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People suffering from urinary incontinence use adult diapers. CONs Using diapers is socially embarrassing for the suffering patient Disposal of the used diapers is very cumbersome Made up of synthetic material. There is no need for additional plastic pants. which has its limitations PROs Disposable Generally more accessible and do not need to be washed and dried. Better able to keep the skin dry by using a very absorptive adult disposable diaper than a reusable cloth diaper. .Rs 180 per day for Indian brands & approx Rs 300 per day for imported brands) Composite Polymers & Specialties Co.Leads to skin & urinary infections On an average 3 diapers have to be used per day. Hence repetitive purchase and per day cost limit the use (Rs 120 .

per day (Rs40/. Safety Pants. Madersbacher.CPSC-INDIA introduces “Patented” Incontinence Underpants that are Washable. (university clinic Innsbruck. Chairman of the medical society for Incontinence help. as well as 1st.Rs 32/. 3 diapers used per day) Composite Polymers & Specialties Co.C. .to 180/. With bag system for enhancing absorption capacity with removable & disposable pads/inserts Cost Saving with IMEC Safety Pants Daily cost of I. Re-usable. Austria & member of the committee " Continence Worldwide “) IMEC Safety Pants can be used for 500 washes & absorbs 500 ml.H. Watertight… IMEC SAFETY PANTS Checked and recommended by Professor Rs 80/.per day plus patient confidence & convenience Daily cost of Adult Diaper.E.per adult diaper.M.Rs 120/.

.M. which is fashionable. does not appear under tight clothing and have an optimal stretch comfort. discretely. discrete and functional. As opposed to adult diapers. Watertight… IMEC SAFETY PANTS I.just the opposite in fact . returns self-confidence similar to fashionable underwear Manufactured from anti-micro bacterial. thus is reusable for a long time. IMEC Safety Pants. airpermeable.patients can move freely in a normal environment. reliable. inconspicuously. as well as a long life span Anti-micro-bacterially equipped and offers a broad spectrum and effectiveness against bacteria and mildew. enormously strong suction with small or no moisture build up. Composite Polymers & Specialties Co.® has over the years developed an incontinence underwear.E. high respiration activity without accumulation of heat.ITPL introduces “Patented” Incontinence Underpants that are Washable. in no way reduces the selfesteem or confidence .C. Additionally restrains unpleasant smells of urine. Re-usable. extremely skin-friendly. After each laundry these outstanding characteristics renew themselves. odour and perspiration absorbing textile Saves cost and can be washed as normal underwear. 100 %.

This means that the health-insurance companies in Germany will pay the underwear for the patient. 694 447 US No. Most of these insurers will assume 100% of the garment costs for the affected patients.“Patented” Incontinence Underpants … IMEC SAFETY PANTS are used extensively in European countries washable. Very shortly we expect to have the same approval from other countries health authorities. re-useable.848. watertight but nevertheless air permeable textiles Last year our products received official recognition and are now listed in the reference for sanctioned products issued by the umbrella organization of legal German health care insurers.121B1 Composite Polymers & Specialties Co. US 6. CH No. .

Do Not use brush or any other instrument. . dry only under natural sunlight. In case of a stain. Composite Polymers & Specialties Co. Do Not use softeners / bleaching agents / stain removers etc.To ensure long-life of IMEC safety pants. Do Not use hot iron. temperature not to exceed 60 C Normal detergents can be used. Hand scrubbing is permissible. it is important to follow the washing instructions carefully Wash in warm water. After drying. IMEC Safety pants can be washed in washing machine also Do Not tumble or spin dry.

Easy Monthly Installment Plan –Incontinence safety pants Price of each Pad: Rs 16000/.Patient can buy IMEC Safety Pants either on direct payment or on easy installment Direct Payment All cheques to be made in favour of “Composite Polymers and Specialties Company” payable at Delhi.inclusive of all taxes Cash Down payment: Rs 3000/Balance EMI Schedule amount of Rs. Patient’s cheque shall be deposited on 15th day of the purchase. If patient is not satisfied. plus minimal interest rate on reducing balance –period 12 months Composite Polymers & Specialties Co. they can contact helpline number and courier back the product on to pay basis & their cheque shall be returned upon delivery. . 13000.

.Business Manager Composite Polymers and Specialties Company 4. New Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg.110002 Help Desk: (+91) 98990 16873 / (+91) 98990 13674 Fax: + 91-11-23235259 E-mail: Composite Polymers & Specialties Co.For further information & order Please Contact Mr Suresh Matnani.

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