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Japanese experts to assess new hospital complex
By Godwin Ligo T he M inister of H ealth ,
Don Ken, has revealed the plan for the new Vila Central Hospital complex and that experts from Japan will arrive in the country this week to make further assessments. In an interview with Daily Post yesterday, Minister Ken’s Private Secretary Daniel Molisa described the plan as a major step forward in upgrading health facilities in Port Vila and throughout the main centers of Vanuatu. “The plan of the Vila Central hospital complex we have and that you can see, has been hanging in the minister’s office for the past 10 years but nothing has ever been done to get it built ,” Molisa said with frustration. He went on to state that the new Minister of Health Don Ken is determined to see this project through before the end of the term of this government. Mr Molisa also confirmed that the Vila Central Hospital complex plan was prepared by a team of Japanese architects and engineers 10 years ago but nothing was done to push forward into reality by the previous governments. He confirmed that a team of engineers and architects from Tokyo, Japan, will arrive in Port Vila this Saturday to review the plan, make appropriate changes to the plan and present final recommendations to the Minister of

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Architectural plans for the new Hospital complex Health and the Vanuatu Government on the new hospital complex which would include costs for the approval by the Council of Ministers. The minister of health has also revealed to Daily Post that the new Vila Central Hospital Complex which will have two levels and provides full medical facilities more than double the current number of beds in the hospital which was built in the 1970s and opened in 1975. He said the number of beds in all wards will be more than double to cater for the current population growth in the capital. “As we embark on plans for the new Vila Central Hospital, Minister Ken also assures the people of Vanuatu that it is his intention to upgrade health facilities in all major centers in Vanuatu including the Lolowai hospital, the Torba health center, the Norsup hospital, the Tongoa health center and the Lenakel hospital. “All these plans will come together with the facilitation of medical specialists such as surgeons, physicians and aestheticians based in all these health centers as we upgrade the facilities," Minister’s Private Secretary told Daily Post. The site for the new Vila Central Hospital complex is a space between the current hospital facilities and the seaside back road. Molisa has also confirmed to Daily Post that the minister of health met the Japanese Ambassador to Vanuatu based in Suva, Fiji, to discuss the project and the project funding that resulted in the coming visit of the Japanese technical experts to Port Vila this Saturday. He said the Japanese Government maintains the interest in the project including possible funding.

David Cameron and Barack Obama plan 'full spectrum' of action against Libya
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Proposed ways

PINA condemns attack on newspaper publisher in Vanuatu
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forward for the pending unregistered 3000 land cases
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Firing Fenedy favourite for golden boot
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[ 2 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Thursday March 10, 2011

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Alliance yet to announce Luganville candidates
By Godwin Ligo L eader of G overnment
Business in Parliament MP Willie Lop has said Alliance bloc is still working on the number of candidates to stand in the May Luganville Municipal Elections. He told Daily Post yesterday that Alliance will not field two candidates as reported earlier in the Daily Post as the bloc is yet to decide on the number of candidates it will field in the elections. He reiterated that Alliance is united and their candidates in the Luganville Municipal elections will run on the same ticket of the Alliance bloc.

Mortuary project for Luganville underway
By Eleanor Waiwo I t has been three

since the mortuary service in Luganville broke down. With the efforts of the Santo Rotarians, a new building will be constructed soon thanks to the assistance of the Australian government who donated a six-meter container with the New Zealand army expected to assist in construction works. The building will consist of an autopsy room, a toilet and shower room, a store room and a Fare or chapel for the community of Luganville to allow people to mourn while waiting for funeral arrangements. Meanwhile the Santo Ro t a r y C l u b h a s r a i s e d over Vt700,000 to assist

The current mortuary building at the NDH the Northern District Hospital towards the mortuary project. Different business houses contributed and fundraised through wheel barrow push and selling of food, drinks and kava last week This saw an amount of

Vt200,000 raised. The Santo Rotary Club urges business houses that have not yet contributed especially from the tourism sector to do so to assist the project. They thanked those who have contributed and yet to contribute especially some women who showed their hearts to support the project by donating Vt1,000 at the wheel barrow push last week. According to Doctor Timothy Vocor, a space has been cleared behind the dental clinic to start the project. He said with support from people and business houses, the project will be completed and should commence operation in the coming months.

PINA condemns attack on newspaper publisher in Vanuatu
The Pacific Islands News
Association (PINA) condemns the ridiculous attitude of a state minister in Vanuatu, attacking the publisher of the Vanuatu Daily Post newspaper Marc Neil Jones on Friday (04 March). “I wish to record my grave concern at the attack on the publisher of the Daily Post newspaper last weekend, and the fact that one of our state ministers was involved in an act of ‘taking the law into one’s hand’, which no one person living in a ‘democratic’ society would expect to happen, let alone the involvement of a government leader”, says PINA President Moses Stevens. Stevens said this is the second time that Neil Jones has been attacked, and the latest incident brings the safety and security of media practitioners into question. On one is above the law, and that goes for all citizens including media practitioners and state leaders. “I call on all members of the society, including national and provincial leaders, to use our laws to resolve issues and to move away from our supposedly long gone primitive ways of resorting to physical action to avenge for any wrong doing, because our civilized society is governed by laws that protect one’s rights, as well as providing appropriate means and ways through and with which issues could and should be resolved. “I am particularly concerned because a state minister has been involved in the incident. Media in Vanuatu is under the Prime Minister, who is head of the government of the day. Such an irresponsible attitude of a member of the Prime Minister’s cabinet is nothing short of a disgrace on the minister for media and the government as a whole. “Vanuatu is a democratic country, and as such, there are appropriate mechanisms and institutions that are in place to uphold the rule of law and to protect the integrity and rights of the individual; meaning that any one feeling that his/ her rights or integrity has been damaged or infringed in any way or form by another, or the media for that matter, should take the matter up with the appropriate avenues where the strength of the laws are tested and applied accordingly so as to resolve the issues. The former president of Media Asosiesen blong Vanuatu (MAV) said PINA recognizes the role of MAV in the development of the media industry in Vanuatu and at the same time PINA understands MAV has a code of ethics and rules through and with which any question on media practices in Vanuatu should be dealt with. He said it is really sad to see a state minister in a democratic government supporting or aiding people taking the laws in their own hands. “Leaders should lead by example, but if they are supporting such criminal acts, then how can we be assured of the safety of media practitioners in Vanuatu, and the safety of society members for that matter. “PINA calls on the minister for media in Vanuatu to address the issue at his level, and at the same PINA encourages MAV and members of the media industry in Vanuatu to operate within the journalism code of practice and always uphold the spirit of fairness in their reporting. This is to ensure that all sides of the story are covered before publication or broadcast of any news article. “Having said the above, I also wish to express disappointment at allegations of unbalanced and unfair reporting practices in Vanuatu media. It is alleged that the attack on Neil Jones was the result of biased reporting on issues that had seemingly implicated the state minister to be on the wrong. “Let us remind ourselves of our basic journalism rule, to always carry all sides of the story before publish/broadcast,” Stevens said. He added that media freedom should or must NOT be used as a cover up for those who do not respect journalism as a genuine, respectable and responsible “trade” that should be used to enhance and promote a true democratic environment in the society. Media company owners and publishers should refrain from interfering in the editorial decision and responsibility of their Editors, which often leads to publishing and broadcasting of unbalanced
Forecast for today:

news items. “At the end of the day, such a poor quality of journalism would only reflect upon the Editor and not the owners or publishers. Vanuatu has some of the region’s highly qualified and experienced journalists in the media industry. “It would be equally immoral for someone to attack a journalist, and for the media to publish a biased article that impacts negatively on an individual. No one is guilty until the court declares him/her otherwise. “PINA encourages its members to work closely with their governments so that a better understanding could be established on the role of the media, and the governments accepting media as a significant partner and or major player in the nationhood building process of our developing island countries,” said the PINA President.


Courtesy Vanuatu Meteo Office Call 22932
Yesterday’s recorded weather variables (8am-8am)

General situation:

A Tropical Low (1004hPa) located near 16.2S 163.7E. extends a trough southeast near southern Vanuatu while a high pressure lies over the Tasman Sea.

Rain, showers and thunder expected over the group with isolated heavy falls. Light to moderate north, northwest, west and southwest winds persist throughout.

NW winds 20/25 knots expected over open waters with rough seas to 2.5 metres.


Saratamata (Ambae)

Pekoa (Santo)

Lamap (Malekula)

Bauerfield (Vila)

Whitegrass Tanna


Rainfall (mm) Max. Temp (•c) Min. Temp (•c)

Nil 31.5 23.0 0.60

// // 23.0 1430 2040

Nil 31.1 21.1

Nil ///// 24.1 0.52 1.16

Nil //// 21.0

Nil 30.5 15.0

Nil 30.5 21.0

HEIGHT (Meters)

HEIGHT (Meters)

0.146 0755


Today: 05-48 Tomorrow: 05-48

Today: 18-07 Tomorrow:18-06

TEL: 22932 WEBSITE: www.meteo.gov.vu

vanuatu Daily Post | Thursday March 10, 2011 [ 3 ]

Proposed ways forward for the pending unregistered 3000 land cases
By Jane Joshua Lands Minister and Graon
and Jastis Pati (GJP) Interim president, Ralph Regenvanu has proposed some ways on how to go forward with the 3000 unregistered not only land leases but land deals pending since 1993. “Mortgages can be processed very quickly, said the Lands Minister. “Normally this should be fast because the banks will have already checked the details, that is my view but I welcome your advice or correction on it. “I also believe that many of the land deals in urban area will not be that problematic because it is on public land and does not involve custom he sought the advice of State Law, Department of Lands staff, representatives of the Mama Graon project which AusAID and other donors are part of, Transparency International, private sector and Valuer General. The Lands Minister expressed his wish for a quick consensus on a way forward and to process the least problematic of the land dealings as soon as possible and also categorise other ones and instructed for additional resources to be provided to the Lands Registration section and the Lands Registration officer to start dividing the land dealings not only into categories distinguishing the types of land dealings but also where and what land is concern. This, he said, will allow for an opportunity for the Lands Minister to inform people involved, for example in a land under the jurisdiction of Mele village , inform Mele landowners that their land is about to be registered so they will have the chance to let the Lands Department know if there are any disputes over the said land. This community feedback process will be followed with each of the 3000 backlog of cases, to minimise the chances of hiccups leading to liabilities after registration. The third priority objective in the Graon and Jastis Pati is to look after and preserve custom economy (land, environment and custom).

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land owners directly so I think there will not be that many problems with urban mortgages, urban leases, or issues like

(cautions) withdrawal of cautions, maybe power of attorneys because there are some problems with the power of

attorneys in the past and so on.” Minister Regenvanu revealed this in a recent dialogue where

Six years for sexual acts with minor
By Colson Wari The 49-year-old

Malvatumauri president and PM Kilman on Chiefs Day at the Chiefs Nakamal in Port Vila.

Custom and culture exist through language: Chief Uravus
By Godwin Ligo The President
of the

Mavatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Chief Gratien Alguet Uravus, reminded the chiefs, the government and the people of Vanuatu that customs and cultures of Vanuatu exist through languages. The Malvatumauri president was speaking at the 30th anniversary of the National Council of Chiefs in Port Vila last Saturday. Chief Uravus warned that local languages and dialects are beginning to fade and lose meaning because parents and their elders are no longer teaching the vernacular languages in either the homes or in the nakamals where children and young people can come together to be taught their languages. He said losing a mothertongue or a language is losing an identity of Vanuatu’s rich and varied customs and cultures. The Malvatumauri presi-

dent was also concerned that many parents living in the urban areas although being from the same island and tribe tend to speak to their children in Bislama. This has led the children away from their roots. It has robbed the children from the very roots of their customs and cultures and in effect robbed them too from the wisdom of their ancestors, the President of Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Chief Uvarus told the Chiefs, the Government and the people of Vanuatu last weekend. In the other part of his speech on Chief's Day, the Malvatumauri president called on the government, the churches the NGOs such as women organizations to work closely with his office in order to bring about a better understanding between them. He urged anyone who does not understand the role of the Malvatumauri that they

should not hesitate but simply call at his office to find out more about the work of his council to the people of Vanuatu. “I appeal to everyone to be wise and choose custom governance to work hand in hand with the government in all the development of the country. “If the government or the churches or any other organisations in the country try to move forward without the custom governance, the country will continue to experience difficulties and encounter more problems such as the social issues we are faced with today as well as the economic difficulties that many individuals and families are facing in the urban centers today. “There will be more problems if the country does not adhere to its roots and that is our customs and cultures which are the basis of our custom governance,” the Malva-

tumauri president reminded the people of Vanuatu. “It has taken the Israelites 40 years to reach the Promised Land. Vanuatu has already walked 30 years and there’s another 10 years to go to turn 40. “It is my believe that the democratic system cannot continue to steer this country and her people to a better and successful end without depending also on the custom governance. “The two must work hand in hand otherwise there will always be hardships and difficulties because we will always depend on foreign way of thinking and doing things that has never been God given to us. “We need our lands and our traditional and customary way of life to be able to survive as the world continue to go bad and even worse , “ the Malvatumauri president cautioned the government and the people of Vanuatu.

charged with Acts of Indecency on a five-year-old girl has been sentenced to six years and two months imprisonment term. The sentencing was handed down by Supreme Court Judge, Oliver Saksak Tuesday this week in Luganville. Justice Saksak ruled that a custodial sentence is appropriate as it shows public disapproval of such behaviours. He said the courts have been very lenient in the past and many people have not learnt their lesson and that the punishment will serve as deterrence to others. The Court based its judgment on the starting point of five years on the submissions provided by the public prosecutor but one and half year was added to the sentence because of the aggravating features of the case. The Sentence was deducted by four months based on the mitigating features provided by the defence counsel that the defendant cooperated with the police and that he pleaded guilty at the first given opportunity. “You will serve a custodial term of six years and 4 months at the Luganville Correctional Centre,” Judge Saksak ruled. The offending occurred December last year at Zone Zero after the victim was left alone with the defendant who was residing with her family at the time of the offending. It was stated in Court the defendant took advantage when the victim’s parents drove

to town leaving the victim and the defendant alone.  The defendant dragged the victim who was sleeping when her parents left for town to an unoccupied house belonging to the neighbour and performed sexual acts on her. During the time of the offending the defendant was unaware that he was being watched by a couple who were gardening nearby and the man chased the defendant away with a spade. The couple relayed the story to the parents and the defendant was arrested. In another court story, a 27-year-old man was given a suspended jail term for having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl. The incident occurred at Namuru village in South Santo with the defendant a married man having sexual relationship with the young victim. The Court ruled that the offence is against section 97 (2) of the Penal Code but the Judge stated the defendant’s good behaviour, his guilty plea, cooperation with police and custom reconciliation with amount of Vt90,000 and other goods had prevented from spending time at the Correctional Centre. Judge Saksak said the custom ceremony has helped to reduce the amount of punishment but warned the defendant to go to his community and behave himself. “Your sentence will be alive if you are charged with another offence and you will be sent to the Correctional Centre, you will also face the punishment of your new offending,” he said.

[ 4 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Thursday March 10, 2011

Local News

RSF condemns brutal attack on Daily Post publisher
Reporters Without
Borders condemns the brutal attack on Vanuatu Daily Postpublisher Marc Neil-Jones in Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu, on March 4. Neil-Jones, 53, accused Infrastructure and Public Utilities Minister Harry Iauko of organising and participating in the assault, which took place in the journalist’s office. “Threats and acts of violence against a journalist who is just doing his job are unacceptable,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We warn Prime Minister Sato Kilman that his credibility will be questioned if this goes unpunished. We urge the police to carry out an exhaustive investigation without delay and we urge the prime minister to do everything possible to ensure its success. “Otherwise he will be regarded as an accomplice to violence by a member of his government.” Neil-Jones said he was attacked and beaten in his office by a total of eight men including Iauko, who accused him of writing “bad things” about him. His newspaper has published articles criticising the minister’s handling of various issues. It has also raised questions about Airports Vanuatu Ltd, an aviation infrastructure company that works closely with the government. After attacking Neil-Jones unconscious on the floor, Iauko went to editor Royson Willie and said to him: “Do you want me to break your face?” Neil-Jones has filed a complaint against the minister. “I can’t think of many countries where a minister of state would survive long if he marched into a national newspaper with a gang of thugs employed within the ministry and assaulted the publisher of a national daily paper because he didn’t like the valid criticism he was getting from all quarters, including the newspaper, members of the public through letters to the editor and Transparency International,” he said. The publisher was previously attacked on 17 January 2009 by four police officers employed by the prison department. They were arrested but the investigation never established who was behind the attack. 
—Reporters Without Borders/ Pacific Media Watch

Telecenters to be established in four rural areas
The Telecommunication
and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR) issued, on the 9th March, a Request for Proposals to provide Telecenters and Internet services in four rural areas which currently have no services. (See www.trr.vu ) Bidders are invited to bid for one or more of the 4 pilot areas but award will depend on the quality of the proposals. Bidders will be required to provide evidence of, specific experience and capabilities in the provision of such services elsewhere. Vanuatu has liberalised its telecommunications market in 2008 and has undergone a significant transformation in accordance with the Government policy to stimulate the national economy. One of the policies of the Government is the Universal Access Policy (UAP). This policy aims to provide telecommunications Internet services into rural and unserved areas that are not commercially viable for operators to provide telecommunications services.The Government is now, through the UAP Fund supporting the roll out of Internet services. A Draft UAP has been prepared, which is out for consultation. In order to pilot UAP funded projects supporting access to Internet services TRR is now issuing this Tender on behalf of the Government. Marianne Berukilukilu, the UAP Project Manager in the office of the TelecomRegulator said “Four Pilot UAP Areas have been selected by the Government which include: Southwest Bay Health Centre on Malekula, Nebul Health Centre on Ambrym, Rensarie High School on Malekula and Melsisi High School on Pentecost. These four Pilot UAP projects are intended to gain experience prior to the launching of a wider broadband Internet Access UAP Funded projects. Crucially the Pilot Projects are seeking to establish the most appropriate actions to be taken to maximise the sustainability of the Internet services provided.”

Tendering will be conducted through the Open and Competitive Tendering procedures in accordance with section 7 (6) of the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulation Act No 30, 2009 (the Act) and restricted only to Operators licensed under the Act. Tenders have to be submitted to TRR by the 9th June 2011. For more information contact enquiries@trr.vu

Former civil servant tells ministries to pull up socks
By Len Garae Former public

Jenny Ligo has called on the Public Service Commission to recruit switchboard operators who speak English or French or both, completed communication skills training, know protocol and respect their workplaces. She made the suggestions to help Prime Minister Sato Kilman’s Coalition Government saying she has confidence in his Leadership and it is important for all telephone switchboard operators in each Ministry to pull up their socks because their attitude in front of clients, the way they dress and answer the telephone reflect the image of each Ministry. She said investors and even ni-Vanuatu who deal with some of the ministries everyday find it very difficult even to make appointments. “Every Receptionist of each Ministry should be a trained public servant and yet in some of the Ministries, you seem to have people who do not know telephone manners, protocol and they don’t know how to receive people,” she said. “We need to remember that the image of a house is how you keep your toilet and kitchen. The image of an office is displayed by how neat the Reception area is. In business terms, the customer is king. I

Ligo tells ministries to pull up their socks believe Director Generals of the ministries know these weaknesses but they do nothing to correct them.” She advised against relying on students doing their practical to mind the administration of a Vanuatu Government Ministry or a newly appointed political individual as she or he is supposed to be supervised by a trained supervisor. She said political appointees are real assets to the Government but they also need supervision as they are new in their positions. They also need to get full briefing from a permanent employee like a civil servant who is there all the time in order to show them, for example, where the files are and how to deal with customers. Vanuatu is a member to the UN and has its obligation doing business with other countries in every sector and each Ministry is the door to the Government. “If one Ministry fails outsiders especially investors describe the place as the ‘Vanuatu Government Ministry’. Concerns are raised for immediate action as tax payers who are paying for the Vanuatu Government service delivery expect results that match what they are paying in delivering the service to them”, she said.

[ 6 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Thursday March 10, 2011

Regional News

The President of Kiribati says his country is in urgent need of funding to build walls to prevent sea water destroying villages. [flickr.com]

Rising waters in Kiribati threatening villages: president
T he P resident

K iribati

says an

increasing number of coastal villagers are asking to be relocated because of rising sea waters. Anote Tong says Kiribati is in urgent need of funding to build sea walls to prevent sea water destroying villages and crops. President Tong has recently come back from a tour of Kiribati’s outer islands. He says the situation is dire. “Previously [the villagers] used to ask us to build sea walls so they can stay on in the village,” he said. “But this time around they said no, we are not asking you to build sea walls, we realise we have to relocate, can you as a government assist us with relocating.” President Tong attended a climate conference in Vanuatu last week, where the European Union unveiled more than $US120 million in funding for climate projects. But he says none of it though, was earmarked to help those people on Kiribati’s outer islands “I am disappointed but I am not discouraged. I try not to be discouraged, we keep going,” he said.

He warns that if more funding is not forthcoming in the near future, the government will have a much bigger problem on its hands. “Here we are screaming out for money, we need money to come very shortly.” “If it doesn’t happen within this year I can guarantee more communities will be asking government to assist in relocation not protection.” Mr Tong says he also faces challenges in convincing his own people that the future of the island nation is in jeopardy. “The older generation they are not too interested in climate change because it really won’t affect them in coming years,” he said. Kiritbati’s future hinges largely on the nation’s young people. Spread across 33 separate islands, educating them about environmental change is a huge challenge. President Tong says in many remote parts of the country, young people have limited access to information about climate change, causing them confusion and anxiety. Teako Otia, 17 years old, is one of a small number of students in Kiribati

involved in climate activism. She is part of a group of students that travel around to different communities doing dramas and holding discussions on the issue of climate change. Ms Otia says her aim to raise awareness of climate change and the effects it will have on her country. “Most students don’t know, but a few are aware of the climate change and it’s effects,” she said. “My objective for myself is I want all Kiribati to be aware. Like not a few people. Like most people are very sceptic, like they do know but they don’t want to take action.” “What I want is to unite people to help and fight off the challenges. Like, we have a little contribution, but if we unite and show our strong feeling for the changes that we face maybe other countries will be easily convinced and help us out.” Despite Teako’s enthusiasm, sea waters are rising faster than the nation can cope. One part of the government’s strategy is to look at ways to relocate i-Kiribati, both within and outside the country. President Tong says the concept of ‘climate refugees’ is too controversial for

the international community to realistically consider. He says the government is trying to facilitate ways for its people to migrate on the basis of the skills they can offer a new country, rather than the urgency of their need to relocate “We have schemes both with Australia and New Zealand, and of course they would never say that it’s a response to climate change, because that would bring in a flood of similar applications or requests for similar schemes, we understand that.” “So it’s been positive, I don’t think we can expect much more at this point time. We continue to ask if anybody would simply take our people in, but that has not been possible up until now.” While migration is a hard concept to sell to neighbouring countries, it’s also not something that appeals some young I-Kiribati, like Teako Otia. “I don’t like the idea of being moved from one country to another. For me Kiribati is where I belong. Being a stranger in another place is very difficult. If there is no solution I would be very sad to leave my country.”
—Radio Australia


Vanuatu group wants presidential form of government
group of lawyers in

Vanuatu is pushing for the country to embrace a presidential form of government. Its spokesperson, Denny Ark-

sai, says such a change would discourage motions of no confidence in the government and reduce excessive government spending. The movement plans a nation-

al public awareness campaign and referendum on the issue before the general election next year. Mr Arksai says the group

envisages four levels of government, with the president at the top, then governors, followed by a district level and then chiefs representing the villages.

The group wants the national budget split into four equal amounts to be allocated to the four governing institutions. Mr Arksai says they want all

professionally qualified members of the public who want to take part in real change to join the new movement.

VANUATU DAILY POST Thursday March 10 2011 [ 5 ]


Voice of the People
PO Box 1292, Port Vila fax: +678 24111 email: letters@dailypost.com.vu Letters must be less than 300 words. Everyone has the right to express an opinion without fear of persecution. All letters must give your full name, address (not a PO Box) and a daytime phone number for verification. Letters emailed must be from a confirmed address. Your name will be kept confidential if requested. Letters may be edited for space and legal issue. The opinions expressed here are not those of Vanuatu Daily Post.. The editor reserves the right to decide whether to print or not.
Re: Respond to Marcelino Pipite, Hon. Minister of Education
Dear Editor, Hemi 30 years nao long service, mi just luk mo harem wan Minister blong state I stap attackem ol wokman blong hem publicly. Mi wonder whether Minister ia I save wanem I stap tok baot or I stap long wan wonderland? 1. Hemi no wok yet be i toktok tumas. Hemi kat wan evidence? 2. I kat wan channel blong communication I stap finis long ministry and ino mo nidim wan independent channel. 3. Blong sakem wan qualified teacher mo replacem wetem wan narafala man bae hemi karem man ia wea? Plis no comperem teaching wetem fishing! 4. Hemi checkem se I kat money finis bifo hemi stap tok baot sacking? 5. Teaching Service Commission mo Public Service Commission nomo oli save employ or sakem wan officer be ino wan minister. 6. Attitude blong hem I save frigtenem ol Aid Donors. 7. Politic blong hem I blong 1980, mo ino kat ples long administration blong tedei. Reason blong kat wan DG long evri Ministry I blong wok wetem Minister. Tedei oli mekem BULLDOZE long evri ples 8. Attitude blong hem I stap putum question long VERM. (Vanuatu Education Road Map). Mi no harem gud taem hemi stap tok baot sacking of teachers. Mi for wan ministry ino save pem qualification blong mi olsem wan university leaver mo sem taem mi acquirem certificate in management practices long Aoraki Internatinal College, NZ. Mifala samfala engineer blong education, mifala I stap tingting blong muv aot long kaen minister olsem from save blong hem ino semak long save blong mifala. Lastly, sipos hemi nidim wan competent advisor blong wok kolosap long hem blong providem sound advice, hemi mas wok kolosap long DG or Acting DG blong mifala or hemi save toktok wetem mi. Wok ia Advisory hemi life blong mi we mi skul from. Thank you, Elmo Joseph Acting PEO Shefa Curriculum Advisor…..Shefa TESOL Graduate. Vic. University, NZ Aoraki International English Academy Certificate Certificate in Management Practices, Aoraki International, NZ

Thank you Air Vanuatu board for continuing Santo flight
Dear Editor, On behalf of ESTA (Espiritu Santo Tourism Association) I would like to express our gratitude to Joseph Laylor and the entire board of Air Vanuatu for their announcement to continue the direct flights from Brisbane to Santo for the next 12 months. Continuation of these flights has been made possible by the sound, responsible management of Air Vanuatu and cooperative marketing strategies undertaking by ESTA to promote patronage of this route, these flights are a vitally important link in the development of tourism growth to the Northern Islands which has been a long-stated policy of the Government. It is our genuine belief that both Air Vanuatu and ESTA have, over the past 12 months, delivered on the promises made to the Government and the public, we look forward to another year of mutually beneficial cooperation and are in full support of the current Air Vanuatu Board. Mal Davies Chairperson ESTA

Assault of Post Publisher was an assault on Vanuatu's Constitution

Your new daily Soduko puzzle

There is only one rule: Every row, column and box of 3x3 cells must contain the numbers 1 to 9 exactly once.

Dear Editor, Allow me to call on Vanuatu's leaders to rally around the flag and defend our Constitutional Rights. Chapter 2 Part 1 spells out our fundamental rights and freedoms as individual ni-Vanuatu. An attack on one fundamental right is an attack on all fundamental rights. An attack on our fundamental rights is an attack on our Constitution. This argument is very simple because how can anyone exercise freedom of worship if one does not have the freedom of expression and vice-versa. The next logical question is how the assault on the Post Publisher is an assult on our Constitutional right. Obviously the Daily Post is a carrier of voices from the people who express themselves freely including myself. We have been irate at the corruption of Vanuatu's public institutions including the Ministry and Department of Lands. Because Harry Iauko used to occupy the Ministry of

Lands as Minister, he was part of the culture of corruption and ineptitude that we have been irate over. There is substantive evidence that Harry Iauko was with the thugs that assaulted the Daily Post Publisher on Friday 4th of March 2011.This act was obviously made to stop our freedom of expression against corruption. Therefore the assult of DP Publisher was an assault on the Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu. I call on the President of the Republic of Vanuatu who is from Tanna to step in to defend the Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu. I call on the Prime Minister to step in at the earliest opportunity and move to remove the person concerned from the positon of Minister of State. I call on the President of Malvatumauri to defend the Constitution of Vanuatu as as a Minister of state is removed. I call on the Leader of Opposition to step in to stablize the Vanuatu government as we defend

Vanuatu's Constitution. I call on the Ombudsman to investigate. I call on the Police Commissioner to do his part to defend Vanuatu's Constitution. I call on the Chief Justice to do his part to enforce our fundamental rights to the freedom of expression. I call on the Churches and Civil Society Organizations to rally around the Prime Minister, the President and all Constitutionally empowered posts to move in unison to once and for all, stamp out this sin in our camp. I urge all leaders to read Joshua chapter 7:13 "Up, sanctify the people, and say, Sanctify yourselves against tomorrow: for thus saith the LORD God of Israel, There is an accursed thing in the midst of thee, O Israel: thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you." God bless Vanuatu. John Salong-

F reedom of Expression is Enshr ined in our Constitution
ጇ ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)
Look closely at motives and honesty in your personal encounters. You may want to take a look at your direction in life.

ግ CANCER (June 22-July 22)
You will find the excitement gratifying. You can make gains if you work in conjunction with others.

ጏ LIBRA(Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
Try not to overspend on friends or family. Advancement can be yours if you put your efforts into work related matters.

ᐪ CAPRICORN(Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
I You might not be as reserved on an emotional level as you'd like. It won't take much to upset your lover.

ጐ TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21)
Plan some family outings. Don't hold back; go with the flow and take a bit of a chance.

጑ LEO(July 23-Aug 22)
You may find that you're being used. Social activity with friends and relatives will be most successful.

ጌ SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)
Dream a little today. Confronting a situation will only result in indignation and misunderstandings.

ᐫ AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
Be sure to think twice before you say something that might hurt your partner's feelings.

ጋ GEMINI (May 22-June 21)
Your colorful conversation may attract new mates. Your ability to help others will win you points.

ጊ VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
You may have more people on your domestic scene than anticipated. Consider applying for a job in another part of the world.

ጉ SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)
You won't get the reaction you want from your mate today. You might be overly emotional when dealing with your partner.

ጒ PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
Changes regarding your career direction will payoff handsomely. You need to spend some time pampering yourself.

vanuatu Daily Post | Thursday March 10, 2011 [ 7 ]

Regional News

Post Comics

Soduko puzzle solution

ADB predicts resourcedriven growth in Pacific
Resource-rich countries in
the Pacific are expected to grow signficantly this financial year. The Asian Development Bank reports countries such as Papua New Guinea are benefiting from both major new resource projects and better world commodity prices. The ADB’s commodity report, out today, projects that the 14 economies of the Pacific will expand by 6.3 percent in 2011, up from 5.3 percent last year. It says PNG will grow by 8.5 percent and Timor Leste by ten percent, fuelled by the benefits of liquefied natural gas and petroleum developments. The Bank says the resumption of gold exports and a stronger forestry sector will expand the Solomon Islands economy by 7.5 percent, while phosphate exports will help Nauru return to moderate economic growth. The ADB’s Pacific Department director, Robert Wihtol, says overall the Pacific economy is doing better thanks to improved world economic conditions. But he says this masks sharply different performances across the region, and says the smaller and more remote economies are exposed to the costs from rising world fuel and food prices.



French Polynesia stability talks fail
Political leaders in French Hagar the horrible
Polynesia have shunned a call by the President, Gaston Tong Sang, for a meeting today to discuss a political stability pact for the two years until the next general election. Reports from Tahiti say none of the leaders of the socalled pro-autonomy parties has heeded the call to discuss Mr Tong Sang’s plans at the presidential palace. His government has the support of only nine of the assembly’s 57 members but the opposition coalition hasn’t challenged his position because it cannot agree on who should succeed him. Political leaders as well as the French high commissioner are awaiting a court ruling due in Paris next week to determine whether the 2011 budget published by the President is valid or the budget approved by the assembly. Paris has said it plans to change Tahiti’s electoral system this year but observers say elections are not expected to be called in 2012 as that is the year of France’s presidential elections.


Today in history mar 10
1796 Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine de Beauharnais, widow of a former French officer executed during the revolution. 1841 The Supreme Court ruled that the Amistad slaves were free. 1862 The first battle between two ironclad ships, the Monitor (Union) and Merrimack (Confederate) occurred, revolutionizing naval warfare. 1933 The special session of Congress known as the "100 days" opened, launching FDR's New Deal. 1964 U.S. Supreme Court issued N.Y. Times v. Sullivan ruling. 1990 Dr. Antonia Novello was sworn in as both the first Hispanic and woman to be U.S. surgeon general.

PNG Somare lawyer want to stop PNG leadership tribunal
L awyers
for the

P apua

New Guinea prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, are battling to stop a leadership tribunal from convening tomorrow to hear allegations of misconduct against him. The tribunal is being set up to investigate allegations that Sir Michael failed to submit full income returns to the Ombudsman Commission, going back nearly 20 years. But Sir Michael’s lawyers have filed an application to stop the tribunal sitting. Our correspondent Jonathan Tannos says they’re contesting the legality of the actions by the Ombudsman Commission.

“It concerns the procedure in which the Ombudsman Commission went about in its referral of him in the process into eventually setting up a leadership tribunal to hear the alleged misconduct in office charges. Ironically at three p.m. this afternoon the government house here is set to swear in the three judges that were appointed on the leadership tribunal for the Somare case.” Jonathan Tannos says some in the PNG community will be appalled by the prime minister’s actions, which they see as an attempt by Sir Michael to distance himself from the law.

Tonga trial hears of Ashika sinking
of former crew member


the Princess Ashika has told a trial in Tonga he was woken on the night the vessel sank to help bail out water which was six inches deep in two of the cabins. Metui Satini is the latest crew member to give evidence at the manslaughter trial of the managing director of the Shipping Corporation of Polynesia, the skipper, his first mate and the acting director of

marine. 74 people died in the tragedy in August 2009. Falemaka Fihaki reports from Nuku’alofa. “Mr Satini told the court he’d repeatedly told first mate, Semisi Pomale, that water was coming into the crew cabin and cargo deck, before Mr Pomale ordered him to pump the water out. The Ashika had tilted to the right side during this time but pumping corrected this.

However he says about a half hour later it began tilting to the left and continued taking in water. He says Mr Pomale ordered him to check if the bilge pump in the engine room was operating. He says he found water in the engine room and the pump not working. Mr Satini says he had tried to get buckets to bail water but by that stage the water reached to his waist.”

Chikungunya disease in Pacific a ‘worry’: WHO
T h e W o rl d H e al t h
Organisation (WHO) says the appearance of the mosquitoborne disease chikungunya in the Pacific is cause for concern. Two cases of chikungunya have been confirmed in New Caledonia, symptoms of which are similar to dengue. Dr Jacob Kool, a WHO infectious disease expert in Fiji, has told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat there are concerns this could lead to a serious outbreak in New Caledonia. “That’s definitely a worry. Normally, chikungunya is a disease in Africa and Asia, so it’s spread to the Indian Ocean,” he said. “And you can see what happens when the population has never had a disease before, then it spreads much faster because there’s nobody that has any immunity, no resistance to the disease.”
—Radio Australia


Prince William to visit Australia and NZ
B ritain ’ s P rince W illiam
will fly to Australia and New Zealand next week to visit the areas and people affected by recent disasters. The prince will arrive in Australia on March 19, and spend two days visiting a number of areas across Queensland ravaged by Cyclone Yasi and recent flooding. He will then head to flood-hit northwestern Victoria. Before arriving in Australia, the prince will visit Christchurch, which was devastated by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake in February. He will attend a national memorial service there on March 18. The prince will also visit Greymouth to speak to the families of last year’s Pike River Mine disaster. It is not known if his fiancee Kate Middleton will accompany him on the trip. The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, says she hopes the royal visit will boost the state’s struggling tourism industry. “I do thank the prince for his decision to visit Australia,” she said. “I hope that he sends the message back to his friends and colleagues in the UK that Queensland is open for business, and that while he’s here he gets an opportunity to see that for himself.” New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, says the visit will comfort his country as it faces “its darkest hours”. “This is a heart-warming gesture that will mean a lot to the thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed by these events,” he said in a statement. The prince last visited Australia and New Zealand in January 2010.
—Radio Australia


[ 8 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Thursday March 10, 2011

World News


Madagascar malaria forces hundreds of Filipino miners home
Over 500 Filipino miners in Madagascar have been forced to return home after a serious malaria outbreak on the island nation. Labor officials say a total of 900 Filipinos have left Madagascar and returned to the Philippines since February because of the health threat. The Philippine government has sent a team to Madagascar to meet with health officials, as well as the management of the Ambatovy nickel project in Tamatave. Foreign affairs officials say that around 16 Filipinos working in the mine site have tested positive for malaria. Philippine officials have also sought the assistance of the World Health Organization on the malaria outbreak
Radio Australia

David Cameron and President Barack Obama have announced a ‘full spectrum’ of action on Libya  Photo: PA/EPA

Japan needs nukes, says Tokyo
A major 7.2-magnitude quake has struck off Japan's main island of Honshu swaying buildings in Tokyo and triggering a 60-centimetre tsunami. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warning for the east coast of Honshu. The tremor which struck in the late morning about 10 kilometres below the Pacific seafloor caused no reported casualties or damage. No casualties either were reported from a 5.6-magnitude tremor that struck nearby about 12 minutes later. Nuclear power operators Tokyo Electric and Tohoku Electric reported their atomic plants in Aomori, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures were not damaged. Some Shinkansen bullet trains in the region automatically stopped when the quake hit but then resumed their services.
Radio Australia

David Cameron and Barack Obama plan ‘full spectrum’ of action on Libya
David Cameron

President Barack Obama have announced a “full spectrum” of action on Libya as Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces pounded two oil towns in an effort to bring the rebellion against the regime under control. A joint British and US statement said a plan for a no-fly zone, as requested by many of the rebels, was among the ideas being discussed. Action would also include surveillance and enforcement of the arms embargo against Libya. The two men spoke as residents of the town of Zawiyah to the west of Tripoli took to the rooftops with loudhailers to appeal to their fellow-citizens not to give up the fight

as scores of tanks streamed into the central square. Fragmented reports from the town, where telephones, electricity and the internet have all been cut, said shells were hitting residential buildings and mosques and bodies were lying in the streets. Television footage of the two-week-long battle for control of the town showed dead bodies of soldiers lying in the streets and casualties pouring into the hospitals. In the east of the country, rebel forces managed to maintain control of the town of Ras Lanuf, also seat of an oil terminal, despite aerial bombardment that included at least five air strikes, includ-

ing on a block of flats. But attempts to break out to the west were met with devastating government firepower, leading to a rebel decision to reinforce its volunteer troops with units of the regular army that have defected to their side but not yet been employed against their former comrades. President Obama and his administration have been markedly more reluctant to support a no-fly zone than Mr Cameron and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France. But he has also come under pressure to act as Col Gaddafi’s military fightback has intensified. The significance of control over Libya’s oil facili-

ties was emphasised when William Hague, the foreign secretary, told MPs he was considering whether to push for international action to take billions of dollars of Libyan oil revenues away from the Gaddafi regime and put them under United Nations control. The plan, inspired by the oil-for-food system imposed on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, would require a decision by the United Nations Security Council, which is already under pressure to impose a no-fly zone over Libya in light of Col Gaddafi’s use of air power to try to crush the rebellion against his 41-yearrule.
—UK Telegraph

North Korea begs for food from Zimbabwe
There are reports that North Korea’s food supplies are so dire that Pyongyang is pleading for supplies from some of the world’s poorest nations. North Korea has suffered from severe famine after poor harvests in recent years. A South Korean newspaper citing diplomatic sources says Pyongyang has been seeking food from some of the poorest countries in Africa, among them Zimbabwe. Seoul once provided nearly 500,000 tonnes of rice to its impoverished neighbour, but that aid stopped three years ago when relations worsened. There has also been a drop in donations to United Nations food programs operating in North Korea after the closed communist state stepped up its nuclear and missile programs.
Radio Australia


Libyan air strikes continue
forces in


have come under intense air attacks for another day, as pro-Gaddafi fighters continue to pound key towns in the east and west. One witness says the western town of Zawiya has been reduced to ruins after Libyan tanks and fighter jets unleashed a series of attacks on the rebel-held town. Further east, warplanes fired missiles on the strategic oil town of Ras Lanuf. Murad Hamaima, a former official in the Libyan foreign ministry who has defected to the opposition, has been in contact with his family in Zawiya. “The city is under total siege, under total bombardment. They told me some of my relatives had died, some of them injured,” he said. “They are determined to fight this matter to the end,

but I think his security forces, his militias are everywhere round in the streets going house to house...searches, rounding up the people and I think the situation is very, very dire.” Another Zawiyah resident who asked not to be identified, told Reuters that proGaddafi forces had deployed snipers along the road out of town and were shooting at people who travelled that way. No-fly debate The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, says imposing a no-fly zone over Libya has to be a decision made by the United Nations, not the US alone. Mrs Clinton says support for intervention in Libya must come from the international community. “And there is still a lot of opposition, as you proba-

bly know, within the security council, but we’re working to try to come up with a good, solid, international package,” she said. US President Barack Obama has spoken to the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, by phone to weigh up options over the removal of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi from power quickly. In a statement, the White House says Mr Obama and David Cameron discussed a range of possible responses that would stop the bloodshed, including a no-fly zone. UN food aid The United Nations’ World Food Programme has sent trucks to Libya’s rebel-held port of Benghazi to deliver the first food aid inside the country in three weeks. Until now, UN aid has been concentrated on refu-

gees fleeing to Libya’s borders with Tunisia and Egypt. A convoy carrying 70 metric tonnes of high-energy date bars has crossed the Egyptian border. Meanwhile a shipment of wheat flour is heading for Libya again, after it was turned back from Benghazi last Thursday amid security concerns. Financial sanctions Australia’s Reserve Bank has imposed financial sanctions against 16 Libyans, including three of Moamar Gaddafi’s sons The RBA says the Australian Government has directed it to act against key figures in Colonel Gaddafi’s regime. It means payments cannot be made or received by any of the 16 people without the RBA’s approval.
—Radio Australia

Rio de Janeiro in full Carnival swing
Brazil rocks to the samba rhythm as gigantic floats, stunning costumes and dancing girls delight the crowds. Rio de Janeiro’s top samba groups put on their second and final day of parades at the Sambadrome venue. Gigantic floats, electrifying drummers, quicksilver samba girls and spinning flag bearers swung into the spotlights on the globally-televised pageant, wowing a crowd of 70,000 Brazilian and foreign spectators. Roughly 4,000 revelers displayed costumes of flowers, fishes, bees, bugs, peacocks, snakes, giraffes, zebras and many other animals. As well as a luxurious spectacle and the climax of the five-day revelry, the parades are a deadly serious competition. Schools are rigorously judged on their choreography, lyrics, floats, atmosphere and other categories, and every year two are downgraded to the second league. The three schools that were damaged by the fire on February 7 will not compete. Judges will announce this year’s champion on Ash Wednesday, when the pre-Lenten festivies close.
UK Telegraph

vanuatu Daily Post | Thursday March 10, 2011 [ 9 ]

World News

4 killed in Ivory Coast after protest march attacked
an act of bold

Ivory Coast

defiance, thousands of women converged on Tuesday on the bloodstained pavement where seven of their sisters fell last week, even as the army backing this country’s rogue leader again opened fire and killed four more civilians. The brutal killings last week occurred when soldiers in armoured personnel carriers opened fire on a crowd of female demonstrators who were armed with nothing more than tree branches, symbolising peace. The attack on civilians has further galvanised the international community against strongman Laurent Gbagbo, who has refused to yield power three months after being declared the loser of his country’s election. On Tuesday, several hundred women marched in Treichville, a downtown neighbourhood. Hours after the march on International Women’s Day was over, the army burst in and opened fire, killing at least four civilians. Reporters saw the bodies of three men and one women on the blood-splattered floor of a clinic. Hundreds of other women demonstrating near the site

A woman grieves, alongside a woman holding a picture of a man killed in post-election violence, as they march in Treichville Photo: AP of last week’s killings in the Abobo district were protected by men who had formed a wall across the mouth of a freeway by lining cars end-toend. Mariam Bamba, 32, picked up a limp branch on Tuesday next to one of the blood stains on pavement. “This leaf is all they were carrying,” she said of the victims. The seven women are just a fraction of the more than 400 people killed in the three months since this country’s disputed election. Because they were unarmed women, their deaths have prompted international condemnation, including from the U.S. State Department which called Gbagbo “morally bankrupt.” A video obtained by The Associated Press shows the joyful crowd blowing whistles and waving branches moments before the women are mowed down. When Sako Bamara arrived at the hospital last Thursday, his relatives told him not to lift the cloth covering his wife’s body. At least not above the shoulders. “They wouldn’t let me look at her face,” he said. “So I had to identify her feet,” he said. Then he broke down. The video’s grainy footage clearly shows that the 34-year-old had been decapi-

tated. Her brother-in-law was the first to arrive and recognised her by the colour of her T-shirt. Bones were protruding from her neck. The survivors brought wooden carts from the nearby market and used them to transport the dead to the hospital. Bamara had encouraged her to go to the march, just as so many other husbands and fathers had. “That morning she asked my permission to go. I said, ‘Be careful.’ Since they are women, I thought they would never shoot.” At the hospital, the dead women were laid side by side, and at one point a mobile phone started ringing inside the pocket of one of the other lifeless women. Bamara’s brother lifted the cloth covering her body and retrieved it out of her pocket. On the other end was the dead girl’s frantic father, Gnelle Gnon Ouattara, who could not reach his 21-yearold daughter Rokiya. He rushed to the hospital and saw his child, part of her neck shorn off by the large-calibre bullet. “In Africa we say that it’s the child that must bury the father,” said Ouattara. “When

it’s the father that buries the child, something isn’t right.” The women marching on Tuesday wore T-shirts bearing the smiling portrait of ‘ADO’ – Alassane Dramane Ouattara, the democratically elected president who has been prevented from governing the country by Gbagbo. He has spent the first three months of his term inside a resort hotel under day-and-night United Nations protection, and was to leave the grounds for the first time on Tuesday night at the invitation of the African Union. Both Ouattara and Gbagbo have been invited to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to hear the verdict of the AU’s Peace and Security Council, which was attempting to find a solution to the crisis. Ouattara has called on the international community to launch an armed intervention in order to oust Gbagbo, who appeared on state television last week to say that he is “hanging in there.” “I heard someone say that God has left Africa,” said Yacouba Ouattara, a relative of one of the dead women. “No. It’s Ivory Coast that God has left.”
—UK Telegraph

Military Balance report: China ‘won’t threaten US in Pacific for a decade’
C hina ’ s
military budget


is the fastest growing in the world but it will not pose a serious challenge to US dominance of the Pacific for a decade, the think tank IISS said in its annual report on the world’s armies on Tuesday. T h e r e s p e c t e d International Institute for Strategic Studies said that despite the effects of the global financial crisis, the 7.5 per cent growth in the Chinese defence budget in 2010 was greater than most countries. Such growth “continued to provoke concern”, the London-based group said in its “Military Balance 2011” study. Christian Le Miere, the IISS Naval expert said that Chinese missiles and naval forces would not be capable of denying US access to parts of the pacific with antiship missiles and assault forces for 10-20 years. The report said China’s primary focus was regional, pointing to the status of Taiwan – which Beijing still claims as part of its territo-

ry to be reunified by force if necessary – and disputes in the East and South China Seas as Beijing’s overriding concerns. “By and large, China remains a regional power with regional concerns, as demonstrated in 2010 by a series of exercises, construction projects and equipment purchases,” it said. But the report underlined that the world’s military powers were watching China warily as it begins “tentatively to explore operations further afield”. The report said the United States spent $693 billion on defence in 2010 – 4.7 per cent of its GDP – compared to China’s $76 billion (1.3 percent/GDP) and Britain’s $57 billion (2.5 percent/ GDP). Those concerns heightened on Friday when China announced a double-digit rise its defence budget in 2011, with spending to increase 12.7 per cent to 601.1 billion yuan ($91.5 billion). That was a return to nor-

mal service for China – the 7.5 per cent rise last year broke with a multiyear trend of double-digit percentage increases in Chinese military spending. The IISS said however that China’s goal of closing the technological gap with the West could be undermined by “serious structural weaknesses”. “One overarching problem is the widespread duplication and Balkanisation of industrial and research facilities,” it said. Factories producing arms are scattered around the vast country “and often possess outdated manufacturing and research attributes”, it said. China was aiming to acquire such as the submarines and anti-ship missiles was designed to dent the dominance of U.S. aircraft carriers in nearby waters particularly the Taiwan Strait. Beijing’s military growth was itself driving other nearby Asian powers to ramp up their own purchases.
—UK Telegraph

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[ 14 ]vanuatu Daily Post |Thursday, March 10 2011

Sports News

Firing Fenedy favourite for golden boot
I n - form A micale
strike r Fenedy Masauvakalo has found the net six times in the O-League this season and is in the box seat to earn the golden boot mantle for most goals scored. His side lead Group A and are almost certain to be involved in the two-legged final where they will meet New Zealand outfit Auckland City. His rivals all have three goals or less but only one of the closest chasers, Masauvakalo’s Amicale team mate Alick Maemae, is likely to play more games than the one group match remaining. Oceaniafootball.com takes a look at how some of the O-League’s leading scorers have fared and rates their chances of winning the golden boot. Fenedy Masauvakalo, Amicale: The 25-year-old is a local hero in Port Vila and his exploits this season will have endeared him even more to the Amicale faithful. Those fanatical fans packed out PVL Stadium in the last round to watch the Reds all but book a place in the final with a 5-1 win over Lautoka, despite being down to ten men for much of the match. Masauvakalo had earlier sent the 7000-plus home supporters crazy with the opening goal in the seventh minute and added another just before halftime. He completed his hat-trick with one of the last kicks of the game to wrap up a memorable day for Vanuatu football and surge ahead in the golden boot race. With three matches up his sleeve to add further to this tally, Masauvakalo is the clear favourite and it will take


something special for him to be overtaken. Henry Fa’arodo, Hekari United: There is no doubt that this has been a disappointing campaign for defending champions Hekari but Henry Fa’arodo has still managed to find the target on three occasions. However, all of the Solomon Islands star’s goals arrived in the early part of the O-League season and he has not made it onto the scoresheet since the turn of the year. His last strike was the second of a double in a 4-0 win over former side Koloale on November 13 and coach Jerry Allen would have hoped for a bigger contribution in recent games from Fa’arodo and his fellow attackers. He would have been closer to Masauvakalo’s total if he had converted a last-minute penalty in that match against Koloale but goalkeeper Shadrock Ramoni made a good save to prevent him notching a hattrick. Given that Hekari have only one match left and that Fa’arodo has not scored for three O-League games, his chances of catching Masauvakalo appear slim. Alick Maemae, Amicale: Nicknamed Mr Cool by his adoring fans at Amicale, Maemae has been in sparkling form this season and, as his side are highly likely to progress past the group stages, is the man with the best opportunity to beat team mate Masauvakalo’s total. He has three goals to his name already and will get three chances to add to that tally - in Amicale’s final group match against Koloale and the two legs of the final against Auckland City. He found the net in the recent

Fenedy Masauvakalo has been in great form for Amicale. 5-1 humbling of Lautoka and was also on target in the earlier 2-0 win over Koloale, as well as notching a penalty during the dramatic 3-3 draw with Hekari. Blessed with outstanding skill and vision, the Solomon Islander is likely to show his countrymen at Koloale no mercy as Amicale wrap up their regular O-League season on March 19. Benjamin Totori, Koloale: This season hasn’t exactly gone to plan for returning hero Totori and his Koloale team mates. Hopes were high when Totori signed for his hometown club from New Zealand side Waitakere United but any dreams of an early impact didn’t come to fruition as Koloale failed to take a point from their first three matches. Skipper Totori did not manage to get on the scoresheet in any of those defeats but made up for lost time when his team finally did register their first win, notching a hattrick as Koloale went on a goal-scoring rampage to beat Lautoka 6-1. They followed that up with another victory, 2-1 over Hekari, but have found form too late to mount a challenge for first place and Totori will have to produce something out of the ordinary to better Masauvakalo’s tally. Manel Exposito, Auckland City: Former Barcelona striker Exposito has joined defender Angel Berlanga and cocoach Ramon Tribulietx in adding a touch of Spanish flavour to Auckland City and has had a big impact since signing in January. He has only one O-League goal to his name but has t h e p e d i g r e e a n d talent to be a genuine contender for the golden boot. The 29-year-old has three games left to prove his worth - City’s last group game against Tefana and then the two final clashes with Amicale - and a hat-trick in one of those clashes would put him right in the running. The loan strike he has recorded so far was almost worthy of an award itself. With the clock counting down in a vital away meeting with Magenta, Exposito took a free kick from outside the area and expertly curled a shot around the wall and past the despairing reach of goalkeeper Jean Yan Dounezeck. The Spaniard is likely to produce several more moments of similar quality before the 2011 O-League comes to an end.


Recall for Tonawai nspirational Army captain
D ale T onawai
has been

given another chance to redeem his rugby career after being recalled into the Digicel National Sevens squad to prepare for the Hong Kong 7s later this month. The 30-year-old Lawai native from Nadroga has been knocking on the selection door for sometime after being impressive during the local sevens tournaments. Tonawai, a former national sevens team rep was recalled into the Iliesa Tanivula-coached team with fellow Army player Jone Lutua following the withdrawal of Ratu Filise and Fiji Bati rep Jone Macilai and Nadi’s Saimoni Lutu. The Digicel sevens team coaching staff decided to

Ilai Tinai, David Batiratu, Waqabaca Kotobalavu and Sakenasa Aca train at the HPU gym yesterday. Picture ATU RASEA rope in Tonawai and Lutua following their powerful performance in last week’s Fiji Bitter Marist Sevens. Tonawai’s inclusion will add more depth and aggressiveness in the forward pack. And already the team management has indicated that they would find it hard to pick the best five for-

wards to So Kong Po given the level of competitiveness in the squad. Assistant coach Joe Savou said selectors would have a headache in selecting the best five forwards from the extended squad for all had equal chances in making the final cut. However, Savou said the reality check for players would be done at training in the next couple of days where they needed to prove themselves to guarantee their place in the team. “What we will be looking at the next couple of days is the aggressiveness of the forwards who can take up the challenge and play till the final whistle,” said Savou.

He said the selection of the backline players should be easy for they had identified the values each player would bring in the team especially the speed out wide. Savou said with the inclusion of David Batiratu and Osea Kolinisau, another dimension was added in the backline. Savou said the selectors would also monitor the discipline of the players both on and off the field. “The onus is with the players to perform well at training for only those who perform above expectation will make the trip to Hong Kong and Adelaide,” said Savou.
-Fiji Times

vanuatu Daily Post |Thursday, March 10 2011 [ 15]

Sports News

Spot i no ples blong politik: Minista Iatika
Thompson Marango i ripot Minista blong Spot mo Yut
Divelopment, Moking Stevens Iatika, hem i bin stresem bigwan bigfala rol we spot bae i save mekem long sosaeti mo diskraepem olsem wan eria we ol nara samting olsem politiks i no mas kam insaed. “Spot hem i wan veri impoten indastri semak olsem helt”, Minista Iatika hem i talem. Iatika i mekem toktok ia long taem we CEO blong Vanuatu Spot Kansel, Joe Bomal Kalo i handemova wan kopi blong 2017 Pacific Mini Gems bid dokumen i go long hem. Minista Iatika i talem se spot hem i wan long ol mein samting we bae Kavman i save usum blong holem taet ol yangfala blong bae oli no save involve long ol fasin blong kraem, draks, mo alkols we i stap afektem laef blong fulap yangfala tete. From ol risen olsem ia nao Spot Minista ia i talem se hem i impoten tumas

P/Mini game

Sports inbrief

Netball NZ takes sport’s international body to court
Netball New Zealand is taking the sport’s international governing body, IFNA, to the Court of Arbitration for Sport ni Switzerland. Netball New Zealand wants fomer Samoa goal shoot, Cathrine Latu, released to play for the Silver Ferns at July’s world champs in Singapore. Latu, who was born in Auckland, has played 30 tests for Samoa the last of which was at the 2007 world champs. The 24-year-old Mystics shooter wants to play for New Zealand but IFNA, has ruled she must complete a four year stand down first and that wouldn’t finish until August. Netball New Zealand chief executive Raelene Castle says IFNA granted a dispensation for former Silver Ferns defender Vilimaina Davu, allowing her to play for Fiji at the 2007 world champs just a year after playing for New Zealand. However Castle says IFNA won’t won’t do the same for Latu and won’t say why. Castle says no date has been set for the hearing but is confident there’ll be a decision in time for the world champs.
- Radio New Zealand


Six new caps in All Whites squad
blong ol spot autoriti mo ol bikman blong spot oli nomas letem politiks i kam insaed. Minista i talem se folem nomal praktis blong politiks taem gavman i jenis bae samtaem niufala Minista bae i leko wanem we foma minister i mekem finis mo statem ol nara projek mo bae i kontinu olsem taem nara wan i tekem ofis. Hem i talem se from hem ia nao fulap samting i no save wok gud. “Mi glad blong kontinu wetem wanem we pas gavman i mekem finis i stap blong meken se bae i save muv i go fowod,” Iatika hem i talem. Wan long ol samting we pas minista blog spots i bin mekem i stap nao hem i bid blong Vanuatu i hostem Pacific Mini Gem long 2017 we Iatika i kontinu blong sapotem naoia. Spot MInista Iatika i talem tankyu long pas gavman long wok we i bin mekem i stap mo stap askem strong blong ol nara wan we bae oli kam fiuja lida blong tekemap ol wok we i stap finis. There are six new caps in the All Whites extended squad of 30 named by coach Ricki Herbert for a 2-match tour of China and Japan later this month. The Phoenix star Marco Rojas gets his first call up, along with Major League Soccer recruits, the keeper Jake Gleeson and defender Michael Boxall. Gleeson is almost certain to make the final 22 named on Tuesday given the injury that currently sidelines Mark Paston. The other newcomers are Birmingham City’s defender Luke Rowe and fullback Michael Fitzgerald, who plays in Japan. Craig Henderson gets a second chance to start his All Whites career after a serious knee injury put a swift end to the Sweden-based midfielder’s first call up last March. The All Whites take on newly crowned Asian Champions Japan in Tokyo on March 29th four days after playing China in a game which has been moved from Nanning to Wuhan. Meanwhile, Kosta Barbarouses - who narrowly missed the final squad for South Africa - is back in the mix after a stellar season leading the Brisbane Roar attack with 11 A-League goals while Kris Bright, who recently signed with Budapest Honved, is the only other player included that didn’t travel to the 2010 World Cup.
- Radio New Zealand

Kids Football


Ross Taylor celebrates birthday with a ton
The New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor celebrated his 27th birthday with a game winning century as the Black Caps beat Pakistan by 110 runs in their World Cup clash in Kandy. Taylor, who was dropped twice early in his innings went on to score an unbeaten 131 off 124 balls, including 8 fours and 7 sixes. He helped put on 100 runs off the last 5 overs as New Zealand made 302 for 7. Taylor scored the last of his 3 previous centuries in 2008 and so it was a special day.... Tim Southee and Kyle Mills knocked the top off the Pakistan batting, reducing them to 66 for 6, before they were dismissed for 192. New Zealand now go top of the group st andings on the same points as Pakistan. The Black Caps play Canada in Mumbai on Sunday. The only downside to the day was captain Daniel Vettori being forced from the field with a knee injury.
- Radio New Zealand

Shepherds Play Program kicks off
A new youth football program is organized by Shepherds United Football Club officially open last Saturday in Port Vila. United is a new team in the TVL Premier League this season and now 5th in the TVL Premier Table. The man behind Shepherds Play Program, Albert Manaroto said, “I have coached in the club for many years now and I think the future of United and Vanuatu Football depends totally on children. “There are lots of children in Port Vila who loves football but there is no one who can put his or her time to teach them.” Amicale FC is the first club who started the kids football program and imagine if all Premier Division clubs starts their own program, football in Vanuatu will have great players who will help the football academy in Teouma in the future. “We aren’t trying to take anything from Amicale Youth Football program. Some of the coaches decided there are plenty of young children in town to go around for two programs. “ The young players who go to the Amicale Kids Program will play in that program and the ones who live at Malapoa, Manples will play with us.” The program begin from 7:30am to 10:00am every Saturdays at Kawenu Field in Port Vila. “We have received a lot of supportive parents and I want to thank those who are backing us and now we are inviting children from age 6 to 15 to come along and enjoy basic football training with us.” Albert said. Any parents interested in signing up his or her child for basic football traning can call Albert Manaroto on 7773188 for more information.


Penney gets second Player of the Month award
The New Zealand Breakers’ guard Kirk Penney has won his second National Basketball League Player of the Month award. Penney, won the December award took the February award polling 62 votes and finishing ahead of Sydney Kings’ centre Julian Khazzouh. Penney leads the league in scoring with an average of 20.7 points per game.
-Radio New Zealand

]vanuatu Daily Post |Thursday, March 10 2011 [ 13

Sports News

B razil

Pele warns money is a ‘danger’


P ele


warned that soaring players’ salaries and powerful agents who squeeze clubs for higher fees represent ‘’a danger’’ for the future of the game. The three-time World Cup winner, speaking at a

New York Cosmos promotional event in Hong Kong, bemoaned the number of players pocketing big salaries only to “disappear” after a short career. “Players should never forget to play for the love of the

game. Players love whoever pays a little bit more, that’s the danger for football,” he said. “Sometimes I tease players and say ‘you get in one year what I would have to play 10 years to get’. “Agents do not care if the

player is good or not. They want to sell the player and get the money. That’s the danger for the future of football.” Pele, considered by many to be the greatest footballer of all time, also raised con-

cerns over the potential impact of goal-line technology currently under discussion at FIFA. “We need a little bit more time, football is not Formula One or tennis. It is about quick movement. You cannot

stop a counter-attack to see if it was a goal,” said Pele, who favours the use of an extra referee behind each goal to resolve disputes over penalties and goal-line decisions.
-ESPNsoccernet staff


Hekari determined to bounce back


Brace yourself: Lionel Messi celebrates bagging his second goal at the Nou Camp

Messi shines as Barça move on
A Lionel Messi

helped Barcelona to a 3-1 victory over 10-man Arsenal on Tuesday to put them into the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League on a 4-3 aggregate. The Argentine FIFA Ballon d’Or winner was the difference as Barcelona produced another outstanding display of attacking football which left the Arsenal defence stretched from beginning to end. The Catalan side needed just one goal after losing 2-1 at the Emirates and Messi put them ahead in first-half stoppage time. An own goal by Sergio Busquets put Arsenal back on level terms but the game turned Barça way by the sending off of Robin van Persie two minutes later. Xavi Hernandez leveled the tie at 2-1 and then Leo Messi scored the decider with a penalty. While Van Persie labelled the sending off “a joke,” a furious Wenger reportedly confronted the Swiss official in the tunnel afterwards. “We lost against a good team but if it had stayed at 11 players apiece then I could accept losing,” said the Frenchman, who has seen his side lose in the League Cup final and exit here in the past 10 days. “Unfortunately that was not the case and we have many regrets tonight. The way we lost tonight makes it hard to accept.” Whether it was a case of mind games or just a speedy recovery Van Persie was on the team list to start. Ruled out last week by manager

Arsene Wenger he was a lastminute inclusion on the plane and passed a late fitness test. The attention before the game was on local youth product Cesc Fabregas who chose to abandon his hometown team at the age of 16 by the lure of a first-team opportunity at Arsenal. Fabregas was also ready to play after shrugging off a hamstring strain and lined up for his first official game at the Nou Camp alongside Samir Nasri and Tomas Rosicky with Abou Diaby and Jack Wilshere behind. For Barcelona Busquets as expected dropped into central defence alongside Eric Abidal with the only surprise that Adriano was preferred to Maxwell at left-back. Arsenal defended deeply as they sought to avoid a repetition of last season’s annihilation when after scoring an early opener they were torn apart with Messi getting all the goals in a 4-1 rout. A last ditch block by Laurent Koscielny from a Pedro Rodriguez shot after just three minutes set the stall for the Gunners as they attempted to snuff out the threat from Barça’s trident attack led by Messi. Arsenal suffered a setback when keeper Wojciech Szczesny was forced off with a wrist injury and Manuel Almunia stepped into the fray. Barcelona looped ball after ball behind the Arsenal defence who most of the time were chasing shadows. Koscielny made another important intervention and Johan Djourou made a tack-

le on Xavi Hernandez who burst into the box but Barça began to get frustrated as the goal did not appear to be coming. The players remonstrated with the referee for what they saw as time wasting and in a heated spell Van Persie was booked for pushing Dani Alves in the face. On the point of half-time Barça finally found their way through as Andres Iniesta played in Messi and the Argentine kept his head to delicately chip the ball over the keeper and volley it into an empty goal. It appeared as though the visitors would be forced out of their shells but they drew level in bizarre circumstances. A corner was floated in and Busquets surrounded by other Barca players directed his header back into his own net. A deflated home crowd were on their feet minutes later though as Van Persie was given a second yellow card for shooting after the whistle had blown. With the noise from a 90,000 capacity crowd Van Persie could perhaps have been given the benefit of the doubt in his claim he didn’t hear the whistle. With a man extra Barca pressed forward and a neat passing move split the Arsenal defence wide open. An Iniesta ball was flicked on by Villa into Xavi’s path and he finished coolly. Minutes later and Barcelona extended their lead from the penalty spot with Messi slotting home after Pedro was upended by Koscielny.

Chairman John Kapi-Natto wishes captain David Muta luck before the 2010 O-League final. Chairman John Kapi-Nat lingering hopes coach Jerry unapologetic about the club’s to is confident his Hekari Allen and his players might recruitment policy. United side will bounce back have had of making the final “Papua New Guinea is not from this season’s disappoint- and they now have only pride ready to compete at the highing O-League campaign and to play for in their last match est level of club football in return to being a major force against Lautoka. the Oceania region,” he says. in the Pacific’s premier club The underwhelming show- “I had to spend my own time competition in future sea- ing has led to questions being and resources to bring these sons. asked of the team and man- international players in to The Port Moresby-based agement but Kapi-Natto does help the club achieve what side pulled off a major coup not think the form slump will I want to do for my country in the 2010 O-League, mak- be permanent and says it was and that is my right as the ing it all the way to the final always going to be tough for owner. and then going one step Hekari to repeat their heroics “It takes a wealth of further by beating heavy of last season. experience to fight together favourites Waitakere United “Becoming a champion is and that is what Hekari did to qualify for the FIFA Club one thing but defending the through the Solomon and World Cup. title is an enormous task by Fiji players. Without their They represented Oceania any football team,” he told support we would not have with pride at the prestigious Papua New Guinea newspa- made it.” event in Abu Dhabi, losing 3-0 per The National. Kapi-Natto admits that to hosts Al-Wahda but per“I can boast that Hekari the departure of key players forming well and proving that is a very disciplined club Stanley Waita and Alick Maeit is possible for Pacific players and will be kept like that for mae left big boots to fill but to compete with top overseas as long as my wife, Vonnie says they left on their own professionals. Kapi-Natto, is the manageress accord he could do little to But they appear to have suf- along with her management stop them fered a Club World Cup hango- team.” “I agree that they were two ver and have not been at their A l l e n a n d h i s c o a c h - players who helped Hekari best during this season’s com- ing staff relied heavily on qualify for the Club World petition. With just one pool imported players from the Cup. But the team does not game remaining, the Papua Solomon Islands and Fiji in win because of one or two New Guineans are out of the the battle to book a return to players, it takes 11 to win a running for a spot in the final the Club World Cup and only match and that is what we and sit at the bottom of Group half of the original 30-man achieved as a team.” A, having tasted victory just squad were from Papua New Hekari’s final match of the once in their five matches. Guinea. Some onlookers have 2011 O-League is at home at A 2-1 loss to resurgent Solo- suggested this may have been PMRL Stadium on March 19 mon Islands side Koloale in the a reason for the disappoint- from 3pm local time. last round put an end to any ing results but Kapi-Natto is -OFC



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