Laboratory Report

DNA extraction from wheat germ

Name: Candido Moya Instructor: Mr.Aguedo Due Date: March 4th 2010 Period: 2

Add 20ml (50-60) water. 3. . Add 1ml of detergent and mix gently for 5 minutes. One Gram of wheat germ on graduated cylinder. 4. 2. Stir for 3 minutes. Tilt test tube and slowly pour 10ml of ethanol.Procedure 1.

Let test tube sit for 3-4 minutes. 6. Add drops of phenol red. .Procedure (continue) 5.

60° tap water Graduated cylinder Phenol red indicator .Goal and Materials Goal: Investigate how DNA can be extracted from wheat germ Materials: Detergent Ethanol 50° .

2. because every living organism has a nucleus where DNA is stored.Copy information . What Happens when we add phenol red to the DNA? It will show the DNA since phenol red is an acid detector and turn the color of the water yellow. 5. What was the function of the detergent in the experiment? The function is to break the cell wall and cell membrane. Write the 3 roles of DNA. Where is DNA found in the cell? DNA is found in the nucleus of the cell.Transmit information .Questions 1. Do all living organisms have DNA? Yes. . .Store Information 4. 3.

We did it by making an experiment where we added water to the wheat germ. because our goal was to investigate how DNA can be extracted from wheat germ. copy. and ethanol) we put in where to extract the DNA from wheat germ which is our goal.Conclusion 1. . All these chemicals (water. I learn that to extract DNA you need chemicals not physical means and that the DNA play three roles which are to transmit. added detergent to break the wheat germ cell wall and cell membrane. and ethanol. 2. Yes. detergent. this let us know if we had extracted DNA. and store information. How did we know we extracted DNA? We know how we extracted DNA by using a chemical called Phenol Red which detects any acid and since DNA has acids we Put some drops to see if we had extracted DNA because it detects an acid changes from red color to yellow color. We put all this together because to extract DNA you need chemical means because you can¶t do it with a hammer since is really small. Did we achieve our goal? How.

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