Reviewer in Science I.

Fill in the blanks 1______________________ transparent clouds that look like fish scales 2____________________ thick white or grey clouds with a patch where the sun or moon is 3_____________________ thick dark clouds that produces continuous rain or snow 4____________________ clouds which are like thin sheets and make the sun or moon appear to have a halo 5________________________________ thin hair like clouds 6____________________________ clouds that look like masses of fluffy cotton 7______________________________ clouds that look like low layers of flat sheets 8______________________________ clouds that look like large rounded masses with light and dark areas which appear before or after a rain 9____________________________ clouds that bring heavy rains, thunder, and lightning 10________________________________ middle clouds that appear in different shapes a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. cirrus altocumulus stratus nimbostratus cumulus cirronimbus cumulonimbus altostratus cirrocumulus stratocumulus cirrostratus

II. If the statement is correct write True, If not write False ____________1. Animals that build their homes under the ground contributes to soil erosion. ____________2. Erosion is the wearing away and movement of rocks and soil by natural forces. ____________3. Running water and wind can move rocks and soil because they have force. ____________4. The amount of soil washed away by water on a plain and a slope are the same. ____________5. Erosion is most rapid in places where there are no plants especially trees. ____________6. A landslide is most likely to happen on flat land than on a mountainside. ____________7. Splashed soil on walls and plants after a heavy rain can also be called erosion. ____________8. People cause soil erosion when they transform rice fields and fish ponds into housing areas. ____________9. Rocks on the seashoure are broken by the strong waves that hit them, and the pieces are scattered on the shore. ___________10. The more gradual a slope is, the more soil is washed away during the rainy season. Explain why is more soil washed away by rain on a mountainside than on a lowland.

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Circle the letter of the best answer

1. Which component of soil makes it good for plant growtrh. a. air c. pebbles b. organic particles d. earthworms

2. Which layer provides the parent material for soil a. topsoil c. bedrock b. subsoil d. all of the above

3. Which of the following happens to soil when the wind blows hard. a. soil is eroded c. soil changes in texture b. soil becomes very hard. d. soil becomes fertile

4. In which of the following landforms will soil be easily eroded a. plain c. valley 5. Where is a delta formed a. bottom of the river c. mouth of a river b. near a mountain d. in a valley b. mountainside d. river

6. How do the particles of sand differ from those of a silt. a. they are smaller c. they are sticker b. they are bigger d. they are finer

7. Which activity of people contributes to soil erosion a. construction of roads c. construction of buildings b. cotting of forest trees d. all of these

8. Which of these kinds of soil can hold the most water A. sand b. silt c. clay d. foam

Multiple Choice

Match Column A to Column B A 1. 2. Terracing Contour Plowing

Ways on how to prevent erosion B

a. alternating strips of two kinds . of crops b. plowing across a slope c. grass and other plants that naturally grow in an area. d. building wide flat rows that look like a staircase along a slope

3. Strip Cropping

3. Using trees and natural vegetation 4. Reforestation e. rows of tress planted on the edge of fields to Protect plants from wind

Enumerate Three kinds of soil 1. 2. 3. Four differences among kinds of soil 1. 2. 3. 4.

Three Layers of soil 1. 2. 3.