Network+ is a certification that measures the technical knowledge of networking professionals.

Earning the Network+ certification means that the candidate possesses the knowledge needed to configure and operate a variety of networking products. The Network+ test is available throughout the world in a variety of languages including English, German, French and Japanese. Following are some Network+ sample questions: 1. You install File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.You share a folder and leave the password option blank.Who can gain access to the folder A. Anyone who can gain access to your network and has a Microsoft redirector such as the Client for Microsoft Networks installed. B. Windows 98 will not allow a blank password in this field. C. Anyone with Internet Explorer installed. D. Only users that are members of the same workgroup as you. Answer: A 2. The figure below shows a typical Home Network Setup.Identify the network components marked in red.

It does not specify the Network layer addresses required by routers. 10101010 C. You are the LAN administrator for your company.You have couple Windows 2000 Professional clients that dial in via PPP to the company network¶s RAS server. Answer:A: Cable/DSL Modem B: CAT 5 Ethernet cable C: Wireless Signal E: Wirelss Router 2. C. Run winipcfg on the client D. 1111111 Answer: D 4. Run ipconfig with the /release and /renew switch on the client B. What is the binary network ID of the loopback IP address A. 0 D. Run ipconfig with the /renew_all switch on the client C.1. Answer: D 3. you find that the Windows 2000 computers are using a subnet mask of all 255s. 1 B.What should you do A.This is normal Answer: D 5.You want the remote clients to be assigned dynamic IP addresses. It does not contain the appropriate Data Link layer information required by routers.Upon connecting. It uses advanced Transport layer services to move across the Internet and avoids the routing overhead required by the more primitive networking protocols. MSAU B.Which of the following statements best describes the most common reason why a protocol would be considered non-routable A. You are configuring a router. AUI D. Some protocols are considered to be technically non-routable.What kind of physical interface does the router have A.You reserve a pool of class B addresses for these clients. B. It defines Physical layer network addresses for internal routing. BNC Answer: C . D. Do nothing.According to the manual. RJ-11 C. you will need a transceiver to connect to the LAN ports of the router.

6. it would be the Backup Domain Controller D. Which of the following are connectionless protocols. A high speed specialized sub-network attached to the enterprise Answer: B 1. Put the address of the router in the default gateway. PCMCIA Answer: D . A 60 GB DAT tape drive attached to the Network Server B. UDP Answer: A. SPX C. Answer: A 9. The DHCP option is enabled automatically. and your DHCP server provides all of the normal TCP/IP configuration information. and the server will auto-configure everything. Manually enter an IP address that is not in use on the network. C. Use NSLOOKUP D. IPX D.(Choose the three best answers. IP B. ISA C. EISA D. PCI B. Which of the following is considered a Network Attached Storage device A.) A. and add this information only. and put all 0s in the IP field. self-configuring. Find out what the subnet mask on your network is. Credit card size. B. Use NBTSTAT B. designed for notebooks. D 7. In a Windows NT environment. a client on an NT TCP/IP network see which remote hosts are currently connected using NBT A.What must you do to configure the IP address on the workstation after you add the TCP/IP protocol A. and non-OS dependent describes which PC bus architecture A. Use IPCONFIG Answer: A 8. A file server with special software that is at a separate location from the departmental file server C. Use NETSTAT C. How can Jim Herr. C. D. You are setting up a new Windows 98 workstation on your network.

what information must you know to avoid resource conflicts A. Presentation Answer: A 5. Application B. IRQ B. Which of the following OSI layers is responsible for identifying communications partners A. What is a router A. HTTP B. Which of the following are used to resolve Windows NetBIOS names to IP addresses A. SNMP D. WINS C. Broadband D. POP3 C. C & D 4.C 7. DNS B. Network D. Baseband C. Session C. Base I/O port address D. What protocol is used between E-Mail servers A. When installing a manually configured adapter.2. SMTP Answer: D 3. Base Memory address Answer: A. Hosts file Answer: B. Number of bits C. such as Cat 5 cabling and FDDI . Simplex Answer: D 6. LMhosts file D. A hardware device that connects dissimilar networks. A broadcast message is an example of which dialog control method A. Half duplex B.

1 and receive a reply. 135. HOSTS B. 204.200. LMHOSTS Answer: C 1.199. A.How should the default gateway address be configured so that windows 95 users on the local network can access the Internet through the RAS server. The default Gateway address on WINS95 must specify the IP address of the remote ISP B. A network host that reads the source and destination addresses in the packet header and makes decisions about where to forward the packet C.112. The subnet mask is not correct. .0. The computer is not configured to use LMHOSTS Answer: B 10. A network host that can forward LAN-based email messages onto the Internet.67. Which of the following is Class C IP address? A. check whether the subnet mask is configured correctly.However. 191. The default Gateway on WN95 must specify the IP address of the RAS server on the local network. The default gateway is not configured properly.What is the most probable cause of the problem? A.The RAS server is located on the same subnet as that of the WIN95 machines. C.Other users on her subnet do not report having any trouble.14. 10.B. The TCP/IP stack is not installed properly B.57 C.118.199 D. WINS or ___ may be used for NetBIOS name resolution? A.All client computers on the network are WINS-enabled.23. You have set up a server that connects to an Internet services provider ( ISP) over ISDN line. after repackaging them into the SMTP format D. DNS C. A software system that can translate between dissimilar networks such as Ethernet and Token Ring Answer: B 8.54 Answer: D 9.0.118 B. she can ping 127. A Windows 95 user complains that she cannot connect to any other computers on her local subnet even when using the IP address to communicate.10. D.

Which of the following media types is most susceptible to EMI? A. UTP Answer: D 5. 10BaseT B. RJ-45 C. RAID 5 Answer: D. Which of the following is suitable for mission critical and time sensitive applications? A. The HOSTS file in WIN95 machines must be configured with the host name of the RAS Server. RAID 1 C.2 B. MSAU Answer: B 6. 10Base2 C. RAID 3 D.5 Answer: C 3. RJ-11 D. The HOSTS file in WIN 95 machines must be configured with the host name of the ISP Answer: B 2.1d C. 802. 802. 802. Disk Striping with Parity corresponds to which RAID level? A.C. D. Co-axial D. 802. Which type of connector does a 10BaseT Ethernet cable use? A. Which of the following is the standard adopted for Ethernet CSMA/CD by IEEE Committee? A. Token Ring D. RAID 0 B. BNC B. STP C. Fiber Optic B. Mesh . 4.3 D.

What is the default subnet mask for Class C network? A. All computers are connected to every other computer or resource in the network D.0 D. All computers are attached to a single cable in a chain style B.255. 255. Which connector is often used with Thinnet cable? A. False Answer:A 2. Ring Answer: B 10.255. 255.0.255. A Ring network topology provides two links from each computer.0.Answer: C 7.0 B. RJ-11 B. AUI C. A Bus network topology is best described as which of the following? A. DIX . All computers are connected to a central point C.255. 255.0. Star D. Bus B. Ring C. Which of the following network topologies have each computer connected to a central point? A. Mesh C. Fault Tolerant Answer: A 1.A link in and a link out. Which of the following network topologies is the most fault tolerant? A. Star D. 255. Mesh Answer: C 9.0 Answer: C 8.0 C.0. A. Bus B. True B.

RJ-T D. STP D. RJ-11 C. most commonly use which of the following types of cable? A. Which of the following media connectors are used in conjunction with telephones? A. BNC Answer:D 3. A hub works in conjunction with which of the following network topologies? A. 10Base2 . Bus D. Fiber Optic Cable C.D. Fiber B. RJ-45 B. UTP Answer:D 5. False Answer:A 6. www. A. None of the above are correct Answer:B 4. A Vampire Tap B. Which of the following is a correct MAC address? A. A Gateway is able to connect network environments that are dissimilar.80. 10BaseT Ethernet networks. Ring B.certyourself. Coax C.1 B. Wireless Networks Answer:A 7. Mesh Answer:B 8.168. 190. True B. AUI connectors are commonly associated with which of the following items? A. Star C.

A Hub B. Which of the following is the correct order of the OSI model from bottom to top? A. Application. Transport. Network. Network. Data Link. The Data Link Layer C. The Transport Layer D. Presentation. Physical. Network. The Network Layer Answer:D 2. Session. What is the maximum speed of 10Base5 Ethernet cable? A. Session C. A Switch D. 100 Mbps B. Physical. A Network Interface Card operates at the Network Layer of the OSI model. Transport. Presentation. G2:G3:23:87:GG Answer:C 9. Physical B. Which of the following devices operate at the Data Link layer of the OSI model? A. Transport.C. Network. Transport. Application. The Physical Layer B. 08:34:FE:4C:F2:54 D. Session. A. Session. A NIC C. True B. Presentation. A Router Answer:C 1. Application. Physical B. Application Answer:A 10. 500 Mbps . False Answer:B 3. A Hub operates at which of the following layers of the OSI model? A. Application D. Data Link. Data Link. Data Link. A Router operates in which layer of the OSI model? A. Physical Answer:C 4. Presentation C. Transport D. Session.

Which of the following solutions are you most likely to implement? A. No action is required. A more secure password policy C. Shielded Twisted Pair Answer:A 6.The first one uses IRQ 10 and I/O range of B800-B81F. A server has two NIC cards installed.The second uses IRQ 10 and I/O range of D700-D80A. Which of the following TCP/IP protocols is used to communicate between a Web Browser and a Web Server? A. Unshielded Twisted Pair C. The Transport Layer D. File-level encryption D. you notice that a user on the Internet has attempted to access your internal mail server. should be taken? A. you are still very concerned about the possibility that your systems may be compromised.What action. Kerberos authentication Answer: A 9. The Network Layer C. 10 Mbps Answer:D 5. 50 Mbps D. Coax D.C. Which of the following layers of the OSI model does a Bridge operate in? A. POP3 Answer:B 7. UDP D. SMTP B. . Fiber Optic B. A firewall system at the connection point to the Internet B. 100Base-FX uses which of the following types of cable? A. if any. The Session Layer Answer:A 8. HTTP C. The Data Link Layer B. While reviewing the security logs for your server.Although it appears that the user¶s attempts were unsuccessful.

IEEE 802. NetBEUI B. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) B. Locate any available I/O range to resolve the I/O conflict. invalid IP setting Answer: B . RIP C. Which of these protocols provide fast connectionless communications that relies on upper layers of the OSI model for error correction? A. C. Can be used to reduce traffic bottlenecks in a NetBEUI network? A. Change the I/O of the second NIC to B800-B81F. You have just finished the installation of two computers on a 28 computer network using Novell¶s IPX/SPX. router C.All other computers are functioning normally.11 Answer: A 1. SPX Answer: B 3.Both computers initialize with no error messages yet they cannot contact other computers on the network.2 D. DLC Answer: C 2.You probably have an ___? A.3 C. incorrect frame type C. Protocol that is often used to facilitate communications with an IBM mainframe? A. IEEE 802. IEEE 802. incorrect IRQ B.B. IEEE 802. Which of the following IEEE 802 standards pertain to token ring? A.5 B. Locate any available IRQ to resolve the IRQ conflict. UDP (User Datagram Protocol) C. gateway Answer: A 4. Answer: B 10. D. bridge B.

Uses amplifiers to regenerate analog signals? A.5. baseband B. DNS B. Page faults/sec= 25. Which of the following should you check if you can connect using the IP address but NOT with the host name? A. Disk time= 25%. broadband C. buy another CPU B. fiber-optic Answer: B 6. RAID 1 C. loop back Answer: B 10. increase RAM Answer: C 8.What one change will increase the performance of this network server the most? A. broadband C. Although NOT fault tolerant this RAID level is often used when one wants the highest level of performance? A. cut through C. You are hired to investigate a slow performing network server for a client. DHCP Answer: A 9. store and forward B. multiband Answer: A 7. WINS C. baseband B. Uses single frequency digital signals? A. The fastest method of transporting data with a switch? A. RAID 0 B. RAID 5 Answer: A . add another hard drive C.Using the performance monitor you obtain the following readings: CPU usage= 25%.

Four _____ are used in the 5-4-3 rule of 10Base2 networking? A. Telnet C.1. ODI B. You have just finished installing an Ethernet PCI NIC (network interface card) in a client¶s computer. Topology that offers the highest level of redundancy. IPSec Answer: B 4. incorrect frame type Answer: B 3. The two key components of a digital signature include the secure hash algorithm and a ___ ? A. repeaters B. routers Answer: A 2.The computer initializes successfully and has no apparent hardware problems. ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) Answer: B 6.The computer however is not able to communicate with other computers on this NetBEUI network. NWLink C.What is the most likely cause of this problem? A.It is the topology of the internet? A. star B. Utility used to run applications on a computer at a remote location? A. ODI B. incorrect transceiver setting C. ring C. certificate authority C. DLC Answer: B 5. is easy to troubleshoot but is expensive to install. mesh . IRQ conflict B. blowfish value B. The Microsoft version of Novell¶s IPX/SPX protocol? A.All other client computers are able to communicate. segments C.

Answer: C 7. EMI C. DNS B. Backup method which clears the archive bit and is the shortest to perform but takes the longest to restore? A. all of the above Answer: C 2. incremental C. full B. registry B. boot files C. SNMP Answer: A . AWG 28 C. differential Answer: B 9. WINS C. AWG 32 Answer: A 8. Ordinary telephone wire has a thickness of AWG 22. AWG 14 B. TDR B.Of the following which is the thickest wire? A. ARP Answer: C 10. collisions B. The major limiting factor for how long a cable can be in a segment is ___? A. Backing up the system state in Win 2000 Prof will backup the ___? A. attenuation Answer: C 1. performance monitor C. Which of the following protocols map a logical address to a MAC (Media Access Control) address? A. Equipment that is designed to help identify breaks and shorts in cables? A.

ATT Answer: C 4. During disaster recovery of a Win 2000 Prof computer if you ³Enable Boot Logging´ the file ___ is saved to the C:\winnt folder for analysis? A. A bridge filters traffic using which type of address? A. To start a Win 2000 Prof computer in the safe mode press ___ at startup? A. F1 Answer: A 5. F8 B. setuplog. Sun B. IP address B.What is the most likely cause? A.3. SAP B. A ___ is created when a unique IP address and port number are used to connect two computers? A. power fluctuations B. Ctl and Esc C. socket Answer: C 8. Frame Relay . Which of these WAN (Wide Area Network) protocols is the fastest? A.txt ntbtlog.txt Answer: C 9. Microsoft C. many users are logging on or off Answer: C 7. MAC address C. A large network with 500 users notice that at specific times in the morning and afternoon network congestion ties up their computers. Which company developed the Unix Operating System? A. a terminator is not grounded C.txt B. TCP address Answer: B 6. bootlog. media transfer coefficient C.

nt. False Answer: A .log? A.B. The only files on a Win 2000 Prof Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) are autoexec. True B. and setup.nt.25 Answer: B 10. X. ATM C. config.

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