23.02.2011 = 11, a very powerful number.

All Sahajayogis know the meaning of this number Kalki means there are eleven powers, which are guarding the beauty of sahaja yoga. Anybody who tries to play around with sahaja yoga is harmed very badly. So today is the day of telling you about the dangers of playing with the Divine. So far people have been taking them for granted. They have tortured great saints. All the time human beings are tortured. Now I am warning them in almost every lecture of mine, that don't try this trick today, because Kalki is already on. Don't try to trouble anybody who is a saintly person, who is a good person. Be careful about it because Kalki is on. And once this power comes on you, you would not know how to hide yourself. This time what we have got is a most precious time and one has to be very careful and alert about oneself. One should not depend on any other person for help in this; but should try to completely consolidate one's own being into the kingdom of God, and occupy the highest seat in the heart of the God Almighty, Because when Kalki will come, He will slaughter all these people, without any compassion. He is devoid of any compassion. There are 'Eleven Rudras' in Him means there are eleven destructive powers, absolutely powerfully settled in Him. When I see all that, because I can see all that, and this emergency grows into me and I tell you 'Beware of Him'. Don't play fool with Him. Don't take it easy and do not compromise, with these nonsensical people. Stick on to the right. Otherwise the day is very near when Kalki is going to come. The New phase is-What's wrong in this ? What's wrong in that ? This question will be answered by Kalki only. I am just telling you that it is wrong. It is extremely wrong. It is against your Ascent. It is against your being, and then you will not have any time to repent, and will not have any time to ask this question what's wrong ? You will be chopped off. That is what is the Kalki Incarnation. He is going to come on a white Horse, they say, it's a tremendous thing that is going to work out. Kalkiis a very big subject. If you see Kalki Purana, it is such a big book. When is the time coming ? If this is a living process ! When the work will be finished ? When you see that there is not more chance of having any more people coming in this lime. Kalki will come down. let us see how many come in 1 But for that there is a limit also. So I will request you to go out in the world, call your relatives, call your neighbors, all of them.

SHRI KALKI Bombay 28 9 1979 ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ This is the most important time because Sahaja Yoga is the last judgment. It is fantastic to have this but that's a fact & is the truth. Though you can understand, that mother's love makes it very easy for you to get through your realization & that the whole story of the last judgment looks such as horrifying experience has been made very beautiful & very tender & delicate and does not disturb you. But this is the last judgment I tell you, and you all are going to be judged through Sahaja Yoga, whether, you can enter into the kingdom of God or not. This time what we have got is a most precious time and one has to be very careful and alert about oneself. One should not depend on any other person for help in this; but should try to completely consolidate one's own being into the kingdom of God, and occupy the highest seat in the heart of the God Almighty, Because when Kalki will come, He will slaughter all these people, without any compassion. He is devoid of any compassion. There are 'Eleven Rudras' in Him means there are eleven destructive powers, absolutely powerfully settled in Him. When I see all that, because I can see all that, and this emergency grows into me and I tell you 'Beware of Him'. Don't play fool with Him. Don't take it easy and do not compromise, with these nonsensical people. Stick on to the right. Otherwise the day is very near when Kalki is going to come. Every Human Being is going to be sorted out and nobody can then claim, see, every thing has been advertised, everything has been published. SHRI KALKI Bombay 28 9 1979 To My Flower Children You are angry with life Like small children Whose mother is lost in darkness You sulk expressing despair At the fruitless end to your journey You wear ugliness to discover beauty You name everything false in the name of truth You drain emotions to fill the cup of love My sweet children, my darlings How can you get peace by waging war With yourself, with your being, with joy itself Enough are your efforts of renunciation The artificial mask of consolation Now rest in the petals of the lotus flower In the lap of your gracious mother I will adorn your life with beautiful blossoms And fill your moments with joyful fragrance I will anoint your

head with divine love For I cannot bear your torture anymore Let me engulf you in the ocean of joy So you lose your being in the greater one Who is smiling in your calyx of Self Secretly hidden to tease you all the while Be aware and you will find him Vibrating your every fibre with blissful joy Covering the whole Universe with light. ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ So today I ve decided to have Mahamaya Puja. I have never talked about Mahamaya, as it is not to be talked or told it s a secret, as they say. Is the basic of Sahaja Yoga, I should say because

is described when the Goddess comes in the Sahasrara, the Shakti, She is Mahamaya. "Sahasrara hai Mahamaya," already described. She has to be the Mahamaya means She should camouflage Herself fully. Nobody should be able to know Her as the Goddess, to begin with, and even if they get realization they should not reach to the end of it. There are many reasons for that. So the Mahamaya incarnation has to come, that people can come closer. Also, it has one advantage, very great advantages, that when a simple person who s just a housewife starts giving realization, people are flabbergasted. Also they think, "If she can do it, why not we do it? After all, she s just an ordinary housewife. So, it s all right. If she can do something, we can also do it." So they have self-confidence and, being a Mother, She does Her loving part, Her compassion, but the greatest is the patience. You see, none of them had so much patience, all these incarnations who came. You see how they disappeared from this Mother Earth quickly, I d say, by some excuse or other. but I had to stay, I don t know how long, but it has to be done up to a point, this work of giving realization. The third thing was that you have to be identified into My Body, into My Cells of My Body, but this is a more difficult task because supposing one of you becomes stupid, becomes foolish, quarrelsome. Anything you do, any small thing, it hurts Me. It has to, but I don t think about Myself. I always think about you. So it s an indication to Me that something has gone wrong somewhere. Somebody is doing something wrong to somebody. Some Sahaja Yogis are being tortured. Some are sick. Anything like that, I work it out very intensely and intimately. Collectively, whatever you feel, I get it in My body. For example, collectively, if you have a left vishuddhi, I get it. If you have, say, right vishuddhi, I get it. Any chakra that you catch,

collectively, I get that problem and I have to solve it because it troubles Me, so I solve it. It s a compulsion that I have to solve it. Now in doing so, you see, you might think, "Mother, we are troubling." You are not. It s my doing. I have taken you into Myself. You haven t. So you don t have to worry as to, as if you are troubling Me. It s my own doing work. It s my own work. It s my own responsibility. And if I have done it, it s done it because. I am supposed to do it. That s the job I have to do. So there s nothing to feel bad about it. But now, what is the purpose? As I told you, is that I could come close to you and I need not, sort of, fill you with fear or oddness, or even a feeling that I am not a human being. I behave exactly like human being, I react exactly like human beings and all these powers are hidden within Myself. Unless and until you are a realized soul, you won t understand. Whatever you may do, you won t understand. Or maybe in the previous life you had your realization or maybe also you have done such tremendous punyas that you can recognize. There are people like that who have done it. But to make it more, sort of, congenial to you is to become absolutely a human being. So I married, I have children, I have grandchildren and I do shopping, as you see. People are surprised how I take Coca-Cola. I m not supposed to take Coca-Cola? Or I eat popcorn. They re surprised. But I have to be just like you. But inside I am not. Outside I am. Mahamaya Puja Talk Auckland, New Zealand, April 10, 1994 ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ "I mean, normally, anybody who dies must be cremated except for the realized souls. Realized souls are to be buried. It's a simple thing, because they give fragrance to the Mother Earth, they give fragrance to everyone. 1982-1009: Public Program, Cambridge, UK" ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ Extract of Diwali Puja, Cabella, Italia, 10/11/1991 "Some things happen in life after all. Life is such. Somebody has to die. Everybody doesn't die together. Imagine everybody dies. What will happen to people? Who will buy us? I mean, think of if you are all born together, who'll deliver us?

So everybody who is born has to die, but the way they have made the death as some sort of a big part of life. It's just a moment, just a moment that you pass out and you go and change and come back again. But in this life, if you have to do anything, is to enjoy.... In India, when somebody die, they get bands and all kinds of music and they go on playing in front of the dead body. And why they play? Because if there are bhoots or anything, they will all run away. Also that you should not feel sad. Accept what God has done for you is for your good. And then they have a big dinner, one day after tenth or thirteenth day, very big dinner has to be given. It's very surprising, you know, that country which is so poor, such a problem. If the father dies, then the whole family becomes like an orphan, orphanage. Despite all that, they don't wear any black dress. Otherwise I have seen here people wearing black dresses. And a lady was very upset. She said, "The bank will open at ten o'clock and I have to go to the funeral and my ornaments are in the bank." But I said, "But ornaments you don't wear for a funeral, do you?" "No, no, I have my special ones. You know, I have got very nice dark, black ones." I said - and the best part of it, the day they die they must have champagne. When the person dies - champagne. When they come back home, they must have lunch and a big party. So it's such a contradictory life that we have been because in Christian religion they have not said much about the death. I mean, Christ, if they had allowed Him to live, He would have talked about it. But He has said that Spirit is eternal. He has talked of reincarnation, no doubt, but those people didn't tell about this. So death means now that that man is lost forever. Or this life is lost for God. Then we hang in the limbo or we hang somewhere else. We never come back. This is absolutely wrong. It's not so. So what you have to achieve in this lifetime, the highest thing is your ascent and your position in the Kingdom of God. " ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ In the first era of Sahaja Yoga, you needed to see Me in person. As we say in Sanskrit, a dhyeya is the target. You wanted the target in front of you, whatever is to be achieved. So now when you wanted that all the time and you felt happy, secure, joyous, when you had that in person before you. Then in the second era, now, you will not desire so much

that Mother should be there. You will take it over from Me. This is the divine desire I am telling you about and you have to work on that from today onwards. I am with you. You know that, but it need not be in this body because I do not know if I exist in this body or not. But once this desire starts working, you will see tremendous miracles happening. (5 May 1984) ______________________________________________________________________ _______ Sahaja Yogi: Will you continue to travel round the world doing this work until you die? Shri Mataji: It's very futuristic. I don't think of My death so far. As long as I can do, I will do, but if these people are realized, then I think they will give Me some rest sometime. I must also have some rest. Now I am sixty years of age. How long do you want Me to live? It is for you to decide. If you take over then I will not live. (8 March 1983) ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ Illusions 06.06.1978 Do you know, I entirely depend on you ? Do you know that? That My complete existence is there because of sahaja yogis, otherwise I would be finished. And this moment, perhaps you do not know ² I would not exist in this body, if you people give Me up, is a fact which I must accept and you must (consider). Anyway, because, see , now if you do not take My Vibrations, there will all be here, frozen, I will become a frozen mummy, only emitting Vibrations. That¶s all. I won¶t be speaking to you . It happens. Now, see the left nabhi is just now, Iµm catching very hard. You have to take out My Vibrations. If you do not, my Vibrations, I¶m not going to exist any more as a human being walking, you see? As something else maybe, but not as a human being as you see. I'll be just frozen. If you do that to Me, imagine, how (much) I should owe to you? I mean, My existence is because of you. Perhaps you don¶t know, do you know? That I am here on this Earth only because of you, otherwise I would have been very nicely somewhere else! But then also you must know that as I depend on you, you also depend on Me! But more I depend on your collectivity. The moment you start becoming unaware of your collectivity, immediately cancer starts going in My body. I get physical troubles because of that. So the collectivity is not what you think of yourself, to be something great. Is not

that you are above everything, and you are this and you are that. How much you have done to enhance the collectivity of understanding of love is the (thing). ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ .. Now, in Sahaja Yoga, you believe in complete innocent, simple existence together. And that people believe that there is definitely different groups of people. ... (short pause) ... Now what is our duty? What are we supposed to do? First of all, we have to introspect. Supposing you are a Hindu, born, you should sit down and find out if you hate anybody because he¶s a Muslim. You can¶t hate! Because somebody is a Muslim, you can¶t hate him. Because you are a Muslim, because you are surrendered, so can how you hate anyone? If you are surrendered, you are surrendered to the Divine, and how can you then be against the Divine? So these misleading thoughts and ideas should be given up. Supposing you are a Hindu ± so you have no business to hate anyone! That is for definite! Now the word µHindu¶ also comes from the River Sindhu because Alexander (the Great) couldn¶t say µSindhu¶ so he said µHindu¶. And on that point many people have built this horrible hatred in India. But cruelty was not their theme. That was the saving point. That they didn¶t want to torture people. So this aptitude to torture or to hate people is coming form other sources. And the source is, as you can see clearly, that they openly hate. To hate is a very bad quality. One of the most dangerous things is to hate. And so you all must know ... (short pause) ... alright. Now we are having a ... (long pause) ... To me, it is very painful to think that we human beings, (that) we hate others, when you know that love is such an overwhelming, beautiful feeling. But why then do you take to hatred? Because people have impressed you, they have told you lies, that¶s why you hate. What an achievement! First to be a human being, and then to be a person full of hatred! Now what will be the next, I don¶t know! It was alright in those days for the Goddess to kill. The Goddess used to kill all such people ... (long pause) ... ... ... ... ... It¶s a very sad feeling that God has created human beings from amoeba to this stage, and how can we hate someone ± and this is what has happened!

Now of course Sahaj is different. That Sahajis know how to enjoy the Love. They like it. They enjoy it. You can see that. And if somehow, you people could manage to remove this hatred ± somehow, somehow ± with your own will-power ± denying and defying all that is being told to human beings, I am sure ... (long pause) ... It¶s a very difficult world where those people who came on this earth went through all kinds of education, wanted to improve the conditions, the relationships, friendships, have fallen into the depths of hatred ... (long pause) ... My heart just weeps. At what time I have come on this earth, where I have to see human beings hating each other. They talk of µlove¶ and µhate¶. It¶s a very serious thing, that you who are the children ... (short pause) ... they¶ll end up like this ... (long pause) ... I mean, I have experiences that if I tell you you¶ll be shocked. How people have fallen down to the depth of evil nature. It¶s an understanding we have, to have understanding about ourselves: Do we hate somebody? Do we get ideas that we shouldn¶t have, or do things? ... (short pause) ... Do you have such things in you? Just find out! Do you hate other people? The ideas are rotten, absolutely, for the human mind. The ideas which are completely like the animals¶ instinct, are absolutely no good for human beings at all. But that is what is happening, and it¶s coming forward ... (short pause) ... If you are poor, alright, but by hating you don¶t become rich, no. If you are in any difficulties, then your duty is to remove those difficulties, but not to prosper on them. All this has to finish. It is very surprising that we are not bothered at all as to what we are doing. Yes, you have to have proper sense of understanding: where are we going? If you have misunderstanding about somebody, better take it out, completely. They try to trouble you, alright. But don¶t have bad understanding about that person. Very surprising that we never see those things, how ugly they are, and how funny (strange) they are, how they ruin our personality. You may be able to correct some people ... (long pause) ... All our activities as Sahaja Yogis, I never realised were so important! We have to give so much time. Not to bother about nonsensical, frivolous things, but something serious that is within us or without, that must be taken out. If I ask you, µHow many people you hate?¶ You may say ¶20 people¶ and ... (long pause) ... You see the whole atmosphere in all this fills me with such remorse that I just don¶t know what are we going to do, the

Sahaja Yogis. What are their plans? Will you please look into yourself and think what constructive work we are doing and what destructive work we have been doing. You need a big shock to understand this. Now I must tell you, I am now in the midst of war between myth ... (short pause) ... Is it an area, is it a ± I don¶t know what should I say ± is it (that) within us there is still lurking some kind of a weakness that we do not try to fight our weakness ... (short pause) ... I would now request you all to meditate on yourself, and see for yourself what is wrong. ... (short pause) ... I cannot fight the whole thing alone. I have to have people who really develop their love ± and nothing else! That is one of the challenges now for all of us, for all the Sahaja Yogis all over the world. It¶s not only the fight between believers and non-believers, not only the fight between Sahaja Yogis and non-Sahaja Yogis, but this is a fight where we are all one and we are going to fight it out. At every stage we have to be much more subtler. It is very, very essential to see to the point today ± are we also part and parcel of that evil thing that is working out? Or are we free from that, and prepared to fight it? It¶s a big fight and I hope it is conclusive!. After this there will be no more of cruelties to human beings, no more fights, because this is a fight between the rakshasas and ourselves. It is not µordinary¶. And this has to be explained, also to those who are supportive of evil forces. Only thing, you can say µMother how are we to know who is against and who is not?¶ You are knowledgeable; you are Sahaja Yogis, you know who is on the wrong side. I know Sahaja Yogis can save, and can bring them to the right path of knowledge and love. But ± be very careful with the propaganda of evil that is going on. I want to touch the deepest part of your heart, which should reconcile ... (short pause) ... I am sure you all will understand the magnitude of danger that awaits! Maybe there may not be any human beings left, maybe there may not be any children left. Because if this kind of thing is working out, it is very difficult, very difficult ... (long pause) ... My whole existence gets shaky, gets shaken up. You all should see in every nook and corner of life: Where is this talk going on? Where are people talking of cruelty? What¶s happening? ... (long pause) ... Whatever I think ... (short pause) ... it¶s not one, it¶s not two, it¶s all of us. ... (long pause) ...

The fight that I am having is of a very serious nature, no doubt. But if you all can fight collectively, how much we can work it out! ... (long pause) ... My all efforts, understandings, powers, everything is now in your hands, and that¶s what you should be prepared for. Not by just reading something or talking about it, you have to build up within yourself the power of love. I am sure with the opening of the Sahasrara you will do. But try to read something, to understand something, with the Power of Love. It¶s a very deep subject, and when I talk about it, half-way I¶m inside, half-way outside. But I have to tell you that you all develop this, and only that (Power of Love) will form a very strong opposition to these µevil doers¶ as they call it. ... (short pause) ... My complete blessings are on you, and I want all of you to individually work it out. How many people you love, how many people ... (short pause) ... This you have to find out. I hope you people have understood what I want you to do. ... (short pause) ... A new generation is coming up ... (long pause) ... All of you, all of you, are in My Heart, and I love you very much, and I want you people to come as soldiers to fight with Me. I am also told that there are some people who are forming groups ± extremely negative attitude! At this time what we need is complete solidarity. So all such people whom you see, tell them to behave themselves! No use making them Sahaja Yogis. I am sure ± it¶s really heartfelt ± desire of mine that you should become really soldiers of love and peace. Because that is why you are here, you are born here for that. So enjoy yourself. (Shri Mataji makes Namaste) Navaratri Puja Delfi (Grecia), 21st October 2001 ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ For example now we are in this hall I have been here before or not, whether I was in this place or not? How will you know? It's not possible. But for a realised soul it is very easy to make out because they can feel the vibrations of the place. They can make out that somebody here has been a person who had self-realisation and now in this hall there are so much vibrations that even to speak to you I have to watch it's just right, if those who can feel it can feel it but those who cannot feel it, for them is just the same, no difference at all. So when the truth is felt within us, our intelligence tells us is the same thing. If you are inert, people say like this stone, or this thing, it might suck in the

vibrations, it may have the vibrations and now see the point, the differences, but it will not be intelligent, or it is not intelligible to that particular matter. So the matter when it is inert is not sensitive to understand, it is different to absorb vibrations, but it is very difficult unless and until you are a human being to discern it, to find out whether there are vibrations or not. Like we would say that, I went once to Kashmir, with my husband and we were going out somewhere in the wilderness and suddenly I felt tremendous vibrations in that place. So I told the driver there must be something great here, is there a temple or is there a mosque? He said nothing this all wilderness. I said lets go the way we get the vibrations, so I asked him you drive on this side, and we came on a road you see, crossing through something, we came on a road, and on that road and we found there were some poor people living and some other people just walking about. So I asked them have you got any temple here? They said no, we have nothing, but we have further, if you go, there¶s a mosque. What is that mosque? It's called as Hazarat Bhal means one hair of Mohammed Sahib is kept in that place. I said really, just imagine! One hair of Mohammed Sahib was kept in that place and I caught it up at least five miles away. So that you can imagine that hair may not be aware of the vibrations it has, but the one who is a human being and a realised soul gets the awareness five miles away from that hair, that there lies the hair of Mohammed Sahib. Now for this hair there has been big quarrel and fight and this and that and then it was replaced, all sorts of things, but ones who were fighting even for that do not know what it is. Just fighting for nothing at all. Like that you can see that those things which have got, we can say matter in it, same matter becomes a human being after sometime through evolutionary process and the same thing which was just a matter when it becomes a human being, becomes aware of those divine vibrations. The Experience of Truth Public Programme, Chiswick Town Hall, 10th July 1984 ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ So for us, it is important to see that so much has been done by Param Chaitanya for us, the Mother has done so much for us. Now what are we going to do ourselves to get all these powers that She has given us, to be completely enlightened and developed? What have we done so far? Nothing to be done as such, but to develop a kind of a deep devotion, deep

understanding. And that depth is possible, absolutely possible, because now you are on your way to that perfection. So today in Cabella is the last Puja and I want to tell you as a Mother that you all should depend on Param Chaitanya. That s very important to depend on Param Chaitanya. Also there s a habit of many people to put the blame on others, like: "I got caught up from this person, I got caught up from that person." You are caught up by yourself only. All such ideas are of no use. Face yourself, find out about yourself and you have to perfect yourself, that s so important, because, at this juncture of the time, people think that something great is going to happen. I don t know, 2000 years, according to them, would be something great, but I don t know, because it s all man-made, all this 2000 year and 3000 year is man-made. But, I Myself feel, as predicted by many, that possibly, because of your understanding and your wisdom, I m sure something great may happen in this world and things will be brought to a proper level of understanding, of spirituality. Because this is the Last Judgement, and in this Last Judgement, you have to play a very vital role, which I m sure you can do it, if you decide to achieve something for the future. May God bless you! You All Should Depend On Param Chaitanya 27 septembre 1998 - Cabella Ligure (Italie) ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ I have to say one thing what did we give to Christ. And the second question what are we going to give to Mother. This is very important. I don't want anything from you, nothing. I am fully content with Myself. What I want is that you must dedicate yourself to Sahaja Yoga, to truth and to love. I will be very happy and also not to talk like what you call Christ has called them "murmuring souls" talking here there, one saying there, all this, I don't like at all. I don't like it and it should not be done. If you do like this, you will fall, fall very badly. This is the last judgement. Either you will go to heaven or you will go to hell. It's already working out like that. So let's see. Where are you? So I have to again and again tell you as your mother, I have to correct you and tell you that remember this is the last judgement and please, don't take anymore to the activities which are antichrist. You can judge within your self whatever you are doing is not good and for that, best thing is to dedicate yourself to Sahaja Yoga. But not to make

money out of Sahaja Yoga. Not to make politics out of Sahaja Yoga. But make Sahaja Yoga like a big, huge, big tree and it will work out. I know it will work out. You have the potential. That's why you are here. CHRISTMAS PUJA 1996 GANAPATIPULE ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ When all the world is sleeping a Sahaja Yogi is awaken and when all the world is getting up a Sahaja Yogi is sleeping. The meaning of this is that when the attention of a Sahaja Yogi is towards a particular thing, the people s attention is not towards it. Their attention towards other things because they are away from the reality. Those people are stuck to money or they want to have power in their hands or many other things and they are completely lost away from reality. Some people say this is the reason or that is the reason and they will try to give their own point of view. But I think that this is because of the ignorance. In ignorance man does all sorts of wrong things. A kind of blindness spreads on them and they get completely covered by this deep blindness. Suppose this place becomes dark, then a big havoc would be created. Some people will try to run outside or try to push each other, some people will get injured, some people will trample on others, anything can happen. When we live in this darkness we are in the situation of a blind man. But when we get our Realisation, when our Kundalini gets awakened and when we are facing the Reality, then no one can describe the glory of the Truth. if anything is stuck on the feathers of a bird it cannot fly. That s why in the happiness of heaven which is actually Mother s protection, we cannot fly like a bird because in our feathers also some things are still stuck. It is much more in India, I must confess, I m sorry though I m an Indian ; It s a habit of talking ill of others, sitting down, just chit-chatting. They will not talk of Sahaja Yoga ! How many people know Sahaja yoga in the proper way ? I mean if I have to give degrees, what degrees I should give to you ? Tell me! You don t know even about your vibrations ! Of course you are Sahaja yogis because you have fallen into this trap of achieving evolution. But how many are really

grown up into it ? You can ! So, I have to again and again tell you to make me happy, you have to give up this nonsensical cheapish talks, buy try to understand from each other, what we know of Sahaja yoga. Discuss it and contribute to this knowledge by describing your experiences of Sahaja yoga. They are many who do it ! I m not saying they don t do. But even there is one bad fellow, he can spoil all of them, like one bad apple can spoil all the apples ; so what do we do ? Throw away the apple out of the basket. It is important, see, even I feel all this standing like a witness to you, silent witness.