Chapter1 Lily Potter p.o.v. This was it, the day I had been waiting for nearly most of my childhood.

Boarding onto the platform 9 and ¾ the train that lead to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. I only wished I could’ve held my excitement in a little better. “Honestly Lily, you must stop bouncing.” Mum told me. She was alittle upset I was leaving her after my older brother’s had left to Hogwarts. She just didn’t want to admit it. “Sorry mum, I just can’t help it!” I pleaded “Ginny stop grilling the poor girl. She’s excited, after all.” My father, was the sweetest, people used to call him the chosen one, and kindest father I knew. The crowds of Muggles was a little overwhelming. But I happily pushed my trolley into the column between 9 and 10. “Harry, can you help her with the trolley?” Mum asked as it began to roll away. “Lily,” She whispered “If anything happens to you or if you ever need help or advice you can write to us anytime_” I knew this, I also knew she said this to each of my brothers, James and Albus. “and if you meet any friends or enemies know that we will always be here for you_” She began quickly saying. “and were very proud of you.” My father finished her sentence. I stared into his blue eyes, the ones I wished I had inherited, and grinned as the scar above his forehead reminded me of who I was representing. “And you can count on me ath well.” Hugo, my cousin, startling me, said. “Hello Harry. Ginny.” Aunt Hermoine said greeting us. “Wheres Ron?” Dad asked. “Somewhere.” She said dismally.

Hugo and I let the grown ups chat “Are you ready?” I asked. “No u “I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was 4, what do you think?” “Ready?” “Ready.” Suddenly our parents fell quiet. Their eyes were shocked, Faces agaped, forming big Oh’s. I’ve never seen them this shocked since the time I beat my big brother James in an arm restling match at age 2. “No way.” They whispered. “It can’t be…” “CEDERICK DIGERY?!” My Father shouted.

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