Multichannel MPEG-2 VBR Encoder


• Advanced MPEG-2 MP@ML video compression • Multi-pass LookAhead VBR encoding • Analog and digital audio/video inputs • ENRGY integrated noise reduction •Motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) • Impulse noise reduction • Non-linear spatial filtering • Edge adaptive texture filtering • Noise level estimation • Border processing • DiviTrackIP statistical multiplexing • Supports SCTE104 DPI triggering • Native 100/1000 BaseT IP outputs • Up to ten stereo or twenty mono audio channels • Native MPEG-1 Layer II, AC-3, AAC and aacPlus audio encoding (stereo/mono)

With thousands of Harmonic encoders delivering video to tens of millions of viewers around the world, Harmonic is a recognized leader in advanced digital video solutions. The Electra® 1000 Multichannel MPEG-2 VBR Encoder builds upon Harmonic’s video compression expertise, reliability, service and support to provide a high-density encoding solution with outstanding performance and video quality. The Electra 1000 optimizes compression efficiency with up to four variable bit-rate (VBR) encoders and ten stereo audio pairs in a single rack-unit (1-RU) chassis that is managed through Harmonic’s NMX Digital Service Manager™. Using the Electra 1000, service providers can more effectively launch digital video services while minimizing capital and operating expenses. With its standard IP interfaces, the Electra 1000 can be easily incorporated in Harmonic’s DiviTrackIP™ closed-loop statistical multiplexing solution. DiviTrackIP provides significant operational advantages and cost benefits by connecting encoders and multiplexers via a switched IP network rather than port-to-port ASI interconnects. As a result, any encoder anywhere in the network can efficiently be part of any multiplex, essentially creating a “virtual headend.”

• Uncompromising Performance- For service

providers desiring the highest-quality picture, the Electra 1000 blends the latest video compression algorithms with state-ofthe-art pre-processing to create exceptional broadcast-quality video services. ENRGY™ integrated noise reduction, based on MCTF and other advanced filters, improves compression at low bit-rates by removing noise while maintaining picture sharpness. And, LookAhead multi-pass analysis determines the complexity of each video frame in advance and helps optimize compression.
• Robust analog interfaces - The Electra 1000’s

By removing spurious noise from the source signal during the analog-to-digital conversion, the Electra 1000 encoder further enhances the quality of digital services.
• Space and energy efficiency - Supporting up to

four video and ten stereo channels in a 1-RU chassis, the Electra 1000’s compact footprint conserves rack space, allowing operators to deploy or expand digital services without sacrificing valuable headend real estate. And, low power consumption improves cooling efficiency and reduces utility bills.
• Support for all-IP infrastructure - The Electra

video and audio inputs are designed to accommodate the full range of source quality.

1000’s native IP interface makes it easy to leverage the flexibility, scalability and costeffectiveness of all-IP video transport solutions.


WSS.03.75” x 24” 48. dual channel. mVITC. CA 95134 U. 48 kHz < 0.45 cm x 60. DTVCC (External EIA-708).S.26 cm x 4. 480 (NTSC) 720. Other company. 352 4:2:0 0. 528.11 . in the United States and other countries. air flow front to side 0º to +50º C +32º to +122º F -20º to +80º C -4º to +176º F < 95% non-condensing FCC Part 15 Class A CE Mark (EN 55022 Class A and EN 50082-1:1997) UL 1950 and cUL C22.Electra® 1000 Multichannel MPEG-2 VBR Encoder Video SpecificationS Video Processing Video Input Filtering LookAhead multi-pass processing Impulse noise reduction Motion compensated temporal filter Edge adaptive texture filter Non-linear spatial filter Noise level estimation 4:3 and 16:9 576 (PAL). stereo. 1 800 788 1330 or 1 408 542 2500 © 2011 Harmonic Inc. Harmonic. 640. product and service names mentioned herein may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.5 dBU steps Mono. NABTS. All product and application features and specifications are subject to change at Harmonic’s sole discretion at any time and without notice.3 to 15 Mbps (VBR) WINK. DVS-157 (GI) CC. SAUD CC. XDS.A. 44.1294 CC. 01. DMV1 CC. WST (Teletext).69 cm 24 lbs 11 kg 2 4300 North First Street San Jose.2#950 EN 60950 Sampling Frequencies THD + Noise sampling Frequency Response Safety phySical Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight 19” x 1. DVS-157 + SAUD CC SCTE35 inputS and outputS Video Inputs Audio Inputs Up to 4 channels analog composite or serial digital component PAL or NTSC 2 to 10 stereo pairs Digital (AES3/EBU or S/PDIF) Analog (balanced/unbalanced) IP (redundant 100/1000 BaseT connectors) Video and Audio Outputs Aspect Ratios Vertical Resolutions Horizontal Resolutions Encoding Bit-Rate VBI Support SyStem management NMX Digital Service Manager Front Panel Control Closed Captioning power Input Voltage Range Line Frequency Typical Consumption 85-132 VAC or 170-264 VAC 42-60 VDC 47-63 Hz 47 W per channel Digital Program Insertion (DPI) audio SpecificationS Audio Formats Analog Digitizing Resolution Analog Input-Level Adjustments Operating Modes Encoding Bit-Rate MPEG Layer II Dolby Digital (AC-3) 24 bits 0 to +20 dBU in .05% at 1 kHz with 48 kHz < 3 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz enVironmental Cooling Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Operating Humidity Electromagnetic Compliance 9 fans. DiviCom and Electra are trademarks. the Harmonic logo. All rights reserved. ITU-R B0. 704. AMOL ATSC Line 21 CC (EIA-608). 544. registered trademarks or service marks of Harmonic Inc. joint stereo MPEG Audio Layer II: 56 to 384 kbps Dolby Digital (AC-3): 56 to 448 kbps AAC: 32 to 384 kbps aacPlus: 16 to 128 kbps 32 kHz. VPS. 480. Inverted WST. DiviCom Line 21 CC. AFD.1 kHz.

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