MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP Vinit Reddy(1010791) University Canada West Professor: Liz Wiebe MBA-549 24th February 2011

the world's most comprehensive air transportation network. 2011 .MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP 2 Abstract Air Canada is Canada's largest full-service airline. Air Canada is a founding member of Star AllianceŒ. Vinit Reddy(1010791) February 24. This paper describes how the management and leadership play an important role in motivating and influencing the employees and yield a positive result and with an example from the Air Canada in which the factors of leaders and managers used their strategies to influence and motivate their employees to get out of recession and Thus expanded its operations across the globe. and get company out of losses and how this organization used its ethics and social responsibility to develop its management and work for the community development.

transborder market and in the international market to and from Canada. Vinit Reddy(1010791) February 24. the team of directors employees played an important role for its success. Their major mission is to expand their flight operations across international destinations all around the globe. Air Canada together with its regional partner Jazz carried approximately 31 million passengers. the Canada-U. Mission Statement: Air Canada¶s mission statement is µConnecting Canada and world¶. Air Canada works for fulfilling its commitments more effectively and with greater efficiency. Vision Statement: µBuilding loyalty through passion and innovation¶ is the vision statement of Air Canada. Their major aim is to lead their competitors in the domestic market and provide extra ordinary customer service and increase its profit.To reach a level of one of the leading airlines in world was a tuff task for Air Canada. offering direct passenger service to more than 175 destinations on five continents. In 2009. providing the world's most comprehensive air transportation network. a team of vice-president and a team of Senior executive officers who lead the managers and trainers to train new employees. and in turn motivate team leaders who lead each team of pilot.S. Air Canada has a group of directors.MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP 3 Introduction Air Canada is Canada's largest full-service airline and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian market. 2011 . Air Canada is a founding member of Star AllianceŒ. airhostess. and employees at different levels .

it's important to identify what motivates each of them.d´) It is the responsibility of Leaders and managers to motivate their employees focussing on their mission. 2011 . relationships. (There is debate as to whether a person can motivate another versus whether a person can only support another to motivate themselves. products and services) all employees are valued (we respect we listen we act) drive for excellence (corporately ever reaching for the next level of innovations. communication.) There are two types of motivation one is constructive like coaching which long term motivation and other is destructive like fear which is short term motivation. Different people can have motivators depending on the situations like money. though. to reach their targets. recognition. A major function of leaders is to support the motivation of other individuals and groups. Make every customer feel valued (with their words. (³Anonymous. so that they deliver a positive performance.MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP 4 Values Statement: safety first (100% all the time). Vinit Reddy(1010791) February 24. n. Roles of leaders A leader has ability to motivate and influence employees to follow them. Ultimately. quality and service) These values serve as fundamental guidelines to monitor the organization business ethically and maintain a healthy organizational climate. promotion. In Air Canada there are several departments and each sector has a vice president and few managers. long-term motivation comes from people motivating themselves. rewards and appreciation. Constructive approaches can be very effective in motivating others and for long periods of time. these approaches are usually hurtful. actions. While a destructive approach seems to be very effective in motivating people. When attempting to help motivate people. These values serve as touchstones to guide our actions.

In cases where they performances are not measuring up. as no two set of employees in a workforce are ever the same. in the confines of the offices. Employees love to get encouraged while doing their duties in a proper way even if it¶s a top executive or just an associate. how much their work places are very much their homes away from Vinit Reddy(1010791) February 24. it is very important that the work attitude and culture of the employees should be carefully studied by the manager and he should adopt new strategies or concepts of motivations and motivate employees with different mindset strategy.MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP 5 Role of Managers Motivated employees. and supervisors to do this . a good motivational talk before and after appraisals. A Belonging Feeling Workers who are encouraged may end up feeling a part of the company and may very well be saying in the break rooms. may just be the catalyst. A manager always has to indentify the set of people who have similar attitudes and use his theories or strategies of motivation. required to increase their contributions. So they should not only be paid well. which helps them to motivate themselves to take a vital role in their duties and later play an important role in future success of the company. the motivation that work for one set of employees can turn disastrous on others. but also be appreciated for doing a good job. are those who does their work willingly and well. and they are thus encouraged to acquire the different tools by training and implement them depending on their situations. 2011 . Trials and Errors The process of motivation of employees are trials and errors process. As each employee has different mindset different attitude. however there are no set ways to for managers.

He identifies the group of people. and are working. Exceptional levels of productivity can be expected from employees with these kinds of expressions.MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP 6 homes. their motivational strategies are very much and target. the manager encouraged and motivated the employees by concentrating on their strengths and stressing on their mission vision and values . because they most likely look forward to come to work each day. should take comfort in the fact that. so that they will feel appreciated. or high product qualities. These employees should be given the credit specifically. Managers and supervisors upon hearing these statements. At this time the planning and marketing team came into action where they had a meeting with all the manager and senior employees of the company. 2011 . The employees took up the task of marketing and implementing the ideas of company which include wide range of offer to the travel agents and extra benefits which intern turned out to be a successful task where the employees who were motivated by the manager and lead by Vice president showed there sprits and given high efforts to manages all its agents and getting its airlines fully booked for the vacation season. the dull business and heavy competition from other airlines led Air Canada Company into huge losses. causing the companies to achieve record sales. The vice president of this particular company introduced new ideas and asked the managers to give suggestions on how to get company out of debts and had assigned some tasks to each of manager and each of the manager¶s tasks was to market its airline by leading a team. and have even greater innate desire to continue During the recession period. they same way they anticipate going home. Giving Credit There are also times when they employees produce outstanding work. Vinit Reddy(1010791) February 24.

it is also facing competition with other airlines that are providing service at a cheaper cost. Vinit Reddy(1010791) February 24. Air Canada can lead a new trendsetting way to improve its regional flight operations across the North American continent with high standards of customer satisfaction and achieve greater profits. Conclusion But implementation of their new innovation and motivation the leaders and managers could influence their employees to get a positive result and spread its network all over the globe. by keeping in mind of employees the ethical and social responsibilities of Air Canada and helped them in merging and restructuring the existing Air Canada. Sustaining its position in the global market is very difficult so I recommend it to improvise and implement new strategies by taking ideas from its employees.MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP 7 Recommendations Air Canada is one of the largest airlines sustaining in the global market. By implementing these strategies and a long term mission. The services are good but the cost is high so I recommend them to decrease the cost by decreasing the benefits they give to the travel agent which are intern effecting the customers. 2011 .

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