LEMBARAN SOAL Mata Pelajaran Sat.

Pendidikan Kelas / Program : BAHASA INGGRIS : SMP : VIII

PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Tulis nomor dan nama Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan 2. Periksa dan bacalah soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda bekerja 3. Kerjakanlah soal anda pada lembar jawaban 4. Gunakan waktu dengan efektif dan efisien 5. Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat. Text one In The Hospital I was in hospital last week. The doctor told me that I had to have an operation. I had to stay in the hospital for a week. The room in which I stayed was facing the garden, so I could see flowers outside from the windows. But I didn’t like the food there. It was tasteless. The doctor told me that I had to have a special diet. I mustn’t eat any spicy food in the future.

5. Rahmat went to tailor because he wanted to ….. A. measure his chest B. cut the clothes C. sew his clothes D. get his clothes made 6. The tailor’s wife fixed the buttons. The italic
word means …. A. attached to B. released from C. put into D. come to

1. Why did the writer stay in the hospital? A. because the writer was ill B. because the writer was asked to do so C. because the writer had to have an D.
operation because the writer likes it

7. Based on the first paragraph, the clothes were
ready on …. A. Wednesday B. Thursday C. Friday D. Saturday

2. From the first paragraph we know that the
writer … A. didn’t need the hospital B. had an operation C. didn’t have to stay in the hospital D. had the hospital

8. He sawed the clothes in his sewing machine.
The italic word refers to… A. the tailor B. Rahmat C. the clothes d. D. the wife

3. Based on the second paragraph, the correct
information is …. A. the room had a lot of windows B. the food was not delicious C. the doctors liked to work there D. the hospital is dirty

9. A : “What do you think he is doing?”
B : “ …… “ A. I think he works B. I think he worked C. I think he was working D. I think he is working

4. What information can you get from the third
paragraph? A. the writer is not allowed to eat spicy food B. the food was spicy C. the doctor was on diet D. the writer didn’t like spicy food Text two Rahmat went to a tailor to have his shirt and trousers made last Sunday. The tailor measured his hip and waist and also the length of the trousers. He also measured his chest. The tailor cut the cloth according to Rahmat’s measurement. Then he sewed the clothes on his sewing machine. He sewed the zipper on the trousers. The tailor’s wife fixed the buttons. The clothes were ready in five days. Rahmat tried them on. They fit him well.

10. Dimas : “Do you want fried rice?”
Rahman : “Not right now, thanks” The italic expression show about …. A. offering something B. accepting an offer C. refuse an offer D. forbidden

11. Rahmi : “What do you think of Indonesia Dedi?”
Dedi : “It’s beautiful country. I like it very much. The underline express…. A. surprised B. invitation C. pleasure


Halaman 1 dari 3 halaman

yes.. yes. single dancer 24. Bromo was fantastic which I have ever never seen before. I will B. I will mum. B. I think so 17. There are some kinds of Topeng Dance. prohibition B. was coming 25. please don’t trouble 18. offering something C. all of the staff of school 14. yes. came D. Topeng Koncaran dance from Cirebon 22. more one group C. Can I swim with you? B. Affan : “I think we should not clearly write the address on the envelope”.. A. A. Im sorry to hear that C. The weather was cool and fresh. Whereas in Bandung it is displayed in group dancer only. submarine Bacaan untuk soal nomor 21 – 23 Reporter : could you explain the example of traditional dance from Cirebon? Official : Fine. Mrs. Yes. one group dancer only D. boat C. I agree about your plan B. colossal performance B. My father drove the car carefully. : … mum? My friends ask me to go to swimming pool. traditional dancing B. Do you plan to go to swimming pool? 13. Who went to bromo mountain? A.D. Anisa yourself. never mind © SALEMBA Halaman 2 dari 3 halaman . no. please. C. have been coming C. I believe so D. I quite agree C. A. When I …. the teacher and the student B. the weather was 15. topeng dance C. there are many people there C. no. Topeng Koncaran from Bandung is displayed in … A. Aman : Would you like an orange juice? Beny : … I like it. Topeng Kelana and some others. sympathy I need” 19. I don’t will D. How was the weather? A. they aren’t. Are the moves of Topeng Koncaran from Bandung? A. Yes. Will you come to my house? A. there is a man there 16. they aren’t. the weather was very hot D. A. I do Text three Last holiday I went to Bromo mountain. no. 23. I don’t think so B. West Java’s traditional dance D. I don’t know B. Could I go to swimming pool? D. to my uncle’s home. the weather was very nice cool and fresh C. That’s what The underline word express…. the writer D. I went there with my family by car. no. he was watching television in the living room. the weather was uncomfortable B. ship B. agreement 12. Yes. And there were so many people around the crater. refuse an offer D. How many people were there? A. there is only one people B. B. Formerly this dance derived from Cirebon. When I arrived there. the students only C. A. The paragraph above tell about … A. It was very beautiful. Let’s take Topeng Koncaran Dance from Cirebon for example. I am not C. Titiek : Certainly but you have to be careful. I don’t suppose so D. X: “Would you like something to eat?” Y: “Yes. Generally the Topeng Koncaran from Cirebon is displayed in the colossal performance. for example: Topeng Koncaran. there are five people there D. No. Can you go to swimming pool? C. D. they do. We sail to Makassar on a very large …. A. Topeng Koncaran Dance is not different from Topeng Koncaran from Cirebon. Anisa : Yes. they are. thanks. Rahman : “……it’s very important I think”. only some moves that are different. certainly. canoe D. Lena : “What about going to botanical garden next vacation?” Lina : “ … A. 21. were came 20.

C. people D. an actress C. He wanted Marissa to be actress in his new film. Where did a film producers see Marissa’s photograph? A. muazin C. telegram B. Have you seen her photograph in magazines? Marissa’s photograph appears in many popular magazines. The producer spoke to Marissa’s parents. Shopkeeper : Good morning! Arian : ……………? Shopkeeper : OK we have a lot. a singer 27. receive C. He asked Marissa to think about it very carefully. bring B. letter B. mosque 32. She wanted to study to be an architect. envelope D. At first Marissa said no. Arian is in a shop. A few months later. If you want to buy some stamps. What is Marissa’s Grace Haque? She is … A. How tall C. producers 30. So he went to her home to talk to her. He wants to buy a pair of shoes. Which one do you like? Arian : I like that black one. Who D. postcards and envelopes you must go to the … A. The film was “Bunga Semusim” people liked Marissa’s acting. Marissa’s parents C. on the newspaper C. thanks D. A. church D. Who wanted Marissa to be an actress? A. on the cover of magazine B. temples B. police man 39. a student B. “She is very good actress” they said. A. Lusi : … are you? Ika : I am 155 cm. Post office have many … placed around of the city. Do you have any shoes? 31. How far D. When 37. doctor B. cathedral B. Do you want to buy it? D. mosque 38. How B. envelope C. Bali has a lot of … for Hindu’s pray. put D. How long © SALEMBA Halaman 3 dari 3 halaman . money order D. … calling Muslim for pray. yes. an architect D. The word “they” refers to … A. A. mail B. 26. No. “She is very good actress” they said (the last sentence of the text). Marissa decided to try acting in a film. temple D. teacher D. letter 33. One day a film producer saw her photograph on the cover of magazine. Marissa Grace Haque On of Indonesia’s newest actress is a pretty young girl called Marissa Grace Haque. Muslim always go to the … everyday. her teacher did D. cathedral 40. money order C. post office C. on a television 29. A. A. The postman will … your letter according to the address on the envelope. Nuni : … are you today? Ita : I am fine. hospital D. envelope 35. letter D. Shall I help you? C. send 36. Some people like to communicate with their friends at a distance place by … A. photographer did 28. please Bacaan untuk soal nomor 26 sampai dengan nomor 29. her parents did C. A. restaurant B. Where C. mail box C. A. on a poster D. church C. actress B. May I sit down? B. How much B. You have put a stamp on the … A. mosque C. parcel 34. Marissa worked as a part time model when she was a student. film producer did B. She didn’t want to be an actress. A.

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