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Introduction to Networking
1. Ethernet networks first used which of the following cable types: A. Fiber Optics B. Twisted Pair C. Microwave D. Coaxial Cable 2. The terminator used with coaxial cable prevents: A. Cable breakage B. Signal reflections C. Tampering with the cable D. Signal losses 3. The maximum distance a signal can travel using 10Base5 is: A. 100 meters B. 200 meters C. 500 meters D. 1000 meters 4. Which two topologies are configured as a physical star but operate as a logical bus? (Choose two.) A. 10base2 B. 10baseT C. 100baseTx D. 100baseVG-AnyLAN 5. Which two LAN topologies will not function when a single wire is broken? (Choose two.) A. bus B. star C. ring D. mesh E. star-bus 6. Which IEEE specification describes Token Ring? A. 800.6 B. 802.3 C. 802.4 D. 802.5 7. Twisted pair wires are twisted to: A. extend the life of the cable B. provide for higher security C. reduce the amount of electrical interference D. ease cable installation and termination 8. Multimode fiber optic cable most often uses which of the following to represent binary information: A. Twisted Pair B. Cladding C. LEDs D. Laser light 9. The network topology that uses a single wire or cable to connect devices together is referred to as A. Bus topology B. Broadcast topology -1-

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C. D. 10. Which A. B. C. D. E. F.

Loop topology Star topology two items are associated with the 10baseT networking structure? (Choose two.) BNC AUI RG58 CAT5 RJ-11 RJ-45

11. Which IEEE standard covers LANs using Carrier-Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)? A. 802.3 B. 802.5 C. 802.11 D. 802.12 12. Which type of network has ten or fewer computers connected by cable for the direct sharing of file and hardware resources? A. peer-to-peer B. client/server C. peer-to-server D. server-to-server 13. The maximum data rate for thinnet and thicknet is: A. 1 Mbps B. 10 Mbps C. 100 Mbps D. 1 Gbps 14. A 10BaseT star topology uses which of the following to connect the computers? A. Repeater B. Hub C. Bridge D. MAU 15. The OSI model consists of: A. 5 layers B. 6 layers C. 7 layers D. 8 layers 16. Which two unlicensed frequencies are used for spread spectrum wireless Local-Area Network (LAN) devices? (Choose two.) A. 860 Mhz B. 915 Mhz C. 2.412 Ghz D. 2.842 Ghz E. 5.630 Ghz 17. Which A. B. C. D. -2three work at Layer 2 of the OSI Model? (Choose three.) bridge switch vampire tap network interface card

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18. Which A. B. C. D. E.

two work at Layer 3 of the OSI Model? (Choose two.) router bridge e-mail Internet Protocol (IP) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

19. An Intranet server is essentially a: A. Print Server B. File Server C. Communication Server D. Web Server 20. Which A. B. C. D. 21. Which A. B. C. D. layer of the OSI Model is responsible for data compression? Session Layer Transport Layer Network Layer Presentation Layer of the following is an example of a Transport Layer protocol? Ethernet IP TCP RS-232

22. Which of the layers below is most concerned with forwarding a packet through a network from the source host, through intermediate hops, to the final destination: A. Transport B. Network C. Data Link D. Physical 23. While a packet is traversing a network, the intermediate nodes between the source and destination will deal with which protocol layers: A. From Presentation Layer down B. From Session Layer down C. From Transport Layer down D. From Network Layer down 24. Which A. B. C. D. E. technology does 11 Mbit wireless devices use? IEEE 802.1d Frequency Modulation System Amplitude Modulation System Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

25. A message, packet, and a frame refer to which three layers (in order): A. Presentation, Session, Transport B. Session, Transport, Network C. Transport, Network, Data Link D. Network, Data Link, Physical 26. What enables you to segment separate collision domains on different physical locations? A. bridge -3-

What A. RJ-50 B. gigabit switch fast Ethernet hub Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is an example of a Network Layer protocol? Ethernet IP TCP RS-232 is the primary purpose of a Network Layer protocol? Transmit bits across a physical link Transmit frames across a physical link Transmit packets across a network Transmit frames across a network 29. D. Signals C. channel bank 31. C. D.ACACN Practice Exam. 27. C. of the following is an example of decapsulation? Stripping the header and trailer from an incoming frame. 35. D. The Network Layer is to packets as the Data Link Layer is to: A. 66 block C. v7. The delivery of the application layer information to the final destination in the network D. C. B. A 50-pair cable runs between two buildings. One of the services provided by the Data Link Layer to the Network Layer is: A. The error-free delivery of the application data 33. B. router C. Transmit messages to the correct process B.0 4 B. D. B. RJ-45 B. The purpose of a Data Link Layer protocol is to: A. Putting a header and a trailer on an outgoing message. D. C. Stripping a header and a trailer from an incoming message. A 25-pair cable runs from a building's ninth floor to the tenth floor. split 66 block 30. The delivery of the network layer information to the next node in the network B. 28. Putting a header and a trailer on an outgoing frame. C. 25 block D. B. What A. Transmit packets to the end node -4- . Which A. Protocol suites D. Which A. What should you use to terminate the cable? A. Frames B. Datagrams 34. two networking devices use a Spanning Tree algorithm to prevent active loops? (Choose two. The delivery of the network layer information to the final destination in thenetwork C. What should you use to terminate the cable? A. split 50 block D.) hub bridge switch gateway 32.

You have ten stand-alone PCs and a new Frame Relay circuit to the Internet Service Provider. The layer that is responsible for moving frames between NICs in a LAN is: A. They are too expensive B. bridge B.ACACN Practice Exam. Which two pieces of data networking equipment allow the ten PCs to share files and access the Internet? (Choose two. Remote Access Server (RAS) 41. of the following is a function of hubs and repeaters? Provide for cable extension Repeat digital signals Interconnect different cable types All of the above 43. C. Which A. D. They do not manage traffic efficiently enough D. They are too powerful C. Which A. Why shouldn't hubs and repeaters be used to interconnect LANs: A. They do not extend the physical segment adequately 44. CSU/DSU D. repeater E. You need to interconnect offices on several floors of a large office building. C. Data Link C.0 5 C. The customer wants highspeed and reliable connections between floors. D. Network D. An Ethernet switch normally operates at which layer of the OSI model? -5- . hub B. B. Which device should you use to interconnect the floors? A. Physical B. v7. B. C. gigabit switch 42. gateway C. D. 38. B. Transport 40. router C. is the primary purpose of a Physical Layer protocol? Transmit bits across a physical link Transmit frames across a physical link Transmit packets across a network Transmit bits across a network 39. You have been tasked with setting up a LAN/WAN infrastructure. 36. What A. bridge D. What A. D.) A. D. C. B. Transmit frames to the next node Transmit bits across a physical link part of a computer generates a frame by encapsulating a packet: Media adapter unit Node port Network Interface Card Hub of the following is a concern at the physical layer? Whether or not the data is ASCII or EBCDIC How a binary zero is represented versus a binary one The error free delivery of frames The length of a packet 37.

Master 53. D. Which A. In a client/server arrangement. Slave D. A Layer 2 switch switches: A. D. as a protocol converter and a switch D. v7. Which Local-Area Network (LAN) device takes a network frame. D. Which A. items connect LANs at the Network Layer? bridge router Data Service Unit (DSU) Channel Service Unit (CSU) device runs at Layer 3 of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model? hub router bridge repeater two data networking devices are the most protocol independent? (Choose two. hub B. D. frames B. packets C. C. where are the requests normally generated: A. as a router and a switch B. B. B. and then directs it to the proper port? A. C. If an operating system is said to be peer-to-peer only. 48. Data Location Control E. Media Access Control C. bits D.0 6 A. Logical Link Control B. repeater D. B. as a router and a protocol converter C. reads its header.) A. Client B. C. In what two ways is the term gateway used: A. as a switch and a repeater 51. B. sockets 46. C. Network Link Control D. Server C. Which A. this means: -6- .ACACN Practice Exam. switch C. The Data Link Layer of the OSI Model has which two sublayers? (Choose two. Data Link Application Transport Physical 45.) bridge router brouter repeater 49. Media Access Connection 52. amplifier 50. 47.

What A. D. E.4 D. 56. 802. 802.2 B. Client/Server B.) RJ-45 mouse 66 block multiplexer Primary Rate Interface (PRI) T-1 Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Line -7- . B. B. 802. F. D. statement correctly describes a network backbone? The portion of a network where all devices are connected The portion of a network that carries traffic between workgroups The most congested part of the network The least critical part of the network allows you to separate workstations into collision domains? hub bridge repeater CSU/DSU 57. two are components of a structured cabling system? (Choose two. Master Slave C. A dedicated server is not used A dedicated server is used.5 E.3 C. 802. 802. Peer-to-peer 55. C. D. B. Which IEEE specification describes Token Bus? A. C. C. A. but only for printer sharing A dedicated server is only used for Email A dedicated server is not used except for Internet access 54.11 58. Which A. Client/Peer D. C. File sharing between two nodes of equal power and functionality is referred to as: A. Which A. B. v7.ACACN Practice Exam.0 7 A.

Which connector type is associated with Thinnet coaxial cable? A. Thinnet C. RJ-45 E. RS-232 2. Which network device stores web data that users access via the Internet so that future hits to the same web site pull data from a local storage facility rather than from the Internet? A. print server E. Which three of the following uses coaxial cabling? (choose three) A.10 D. 66 block -8- .12 4. RJ-55 F. Thicknet D. Thinnet C. 802. UTP Category 1 B. UTP B. Layer 3 switch 8. 802. RJ-45 B. STP Category 3 C. cache server D. UTP Category 5 5. 10BaseT B. Which of the following cable types is typically used for 100Mbps technologies such as Fast Ethernet? A. Which item refers to the specification 100 VG-AnyLAN? A. BNC D. Cheapernet 7. 10BaseT networks use which cable type? A. Thicknet D. web server C. STP 6. UTP B.ACACN Practice Exam. 10Base2 3. 705. RJ-21 D. Which connector goes on the end of a CAT 5 wire for a Local-Area Network (LAN)? A. router B. 10Base2 cabling is also referred to as: A. Thicknet D. RJ-11 B. RG-58 coaxial cable D. Thinnet C.0 8 LANs 1.2 C.1 B. RJ-14 C. 802. v7. RG-58 C.

The sender's NIC address B. C.) A. and white brown 14. B. Fast Ethernet describes which standard? A. wireless bridges 15. coaxial cable D. brown. CAT 5e wire C. white brown. white green. green. 10base2 B. white brown. What A. C. white orange. 100baseFX D. white blue. B. passive C. D. white green. which type of data networking equipment can connect Local-Area Networks (LANs) that are in different buildings a block apart from each other? A. CAT 25 coaxial cable F. When cost is a primary concern. blue. is the maximum number of pairs that will terminate onto an RJ-45 connector? 2 3 4 8 25 45 is the rating of a CAT 3 wire? 2 Mhz 16 Mhz 50 Mhz 70 Mhz 12. green. active-passive D. and white brown white orange. white green. and white brown white green. 100-pair outdoor wire E. white blue. v7. F. 14 gauge copper wire 10. green. is the color code for a 568B jack? blue. orange. The packet address D. The source address of an Ethernet frame refers to: A. If a company wants to set up a Local-Area Network (LAN) inside a 4. The frame contents 16. D. What A. 11. white green. brown. active B. white orange. orange. blue. E. and brown blue. E. white blue. green. The receiver's NIC address C. 10base5 C. An Ethernet network is which type of a network? A. passive-aggressive -9- . D. routers C.ACACN Practice Exam. hubs B. brown. white blue. orange. brown orange. white orange. B. orange.0 9 9. C. white blue. gigabit switches D. What A. white orange.000-square-foot area. which two cable types can you use to connect the LAN? (Choose two. 100baseVG-AnyLAN 13. CAT 35 wire B. green. blue.

router D. B. The frame contents 21. What A. According to the National Electric Code (NEC). 18. to stabilize voltages B. Switches are replaced by hubs B. Routers are replaced by hubs C. B. What A. is the maximum length of an Ethernet 100BaseT cable segment? 75 meters 100 meters 105 meters 300 meters is the maximum size of an Ethernet frame? 8 bits 96 bytes 1518 bytes 1024 bytes is the minimum size of an Ethernet frame? 12 bytes 36 bytes 64 bytes 128 bytes 20.10 - . while a switch does not B. hub B. to limit the chance of power failure C. C. Which standard covers 11 Mbit wireless Ethernet equipment? A. RFC 1542 B. what are three purposes for grounding? (Choose three. v7. Hubs are replaced by switches 23. switch C. Switches are replaced by routers D. C. A switch can isolate traffic 24. to limit voltages due to lightning. D. bridge 25. 19. Which item constitutes a single collision domain and a single broadcast domain for all workstations connected to the device? A. A hub works at the Data Link layer. D. A switch is less efficient than a hub D. Performance will most likely increase in an Ethernet network when: A. B.0 10 17. The destination address of an Ethernet frame refers to: A. to provide a path to facilitate the operation of overcurrent devices D. The primary difference between a hub and a switch is: A.) A. What A. RFC 1618 . line surges. The packet address D.ACACN Practice Exam. D. The sender's NIC address C. C. The receiver's NIC address B. or unintentional contact with higher voltages 22. A hub has fewer physical ports than a switch C.

D.) A. C. Which A.3 IEEE 802.4 Ghz 2. 26. 28. What A. Which two pieces of network equipment are in a Local-Area Network (LAN)? (Choose two. Which A.11b frequency does 11Mbit wireless devices use? 860 Mhz 915 Mhz 2. C. 27. B. D. Several tokens can travel separate paths to improve performance. B. 31. v7. B. The token contains routing information that allows packets to route between rings. D. C. NEC 30.2 IEEE 802. E. C. D. file server . C. Which A. secure information sharing 34. B. network operating system typically uses IPX/SPX as its default communication protocol? UNIX/Linux Windows NT IBM OS Warp Novell NetWare feature reads the entire frame before forwarding the packet? cut-through Hold and Forward Store and Forward Spanning Tree Protocol statement best describes how a Token Ring network functions? The node that holds the token can transmit data on the network. Which A. 33.8 Ghz 5.11 - . C.0 11 C.) hub router switch bridge prevents broadcast storms from being propagated through the network? hub router bridge switch 29. 32. Internet Relay Chat D. TIA/EIA B. web surfing B. B. The node that holds the token has the highest priority on the network. The organization that sets the standards for the wiring structure of a network is: A. D. IEEE 802. B. Choose the primary reason why businesses use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution over the Internet? A.6 Ghz three create segmented collision domains in the same physical location? (Choose three. D. E. OSI C.ACACN Practice Exam. Which A. D. e-commerce C. ISO D.

B. two network types use a token to control the flow of data on the network? (Choose two. B. Which A. Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) 39. Fast Ethernet D. a frame is broadcast: It indicates congestion in a network It indicates device failure It goes to all NICs on the physical media It goes to the NIC with the correct destination address only 40. A network that broadcast messages to the Internet C. D. C. Thicknet C. E. C. The Master node on the ring 36. Which three of the following devices has the capability to isolate traffic in an Ethernet network? (Choose three) A.ACACN Practice Exam. When A. The area of a network where collisions occur 41. The area of a network where a broadcast frame travels D. On which three types of local-area networks (LANs) does video conferencing function properly? (Choose three. Ethernet B. The device with the most processing power B. The device that can send a frame in a Token Ring network is: A. The device that received the frame D. Switch C.) A. Switched Ethernet E. A broadcast domain is: A. E. D. The device that sent the frame C. The server B. v7. The device that controls the physical media C. ArcNet B. C. Router D.) Ethernet Token Ring 100baseVG-AnyLAN Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) 38. The device that removes a frame from a ring in a Token Ring network is: A. A network that only excepts broadcast frames B. NICs 42. D. Any device on the network 37.12 - . print server Supervisor Module Data Service Unit (DSU) Channel Service Unit (CSU) 35. Which type of Local-Area Network (LAN) topology uses counter rotating rings? A. Bridge B. Token Ring . The device that controls the token D.0 12 B.

Data Link Content Monitor 48.11b Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) 43. NNI and ISSI C. UNI and Data Link Layer D. Application B. D.0 13 C. Protocol Analyzer D. B. Session C. 100 Mbps D. The data transfer rates of a wireless backbone are below standard. Data Link D. Which piece of test equipment can you set up to test the frequency output? A. 25 Mbps C. piece of equipment can you use to test fiber-optic cable? Oscilloscope LM 2000 analyzer Spectrum Analyzer Optical Time Delay (Domain) Reflectometer . Spectrum Analyzer D. The two types of ATM interfaces defined by standards bodies are: A.13 - . D. At what layer of the OSI Model does ATM fall: A. Voltage Meter B. Which device can you use to diagnose the source of the problem? A. Which A. Bit Error Rate Tester 47. UNI and NNI B. Network performance on your Local-Area Network (LAN) has degraded so much that no data transfers between workstations. v7. C. Transport 45. Ohm Meter B. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) was originally specified at which data rate? A. and you suspect radio output. IEEE 802. 155 Mbps 44. Protocol Analyzer C. 10 Mbps B.ACACN Practice Exam. Spectrum Analyzer C. PVC and SVC 46.

Any node on an IP network D. Bridge 3.2 B. LMHOSTS 2. 190.2 7. 90 5.7 is what type of address: A. Which item is the default maximum hop count for Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Version 1? A.2 . What is used for mapping host names to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses? A.2. 64 bits 6.2 D.14 - .2. 60 D. 7. The address 199. 30 C. Any computer with access to the World Wide Web 4. Class A B.2. DNS B. SNMP D.2. NIC B.101. 7.ACACN Practice Exam.2 C.2 C. Converter C. WINS C.2. 24 bits D. Class B C.2. 15 B.2.2. Which of the following would be true? A. Which of the following devices would evaluate the IP address of a packet? A. 205. How long are IP addresses? A. IP adds a header to a TCP message D. Layer 2 Switch C.2. 80.2.2. Which of the following would be a class C address? A.2. 16 bits C. 32 bits E. Class C D. a host is: A.2 B. 8 bits B. Which of the following would be a class B address? A. Router D.2. v7. TCP adds a header to an Ethernet frame 8. 70. In TCP/IP terminology. Ethernet adds a header to a UDP port C. Mainframe computer B.122. IP adds a header to an Ethernet frame B. Class D 9.2.0 14 TCP/IP 1. 205.

C. B.0 B. 2 B.0 17.206. 255.0.192. E.0 15 D. A subnet mask is used to: A. 12.0. 7 14. 4 C. An IP A. 255. F. Indicate which physical segment a router is located on D.ACACN Practice Exam.15 of the following is found at the Network Layer of a protocol stack? Packet Frame Bit or byte . . 4 C.206 address is made up of at least two parts which are: The host and mask The mask and subnet The network and host The network and mask of the following will allow the most unique (useable) host addresses? Class A Class B Class C Class D 11. C. 255. a frame will most likely be sent to: A router Another device on the same network A DNS host An ARP server 16.0. Indicate the network.255. What A.0 C.0. B. 8 18.0 D.255. Indicate which host is to receive the application information C. subnet and host portions of an IP address B. D.206. B. C. Which A. is the maximum number of unique (useable) hosts that you can configure on a Class C subnet? 128 154 192 254 255 256 13. C. Indicate the path for UDP data 15. B. A mask for a Class C IP address might be: A. 10. If the A. D. v7. 255. How many octets does an Internet Protocol (IP) address contain? A. 2 B. D. D. 6 D. target device is located on another network. Which A.255. B. 1. C. 6 D. How many layers exist in the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) model? A.

C. A system that enforces a boundary between two or more networks B.5. does the Domain Name System (DNS) translate? MAC addresses to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses URLs to Media Access Control (MAC) addresses NetBIOS names to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses Universal Resource Locators (URLs) to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses IP addresses to Universal Resource Locators (URLs) 25.x 22. What A. Domain Name System (DNS) D.) A.x 192.x.22.168.x.0.x 192. A wall that provides fire protection C.x.x.12 224. B. The backbone of the network D. use Network Address Translation (NAT) B.168. apply for the address space needed to achieve the objective D. E.x 172.x.50.121 with the subnet mask 255.x. Which A. B. web server B. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) address 23. default gateway C.255.45. which two devices are connected to the local subnet and know the network IDs for other networks and the best path to reach them? (Choose two. The company is assigned the single IP address 210.255. C. B.) A.x 172. A Firewall is a: A. Layer 3 switch D. Which three attributes must be configured on a workstation before the user can browse the Internet? (Choose three. LU 19.225.50. allow users Internet access using the current address scheme 24.) 10. Which task provides a timely solution to provide Internet access to all computers? A.x 204. configure each host to use the assigned address C. cache server C.0.x.168. is a valid Internet Protocol (IP) address for loopback? 127. Data Service Unit (DSU) 21.x.1 192. D.x.0 16 D. The part of the network that is most critical . E. three are private Internet Protocol (IP) addresses? (Choose three. NetBEUI B.17 20.123. C.0.248. Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) E. It is currently using the private IP address 192.222.1 45.16 - . This company wants to allow all individuals to access the Internet. A company engages a network integrator to resolve an issue with its current Internet Protocol (IP) addressing scheme. D. In a TCP/IP environment.255. v7. default gateway E.ACACN Practice Exam. What A. F.16. D.

31. C. B. 30. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) C. Which A. 33. Which Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port is used for Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) . Which A. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) E. mail server C. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 28. Routing Interface Protocol (RIP) D. Which two provide a means of connecting all network computers to the Internet when there is a limited number of live (public) Internet Protocol (IP) addresses? (Choose two. D. Network Address Translation (NAT) E. Which A.0 17 26. C. B. B. Server Message Block (SMB) B. C. C. Which A. D.ACACN Practice Exam. of the following interior protocols uses link-state technology? OSPF RIP BGP UDP item is a Link State Routing Protocol? Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Version 1 Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Version 2 of the following interior protocols uses distance vector technology? OSPF RIP BGP UDP three are Distance-Vector Routing Protocols? (Choose three.17 - . D. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 27. D.) Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) NetWare Link State Protocol (NLSP) Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Version 1 Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Version 2 routing protocol uses only a hop metric when figuring the best path to a network? Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) item uses the SPF algorithm to select the best paths between networks based on cost? AppleTalk Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Version 1 34. Which A. B. allowing machines to move between subnets with minimal administrative effort? A. Which protocol automatically configures Internet Protocol (IP) addressing on a large Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP)-based network. web server B. C. E. B. v7. 32. Which A. D.) A. D. proxy server D. C. B. 29.

ACACN Practice Exam. D. Which A. C. 22 C.18 application identifies the path a packet takes to its destination? Ping Dslookup Traceroute Extended Ping two verify communication with a remote host? (Choose two. D. TELNET 41. C. 21 B. 80 E. ARP B. D. . 39. 21 B. Which A. Which Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port number is used for HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) applications? A. v7.0 18 applications? A. F. B. B. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port is the default for Telnet applications? 21 23 35 80 36. 40. B. 25 D. C. 110 35. PING C. D. What A. Which A. 42. B. B. C. D. B. C. dynamically assigns client IP configurations? DNS LMHOSTS DHCP Service WINS Service of the following will help to determine local IP addressing information? Ping Winipcfg Tracert ARP two protocols support user data transfer over the Internet? (Choose two) File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server Message Block (SMB) Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 38. Which A. 80 37. C. The process that is used to echo data from another computer is the: A. 35 D.) Ping Telnet ARP . 25 C. SMTP D. E. Which A.

Type 3/4 D. which utility can you use to quickly check if the PC received an address? A. Inetcfg B. C. Winipcfg 44. a user cannot browse the Internet. Type 1 B. create a new domain name entry in the client's Domain Name System (DNS) server B. Type 1 B. B. Netstat C. Which A. Ipconfig 43. cut-through . C. B. D. item uses hello packets to discover neighboring networks? Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Internet Packet Exchange (IPX) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Internet Protocol (IP) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Version 1 IP RIP Version 2 item learns about neighbors to ensure bidirectional communication between networks? AppleTalk Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Internet Packet Exchange (IPX) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Internet Protocol (IP) RIP Version 1 48. Ipconfig D. Type 2 C. v7.ACACN Practice Exam. On a Microsoft Windows 95/98-based PC. set up users and passwords with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for each user planning to participate in the conference D. The client has a firewall and a direct connection to the Internet.19 - . Which Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Link State Acknowledgment (LSA) type describes routes to destinations external to the autonomous system? A. application should you use to show the number of hops between two network nodes? Ping Traceroute Netstat Inetcfg 45.0 19 D. Which A. Although a network is directly connected to the Internet. open the proper ports on the firewall according to the third-party documentation C. assign a new Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Internet Protocol (IP) address pool to the computers that will participate in the conference 46. Type 2 C. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) was implemented on this network to assign Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Type 3/4 D. A corporate client decides to participate in an online conference using third-party software. Which Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Link State Acknowledgment (LSA) type describes the states of the router's link to the area? A. D. Which task must you perform to ensure that this client can participate in the conference? A. B. Type 5 50. D. C. Which A. 47. Type 5 49. Which item is used so routers will neither advertise a route nor accept advertisements about the route for a specific length of time? A.

Internal Border Gateway Protocol (IBGP) C. How does an intranet differ from the Internet? A. 57. D. Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) 53. It advertises information about your company to the rest of the world. C. 58. poison-reverse D. 55.ACACN Practice Exam. Which A. D. Which item is a routing technique that explicitly indicates a network segment is down or unreachable. Which A. split-horizon C. Which A. D. Hold Down Timer 52.248 Signaling System 7 (SS7) Network-based Call Signaling (NCS) Protocol multimedia protocol specifies multipoint transport? T. Which item connects a network into multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) if you have different policy requirements? A. NetWare Link State Protocol (NLSP) D.0 20 B. C.323 standard? (Choose four. cut-through B. B. H. C.20 is a multimedia compression standard developed for which type of network? Ethernet Switched Virtual Private Network (VPN) Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) four major components are specified for the H. Autonomous Border Router (ABR) B. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) B. B. It allows you to pull information from another non-affiliated company. .020 . B. B.245 H. Exterior Border Gateway Protocol (EBGP) D.323 environment? H. C. C. v7.323 A. C. It allows you to share proprietary information over the public network.) gateways terminals gatekeeper Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) protocol is used for signaling in an H. Which item is used between routers in two different autonomous systems that are running the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Routing Protocol? A. Autonomous System Border Router (ASBR) 54. 56. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) C. split-horizon poison-reverse Hold Down Timers 51.261 T.120 H. E. It allows you to share proprietary information internally and remotely over a public network via a secure connection. D. rather than implying a network is unreachable by not including it in routing updates? A. D. B.

21 - . H.0 21 D.263 .ACACN Practice Exam. v7.

A corporate user purchases a new PC and a dial-up connection to the Internet with a local Internet Service Provider (ISP). One disadvantage to using modem technology is: A. Start and Stop bits 7. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) properties of the dial-up networking connection is not set up correctly. there is no dial tone. which the modem documentation recommends. The user plugs the phone into the same jack. v7. Baud C. channel bank B. Virtual circuit 2. All lights come on. Which of the following types of virtual circuits behaves like a dedicated line between two points? A. Physical circuit B.22 - . Which of the following would reduce throughput on a transmission circuit? A.0 22 WANs 1. What is the most likely reason that the PC modem cannot detect a dial tone? A. Which piece of equipment will connect the fax machine and modems to the T-1 ? A. A customer is using a T-1 circuit for dedicated fax machines and modems. D. The modem's connection speed is set to 9600 bps and not 56000 bps. Dynamic virtual circuit 4. Static virtual circuit D.ACACN Practice Exam. Switched virtual circuit B. Which of the following types of virtual circuits is dynamically established when there is information to send? A. The username and password are incorrect. C. Circuit D. Signal state changes B. B. Permanent virtual circuit C. and the modem recognizes only analog lines. availability of equipment 6. and a dial tone is heard. Permanent virtual circuit C. Channel C. any-to-any connectivity C. When the user plugs the modem into the office phone jack and tries to dial the Internet. Which three of the following describe the physical connection between two communicating devices? (Choose three) A. The Windows 98-based PC has the proper phone numbers listed in Dial-Up Networking. The driver for the PC's modem is installed incorrectly. Dynamic virtual circuit 3. The user has a digital phone system. E. Central Office (CO) Trunk package 5. . line sharing unit C. Switched virtual circuit B. cost B. Static virtual circuit D. Character bits D. transfer rate D. Data Service Unit (DSU) D.

which facility is appropriate? A. ADSL A.ACACN Practice Exam. v7. Which Internet connection type uses existing copper phone lines to achieve high bandwidth downloads and low bandwidth uploads? A. B. low speed transfer to the subscriber 16. C.90 standard D. C. 144 Kbps C.0 23 8. Private Internet B. Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) C. C. 1. Which A. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) 14. D. low speed from the subscriber High data transfer from the subscriber. 64 Kbps B. ISDN Direct C. Interconnection of two or more networks not connected to the global network 10. three of the following protocols fall at layer 2 of the OSI model? (Choose three) SDLC HDLC LAPD SONET is best characterized by: Analog to digital conversion at the local loop Digital to analog conversion at the local loop High speed to the subscriber. B. 13. C. D. 15. D. DS3 B. When an Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides multiple T-1 connections to an end user. E.544 Mbps digital carrier can support seven channels for voice and 14 for data? T-1 56 K Line Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Channel Service Unit (CSU)/Data Service Unit (DSU) Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface 12. Which A. D. B. Which of the following describes an Intranet? A. Global TCP/IP network C. three of the following protocols are associated with the Internet? HTTP TCP IP IPX is the total bandwidth of an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface 56 Kbps 128 Kbps 144 Kbps 1. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) D.544 Mbps . D. Private and global TCP/IP network D. B. C. cable modem B. analog modem using the V. Which A. 11. The total bandwidth of basic rate ISDN is: A. What (BRI)? A. B. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) 9.23 - .

Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) 20. Which A. Which A.25 Packet Switching Frame Relay .0 24 D. High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) is built on which protocol? A. C. FRAD D. Repeater C. 22. C. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) D. .25 Ethernet Token Ring High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) 19. Hub B. D. 144 Kbps C. v7. B. The total bandwidth of primary rate ISDN is: A. 64 Kbps B. Which A. Frame Relay B. C. D. E. 21. 45 Mbps 17.ACACN Practice Exam. Internet Protocol (IP) C. None of the above 25. Which A.) File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) dial-up protocol can only transmit one network protocol at the same time? Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Challenge Handshake Access Protocol (CHAP) three of the following describes Frame Relay? It was created for data services It can be used in conjunction with T1 It is a connection-oriented service It provides error detection and recovery 24. D.) Call Setup Data Transfer Call Clearing Data Clearing two protocols make a dial-up connection to the Internet? (Choose two. B.) X. C. E. 1.25 use for virtual circuit operational procedures? (Choose three. D. C. C. B. 23.24 technology resides at the lowest layer of the OSI Model? Packet Switching X. D. The device that provides access to a Frame Relay network is referred to as a A. three items does X. B.544 Mbps D. three protocols are commonly found in Wide-Area Networks (WANs)? (Choose three. Which A. 45 Mbps 18. Which A. B. B.

) A. three of the following are information channels supported by DSL? Downstream digital channel Upstream digital channel POTS T1 30. Network Layer B. B. Data Link Layer C. Which A. Which A.0 25 D. Frame Relay switch 33. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) standard allows for switching and signaling? E series I series Q series S series 34. Ethernet B.25 - . what do you configure to create virtual segments? . Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) D. Which A.ACACN Practice Exam. ST interface D. B. modem C. C. Which A. High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) E. Presentation Layer 27. In an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) environment. B. In a Frame Relay network the Data Link Connection Identifier (DLCI) identifies the logical circuit configured between Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and which piece of equipment? A. v7. D. Frame Relay maps to which layer of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model? A. C. R interface C. U interface B. D. T interface 29. Central Office (CO) D. C. router B. Which interface references the connection between the NT1 and the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) network controlled by the local phone company? A. D. Wide-Area Network (WAN) type uses cell switching technology? Frame Relay Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) 28. Wide-Area Network (WAN) protocol uses a Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC)? Frame-Relay Point-to Point Protocol (PPP) High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) 32. D. C. Link Access Procedure Balanced (LAPB) 31. B. Token Ring C. SONET 26. Application Layer D. Wide-Area Networks (WANs) use which three common Layer 2 encapsulation methods? (Choose three.

C. 41. C.ACACN Practice Exam. Dial up connections 36. Cell D. voice fax transmissions toll call override voice mail messages . A. B. Wide area networking B. Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC) C. B. D. D. Message 37. and _____ are parts of multimedia applications. The unit of information used by an ATM network is the: A. D. C. What A. v7. D. B. B. B. Frame B. . Which two. D. B. Backbone connectivity C.26 - represents the default encapsulation method for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)? Frame Relay Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) video. 40. E.) A. D. Desktop-to-networking device (such as an ATM switch) connectivity D. 42. C. What A. C. What provides a signaling standard between a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) device and a Frame Relay switch? A. Data Link Control Identifier (DLCI) Virtual Local-Area Network (VLAN) Emulated Local-Area Network (ELAN or LANE) Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection 35. is the purpose of the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) B channel? call management signaling information circuit-switched data call setup and tear down of the following would operate at 155. Local Management Interface (LMI) D. Packet C. Data Link Control Identifier (DLCI) 38.0 26 A.5Mbps? T3 SONET OC-3 T5 SONET OC-5 two items are used by the Primary Rate Interface (PRI) in North America and Japan? (Choose 23 bearer channels two bearer channels one 16 kpbs D channel one 56 kpbs D Channel one 64 kpbs D Channel 39. Which A. Basic Rate Interface (BRI) B. Data. C. ATM is used in which three of the following situations? (Choose three) A.

T1 C. Which A. C.) A.0 27 43. E. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) E. Which A.25 Etherchannel Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) three of the following are true concerning T1 versus Frame Relay? Frame Relay is a newer technology than T1 Frame Relay often uses T1 at the physical layer Frame Relay was designed primarily for data traffic T1 was designed primarily for data traffic . leased line B. ISDN 45. A company wants to allow its employees access to the corporate network from home. Which two types of data networking equipment should you install to accommodate the company's needs? (Choose two. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) 48. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) router 49. modems hung off of individual PCs D. Permanent Paths can contain multiple Virtual Circuits. caching server C. Which of the following protocols was designed to transmit multimedia applications? (choose two) A. B. Virtual Paths can contain multiple Virtual Channels. Which A. firewall B. ATM D. v7. C. statement is true? Virtual Paths can contain multiple ATM networks. Which two hardware or software devices securely control the connection traffic to and from the Internet? (Choose two. Virtual Circuits can contain multiple Virtual Paths. Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) C. Which Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP)-based protocol enables a remote user to connect to the company's Local-Area Network (LAN) via the Internet and appear as though the user locally attached to that LAN? A. B. Frame Relay B. Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway D. Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway 46. 50.27 - . D.ACACN Practice Exam. Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) D.) A. is the protocol for securely encrypting and transferring data over the Internet from office to Domain Name System (DNS) Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Router Internet Protocol (RIP) Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) 47. Wide-Area Network (WAN) protocol is an example of packet switching technology? X. C. D. B. 44. Server Message Block (SMB) B. What office? A. D. C. D. Remote Access Server (RAS) C. B.

52. D. E. When used? A. C. F. Which A.ACACN Practice Exam.28 - .0 28 51. a non-ISDN terminal is to be hooked up to an ISDN network. D. B. which of the following must be Terminal Adapter Terminal Equipment Type 1 Network Termination Type 1 Network Termination Type 2 four events trigger a bipolar violation? (Choose four. B. C. D. B. Which A. v7. C.) two successive zero pulses two successive negative pulses two successive positive pulses two successive zero pulses separated by a one two successive positive pulses separated by a zero two successive negative pulses separated by a zero type of T-1 line coding format supports Primary Rate Interface (PRI)? D4 B8ZS Alternate Mark Inversion (AMI) Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) . 53.

Step-by-step C. CAT 5e wire C. A company decides to use two-way analog trunks on its new communications system. which wire type should you use to connect the buildings? A.0 29 Introduction to Telecommunications 1. two pair twisted wire E. When two tones are used to signal switching equipment it is called: A. Direct Inward Dial (DID) D. Routing Switch B. digital circuitry B. T-1 B. Basic Rate Interface (BRI) F. If the new terminals will be added in a separate building 25 yards away. Foreign Exchange (FX) C. Each voice terminal needs two-pair wire to operate. Off-Premise Extension (OPX) 8. DS0 B. v7. Alternating Current (AC) voltage 5. CAT 5 plennum wire F. You need to add 25 voice terminals to a phone system.ACACN Practice Exam. 25-pair outdoor wire D. Toll fraud is a major concern. Interconnect . modem D. Which trunk type can use Wink Start signaling? A. The switch that is used to connect two COs together is a: A. DTMF D. ISDN C. On an analog Tip/Ring circuit. Tip and Ring B.29 - . Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) 7. Out-of-band signaling 4. Which two are analog trunks? (Choose two. Multi-Frequency (MF) signaling D.) A. Ground Start D. Centrex B. Which trunk should you choose? A. Ground Start C. ringing is accomplished with which item? A. E&M Tie Line D. Direct Inward Dial (DID) E. Loop Start C. CAT 3 wire B. Direct Current (DC) voltage C. Basic Rate Interface (BRI) 6. 200-pair outdoor wire 2. Direct Inward Dial (DID) 3. Centrex E. Which trunk type is NOT polarity sensitive in its wiring? A. Loop Start B.

What A. ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) 15. T-1 B. v7. Too many Tandem Offices C. B. The call is normally long distance to the local area. question should you ask when selecting a trunk type? Which kind of hub does the customer have? Which kind of wiring runs throughout the building? Will this trunk be used to send and receive data? What is the distance between the demarcation point and the phone system? 12. .ACACN Practice Exam. C. Channel Service Unit (CSU) 11. what is the best trunking solution? A. Different buttons are used for inside calls. If cost is not a concern. . T-1 B. SS7 D. 56 K C. B. Too many COs B. D. 25 DS0s B. When signaling takes place over a separate path than the path the analog voice signal takes it is referred to as: A. Foreign Exchange (FX) Line D.) A. Which A.0 30 C. A single Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Primary Rate Interface (PRI) facility consists of which two components? (Choose two. Too many telephone numbers used D. Too many subscriber services 13. All calls are routed over the same trunk. processor C. bearer channels F. Layer 5 Switch Tandem Switch 9. The company estimates that it needs 24 trunks. D. Dial tone signaling 14. Overlay codes are used because of which of the following situations? A. D. Your customer wants to provide a local number for its clients. What A. Out-of-band signaling B. 16.30 is a characteristic of a key system? call routing line pooling the appearance of all lines on all phones the use of the same button for inside and outside calls is a characteristic of a hybrid system? Outside trunks are grouped in pools. circuit pack D. ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) 10. Which trunk type can provide this feature? A. C. Your customer needs a trunking solution for a remote location where power outages are frequent and where there is little or no tolerance for down time. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) D. B. C. signaling channel G. In-band signaling C. Loop Start C.

ISDN C. Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) 22. Your customer does not own a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) but wants telephone service with multiple features on each line. Which A. The physical connection that links the customer premise to the telephone company CO switch is referred to as a: A. D. Channel D. E. C. 17. Your customer wants access to the Internet with minimal cost. Local loop B. B. Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) E. F. 128 K Line D. Tie line B. C. Trunk C. Which A. B. 23.) T-1 WATS E&M Tie ISDN PRI Direct Inward Dial (DID) Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) adjunct can integrate with a telephone system using DTMF protocol? voice mail external alarm indicators call accounting computer Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) terminal 24. Digital Circuit 20.31 - . Each trunk is assigned to a different phone. Which A. T-1 C. D. trunk type CANNOT be used for both inbound and outbound calls? T-1 DID Loop Start Ground Start Basic Rate Interface (BRI) 19. Speed is not an issue. Which service type is the best solution? A. D. T-1 B. B. Which A. E. three facilities/trunks can you use to tie two locations together? (Choose three. v7.0 31 D.ACACN Practice Exam. C. The two basic qualities of an analog signal are: . D. Direct Inward/Outward Dialing (DIOD) 18. C. Which trunking type should you offer the customer? A. facility/trunk offers the best voice quality? T-1 Loop Start Ground Start Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) 21. B. Centrex D.

C. does a least-cost routing setup in a phone system do? route calls over the least used Line route calls over a low-cost-per-minute T-1 Line find the least expensive route for the number dialed enable a caller to leave a voice message without paying for the call 31. talk back interference D. Ring down D. D.ACACN Practice Exam. Which A. feedback interface C. A single T-1 configured as a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) can support a maximum of how many voice channels? A. C. 23 D. D. v7.) DS4 5ESS Centrex Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) does a self-powered paging horn have built in? antenna amplifier microphone power supply 27. What A. 128 . Trunk B. B. electrical magnetic interference 28. D. 2 B. E. 4 C. three trunks are used for communications systems? (Choose three. Tie line D.32 - . through the local CO and a remote CO in another part of the country is known as a: A. B. Shielded wire provides protection against _____. C. static discharge B. A. B. POTS line C. FX line 30. FX line 29. A telephone line that is dedicated between two telephones is referred to as a: A. Trunk B. What A. B. A line that goes from a customer's site. D. 24 E. POTS line C. Frequency and phase Phase and amplitude Frequency and amplitude Amplitude and electromagnetism 25. C.0 32 A. 26.

Caller ID B. D.0 33 32. Cordless C. 50 C. D. Which A. C. Call Pickup D. Speed Calling B. Detection of the telephone number that initiated a call is referred to as: A. Key system D.ACACN Practice Exam. Key systems D. Distinctive Ringing C. C. 70 33. Call Forwarding D. When A. Hybrid systems C. E. Call Pickup 35. 37.33 - . B. 20 D. Call Blocking C. The merging of telephony and computer systems is referred to as: A. a CO switch provides a business telephone switching services. D. 39. 100 B. Cordless systems 36. F. C. A hybrid key telephone system combines the features of which of the following two systems? A. PBX B. Call Hunting .) T-1 Loop Start Ground Start E&M Tie Line Direct Inward Dial (DID) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) trunk type is prone to call collision (glare)? T-1 Loop Start Ground Start Direct Inward Dial (DID) type of analog trunk is preferred when release/disconnect supervision is required? T-1 Loop Start Ground Start Basic Rate Interface (BRI) 40. what is the maximum number of simultaneous inobound or outbound call that can be made with a key system? A. it is referred to as: DACs NAR Centrex CO provisioning two trunk facilities are digital? (Choose two. v7. B. Which A. The ability to represent frequently called numbers with short codes is: A. Multiplexer 34. If a customer has 50 telephone extensions and 20 lines installed. 38. CTI B. B. C. Which A. B. D.

analog E&M Tie E. Your customer wants to add a dedicated fax line but does not want it to run through the Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Which trunk type should the company order? A. Attendant console 47. C. but it does not need the T-1 for the data network. Which A. hub B. the phone system E. C. D. NT-1 C. 43. B. D. installed. What A. Direct Inward Dial (DID) 48.ACACN Practice Exam. T-1 B. Your customer must add a T-1 to its phone system. E. The T-1 was ordered. Channel Service Unit (CSU)/Data Service Unit (DSU) 46. Which two facilities/trunks could two companies use to communicate using a uniform dialing plan? (Choose two. B. D. DISA C. C. RJ-21X D. E. What is the ideal piece of equipment to install next while keeping cost as the number one concern? A. Incoming calls are connected directly to employees of an organization via: A. FX B. Loop Start . F.) A.) Call Accounting System (CAS) Call Management System (CMS) Local-Area Network (LAN) System Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System Internal Management Facility (IMF) System 42. C. feature allows you to listen to another user's phone conversation? Privacy Camp On Conference Call Extension Status Service Observing feature uses the telephone Central Office (CO) to transfer calls? Autodial Centrex Operation Multi-function Mode Automatic Route Selection ID is available on which trunk type? Tie Line Loop Start Ground Start Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) four are telephony applications? (Choose four. B. v7. Channel Service Unit (CSU) F. 44. DID D.0 34 41. Caller A. Which A. Loop Start C. Ground Start D. D.34 - . B. 45. and terminated on a smart jack.

B. C. Call Forwarding B.35 - . E. When a call is made to a company and one of the lines is busy. wireless E. the call goes to the next available line. Speed Calling D. The service that allows a subscriber to have two lines but only one telephone number is: A.ACACN Practice Exam. Call Pickup B. B. C. SMDR 51. D. What is the relationship of a Foreign Exchange (FX) Trunk to its facility? . B. D. four-wire E&M 55. C. 49. Variable Calling C. ACD D. Which A. C. Call Conferencing D.) network DHCP server Auto Attendant voice mail system Internet connectivity Private Branch Exchange (PBX) 56. Ground Start Direct Inward Dial (DID) ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Direct Inward System Access (DISA) is the purpose of a voice terminal? to hold wires for the system to connect two wires together to connect two end users together to transfer circuit switched data to the end user 50. serial B. Call Forwarding 54. What A. Which port type must be programmed on the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to use in-band integration with a voice mail system? A. v7. D. digital D. UPS B. D. This is referred to as: A. E. DSS C. Call Waiting 53. analog C. F. phone type normally requires the end user to dial codes to access features? attendant console single-line telephone hybrid multi-line telephone digital multi-line telephone 52.0 35 B. three components are necessary for a Unified Messaging System? (Choose three. Which A. The system or PBX feature that routes calls to telephone support personnel is referred to as a: A. Hunting C.

bond the grounds together to form a single point ground and use this for your equipment 58. use the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) ground D. 62. use the water pipe ground (as long as it meets NEC specifications) E. Building Ground B. four rules help you avoid damaging ESD-sensitive components? (Choose four. such as any unpainted metallic chassis surface 59. B. Single Point Ground D. . B. Switch Room Ground 60. D. what should you do according to the National Electric Code (NEC)? A. attach an ESD wrist strap to your bare wrist and the other end of the strap to a ground that terminates at the system ground. As the _____. C.) electrical surges RF interference from local radio stations RF interference from other equipment room systems noise voltage on the Alternating Current (AC) input line checking backplane power. C. A. B. C. The facility provides robbed-bit signaling through the trunk. use the power feed ground B. chassis ground building ground single-point ground . You are installing equipment that requires an approved ground.) only handle a circuit card by the faceplate or side edges wear insulated footwear when installing or maintaining equipment keep circuit cards away from plastics and other synthetic materials such as polyester clothing do not pass circuit cards to another person unless that person is grounded at the same potential level before handling ESD-sensitive circuit cards. Equipment Ground C. B. If more than one type of approved ground is available on the premises.36 temperature of the equipment room environment increases. 57. Which A.0 36 A. C. D. use the building (steel) ground C. the voltmeter's ground lead should be connected to the _____. When A. the maximum allowable humidity ceases increases decreases remains the same three items do EMI filters suppress? (Choose three. Which A. Electrically connecting all protective grounds together to form one grounding electrode system is identified as: A.ACACN Practice Exam. E. 61. The trunk gives the user direct access to a non-local Central Office (CO) without using a public network. C. The facility sends packets that are translated into voice transmission and sent over the Trunk to the end user. B. E. D. v7. The trunk is better grounded at the facility.

white. A. v7.37 - . green D.0 37 D. red B. black C.ACACN Practice Exam. Main Distribution Frame (MDF) ground 63. and the hot wire is _____. the neutral wire is _____. You are checking for 120 VAC power. white. green. black . In standard wiring code. white.