Spring Greetings, Chargers!

Yes, spring is right around the corner! It will be wonder‐ ful to smell the fresh spring air, see the buds bursting  with color, and the grass turning green again.  It is  equally as wonderful to witness our seniors sprouting  their wings, ready to lift off to their next adventure in  life, while also watching our underclassmen demonstrate  academic and social growth and maturity.  Dundee‐ Crown is blessed to have such great students!    The District Science Fair was a huge success.  Science Fair  participation is required for Honors credit in Biology.  We  hold an internal Science Fair for students who take Hon‐ ors Biology during terms 1 and 2. The District Fair is part  of a Regional program.  Students in middle  school and high school science prepare presentations  and formal scientific papers to showcase experimental  research on an individualized project.  Students present  to two judges who use Science Fair Rubrics to score stu‐ dents' work.   Additionally the judges offer students feed‐ back on their papers, presentations, and experimental  design.  Students who are awarded the highest scores  have the opportunity to compete in the regional event  which is held at NIU in March.     1st Place winners from Dundee‐Crown were Kirsten An‐ dersen, Brian Anderson, Karla Berrera, Danyiel Carpen‐ ter, Brandon Fabian, Alexandria Hawkey, Caroline  Hutton, Zander Lopez, Jack MacDonald, Vanessa Marti‐ nez, Diana Martinez, Mary McNicholas, Brandon Meng,  Kyle Meng, Valerie Notarnicola, Abby Perillo, Maryan  Saman, Colin Stiefler, and  Alissa Wika.    2nd Place winners were Lorelei Arteaga, Taylor Burton,  Ross Carpino, Krista Corzinne, Brianna Covarubias,   Orlanda De la Rosa, Dimari Diaz, Thomas Emerson, Jas‐ min Esco, Vanessa Espinoza, Miguel Ferrer Martinez,  Elizabeth Flores, Sergio Flores, Jessica Garay, Andrea  Gaudreault, Alexis Givens, Heather Gullang,Tim Hellyer,  Yecenia Hernandez, Christian Johnson, Alyssa Rae Jones,  Kaitlyn Lancaster, Tyler Lewan, Zoe Lewis, Daisy Luna,  Maria Machuca, Cesar Massu, Fernando Mendoza, Alexis  Miller, Amanda Moore, Sienna Moriarty, Oscar Muro,  Cullen Murray, Jeremy Naber, Nick Napier, Leo Ocon,  Jose Pacheco, Carlos Ramos, Diana Ramos, Brian Richter,  Fernando Rico, Azucena Rocha, Elisa Rodriguez, Miguel  Rodriguez, Jessica Runchey, Stacy Salgado, Anton Saman,  Michael Sarrazine, Becca Shydlowski, Benjamin Stone,  Daniel Tenorio, Cindy Ugalde, Joseline Valdez, Alondra  Villa, Enrique Villagomez, Stephany Villagomez, John  Watkins, Skylar Wurster,  and Bryan Zavala.  Dundee‐Crown continues to work on improving the skills  of all of our students.  We are pushing vocabulary in all  areas while also using strategies on inference, compare  and contrast, paraphrasing and summarizing, and ques‐ tioning. Please be sure to ask your student what strate‐ gies they are using in his/her classes. Try to use the  “word of the week” at home.  You can find the weekly  word in the student handbook and also on our daily an‐ nouncements. The more vocabulary they know, under‐ stand and use the better they will do on the standardized  tests.    As always, keep pushing our Charger Pride and have a  relaxing Spring Break!! 

Lynn McCarthy

The counseling department wishes to extend their thanks to all who organ‐ ized and participated in our third annual college and career day.  We are  looking forward to next year’s event.  Save the date for our fourth annual  college and career day, February 17, 2012. 

"Languages Make The World Go 'Round"   
World Language Week is going to be celebrated at Dundee‐ Crown the week of March 21st.      Many fun and interesting activities are planned.  Tuesday is  Club Day with games and authentic foods after  school.  Thursday, students will be entertained by Dundee‐ Crown's own "Latin Traditional Dancing Crew".  Students  will also hear a presentation from our German transfer stu‐ dent who will talk about life in Germany and answer ques‐ tions.  Throughout the week there will be ways to include  the entire student body in our celebration.  There will be  daily trivia questions in the announcements as well as the  reading of the pledge of allegiance in different languages.      World language t‐shirts with this year's national logo and  theme will be sold for $6.00 each.      


Take Charge   Tutoring! 
  Available   after school,   Monday‐Thursday  from 3:15‐4:15    Sign up in the media  center or the   Academic Support  Center before 1:30    Subjects offered:    English  Math  Science  History    An activity bus is  available to take you  home at 4:15 

SENIOR AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT: Seniors: If you have won a scholarship to the college or university you plan to attend in the fall, we would love to hear about it and celebrate this achievement at our annual awards assembly. Please contact Brian Conant in the main office with the name of the award, the amount of the award and the college or university!

Art Show!
The annual Dundee Crown High School art show is now taking place at the Dundee Township Public Library on Rt. 68. The art show will run through March 23rd with a reception / awards ceremony on March 15th at 6:30. The art show and reception is open to the public. There are hundreds of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works of art on display ranging from: drawings, paintings, mixed media works, photography, computer art, ceramics, sculpture, metals and more.

No Smoking! 
  Please be reminded that  Illinois law strictly pro‐ hibits smoking tobacco  products at all times  throughout all District  300 property. The law  applies to staff,   parents, visitors, and all  other persons.  There are  no exceptions.  Here are  the legal references: 105  ILCS 5/10‐20.5b and 105  ILCS § 5/34‐18.11  

Dundee-Crown teachers collaborate with Sherman Hospital
Teaching and Learning was the focus of the Kane County Institute day for Dundee-Crown Science teachers who participated and presented in several learning opportunities offered throughout the county on Friday February 25th. Jean Laurance and other members of the D-C AVID team worked to inform teachers about Inquiry in the AVID program at Dundee-Crown. Ryan Blinstrup and Katie Merva presented to 100 teachers at Sherman Hospital who gathered to learn and discuss how teachers can use the geothermal resource at Sherman Hospital for learning and teaching. Jorge Almodovar, Chris Caramela, Joe Ehrmann, Meghan Meredith, Scott McNees, Parul Patel and Dianne Kraus met with members of the ECC Alliance for College Readiness to collaborate with other members of the alliance on College Readiness and SENCER –Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities.

Bully Prevention Resources   and Reporting Form 
District 300 recognizes that technology can play a sig‐ nificant role in bully prevention.  The district has estab‐ lished on its web site (www.d300.org) a bully preven‐ tion page which contains resources for the student,  parent and staff to explore.     As most bullying is not reported by the victim for  many reasons, the district has developed an on‐line  bully report form.  This form can be anonymously sub‐ mitted on‐line or the reporting person can identify  themselves in the report.  In an effort to break down  the reluctance to report bullying behavior, our web  site now allows for the reporting of bullying anytime  by any student or parent.  When the form is submitted  it is electronically received by District’s Safety Officer  who will forward to and discuss the report with the  school of occurrence.  It is still the best practice to re‐ port bullying directly and immediately to a school  staff member or administrator. 

Hopeful Eagle Scouts at D‐C 
  DCHS junior, Andrew Trulock, and sophomore Kevin  Dispensa will spend their spring break this year work‐ ing on their “Citizenship in the Nation” merit badge  for Eagle Scout certification.  Both Andrew and Kevin  were invited to work with Illinois Senator Dan Duffy  as a page in the General Assembly in Springfield, IL.   Next, Andrew and Kevin will travel to the lower  house to work as a page for Illinois Representative  Michael Tryon.  As a page for both Senator Duffy and  Representative Tryon, both Andrew and Kevin will  have an opportunity to see the inner workings of our  state legislature.  Andrew is particularly interested in  hearing a debate on the General Assembly floor as  our representatives work to pass a bill.  Kevin is hop‐ ing to promote his understanding of politics as he  works in the General Assembly.    According to Kevin, approximately 15% of all kids  who enter the scout system as Cub Scouts work  through the program to Eagle Scout status.  Both stu‐ dents consider the opportunity to work on their Ea‐ gle Scout certification a great honor.  They intend to  use their experience as Eagle Scouts on their college  applications and feel certain that the completion of  the Eagle Scout program will demonstrate their  strong work ethic and determination.  Kevin is inter‐ ested in becoming a Junior Scout Master while An‐ drew is simply looking forward to completing the  program.    Both students believe that working on their Eagle  Scout certification allowed them to develop their  leadership skills as well as their citizenship skills.   Andrew and Kevin acknowledge that it is not enough  to know how a democracy works.  They both credit  the Scouts for teaching them they must be active  participants in their community.  Last, but certainly  not least, Andrew and Kevin report that participat‐ ing in the Scouts, for them, was like extending their  families.  They both met what they hope will be life‐ long friends.  Last, both Andrew and Kevin believe  the discipline and determination they learned as  Scouts will better prepare them for living successful  adult lives.   

College Night…..
“What to do to Prepare for College” A timeline of what to do to prepare for the college application process!

Wednesday, March 23rd @ 7 pm DUNDEE-CROWN HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Spanish version: D-CHS Annex Sophomores, Juniors & Parents are invited!!

Prom 2011 News 
  Prom season has officially begun! The Prom Fashion Show on March 5th wrapped up this year’s prom fundraising and  started the prom buzz throughout the Dundee‐Crown hallways!     We have had a very successful fundraising year, with $3,000 raised for this year’s prom (please note that this is being  published before the Prom Fashion Show, which expects to draw at least another $1,000 of funds for the 2011 Prom).  Our fundraising efforts this year included the following: a $5 donation program from local tuxedo stores during the 2010  Prom, a 2010 Prom picture rebate, glow stick bracelet sales at the Homecoming Football Game, running the coat check  at the Homecoming Dance, wrapping holiday gifts at Spring Hill’s Barnes and Noble store, the February Prom Raffle, and  the Prom Fashion Show. The Prom Committee—a group of junior and senior students dedicated to an safe, fun, and in‐ expensive prom—have been working tirelessly to raise money for this year’s prom.   These students include:    Stephen Eyster  Makiah Scott    Lisa Fasone  Jessica Skiba    Derek Moore  Jasmine Williams    Edyta Pietrowska  Tyler Wong    Hannah Romano    Student Council Representatives also on the committee:  Christian Stillwell (Junior Class President)  Jhan Galarza (Junior Class Vice‐President)  Keneedra Hughes (Junior Class Secretary)  Terina Burr (Junior Class Public Relations)    We cannot thank these students enough for all the hard work they have put into the fundraising for this year’s prom.  Their work will continue as we begin working on the prom theme, tickets, dinner planning, and other preparations for  this year’s prom. We will also work together to make arrangements for the 2012 Prom. Input on any changes or updates  to the Dundee‐Crown Prom are always appreciated and can be made through these students or through Mrs. Sara Bur‐ nett (see contact information below).    The 2011 Prom will be on Saturday, May 7th.  The reception for prom goers and their family and friends begins at 4 pm  in the DCHS Fieldhouse. We will then begin boarding the buses at 5:30 pm to go to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare for dinner  and dancing. The evening continues with a prom favorite—a midnight cruise on the Spirit of Chicago! Students will arrive  back at DCHS at about 3 am. It’s a fun‐filled evening for all, with a ton of dancing and great food!    Ticket sales for this year’s Prom will be on Saturday, April 16th from 9 am – 3 pm. Senior students can purchase their  tickets starting at 9 am. Juniors can then begin purchasing tickets at 12 pm. If any tickets remain, ticket sales will con‐ tinue the following week – before or after school through Mrs. Burnett. Although, the final ticket price has not been set  yet (since not all fundraising has been completed and current gas prices play a role in the cost of prom), we currently  predict tickets to cost around $220 per couple or $110 per student. The official price will be announced as soon as possi‐ ble, so listen to the daily announcements at school.    Prom presentations for Junior and Senior students will take place during CUP in the month of April. These presentations  provide information for students about this year’s prom and the ticket purchasing process. The dates of these presenta‐ tions will be announced later in the month.   

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    Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Rep‐ resentatives will be available on Thursdays to assist  our seniors with questions regarding the college ap‐ plication process.  Students may see their counsel‐ ors for an appointment slip.  Representatives will  meet with students in the Career Center located in  the Counseling Department from 9:30am – 3:00pm.    D‐CHS Scholarship Bulletin – Seniors, many scholar‐ ships for college are now listed online. Check out  these opportunities on the Counseling Department  website by looking under the Financial Aid section.  New scholarships arrive weekly. You may also get  applications and a hard copy of the bulletin from the  Counseling Department secretary.    Work Permits  The Department of Labor requires a work permit for  all persons under the age of 16. The first step is for  the minor to obtain a letter of intent from the pro‐ spective employer stating his or her name, the job  and its description, signed by a manager.   Then that  letter, the minor’s birth certificate issued from the  county of birth and social security card must be  brought to Mrs. Altmayer in the Main Office by the  parent or legal guardian.   Students may not submit  these materials themselves.   Students under the  age of 16 who wish to work are restricted in the  number of hours they can be work each day and  week.  There are also many restrictions for minors  on the types of businesses they are allowed to work  in and the types of jobs they may be employed to  do.   Hazardous jobs utilizing chemicals or power  equipment are among those that are unacceptable.    For more details, contact the main office. 
BACK ROW: Mrs. Gavigan, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Tann‐ heimer, Mrs. Wick, MIDDLE ROW: Ms. Blanchard,  Mrs. Yakes, Ms. Drakousis, Mrs. Johnson   FRONT ROW: Mrs. DiCosola, Ms. Gard 

  College Visits  One important factor in evaluating a college is the  campus visit. Consider this:  College Visitation Days—every student may take up  to two days during their junior and  senior years for the purpose of visiting a college.  These days do not count against a  student’s attendance providing the proper proce‐ dure is followed.   See your Dundee‐Crown planner   for details.    Transcript Requests  High school transcripts are provided to students  when requested with the Transcript Release form  available in the Counseling Office.  There is a mini‐ mum of a 48 hour waiting period before a transcript  can be prepared due to the volume of requests.    Students should keep this in mind when needing  transcripts to be sent by a specific deadline date.  The first 5 requested Official Transcripts are free to  current students.   Any additional Official Transcripts  cost $5.00 per copy.   

National Youth   Leadership Council 
  Texting during class can get students in trouble, but tex‐ ting while driving can be deadly.  This was the message  two D‐CHS students shared during a recent interview  broadcast on Star 105.5.    On February 24th Dana Ewert and Crystal Ramirez were  interviewed by Star 105.5’s Stu Cohen about the impor‐ tance of good teen driving habits.     The interview was just one of the many ways these stu‐ dents and other members of the NYLC have been trying  to get the word out about the dangers of texting while  driving and the importance of wearing a seatbelt.  Earlier  this year the NYLC won a $2,000 grant for promotional  activities related to teen driving habits.  The group has  also received  support from the Ford motor company,  the Illinois State Police and Allstate Insurance.    Ewert and Ramirez offered tips on how they avoid tex‐ ting while driving and shared details about their efforts  to improve the habits of teen drivers.    “I don’t want to get in an accident.  I don’t want to ruin  my life because of one message,” Ramirez said.    The interview is available on the D‐CHS homepage. 

District 300 is offering a Learning and Language Lab at Lakewood School
(1651 Ravine Lane, Carpentersville)
WHEN?: Mondays and Wednesdays thru April 6, 2011 TIMES: 6:00—8:30 P.M.
The program will NOT be in session during any holiday or spring break, or when the school is closed due to emergencies. Enter thru the door right before the basketball court. NOTE: Children must be supervised at all times. There will be childcare for children ages 2-5. Spaces are limited. Priority on the computer will be given to the adults. If you have any questions, please call Alma Auchstetter at 847-428-1191 ext. 2609 or by email: alma.auchstetter@d300.org. Visit the Free Computer Class & Language Program to LEARN:  Spanish or English with the Rosetta Stone Computer Language Program  Computer Skills

THANK YOU to everyone that participates in the Target  Take Charge of Education® program.  
  If you shop at  Target, please consider using your Target® Visa® or Target®  Card. Thank you for those who have enrolled in the program and designated  Dundee‐Crown to receive this reward.    Visit target.com/tcoe, or call 1‐800‐316‐6142   to designate our school as a beneficiary. 

Grab a team jersey, And get ready to Cheer, The DC Booster Dinner Dance Will soon be here!~ Get ready for a casual night of food, fun, and friends!

Saturday April 9, 2011 Holiday Inn Elgin (Rt. 31 just north of I90) Our fabulous auction gives you a chance to win $2,500! Tickets ($75.00) go on sale in February!
* We need plenty of volunteers to join the planning committee. Please contact Mark Gross at mark.gross299@gmail.com for more information. DC SPIRIT WEAR: THE SPIRITWEAR WINDOW WILL CONTINUE TO BE OPEN EVERY THURSDAY DURING THE LUNCH HOUR DC BOOSTERS HELP EARN MONEY FOR YOUR KIDS SPORTS TEAMS: Man the Concession Stand! Concessions are open throughout the Winter Sports Season; Help us Improve this Major Source of Income for your kids Athletic Programs! We especially need help during the boys and girls basketball games It’s easy to sign yourself up for concessions; just follow this link: http://dchs.d300.org/athletics/d-c-boostersd-cboosters. Scroll down to ""How You Can Help" and choose the schedule that suits you best.

DC BOOSTERS HELP PROMOTE ATHLETICS: Promote Your Son/Daughter’s Team! Show your team you care by contributing information and photos about their events and accomplishments! Share photos of your athlete/team: Contact Maureen Himmel reengh@sbcglobal.net Coordinate better communication between your athlete's sport, the D-C Boosters and the school, contact Maureen Himmel reengh@sbcglobal.net or your athlete's coach. 

Test out of the Computer Keyboarding class and be able to take higher-level computer classes!

Dundee-Crown High School Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 9:00 am Jacobs High School Hampshire High School Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 9:00 am
What you need to demonstrate:  Students will demonstrate proper keyboarding skills.  Students will demonstrate basic formatting of documents.  Standard Memorandum in Block Style  Business Letters  Reports & Topic Outlines  Tables How you are assessed:  Observation of typing technique by a teacher.  Three minute timing at a minimum of 35 words a minute  with 3 or fewer errors  Typing the above documents with correct formatting

Register online at http://dchs.d300.org  For Students  Keyboarding Proficiency Exam Registration

AP Exam Registration 2011
Student Name: __________________________ ID Number: ___________________ CUP teacher:_____________________ _______ CUP room:________________ Cost is $87 per exam – please make checks payable to Dundee-Crown High School. (If you are eligible for free/reduced lunch the cost of each exam is $57). ***This year MOST testing will take place at Hampshire High School. Government will be held at Dundee-Crown***
If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, please check this box.
If you CANNOT provide your own transportation to Hampshire High School, please check this box.

Exam Schedule – please check test(s) you would like to take  Government – Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 8:00 am  Spanish-Tuesday, M ay 3, 2011 at 8:00 am  Calculus AB - Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 8:00 am  English Literature – Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 8:00 am  US History – Friday, May 6, 2011 at 8:00 am  Biology – Monday, May 9, 2011 at 8:00 am  Chemistry – Monday, May 2, 2011 at 8:00 am  Environmental Science – Monday, May 2, 2011 at 8:00 am  Psychology – Monday, May 2, 2011 at 12:00 pm  English Language - Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 8:00 am  Other Exam: ____________________________________
Registration forms and checks are due to Mrs. Woodbury in the Main Office by March 22, 2011. You will receive a reminder notice as to when/where you are to appear for registration and testing. No refunds will be given after March 22, 2011. Student Signature ________________________________________________________ Parent Signature _________________________________________________________



State Testing Information
P A R E N T E D I T I O N S P R I N G 2 0 1 1

 Steps to take to prepare for state testing  How to use your state report  FAQs

What is the Prairie State Achievement Exam?
The PSAE is the state achievement test for grade 11 public high school students. Unless a student is exempt, current state legislation requires that students take the PSAE to receive a regular high school diploma. The PSAE will test four academic subjects: reading, mathematics, science, and writing. This is a two day test-ACT and Work Keys. ACT-The ACT® test assesses high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The multiple -choice tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science. The Writing Test, which is optional, measures skill in planning and writing a short essay (taken from www.act.org) Work Keys- The WorkKeys System connects work skills, training, and testing for education and employers and makes it easier to meet the requirements of federal programs and legislation. This exam takes place Wednesday, April 27, 2011 (ACT) and Thursday, April 28, 2011 (Work Keys) Make-up testing- Wednesday, May 11, 2011 and Thursday, May 12, 2011 Students will register for the PSAE at school in the CUP class the week of April 18th. The exam is FREE of charge. The PSAE will be given at school during the school day. Students will report to their assigned classroom, usually their CUP classroom, by 7:40. On Wednesday, April 27, students will be released at 12:35. On Thursday, April 28, students will be released at 11:40. Students should make sure to get a good night’s rest, eat a big breakfast, and bring all testing materials (pencils, calculator, ID, etc.).

PSAE-Juniors 4/27 and 4/28 IACTSophomores 4/27 PLANFreshmen 4/28

What is the IACT?
The IACT (Institutionalized ACT) is a practice ACT exam. Dundee-Crown uses a retired ACT to prepare students for their junior year. This data is NOT reported to the state. We use this data to track student progress, target struggling students, and guide student placement. In addition, students will be able to track their own progress and growth. All 10th grade students will take this exam on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. Sophomores are NOT in attendance on Thursday, April 28, 2011. Most students will take this exam in their CUP classrooms. Students should report to their testing rooms by 7:40 and will be released at 11:40. Students will receive their results in the fall of their junior year.



What is the PLAN?
The PLAN® program helps 9th graders build a solid foundation for future academic and career success and provides information needed to address school districts' high-priority issues. It is a comprehensive guidance resource that helps students measure their current academic development, explore career/ training options, and make plans for the remaining years of high school and postgraduation years (taken from www.act.org). All 9th grade students will take the PLAN on Thursday, April 28, 2011. Freshmen are NOT in attendance on Wednesday, April 29, 2011. The PLAN is used to track student progress, target struggling students, and guide student placement. Students can use their score reports to predict their ACT scores. Also, their PLAN reports will give students great ideas about planning their high school course work. In addition, students will be able to track their own progress and growth. Students will

receive their PLAN reports in the fall of their sophomore year.

Student Recourses
“It is a comprehensive guidance resource that helps students measure their current academic”
Illinois State Board of Education www.isbe.state.il.us/ assessment/psae.htm This will give you excellent information about state laws, NCLB, and AYP. ACT-www.act.org This will give students information about the ACT. Students can practice questions and buy preparatory materials. Work Keys-www.act.org/ workkeys/ This will give students information specific to the Work Keys exam. ACT online Prepwww.actonlineprep.com Students received login information in their CUP classrooms. This is an excellent site to help students practice for the ACT.

What can my child do to prepare for state testing?
Have your child...  Start thinking about what he/she would like to study in college  Use Career Cruising program (done in their English class)  Make an effort to participate more     in class Make an effort to do homework Improve attendance Work during CUP with peer tutors Meet with his/her counselor about enrolling in more rigorous class work      Meet with teachers outside of class Make effort to read for fun Use CUP to his/her advantage Go to after school tutoring Get involved in clubs, activities, and athletics








How to use your score report
Score reports show students’ strengths and weaknesses. The ACT Benchmarks for College Readiness listed in the chart below correlate with success in college level freshman courses. How can I use the results?
Students and parents can predict an ACT score by adding 2 points to your PLAN scores and 2 points to your IACT scores. Remember, this

Subject English Math Reading Science

Your PLAN Scores 12 19 16 22

Your IACT Scores 14 21 18 24

Your Predicted ACT Score 16 23 20 26

ACT Benchmark for College Readiness 18 22 21 24

Extra Efforts Needed Yes No Yes No

is only a prediction! Your motivation, effort, and preparation will cause your actual scores to vary.

Students receive their score reports in the CUP classes. Ask students about the reflection worksheet they fill out with their report!

PSAE FAQs (taken from ISBE flyer)
Where can I find more information about the Illinois Learning Standards? Contact your local high school or visit your local library to review a copy of the Illinois Learning Standards. Copies of the Illinois Learning Standards are also available for download and printing at www.isbe.net/ils. Should students with disabilities take the PSAE? Students with disabilities must take the PSAE unless they have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that identifies regular state testing as being inappropriate for them, even with accommodations. Case managers work on sending in the appropriate paperwork to the state. Should students with limited English proficiency take the PSAE? Students with limited English proficiency must take the PSAE. As necessary, they may receive accommodations during testing to assist them in understanding the tests. However, ACT scores from these accommodated administrations cannot be reported to colleges or universities.

“The ACT Benchmarks for College Readiness listed in the chart below correlate with success in college level freshman courses.”

Why should students who are not planning to go to college take the ACT?
The Illinois Learning Standards are for all Illinois students, not just those who plan to go to college. Taking the ACT, which is aligned with standards, gives students a measure of their academic strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, students who do not want to attend college immediately after high school graduation may decide to go back to school after they have worked for a time. The need for learning in the workplace is continuing; most high school graduates will eventually have to continue their education to achieve career or life goals.

Must PSAE scores appear on transcripts as part of the student permanent record? Yes. Student transcripts must include scores for each of the four PSAE subjects and indicate the subject(s) in which a student earned a Prairie State Achievement Award. Scores for the individual tests that constitute the PSAE, including the WorkKeys scores, may be included on the student’s temporary record but not the permanent record.

Where can I find more information about the PSAE?
Contact Mrs. Woodbury (nicole.woodbury@d300.org) or go to

www.isbe.state.il.us/ assessment/psae.htm

CUSD300 Dundee-Crown High School
1500 Kings Road Carpentersville, Il 60110 224-484-5000

PSAE Committee

Count Down to Testing

Juniors receive ACT online prep login information in their CUP classes and can practice at school or at home. ACT prep course continues



April Test taking strategies CUP presentations  PSAE registration (in CUP class)  April 27-PSAE ACT and IACT (sophomores and juniors)  April 28-PSAE Work Keys and PLAN (freshmen and juniors) MayMay 2-May13-AP testing at Hampshire High School  May 11 and 12-PSAE make-up testing

Freshman, sophomore, and junior CUP presentations continue ACT prep course concludes AP registration is open until March 22

 

TEST TAKING TIPS:  Get a good night’s sleep  Eat a healthy breakfast  Get to school early...don’t rush around in the morning  Come prepared-pencils, calculator, ID, snacks (NO CELLS PHONES OR IPODS)  Relax and breath  Pace yourself

Parents, You’re Not Alone: Let’s Define Some Support That Dundee-Crown Offers!
Teachers •When it comes down to it, teaching is still about one person working with another to develop skills, behaviors, and  aptitude •If there is ever a question about an assignment, students can connect with their teacher before school, after school, during  the teacher's planning block, or during CUP •Our generous teachers are more than willing to help whenever, however, and wherever they can Charge it Up (CUP) •Dundee‐Crown has created a schedule that includes a 30‐minute time period when every teacher is available •Students can use this time to get clarity from teachers regarding assignments, make up tests, work on group projects,  read, and gain critical skills and content knowledge •When?  After second block (10:47‐11:17AM) After‐School Tutoring (Take Charge!) / Media Center •After the last bell rings, we are still here to support students •Dedicated teachers work with students who have learning needs after school in the annex (3:15‐4:15 p.m., Mon‐Thur) •Students just have to sign up on the computers before 1:30 p.m.  Plus, a 4:15 p.m. bus brings students home!  •Students can use computers, get support from peers, and use work space in the Media Center   •When? Mon‐Thur 7:00 a.m. – 5:00p.m. Fri. 7:00 a.m.‐3:30 p.m.  •Contact person? Ms. Christina Wochner at Christina.Wochner@d300.org or 224‐484‐5132 Peer Tutoring •The trained tutors at Dundee‐Crown are determined to support students and teachers throughout the school day •They go into classes at a teacher's request, they help during CUP, and they are even available before and after school •Contact person?  Ms. Stephanie Reed at Stephanie.Reed@d300.org or 224‐484‐5247 Academic Support Center (ASC) •The ASC works in conjunction with CUP to provide support for reticent freshman learners during their transition to the  demands of high school •Students who need help, but do not seek it on their own, receive a pass from freshman teachers that directs them to the  ASC •Once there, students connect with teachers and peer tutors to complete missing work, learn essential skills, and make up  tests and quizzes •When?  During CUP •Contact person? Mr. Anthony Bradburn at Anthony.Bradburn@d300.org or 224‐484‐5018 DC LEARNS •DC LEARNS is an after‐school program staffed by dedicated teachers who want to help students gain essential content and  skills •English Language Learners and Special Ed students receive support from specially trained teachers who are bilingual and  know multiple teaching approaches for special learners •This is a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of America ©, and offers transportation to their club where they can eat,  work on computers, engage in games, and hang out with friends •When?  Mon‐Thur 3:00‐4:15PM, with transportation to/from the club (if desired) that ends at 7:00pm •Contact person?  Ms. Karen Leinen at Karen.Leinen@d300.org or 224‐484‐5238 Problem‐Solving Teams (PST's) •PST's are small groups of staff that include the school psychologist, deans, counselors and social service workers. The  group meets regularly to collect data and intervene on the behalf of students with the most significant behavioral issues. •Counselors and deans typically identify the students who will be the focus for each PST, but teachers and parents are often  contacted to contribute information about students and their progress. Teachers with questions about student behavior  issues are encouraged to contact a student’s counselor or dean. •Contact person? Mrs. Piper Stratton at Piper.Stratton@d300.org or 224‐484‐5054



Sponsored by P.O.M.P (Parents of Music Performers) SPRING 2011

Carpentersville, Illinois  

MAR.     3  MAR.     5  MAR.     7  MAR.     8  MAR.   21  MAR.  24‐30  APR.      4  APR.     11  APR.     11  APR.    14‐16  APR.    16  APR.    20  MAY     2  MAY     9  MAY    12  MAY    17  MAY    19  MAY    21  MAY    29                                                                                                       7:00 PM                      7:00 PM           7:00 PM  4:30‐6:00 PM            7:00 PM    4:30‐6:00 PM           7:00 PM       8:00‐12:00           7:00 PM           7:00 PM  4:30‐6:00 PM           7:00 PM           7:00 PM           7:00 PM           2:30 PM           1:00 PM 




Les Miserables   
  The Dundee‐Crown Music Department has begun the process that will bring you “Les  Miserable.”  The musical will take place on April 14, 15 and 16 at 7:00 pm in the    auditorium at Dundee Crown High School, 1 Charger County Drive, Carpentersville, Ill.   Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and students.  Tickets can be purchased through    the main office or at the door.   




   POMP Monthly Meetings                             (Parents of Music Performers) 
Meetings Held:   Chorus Room DC    When:    First Monday of each  month    Time:       7:00 pm    Listed below are the dates of the  POMP meetings, hope to see you  there.                                           Mar. 7, Apr. 4, May 2 




MARKET DAY PICK UP DATES                      TIME 4:30‐6 PM        (Please mark your calendars)                      
 MAR. 21 

APR. 25 

MAY 23 

  By ordering Market Day you can help support the  Music Program.  Internet orders due by 11:00 pm    on Thursday, Mar. 17.  Parent volunteers are  needed on the dates above from 3:30‐4:30 pm to  help re‐check items.                                                                                                                        The Dundee Crown Parents of Music Performers                (POMP) will award scholarship money to Dundee                Crown High School seniors who have demonstrated                involvement in the music department.  Applications                will be available March 18 and are due April  8.  Please                see Mrs. Aukes or your music teacher for the                application packet.                      Applications available          March  18, 2011         Applications due to Mrs. Aukes          April  8, 2011                     Performance Sign up begins          April  20, 2011  April  30, 2011       Senior Scholarship          Performance Day          Scholarships will be awarded at Senior Awards  Day in May.  Please direct questions to Kim Eischen at        847‐426‐0453 or Candi Kuczynski at 847‐854‐0920. 


                                                                                                SUMMER CAMP MUSIC           SCHOLARSHIPS                           The Dundee Crown Parents of Music Performers (POMP) will award             scholarship money to current Freshmen,             Sophomores,  and Juniors  for 2011         summer  music  camp  attendance.       Applications will be available April             25   and due back to Mrs. Aukes by May 6.           Please see Mrs. Aukes or your music             teacher for an application.            

Scholarships awards will be distributed in May. Please direct questions to Kim Eischen at 847-426-0453 or Candi Kuczynski at 847-854-0920.