. 2.Double-click aa text entry and edit the contents . .Change the font.Click the Change Line Style button and reformat all the connectors. Alternately.

at all the connectors. e the shape. w style to all symbols.eature that makes it as been created. t by clicking the the Flowchart . this page into a form.

Adds branching structures such as those used in org charts. BreezeTree support page: Email support: http://www.Apply styles: Exports the flowchart and/or sheet to an image file.htm support@breezetree.breezetree. please contact sales at: sales@breezetree.Create grid: .Toggle gridlines: .Insert Branch: . Highlights include: . Adds a labeled box around a group of symbols.com . Creates a grid on a normal worksheet.Save as Picture: .php If you need a Quote or would like to place a Purchase Order. which can be viewed by clicking Help Contents from the FlowBreeze toolbar. we would be happy to help. Applies the default style for each shape in one click.com/buy.Insert Group Box: . Shows / hides worksheet gridlines. Questions? If you have any questions about FlowBreeze. then clicking the Open Help File button.com/support.More Features There are many other features beyond the scope of this walkthrough More features are covered in detail in the Help file.breezetree. You can visit the on-line support page or email us directly.com Sales Individual licenses and Site Licenses can be purchased via our on-line ordering system: http://www.