Dear Friend, As you may be aware Mayor Zimmer recently delivered her first State of the City address

. First and foremost I would like to congratulate Mayor Zimmer not only on a job well done, but thank her for addressing nd many of the issues that are important to residents of the 2 Ward. Perhaps the most exciting portion of the Mayor's speech was her announcement that she will ask the City --CobJnGi!-t0-vete-oA-a-~e-miUi0nbond-ordinance-to-crcqoir~build, antrrenovate parRs ana open space througnolit our city as called for in Hoboken's Master Plan. Several years ago I chaired Hoboken's Master Plan Subcommittee and along with many other dedicated volunteers we crafted a plan to increase parks and open space for future generations. I want to thank Mayor Zimmer for taking the steps necessary to move this process forward. It is also important to note these bonds will be paid for with money form Hoboken's Open Space Trust Fund. The Mayor also highlighted the open space projects that are underway in the 2 Ward. The biggest park in our ward will be 1600 Park and this project will be completed by autumn. Also, Hoboken Cove and Maxwell Park, which are now owned entirely by the City of Hoboken, have further increased our open space. I am very excited for the summer to arrive because residents will be able to kayak the Hudson River from the boat house located along the waterfront. The warm weather cannot get here soon enough! Mayor Zimmer also reiterated her plans to advance the sale of the Hoboken University Medical Center to a private owner. It is important to do this so taxpayers do not remain on the hook for the $52 million in bond guarantees that exist. However, it is also important to make sure the new owners maintain an acute care facility. Hoboken is a first-class city and our residents deserve a first-class hospital. My concern with Mayor Zimmer's speech is how her administration plans to address Hoboken's $20 million (and growing) surplus. I remain steadfast that as much of the surplus as possible must be used to provide immediate property tax relief. The city must also cut the tax rate so that we do not continue to over tax residents. Last year we cut taxes 5%, but never adjusted the rate so City Hall is continuing to over tax residents. I hope we can work together to provide a significant tax cut in the upcoming budget. Once again I would like to congratulate Mayor Zimmer on a great job in delivering the State of the City address.c-llook-forward-to working with the-Mayor and City Council so that we cancontinuefo make Hoboken an even better place to live and raise a family. As always if you are in need of assistance or have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at (201 )-916-8244 or I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,


Beth Mason

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