Executive Summary

This section is dedicated to present an executive summary of the report based on quality assurance. So it will be covered nearly all the important topics under this particular subject area. First of all, it is essential to identify the quality in various aspects. In a broad sense, quality can be defined as a degree of excellence and in a narrow sense; it is all right to define the product. Service quality is considered as the conformance with requirement, freedom from defects or simply the customer satisfaction. There are several quality characteristics like performance, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, tangibles, responsiveness and aesthetics etc. These features are acted as some of the parameters to define the term quality in a precise manner. Quality controlling (QC) is also a very important aspect of quality assurance. It consists with a set of measures taken to ensure that the design meets performance requirements. There are several quality Gurus in the world like Dr.Joseph Juran, Dr.Edward Deming and Philip Crosby etc who were introduced so many theories as Juran trilogy, 14 principles and Maturing stages. Under QA study area, benchmarking exists as a very vital topic which defines the continuous process of measuring products/services and practices against competitors and industry big shots. Quality engineering process of software development consists with several phases of activities like requirement and specification, design, coding, testing and release and maintain etc. If the cost of requirement process is very high relative to total project cost, then it will decrease the cost overrun of the project. Testing is also one of the very important tasks in the quality engineering process. Black box, white box, unit, incremental integration tastings are some of the instances for the types of testing. As the test strategy, it is needed to identify the approach and objectives of the project such as the type of testing, task type of testing ( function, performance, stress) and testing tools, techniques etc. In the testing process, it is essential to examine the functionality of the project by using a set of test cases which are included test inputs, execution conditions and expected results etc.

There are mainly three kinds of costs such as failure. The costs of quality can be defines as the costs to identify. They are standard. analyze and fix the bugs to simplify the upgrade process. There are three main approaches to do the inspection process of production. In Poka Yoke or mistake proofing. . He/she is responsible for identify the needs of the business. As well as it facilitates to get the feedback in an effective manner. it is very essential to identify the resources which are going to apply in the design of front. It is needed to have a good testing process of software due some of the reasons like as reducing the risks of computer system. Independent verification and validation means that the software engineering process which allows to evaluate the software product throughout the software lifecycle. So any kind of projects.In the test. Business analysis is one of the key operational tasks of the software development organization. it is better to apply a project manager and business analyst. execution and evaluation for given sets of test cases. nearly all the key sections of quality assurance are covered by giving facts of them briefly. A test procedure and set up. The software testing is a very critical activity which applies the controlled conditions to the system and analyze. So in this executive summary. it is essential to identify the defects in the point of origin. As well as there are some of the identified issues in the software testing that training. informative and point of origin (Poke Yoke). Both these attacking are focused on the common ultimate goal and there are several ways to access that point with bus travelling. In this case. it evaluates the independent components of the whole system and makes sure that building right product (validation) or product right (verification). The main purpose is generated and delivered the test and present a video. It contains human resources as well as the non-human resources and testing tools and data etc. detecting the derivations from requirements and expectations etc. Both of them are terminated abnormally. If something is going wrong. appraisal and preventative costs. building relationship with customers and developers and lack of resources and time to allocate. there are two major types of halted seats. so it can reduce the cost and effort for fix them.

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