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IMPORTANT NUMBERS Police Ambulance Fire Brigade Search & Rescue Bali Taxi (Blue Bird) Motor Taxi 110 118 113 115 701111 7967575 HOSPITAL & CLINICS Klinik Manuaba (Tuban) Kimia Farma Clinic & Apotic (Kuta) Kasih Ibu Hospital (Kedonganan) Kimia Farma Clinic & Apotic (Nusa Dua) Kasih Ibu Hospital (Denpasar) Manuaba Hospital (Denpasar) 754748 766776 703270 778555 223036 426393 TELEPHONE ASSISTANCE Bali Country Code International access code Directory assistance. long distance Directory assistance international Operator-assisted international calls 62 361 001 / 007 108 (local code) 108 102 101 . local Directory assistance.

baliblog. Denpasar hosts a month of cultural performances by the best groups on the island. It is possible to take the cliché of the smiling Balinese to far.baliadvertiser.  LOVINA BEACH well known as an excellent site for sunset watching. Night life activities are also abound. Bali Discovery (www. beaches sports tournaments. Lovina Beach is for you.lombok-network. genuinely warm people. arts competitions. the inhabitants of this small island are indeed a generous. surfing. Promising a big celebration of art. Festivals  BALI ARTS FESTIVAL (Mid-Jun to mid-July). snorkeling. INTERNET RESOURCES Bali Advertiser (www. from the exquisite flower-petal offerings placed seemingly everywhere. who compete for prizes. this site brings together huge amounts of current information on the island. as well as chartered boats to go out into the sea.The Additional Information of Mitrais Page 3 DESTINATION BALI It can’t be said often enough—Bali is like no other destination in the Very comprehensive. . diving and resorts great and This online edition of Bali’s expat journal is filled with insider tips. to the processions of joyfully-garbed locals. and diving. If you like what Kuta offers but do not like the crowd.5 million. Excellent. but it’s the essence of Bali—and the Balinese—that make it so much more than just a fun-in-the-sun retreat. news and information about Bali. located on the Bukit Peninsula. there will be a lot of  NUSA DUA FESTIVAL (August . kite-flying contest and more. Percentage of land in Bali used for rice production: 20% Average monthly wage of a tourism worker: US$70-150 Percentage Hindu in Bali: 92% Down Payment on purchase of a motorbike: US$30 Wet season: Oct-Mar Dry season: Apr-Sep Area: Bali 5620 sq km TOP PICKS Beaches  KUTA BEACH It’s a place enjoyed both by locals and foreign visitors—especially at sunset. week in and week out. Lombok Network (www. but in reality. this site is easily the best source for Balinese news and features. it is also renowned for its dangerous shore-break.  OGOH-OGOH FESTIVAL in ngerupuk day (one day before Nyepi). sports and entertainment. to the otherworldly traditional music and dance still being performed island-wide by a record number of troupes. The always-near-the-surface zany of Kuta is let loose though parades.September). Ogoh-ogoh (symbol from devil or criminal atmosphere) around all street in Bali. cultural shows.  DREAMLAND is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Although run by a tour company.balidiscovery. FAST FACTS Population: Bali 3. culture.  KUTA KARNIVAL (late September and early October).com) Essays. Bali Blog (www. Its rich culture is played out at all levels of life. Yes Bali has beaches. shutting down major roads as they march to one of the myriad temple ceremonies.

An overcoat or other outer garment. 4. take the opportunity to go shopping! Or you can take the advantages of the shipping service to help deliver your stuff. A back up pair of glasses (if you wear glasses). 2. a small camera and/or a pair of binoculars. credit card (if any) and a small note book. A briefcase or personal computer. 2. Shoes are always difficult: heavy and bulky. 9. . Towel and toiletries. 5. Important phone numbers or email addresses of medical specialists. very few of us love packing! Hand Carry Hand carry that fits in the closed overhead rack or under the passenger’s seat with maximum dimensions is specified by the carrier. work.a surprising number aren't and bottles do break. Make sure you bring these items: 1. 3. A reasonable amount of reading materials for the flight. The Free Baggage Allowance for domestic flight sectors economy class is 20 Kgs maximum. ID card. 6. If your baggage is more that 20 kg. although many of us love travelling. or small electronic device such as cell phone. It should fit what you need to take and you must consider instead a well fitting and comfortable backpack. 7. However if you are traveling for a long time then don't take 1 month supply . Your ticket or e-ticket receipt. Clothes . Make sure your toiletries bag is actually waterproof . cash money. family. Do not pack anything you are sentimentally attached to or is particularly jewellery . 5. 8. you have to pay the excess.Choose clothes appropriate for the climate in Bali and in according to Mitrais dress code policy. A handbag. Try to wear your heaviest/bulkiest pair on the plane.Page 4 The Additional Information of Mitrais WORKING IN MITRAIS BALI Before you go Packing for a travel is every-one's nightmare. A battery charger for your cell phone and/or personal may have it stolen but far more likely you may just misplace it or leave it behind. MP3 player or iPod. What you’ll need to consider is pack the following: 1. Notable medicine if you having a specific ailment. Carry on Baggage Decide on how much you will need to carry in your baggage. take a minimum. can buy almost anything anywhere these days. (see page 7 to find some cargo agencies can be used). The airlines will offers you Free Baggage Allowance which will be applied by the class of travel and flight sectors. 3. Do not pack anything you are taking "just in case". anyone you may need to contact if something occurs.

35. For the bed. electricity is included. Jl.90. Jl.000 Kuta Center (Batas Utara Jl.000 to Rp.000 .000 Gatsu/Ubung Station Rp. passengers should insist that a meter is used. DESTINATION & COST ESTIMATION BY NGURAH RAI AIRPORT TAXI Tuban Rp. water heater and electricity is excluded.000 Seminyak (Double Six. Bakungsari) Rp. From the official counters. 1.000 Gatsu Timur /Tohpati Rp. electricity is excluded. Matahari Kuta Square or you can find the cheap one at Nina MG on Jl. Jl. not furnished.000. Kubu Anyar Pondok Satria.000.000. not furnished.000 Denpasar II (Renon. bathroom inside.1.55. Jl.000 Denpasar I (Natour Bali Hotel Denpasar) Rp. Pemogan. 2 Jl. Jl.000 Kuta (Discovery. Teuku Umar Denpasar (opposite of FLO Boutique). the owner usually helps and assists with the process to get the KIPEM.500. just outside the terminals (left of the terminal exit) there are supposedly the pre-paid Airport Taxi Service. And if you are living in a boarding house. 14.100. chair or table). pillow. Fill the form and submitted to Banjar with photo 2x3 = 2 pcs.45. 5.400. The price for standard boarding house starts from Rp.000 Sanur/Nusa Dua Rp.000 Denpasar III (Nangka Selatan. whereas other taxi drivers tend to haggle. Take the form to Banjar or ask the land lord assistance for the form. Taman Griya Tuban. not furnished.85.000. 300.000 Oberoi / Kerobokan Rp.700. Kereneng) Rp. cabinet or wardrobe.The Additional Information of Mitrais Page 5 How to get from Ngurah Rai airport ? Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport is immediately south of Tuban and Kuta. you can find boarding house in Sidakarya. or Denpasar area. 3.95. the cost starts Rp. Pesanggaran. 70.70. Temporary Local ID (KIPEM) People who come from outside of Badung or Denpasar resident will be asked to have temporary local ID (KIPEM). Sanur and Denpasar are unfurnished (such as bed. For the new staff who will be based in Mitrais Sanur. etc in Ayu Nadi Supermarket Kuta.000 Legian (Jl. 2.000 Boarding House There are lots of boarding house in Kuta and the standard boarding house cost ranges from Rp. The price depends on the facility and the location. 3. Melasti) Rp. Check in which Banjar is your boarding house/house living stated by asking the land lord. bed.Rp. Prices for this service are fixed (passengers can purchase a coupon at the desk in Arrivals). Ratna. The following are some of the boarding houses with rooms to rent: 1. Jl.000 Dyana Pura / Abimanyu Rp.000 to Rp. The procedure to make the temporary local ID is as follows: 1. . Bhineka Jati Jaya VII/8.90. Karang Tenget No. s/d Bintang) Rp. facilitated with AC. Bhineka Jati Jaya Gang Karang Anyar. You can buy linen. Padma s/d Jayakarta Hotel) Rp. AKasia) Rp.65. Tanjung Bungkak.50. 4.000.60. But almost all boarding houses in Kuta. not furnished.

As there are not many (any) form of mass public transportation to get around the city. 6.000. The process fee is different from each Banjar. Dewi Sri Kuta.Jl. the creation of a new bank account. Kartika Plaza no. Call your credit card companies.Jl. 5.25. they can help you take steps to replace your identification so that you will be able to return from your trip. KIPEM validity is for 3 months. do not panic.000 to Rp. Find a police station. Makro . Go to a travel aid society. motorbike is the most time and cost efficient to travel . Some staffs both in Kuta and Sanur offices choose to order lunch box from vendors/catering.Jl. They can help you with issues like identification to get back home. etc. Padang food store. Sundanese food store (Dapur Sedap). Be aware that they will not likely find the person who took your wallet. For more varieties. there you can find babi guling. Emergency. Gazebo Beach Hotel . it also makes their lunch time more effective and efficient because they don’t need to go out from office and the lunch boxes always delivered several minutes before lunch time.8. etc.Jl. To get information about vendors/catering you could ask Mitrais front desk staff in Mitrais main building.89. there are traveler's aid societies in most places . Food store and Restaurant In Kuta area.Page 6 The Additional Information of Mitrais 4. you can find Javanese food store (across the road of Mitrais Office). at Waterboom Park & Spa . Mc Donald's and Mall Bali Galleria. The prices are starting from Rp.36. Benefits of having KIPEM are it makes the process of getting your VISA. report the stolen card. chicken noodles.By Pass Ngurah Rai No. It takes about 1 week to process the document.Rp. you can go to Sesetan or Pesanggaran. Transportation There are different ways to travel in Bali. Along Bypass Ngurah Rai there’s also Padang food store. 3.100. Besides the price is cheap. They can put an immediate freeze on your accounts and debit cards so that no one can use the cards. Around Mitrais office you can find Javanese food store. ayam betutu. Pepito Supermarket .000 . for example if you are on trip and lose your wallet. you should do these 3 things right away: 1. SPBU Dewi Sri . etc . nasi campur. In Kuta there are banks at Discovery Shopping Mall. so that the police can make a report form. including the ubiquitous Mini Mart convenience stores. The price rate is about Rp. Banks and ATMs can be found easily. In or near of Sanur area. Kediri no. Pujasera food store. there are many good and cheap warungs and restaurants with different taste. Kartika Plaza. 2. Danau Tamblingan no. estimated about Rp.50. at Kartika Plaza .35. chinese food.Jl. BRI).7500 . Banks & ATMs In addition. but that you will have a written report so that you can replace documents easily that were in your wallet. you can find Banks & ATM in Sesetan area (BCA. and other administration processes easier and you certainly help the government gathering the total immigrant population in Bali.000.Jl.222X. report the crime. Chinese food store. etc.8000. padang food. In Sanur area. Balinese food store.Rp.

500.000 – 50. Jl. Phone: 031-3765600 – 3763660.63. PT. the store will usually have arrangements with shippers to handle things for you. Phone: 0361-221186. Phone: 223565. 2. The cost ranges depend on the distance of your origin area to Bali. You can call PAL directly to ask their local partner in Indonesia. Lorena (PT. Post office. Eka Sari Lorena). Jakarta-Jogja-Surabaya-Bali/Lombok). Jl. such as Bluebird. Phone: 0341-347287. If you choose to travel by taxi. Mitrais also provides their staff with shuttle car on schedule from Kuta/Sanur office to Sanur/ Kuta office. which obviously will cost more. Phone: 021 -6455778. Buluh Indah 141 Denpasar. Branch office at Jl. Malang branch at Ruko Pattimura Kav. Surabaya. Central Post Office. Jl. Denpasar. 5. Prima International Cargo. internet. for fast service you can use one of the cheap local companies like TIKI and TIKI-JNE. money order. Gembong No. Jakarta branch at Jl. Motor taxis are also available on-call starting from Rp.35. parcel-post. Teuku Umar No. Phone: 031-3573375. Phone 737345/466999.The Additional Information of Mitrais Page 7 about.A. Phone: 0318415474.88 ED. Panjang Jiwo Permai I B/22.16 Jakarta.Raya Puputan Renon Denpasar. Phone: 021-7506655. Another way to travel is by taxi. Selamet. This gives you the flexibility to explore at will and allows you to reach many places that are otherwise inaccessible. R. Bayu Gede. 2 – 16 Blok A (Wisma Gemini Shopping Center) Surabaya. Mitrais Office Hours Mitrais office is open from Monday to Saturday and the schedules are as follows: Kuta Office Monday – Friday Saturday Sunday / Public Holiday 07:00 – 20:00 08:00 – 17:00 CLOSED Sanur Office 07:00 – 20:00 08:00 – 17:00 CLOSED Jakarta Office 07:00 – 20:00 CLOSED CLOSED . Pengampon No. Phone: 0361-412420/21. RE.000 depending on your destination. You can either rent a motorbike for Rp. Jl. 3. Sakura Travel. Another is the small one at Jl.14B. Raya Seminyak 151A Kuta.000 daily or Rp. Bali branch phone number : 0361-286663. The following are some of the cargo agencies can be used: 1. Shipping to Bali If you’ve planned to bring a scooter. Or in case you bought bulky items. Or. Kartini No.000 – 600. Code Post: 80235. 4. on a small road east of Jl Raya Kuta. PAL Cargo Bali (door to door services.000 monthly. be sure to ride with a well-known taxi company. in Kuta the main post office is located near the Domestic Departures area in the Airport Ngurah Rai. Jl. Jl. Facilities: packages. Or if you might want to go shop to Carrefour or go to some recreation places there are tourist shuttle buses and these combine economy with convenience. Martadinata Komplek Ruko Permata Ancol Blok L-21 Jakut. 10. Surabaya branch at Jl. you should have to make a ship arrangement first from your origin area to Bali as destination.

Hangtuah near of Buyung Stadium Denpasar. 2. Kartika Plaza Kuta or at Ade Rai HammerHead Gym on Jl.You can join as member at Ramada Bintang Bali Hotel at Jl. Futsal . The Balls on Jl. Parasailing. Water Sports. Sunset Road.Page 8 The Additional Information of During those office hours. music in an event called “Happy Hour”.D’Goal at Jl. 4. Denpasar. Tirta Gangga and Sidemen Road area. You can easily go on short hikes without guides around Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake. Mitrais Social Clubs Mitrais has committed to support some club activities to give a pleasure for the employees and as one way of recreation as well as to make the employee part of the big team. If you like to do the extreme sport. They are Futsal. you can go to Tiara Dewata swimming pool or Nirmala hotel & swimming pool on Jl.situated at Renon. Ngurah Rai Stadium . 3. Imam Bonjol near of Mitshubisi. Doom at Jl. Mitrais encourage all staffs to join and participate in those club activities and staff can check its site on Mitrais Intranet regularly for further activities program. Swimming pool . Teuku Umar Barat (Marlboro) after Permata Hati Hospital. Or if you are living in Denpasar area. Fitness Centre . 3. Nakula-3rd floor Kawan Mini Market. 2. Photography and MACO whose activities are arranged by the team members and their regular programs are published on each site. whenever you want to have sports you can find some reference of sports centre as follows: 1. The Next at Jl. This allows us to enjoy a wide range of social. jogging track. Hiking & Trekking. There are 4 social club activities at Mitrais that are supported by Company. There you find basketball field. Cycling. it has established the time to satisfy their staff with beverages. Kreneng. Melati. Renon Puputan Town Square . Mitrais Happy Hour Since the day Mitrais was founded. sports and leisure activities. Sports For the sports lover. The close-in reef off Sanur and Tanjung Benoa (Benoa Headland) mean that the water is usually calm enough for a lot of aquatic fun. to socialize within the staff and also to perform the talent of staff . The objective of happy hour is to deliver more fun.You can register as member at Hard Rock Hotel with member fee. . Badminton. Denpasar. Imam Bonjol near of takapit/bridge stone. jet skiing. happiness. 5. water skiing and banana-boatrides are just some of choices. Nusa Lembongan and Menjangan Island in West Bali National Park are renowned for diving/ snorkeling. Ubud has always been popular with cyclist and many tour companies based there lead tours. For watery adventures. Mitrais staffs can access their workplace and permitted to use the computer and internet access as long it is not against the Mitrais Computer Use Policy. below are some places you can visit: 1. football field. It is held once a month at 04:30 PM. etc. in addition Nusa Penida.situated at Jl. the east coast of south Bali is popular for water sports.

125 Denpasar. digital camera downloads and more. Jl. at Jl. 4. Kuta. 3. Denpasar. 28. Bali @Cyber Café. Tukad Musi Renon. Kasih Ibu Kedonganan Public Hospital.600 per minute. GPIB Christian Church. Phone: 426393. at Jl. at Jl. Kimia Farma No. 2. Klenteng Tuban Leeng Gwau Bio.34 (Clinic & Pharmacy).69A. Pulau Serangan 9X Denpasar. at Jl. Phone: 236225. Cokroaminoto No. Ekklesia. Kartika Plaza. Katedral Chatolic Chuch.67 Denpasar. Tuban. 3. CD burning. Buddhists. Kuta. 1. Temple & Vihara 1. Denpasar. Poppies Gang I. Vihara Budha Dharma. Catholics. near of Ngurah Rai airport. 2. Denpasar. Kimia Farma No. Jl. Phone: 766776. at Jl. 3. 5. Jl. Muslims as well as Protestants are available in Bali. Raya Kuta. Blambangan. Here some worship place close by Mitrais office as follow: Church 1. Kedonganan. Manuaba Hospital. Mitrais Mushola. Denpasar. at Jl. Pima Medika Hospital. Al-Ihsaan Mosque. Phone: 703270. Internet Outpost.82 (Clinic & Pharmacy). 6. Tuban. 3. Kasih Ibu Hospital. Nurul Huda Mosque.300 a minute. Poppies Gang II. 6. The following places have fast broadband connection and offer numerous services. Most have poky connection and charge about Rp. Hang Tuah Sanur. Pura Tanah Kilap. VIP Bali Internet. 2. Phone: 223036. at Jl. provides for its muslim staff both in Tuban and Suwung office. Bandara Ngurah Rai. Kediri across Madia Restaurant. Worship Place Worship places for Hindus. Phone: 255914. at Jl. Nurhassanah. Denpasar. 3. JL. Jl.Diponegoro No. 4. Jl. Ar-Rahmat Mosque. Pura Jagatnatha. . Jl. Mushola/Mosque 1. 2.The Additional Information of Page 9 Internet Access There are scores of places to connect to the internet. Connection rates average Rp. GII Hok Im Tong. 4. Patih Jelantik Kuta. Minhajjul Athfal. Bypass Ngurah Rai.Kartika Plaza No. 4. Jimbaran. at Jl. Kuta. including wi-fi. Central Parking 2nd floor Giant. at Sunset Road. Kediri across Pujasera. Franciscus Xaverius Chatolic Church. 2. Hospital and Medical Service Medical clinics serving in Bali area are listed as follows: 1. Uluwatu No. 5. Teuku Umar 120 Denpasar.

Cendrawasih No. Sunset Road Kuta. Jl. Denpasar. Bypass Ngurah Rai Gang Mina utama. Dewi Sartika Denpasar.222 X. 11. Mayjen Sutoyo Denpasar. Manuaba Clinic. One great place to find souvenirs at bargain prices and do not intimidated by the initial price. Mitrais Office Map Mitrais office in Bali based in two areas in Tuban and Suwung. Sukawati Markets. Pesanggaran.67 Denpasar. Bali Collection (Bali Galeria Mall). Raya Ubud. Tiara Dewata. behind Coca-cola bottling company. Nusa Kambangan.Kartika Plaza No. 2. across Makro Supermarket. Tabanan. Matahari Kuta Square. Phone: 819601. 2. Giant Supermarket. Phone: 754748. basket ware and ceremonial items. Denpasar. jammed with stalls selling everything imaginable. Ubud. Bali Galeria Mall Nusa Dua. Komp. Raya Kuta Tuban. One of the most popular department stores in Denpasar and has long list of loyal customers as it provide its consumers with quality products at reasonable prices.Page 10 The Additional Information of 7. Jl. 8. Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai No. Markets 1. Erlangga Bali Souvenirs Shop. located at Jl. Matahari Duta Prima. Kuta. Jl. Hypermart Supermarket. Mayjen Sutoyo Denpasar. Phone: 766776. Gajah Mada.9. Jl. Singaraja. Ubud Markets. situated in fabric and craft centre of Gianyar. at Simpang Siur Road.82 (Clinic & Pharmacy). Takes about 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport. A three story building . 10. 5. Sanur and Kuta Markets.890. Tiara Dewata. Nusa Dua Tourism Area. Kumbasari.126 (Clinic & Pharmacy). Central Parking Kuta. 9. Centro and Sogo at Discovery Mall. Nusa Dua. Supermarkets 1. Phone:(0362)262777. . Phone: 778555. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. Jl. Jl Raya Yeh Gangga No. Jl. Suwung office situated in Jl. Wisma Prashanti Hospital. Shopping Centre Department Stores 1. Jl. 3. 2. Kimia Farma No. A variety of local textiles. Kerta Usada (Public Hospital). 4. 5. Jl. Bakung Sari Kuta. Carrefour Supermarket. Near of Simpang Enam cross Road. 3. 4. Ruko Nusa Indah. It consist of main building Tuban and four Annex building spread at the back of main building and accros the road. 5. Jl. Badung.38 Tuban. smaller art markets selling a range of local and souvenirs products. Jalan Kartika Plaza Kuta Area. Denpasar. Makro Supermarket. Kimia Farma No. Tuban office addresses at Jalan Kediri no. Denpasar.5-7. Jl. 3. 4.


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