15TH January 2009

Mr Donald Carmichael

Dear Don STATEMENT OF ADVICE Thank you for seeking investment advice with DJ Carmichael Pty Limited. Our services are designed to help you make better, more informed investment decisions and share in the exciting growth of the stock market. Established in 1896 DJ Carmichael is Western Australia’s longest established stockbroking, wealth management and corporate advisory group. In addition to our traditional stockbroking advisory and dealing services we provide comprehensive advice in relation to superannuation, retirement planning, portfolio management and negative gearing strategies utilising a very broad range of products and platforms. Depending upon your personal objectives, you can gain exposure to both Australian and overseas equities, tailoring your strategy to adopt a conservative, balanced or aggressive strategy. DJ Carmichael can assist you in developing and managing a tailored investment solution to suit your personal investment needs. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality investment advice and ongoing service to our clients. Our well qualified staff are provided with comprehensive training and professional development programs to ensure they are able to recommend the most appropriate investment strategy for you. If you have any questions regarding the contents of this Statement of Advice (SOA), or if you require clarification of any of the information contained therein, please contact me immediately on 08 9263 5200. We thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this Statement of Advice.

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Statement of Advice
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15th January 2009

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Warning The information contained in this document should be read carefully and in its entirety. DJ Carmichael Pty Limited believes that the information and advice, (including any financial product, financial service or loan product recommendation), contained in this document is accurate as at the time and date of issue. However, neither DJ Carmichael Pty Limited or any director, officer, agent associate or employee of DJ Carmichael Pty Limited provides any warranty of accuracy or reliability in relation to any advice or information contained in this document and to the extent permitted by law accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever arising in any way for any representation, act or omission, whether express or implied (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence).


Mr D Carmichael - Statement Of Advice

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am a Representative of DJ Carmichael and I am authorised to provide advice in the following areas: Generic Knowledge Superannuation Financial Planning Derivatives Managed Investments Securities Self Managed Superannuation Funds IMPORTANT DETAILS Personal financial advice is advice that takes into account any one or more of your objectives. commissions and other benefits and any interests. Perth WA 6000. BASIS OF YOUR SOA Your Information Your personal circumstances as detailed in this SOA are based upon information provided by you in our meeting of 14th January 2009. London House 216 St Georges Terrace.Statement Of Advice . adviser. The Head Office is located at Level 3. This Statement of Advice (SOA) is a record of the personal financial advice provided to you and includes information on the basis on which this advice is given. If this advice includes a recommendation to you to acquire a particular financial product (other than securities) or an offer to issue or arrange the issue of a financial product to you.IMPORTANT INFORMATION THE LICENSEE AND REPRESENTATIVE DJ Carmichael Pty Limited is the holder of an Australian Financial Services License (License no. 4 Mr D Carmichael . 232571). we will also provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) containing information about the particular product to help you make an informed decision. information about remuneration including fees. I. relationships or associations which might influence the making of the advice. financial situation and needs.

These products generally include life insurance. total and permanent disablement. Below is a summary of this strategy: Make Salary Sacrificed contributions to your super fund Commence a “Transition to Retirement” pension Invest your Self Managed Superannuation funds in accordance with your risk profile.000 per annum exclusive of super.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PERSONAL INFORMATION Donald. general insurance.000 per annum in retirement. You have no dependant children and you are in good health. Our financial analysis and this report does not provide any advice in relation to: Insurance and risk – an analysis of risk and insurance products has not been performed. INCOME You are currently earning a salary of $100. you are 60 years of age and are currently employed as a plumber. investment strategy and income requirements 5 Mr D Carmichael . trauma insurance and disability income protection Estate Planning ADVICE SUMMARY Following my evaluation of your personal circumstances. Below is a summary of your stated goals and objectives: Examine strategies to achieve a greater superannuation balance at retirement SCOPE OF ADVICE You have requested a review of your current financial situation and subsequent recommendations to improve your financial position. You have just paid off you home and you now have the capacity to all excess income over and above your required amount of $50. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES In our meeting we discussed your current goals and objectives. My advice has been solely limited to the investment of funds within your existing self managed super fund and strategies to maximize your superannuation balance. I have formed a strategy that I feel meets your needs. based on details of your existing circumstances. this SOA prepared for you exclusively has been designed with this in mind. Therefore.Statement Of Advice . You believe you will require net income of at least $50. You are not earning any other income.000.

000 $250. My recommendations are based on the assumption that I have an accurate picture of your existing position.000 IMPORTANT NOTE The above section is. I believe.000 Amount $0 Amount $250.Statement Of Advice . Please note that if you haven’t given me a complete picture or full details my advice may not be appropriate for you.000 Nil Other $50. If any of the values and/or details shown above are inaccurate.000 Assets and Liabilities Investment Assets Cash at Bank Total Superannuation Assets Self Managed Super Fund Total Liabilities Total Net Assets Total Amount $0 $0 Amount $250.CURRENT FINANCIAL SITUATION & PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES Personal Information Given Names: Surname: Gender: Date of Birth: Age: Marital Status: Donald Carmichael Male st 1 January 1950 60 Single Work and Income Occupation: Employer: Employment Status: Gross Employment Income (pa): Other Income (pa): Annual Expenses: Plumber Plumbers Inc Full Time $100. 6 Mr D Carmichael . an accurate summary of your current situation. please let me know immediately as a material change in your circumstances may alter the recommendations contained herein.

superannuation is the most efficient vehicle within which to accumulate long term wealth for your retirement.You could enter into a salary sacrifice agreement with your employer and supplement your reduced salary with 100% tax free income generated from a Transition to Retirement Allocated Pension. Contributing funds to superannuation can provide you with significant reductions in your income tax liability. You have and existing Self Managed Super Fund and your Superannuation Guarantee (S. Increase your super savings . These advantages are: Earnings (both capital gains and income) on investments within in a superannuation fund are taxed at a maximum rate of 15% which compares favorably to the tax rates paid on earnings outside of superannuation. There will be no tax payable on earnings within a superannuation fund. The second part will be for you to arrange with your employer to salary sacrifice a portion of you future salary. You won't even have to declare it on your tax return.You could reduce your employment hours and supplement your reduced salary with 100% tax free income generated from a Transition to Retirement Allocated Pension. so long as these investments are supporting a pension. Everyone who has paid tax on their super (that's most workers) can look forward to paying absolutely no tax on their super payout after they turn 60.You could continue working full time and generate 100% tax free income from a Transition to Retirement Allocated Pension in order to supplement your employment income to meet certain expenses such as paying a debt or improving your lifestyle. Taking this and your current financial situation into account. The first is to establish a Transition to Retirement Pension. This strategy may be a 7 Mr D Carmichael . 2. A Transition to Retirement strategy is flexible and can be used in any one of the following ways: 1. subsequently creating a separate pension account within your SMSF (this implementation and subsequent creation of the sub account will need to be arranged by your accountant). 3. Holding your investments inside a superannuation fund offers some significant advantages over holding them outside of superannuation. and your balanced risk profile. Salary sacrifice is a contractual agreement with your employer to alter your salary package by exchanging part of your future salary or wages for monetary contributions to your super fund. Whether you take it as a lump sum or as a superannuation pension. and understand that short term price volatility does exist when undertaking a financial investment.G) is currently being credited to this fund. my recommendations are detailed below. My recommendations have been made on the basis that.ADVICE & BASIS FOR ADVICE Following my evaluation of your personal circumstances. I have formed a strategy that I feel meets your needs. Reduce work hours and maintain your income . you'll pay no tax on your payout. This strategy for you will involve two parts. Recommendation 1 Commence a Transition to Retirement “TtR” strategy I recommend you commence a Transition to Retirement (TTR) strategy. Increase your income .Statement Of Advice . as long as you take it after 60. together with your needs and goals for the future. You are comfortable taking a long term view on your investments.

8 Mr D Carmichael . I recommend you roll the entire $250. Where a person turns 50 during this transitional period. There are significant benefits associated with this strategy including: Personal income that is salary sacrificed is subject only to contributions tax of 15%.000 and this transitional limit is available until 30 June 2012.000 into the TtR Pension Account. Given your objectives of “3”. Please confirm with me prior to making any superannuation contributions.000 per annum (10% of account balance). This is clearly a very attractive situation. the transitional limit is available from and including that year.000 (approx). The trustees provide a Product Disclosure Statement setting out the terms of the pension Please note: There is an annual concessional contribution cap of $25.Statement Of Advice . and assuming a SMSF balance of $250. For people aged 50 or over as at 1 July 2007. These conditions include: when you retire permanently when you terminate your employment after age 60 (even if you don’t intend to permanently retire) when you reach age 65 if you become permanently incapacitated if you die (in which case your dependants will receive a benefit) Some requirements that may need to be satisfied when implementing a SMSF pension include. Amounts in excess of the concessional contributions cap will be subject to excess tax of 31. interest and dividends are tax-free. it is non-commutable and you can’t generally withdraw a lump sum until a condition of release is met. You confirm the Conditions of Release Application to commence form (These set out all the rules for your Pension payment). This would mean you would have to draw a minimum yearly pension of $10. the annual concessional cap is $50.000 (4% of account balance) and be able to draw a maximum of $25. notifying that you wish to start the pension.5% (+15% contributions tax). but are not limited to: Application form for the members to hand to the trustees. rather than tax a your Marginal Tax Rate All income subsequently received from your superannuation pension is 100% tax free Once in pension mode. However. *Your salary sacrifice could reduce or eliminate the amount of employer Superannuation Guarantee contributions required to be paid by your employer on your behalf. For this reason it is advisable for all the terms of the arrangement to be fully and clearly documented.tax effective way to enhance your super savings in the long term whilst enabling you to maintain your current income level. That is. A separate ‘accumulation account’ within your SMSF will receive your future contributions. all capital gains. I recommend that you arrange with your employer to salary sacrifice up to the maximum contribution allowable per annum into your SMSF.000. any earnings within the pension account are totally tax free. SIS Regulation complying Trustee Minutes agreeing to pay the pension.

I recommend that the following Balanced asset allocation be adopted: 9 Mr D Carmichael . Personal superannuation contributions from an individual’s post-tax income (known as undeducted or non-concessional contributions) will not be taxed when contributed to superannuation.000 per annum. The non-concessional contributions cap is $150. Non-concessional contributions include: personal contributions for which an income tax deduction is not claimed (this also includes such contributions that are made to a constitutionally protected fund) contributions your spouse makes to your super fund account contributions in excess of your capital gains tax (CGT) cap amount amounts transferred from foreign super funds (excluding amounts included in the fund’s assessable income) contributions made for your benefit (if you are under 18 years of age) that are not made by or on behalf of your employer. The next important consideration is the investment of the funds in your superannuation fund. People under age 65 will be able to bring forward two years of contributions and make a larger contribution of $450. so it is of paramount importance that this cap is not breached.000 per annum) as a non-concessional contribution.000 over three financial years. Taxpayers under the age of 65 are able to bring forward two years of future entitlements to non-concessiojnal contributions giving them a cap of $450. There are limits to the amount that be contributed to Superannuation. the first place to start is to define an Asset Allocation that fits your objectives and risk profile. Those aged 65 or over will need to satisfy the work test. If you were to exceed the contribution cap.5% on the excess amount.Statement Of Advice . you will be taxed at 46. Recommendation 3 Update and implement a change to your SMSF Investment Strategy and asset allocation This transition to the pension phase will require both an update to your Self Managed Super Funds investment strategy and a possible subsequent change to your investments within your SMSF. In doing this.000 per annum. however will be limited to $150.Recommendation 2 Contribute the balance of any remaining income to your SMSF (up to a maximum of $150.000. which means they must have been gainfully employed for at least 40 hours in a period of not more than 30 consecutive days in that financial year. You must also take into consideration that you will be required to draw a minimum annual pension of 4% of your Pension account balance and you should subsequently ensure your investments are generating this required level of income.

etc Liability insurance Private Health Hospital Cover Ancillary Travel I have not reviewed any of the above but strongly suggest that you should carefully review all your policies for currency and adequacy. it is important to keep your allocations appropriately balanced. Some of these are: Personal Insurance Term Life Total & Permanent Disablement Trauma Insurance Income Replacement Domestic Insurance House & Contents Motor Vehicle. Without insurance all your goals and objectives are put at risk. whilst increasing the chances of achieving your objectives. Maintaining adequate insurance is the building block of good planning. There are many forms of insurance that need to be considered. Your insurance consultant or broker will be happy to assist you with this review. Please advise me of any changes to your cover. put in place. Boat.Statement Of Advice .'Balanced' Asset Allocation Australian Equities International Equities Australian Fixed Interest Property International Fixed Interest Cash Spreading investments across a number of asset classes and market sectors will assist in lowering investment risk and volatility. 10 Mr D Carmichael . Recommendation 4 Review your personal insurances to ensure you have the adequate level of cover. Additionally. Please let me know if you require a referral to a qualified insurance broker who will be able to carry out a comprehensive review of your current situation. We may need to alter these allocations in the future to ensure they are providing the highest return for a given level of risk. and reviewed for adequacy on an annual basis.

11 Mr D Carmichael . should you lose the legal capacity to make decisions for yourself in the future. Your Will(s) should be reviewed on a regular basis.Recommendation 5 Review your Estate planning documentation and implement the appropriate strategies. another family member. An Enduring Power of Attorney can only be made by a person whilst they are still in good health and of sound mind and capable of making those legal and financial decisions for themselves. You have not provided any information regarding the status of your Will(s). particularly when your circumstances change. The most important consideration in choosing an attorney is whether you trust the person or agency you have appointed.Statement Of Advice . There are many issues that require careful consideration to make sure this element of your planning is undertaken with the view to ensuring that your overall strategy and your objectives and goals for you and your family are met. the Public trustee or a private trustee company. a lawyer. An "Enduring Power of Attorney" gives you the power to choose who you want to make financial decisions on your behalf. Enduring Power of Attorney I recommend you consider appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney. a friend. to ensure that these reflect your current wishes in relation to the distribution of your estate on death. It is recommended that you consult an expert in Estate Planning or your trustee company for advice in this area. You may choose your spouse or partner. to manage your property and financial affairs in your best interest. an accountant.

whereas a cash account does CONFLICTS OF INTEREST There are no conflicts of interest. and as part of preparing our recommendations. Any such charges will be disclosed prior to the preparation of a Statement of Advice (SoA). There may be charges incurred for any reviews that result in the preparation of a Statement of Advice. These included: Retaining your current strategy of contributing excess income to your bank account. A list of these risks is detailed below on the following page. we have discounted this strategy because: ~ There is no potential for capital growth and as such the ability to protect your assets from inflation is limited ~ The interest generated from a cash account will be fully taxable WHY THIS ADVICE IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOU This advice is appropriate to you for the following reasons: This strategy endeavors to meet your requirement of increasing your superannuation balances by as much as possible prior to your retirement. there are risks involved with implementing this advice. Whilst this will provide you with asset security. There will be no charges for any reviews.Statement Of Advice . we have considered and subsequently discounted several alternative strategies. It is important that you communicate with me if you experience major changes in your circumstances. This strategy will need to be reviewed annually or in the event of a major change in your circumstances. This will enable me to suggest appropriate adjustments to your strategy.ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS AND STRATEGIES CONSIDERED In seeking to meet your objectives. Legislative risk – investing in super requires confidence that the tax incentives and the regulations surrounding accessing your superannuation wont change The requirement to preserve your super until retirement may not allow total flexibility to redeem funds. however the risks specific to you are: In seeking a balanced portfolio you must be aware that your capital will be subjected to market forces and volatility. ONGOING SERVICE It is a fact of life that your circumstances will change over time. 12 Mr D Carmichael . whilst simultaneously minimizing your tax liability A superfund is the most efficient investment vehicle from which to receive an income stream in retirement RISKS INVOLVED IN IMPLEMENTING THIS ADVICE As with any financial investment.

Comparison of estimated total net wealth accumulation under your current situation Vs TtR strategy until retirement at age 65 Comparison of estimated total tax paid under your current situation Vs TtR strategy until retirement at age 65 *Please note that these are projections only and cannot be relied upon.Statement Of Advice . contributing all available funds to your super fund and employing a Transition to Retirement strategy could assist you in accumulating an extra $136. Historical returns are not a reliable indicator of future returns. **Assumptions include: Net investment returns of 10% per annum in the SMSF. 0% interest in your bank account 13 Mr D Carmichael .000 in income tax.PROJECTIONS We have estimated that over the next 6 years until your retirement at age 65.000 in net retirement funds whilst saving you an estimated $65.

From our discussions and the risk profile questionnaire you completed. Calculated risks will be acceptable to you to achieve good returns. we define the risk/return levels of investors across a spectrum from low risk to high risk where low risk is extremely conservative with a focus on capital preservation and high risk is highly speculative seeking higher long term capital gains whilst being prepared to accept higher volatility and compromise portfolio balance. The negative effects of tax and inflation will not concern you provided your initial investment is protected. Moderate You are a Moderate investor seeking better than basic returns. Prepared to accept higher volatility and moderate risks. Defensive You are a Defensive investor. You require a balanced portfolio. your primary concern is to accumulate assets over the medium to long-term. Risk Vs Return All investments carry some risk. the higher the risk. the greater the return. but carry with them a higher level of risk. Generally. probably earning sufficient income to invest most funds for capital growth. Typically an older investor seeking to protect the wealth which you have accumulated. but risk must be low. Growth You are a Growth investor. but more aggressive investments may be included.Statement Of Advice . It is important to understand these risks in relation to your own investment strategy. I would rate you as a balanced investor.CLIENT RISK PROFILE In order to understand your perception towards investment volatility. You require an investment strategy which will cope with the affects of tax and inflation. Balanced You are a Balanced investor who wants a balanced portfolio to work towards medium to longterm financial goals. you may be prepared to consider less aggressive growth investments. Security of capital is secondary to the potential for wealth accumulation. 14 Mr D Carmichael . High Growth You are a High Growth investor prepared to compromise portfolio balance to pursue potentially greater long-term returns. Risk must be very low and you are prepared to accept lower returns to protect capital. Your investment choices are diverse.

you do not invest at all or do not invest sufficiently in growth products. Manager Risk The possibility that you will invest with a fund manager based primarily on their recent past performance without regard to their fundamental ability to cater to your particular needs or performance expectations over the time-frame you have in mind. Reinvestment Risk If you invest in fixed rate investments. Longevity risk exists due to the increasing life expectancy trends among retirees. If you lie awake at night worrying about the security of your financial investments your investments are not suitable for your risk profile. Market Risk Movements in a market can cause an investment to decrease (or increase) in value. Timing Risk The possibility that a strategy of trying to time an entry and exit from markets will expose you to greater short-term volatility. you may have to reinvest maturing money at a lower rate of interest if rates decline during the life of that investment. Liquidity Risk The possibility that you may not be able to readily access your funds when you need them most because they are invested in illiquid assets such as real estate. Regulatory Risk The possibility of government policy changes (ie in the area of superannuation) negatively affecting your financial strategy. Shown below are some of the more common risks you may encounter. such as bonds. Credit Risk The possibility that an institution holding your capital (ie.Statement Of Advice .All investments should pass “the sleep” test. 15 Mr D Carmichael . Diversification There is a risk if you put all your eggs in one basket. Currency Risk The possibilities that investments held in other countries may rise or fall in value due to the relative value of the currency they are held in to the domestic currency. There are four main asset classes and soundly based portfolios are spread over these classes. a debenture issuer) may fail to pay interest or return your capital. The risk here is that you will achieve a poor “real” return on your funds invested. Inflation Risk The possibility that the purchasing power of your money may not keep pace with inflation. Value Risk The possibility you will pay too much for a particular product or that you will sell it too cheaply. for example. This may happen if. Longevity Risk The possibilities that your super fund will be depleted prior to your life expectancy.

Statement Of Advice . in this case $500.DISCLOSURE – REMUNERATION AND OTHER BENEFITS This summary is provided to assist you in gaining a clear understanding of the payments and benefits DJ Carmichael may receive for the services provided to you. I will receive 50% of the pre GST amount of this fee. DJ Carmichael’s Investment Advisers will be entitled to the commission directly from the product providers. as shown below. discounted services and awards. 16 Mr D Carmichael . DISCLOSURE OF FEES AND CHARGES Statement of Advice (SoA) Preparation Fee DJ Carmichael do not charge any entry or set up fees however as agreed in our meeting of 14th January 2009. if you adopt the recommendations in this report.100 (Inc GST) for the preparation of this plan. Please forward a cheque made payable to DJ Carmichael in this amount. DJ Carmichael’s Investment Advisers may also be entitled to other incentives including allowances and bonuses based on volume. Please find enclosed an invoice to be authorized by you and returned to my attention. marketing and training assistance from product providers. there is a one off fee of $1. DJ Carmichael may receive financial.

Sign and return the Authority to Proceed contained in the second copy of this SOA that has been provided to you. Arrange with your employer to commence a salary sacrifice arrangement as recommended 4.STEPS TO BE TAKEN Once you have read and understood this document and are happy to proceed please take the following actions: 1. Arrange with your accountant to implement the SMSF pension as recommended. 3. ensuring that all requirements are satisfied.Statement Of Advice . This original is for you to retain 2. Make changes to your superannuation asset allocation in accordance with your investment strategy and financial objectives 17 Mr D Carmichael .

attitude to risk. the investment advice contained in this report deals only with investment recommendations for the investment of funds within your existing self managed super fund and strategies to maximize your superannuation balance. I have tried to match my recommendations with your stated needs.DISCLAIMER SCOPE OF ADVICE As agreed at our meeting. 18 Mr D Carmichael . financial service or loan product recommendations. a high risk investor will seek higher long term capital gains and is prepared to compromise portfolio balance to achieve this. Any misunderstanding or failure to disclose all information relevant to your financial position may limit my ability to effectively assess the appropriateness of our advice or any financial product. financial service. Good investment decisions cannot be made on incomplete or inaccurate information. Such figures are purely estimates and may vary without notice. financial situation and particular needs. you will have been categorized as a low. If you have not made a decision to proceed within 30 days. In contrast. investment strategy and loan product recommendation contained in this document is made based on information you have provided concerning your investment objectives. I have not conducted. you should not make an investment transaction that relies on information contained in this advice without first contacting me to ensure the recommendations are still appropriate and current. This recommendation is prepared solely for the use of the client to whom it is addressed and we do not accept any liability whatsoever to third parties. objectives and financial circumstances. If you believe that you have disclosed information that evidences this or you wish to provide further information or alter information previously provided you should contact me. A high risk investor may wish to aggressively trade equities or invest in assets of a more speculative nature to maximize investment performance. Based on information provided. In general terms. You should also consider this advice to be limited in terms of its “shelf life”. and understands a strategy of this nature carries an inherent risk of capital loss and high volatility. Despite the specific scope of this advice. a low risk investor is seeking minimal capital risk with a preference towards income generating investments. Investment markets and interest rates fall as well as rise. Estimates of income and capital growth projections rates are based on assessments of current and likely future economic and investment conditions. nor am I obliged to conduct any independent enquiries or verify the information you have provided. I have not provided advice on any other elements of your investment portfolio or overall financial circumstances. If you believe another categorisation of your investor profile is warranted you should discuss this with me.Statement Of Advice . moderate or high risk investor. DJ Carmichael advises that any financial product.

financial service or loan product recommendation). If you wish to proceed with the recommendations contained within. please do not hesitate to contact me on 9263 5200. whether express or implied (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence). please sign and return this letter acknowledging your authorisation to proceed. Yours faithfully ADVISER DJ Carmichael Pty Ltd 19 Mr D Carmichael . agent associate or employee of DJ Carmichael provides any warranty of accuracy or reliability in relation to any advice or information contained in this document and to the extent permitted by law accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever arising in any way for any representation. Should you have any queries at all in relation to any of the contents of this letter.Statement Of Advice . CONCLUSION I thank you for entrusting your financial requirements with DJ Carmichael and look forward to forging a successful relationship. neither DJ Carmichael or any director. contained in this document is accurate as at the time and date of issue.DJ Carmichael believes that the information and advice. (including any financial product. officer. A copy of this letter is attached for your retention. act or omission. However.

checked that your personal information in this document is accurate. If you haven’t done all of those things. 6. Have read and understood the Disclosure of Fees and Commissions. and has been used to arrive at the recommended strategy. don’t sign the Authority to Proceed. understood and retained a copy of this Statement of Advice (SOA). and asked me any questions you need clarified.Statement Of Advice . By signing below. Have received and read the DJ Carmichael Financial Services Guide (FSG). Signature Name Mr Donald Carmichael 20 Mr D Carmichael . Agree that the information provided by <adviser> is correct. I understand that if I provide incomplete or inaccurate information I risk making a financial commitment that may not be appropriate to my needs.. please also make sure you have: o o o Read all the documents I have given you. 5. Have received and read the enclosed Guide for SMSF Trustees – Role and Responsibilities of Trustees. 2. Have read.AUTHORITY TO PROCEED Before you sign this authority. Date: _____/_____/_____ I. you agree to the all of the above. prepared by <adviser> of DJ Carmichael and dated <date>. The SOA contains information which accurately summarises my current situation. investments and financial objectives. The information in this SOA is correct. Don Carmichael: 1. 4. and I understand that the advice is based on the information I provided. and I hereby authorise DJ Carmichael to proceed with the implementation of the investment recommendations contained within it. 3. limited to the investment of funds within your existing self managed super fund and strategies to maximize your superannuation balance.