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Baras   8 years old   Female     May 9. Rizal. 2003     Child     Catholic     . Patient CC   Brgy.

2011 11:08am   .  February 24.

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At February 24. c    Patient CC according to her mother has complete vaccines since she was born. was diagnosed with Septic Arthritis last February 24. 2011 she was rushed to the Rizal Provincial Hospital because the puss on her left knee erupted already which is about 1 1/2-2 inches in diameter. until last February 14. They sought the help of ³manghihilot´ and placed luke warm towel over the left knee of Patient CC. February 22. Patient CC¶s parents gave her Mefenamic Acid even before a prescription was made since Patient CC experienced pain already for some days already. Her mother usually gives her paracetamol when she has fever. Patient CC had an X-ray and the result was normal. and fever since she was born up to present specially when there is a sudden change of weather. On February 20. 2011 at Rizal Provincial Hospital. female. 2011. According to her mother this is the first time her daughter was admitted to the hospital.   Septic Arthritis c   Patient CC is apparently well. 8 y/o. a cast placed on Patient CC¶s legs going up to her knee. ten days prior to her admission Patient CC jumped out of their bed and felt no pain or discomfort. her mother saw her left knee was swollen. . Patient CC was brought to Tanay General Hospital to have an x-ray again. Patient CC experienced colds. Patient CC. After 3 days. 2011. On the 4th day. She does not have any allergies to food or drugs. cough. 2011. She did not experience any major or minor accidents.


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 HYPERTENSION   CANCER   DIABETES   ASTHMA   ARTHRITIS   c ! "#$ !%&"'(!! )##*+ . children might express their independence by being disobedient. At this stage. They also get to form moral values. 2003). Patient CC according to her mother is very independent and responsible. children are eager to learn and accomplish more complex skills: reading. Patient CC does her own homework. writing. At this stage. She¶s also the one who cleans their house. and of calendar time." They are now more reasonable to share and cooperate. She is very respectful to her parents. She is also the one who irons her school uniform." They work hard at "being responsible. She learned to take a bath on her own when she was 6 y/o. Her mother told us that the good thing about Patient CC is that she need not to tell Patient CC to do certain things because Patient CC does it on her own. i Psychosocial Crisis: Industry vs. being good and doing it right. using back talk and being rebellious. She manages herself on her own. They gain a better understanding of cause and effect. Children grasp the concepts of space and time in more logical. She also takes care of his baby brother. telling time. practical ways. Inferiority i Main Question: "How can I be good?" i Virtue: Competence i Related Elements in Society: division of labour "Children at this age are becoming more aware of themselves as individuals. She does the dishes at home every day. After her class she goes straight home and does all the house chores then does her assignments in school.-(!. recognize cultural and individual differences and are able to manage most of their personal needs and grooming with minimal assistance (Allen and Marotz. . She wakes up on her on and goes to school early. Allen and Marotz (2003) also list some perceptual cognitive developmental traits specific for this age group.

because his or her defense mechanisms repressed them during the phallic stage. and sweet daughter. and phallic stages ² the child must derive the pleasure of gratification from secondary process-thinking that directs the libidinal drives towards external activities. Her mother even said that Patient CC is ³boyish´ that¶s why he easily gets along with anyone even with the boys. friendships. She is comfortable in playing or communicating with the opposite sex. anal. She enjoys playing with her friends and schoolmate but does not forget her responsibilities at home. earlier stages of psychologic and sexual development.  . She hates going to school late. because said drives are latent (hidden) and gratification is delayed ² unlike during the preceding oral. Patient CC according to her mother is very soft spoken. Whether or not the child has successfully resolved the Oedipal conflict. loving. hobbies. latent stage. of psychosexual development might derive from the inadequate resolution either of the Oedipus conflict or of the Ego¶s failure to direct his or her energies towards socially acceptable activities. Hence. such as schooling. She enjoys talking to her friends and family about the things happened for the day. et cetera.c(/$(%(01("   (" 2( The fourth stage of psychosexual development is the latency stage that spans from the age of six years until puberty. the instinctual drives of the Id are unaccessible to the Ego. She loves to go to school that¶s why she wakes up early to be able to go to school early. She is very close to her parents and siblings. wherein the child consolidates the character habits he or she developed in the three. Any neuroses established during the fourth.