1.1 Background of the Study

Metro Truck Builders Inc. in Dasmariñas, Cavite and its other branches is known to manufacturer different product for truck body building and assembling for its customers of over 5,000 corporations in the country. Since the company’s warehouse holds large amount of inventory, and every week they need to find out how many items or products were lessen from the products they have since the first day of the week of transaction, it is more difficult for the employee involved in keeping record to remember approximately inventory records and balances. With the current situation at the company’s warehouse, department uses manual file system to manage about 250 items/products. When a new stock is added or a new stock is deducted, records are modified with the use of pen and paper, which we know can cause of inconsistency.

Metro Truck Builders Inc. Inventory System

1.2 Statement of Objectives Using pen and paper to record each transactions have been made has a high chance of data inconsistency. • • • Misplaced records Not enough security for the record items Transactions are not quite slow and inaccurate in tracking the records

1.2.1 General Objective To design and develop an inventory management system for the warehouse of Metro Truck Builders,Inc.


Specific Objective • • • To avoid losing of records To provide data Security To make transaction easy and accurate in tracking the number of inventory

Metro Truck Builders Inc. Inventory System


Also. Using the system. it is necessary for them to have a computerized system. The contractors will be easily notified of the items available and items which are not. subtracted and added for a week of transaction. The study aims to develop an inventory management system which can be very helpful for the company Metro Truck Builders Inc.3 Significance of the Study This study is made to make a computerized product inventory management for the warehouse of Metro Truck Builders. the company will benefit a lot from the system since if they use the proposed system. Since they have a large amount of inventory.1. Inc wherein every week they will have a report on all about their products/items. inventories will accurate. the staffs who are in charge of the process can easily determine products which are lessen on how many items are purchased. Inventory System 1-2 .

Limitation • Only focuses on tracking and accurate keeping of inventory records. • It can tell the levels of inventory. Inventory System 1-3 .4 Scope And Limitation Scopes • It can do several functions like adding. deleting.1. modifying or editing. • It can print weekly reports of the transactions that has been done. Metro Truck Builders Inc. the number of stocks that enters and exits the system and the total quantity after those transactions. search.

or instance of something serving as a typical example.0 Methodology of the Study Prototyping is the process that enables the proponents to create a model of the software to be built.CHAPTER 2. Inventory System . A prototype is an original type. basis. form. or standard for other things of the same category. Figure 1.0 Prototyping Model The Prototyping has the following phases: Metro Truck Builders Inc.

we can see the result much better and we could adjust errors if Possible. the proponents plan how to develop the development of the inventory system gathers data needed for building the system.0 by Microsoft Corporation Ensure that the system will be compatible in all standard window based operating System. also to ensure the user that the system is functional and well built. Maintenance Tested the system by observing. Analysis In the modeled the existing System and carefully analyzed the Requirements needed to develop the system. in this Procedure. Designing In the Designing phase. Inventory System . Metro Truck Builders Inc. structure and components of the system suitable for Metro Truck Builders. the proponents will construct and study the design.PLANNING In this phase. The proponents are required to conduct series of interviews and research that are needed in the study. operating and one-by-one testing. Implementation The developer used Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Inc.

The proponents asked her several question with regards to their current system and what the problems are they encountered. Definitely. Yes. we want a new system. The proponents interviewed the person in charge for tracking and keeping inventory records. • • • • How does your system? How long does your system work? How do you keep your records? Do you encounter problems on keeping your records using your Semi Manual. These are some of the question that we asked and their response. The proponents analyzed each statement that they gave for them to know what would be the things they should consider in creating the system. frequently we do encounter that type of problem. and gathered all the necessary information that we needed creating and developing our proposed system through interviews. Inventory System . Since from the start of this company.CHAPTER 3. Using a desktop pc.0 DATA GATHERING PROCEDURE AND OUTPUT The interview is the primary technique for gathering information for the development of the project. • current system? Do you want to replace your old system with a new one? Metro Truck Builders Inc.

Every week.• • • • • How long does making your 3 days. More than or less than a week. It takes more or less 2 hours. inventory take? How often does your supplies produce What is the main problem does your system encounters? How long does it tooks to deliver a new set of supplies? How much time is spending when updating records? 3-1 Metro Truck Builders Inc. The material inventory control. Inventory System .

The system will need a Fully qualified computer operator in order to function very well and stable. Inventory System . Microsoft Windows 2003 and later will be needed in order to function properly.Physical Environment The project will function in very computer that has adequate resources. Must have at least 128mb of memory and 32-bit depth of screen resolution. Security The information of the system is restricted to people who are connected to The company and the person to have a right to alter data entered on the database. the user should do some events In order to process. Resources Any person will do maintenance as long as he knows the current flow of The system and he knows working on computer software. Functionality The system can do several functions like managing the orders.1 Company Background Metro Truck Builders Inc. 4. and Managing the available stocks in the warehouse.0 The Existing System 4. The system can only be used by the manager. secretary and the owner of The Company.

MTBI’s products gained recognition and demand for its product grew along the years while it expanded acquiring another site at IMPEX Industrial Subdivision and J Aguilar Ave.000. 28 E Mission To be the country leading logistic solution provider through innovative truck body Design and reliable assembly. Pamplona Las Pinas City. 4. Vision To maintain harmonious and reliable business relationship among its employee Business partners and customers To remain profitably enterprising in all its business. After one year in operation. Nemy Barrameda. Inventory System . president and general manager of MTBI. Drop side and Jeepney-type bodies for all brands of vehicles. In 1991.2 Description of the System Metro Truck Builders Inc. Activities through flexibility and continuous growth To become the most preferred supplier of truck body requirement in all industries. Metro truck builder’s Inc. high side pickup with roof (HSPUR). The Three plants produced riveted aluminum vans. Serving its customers with punctual delivery and remarkable quality in its workmanship To provide its customers quality products through innovation and flexibility in line with their needs of truck body requirements.Founded in 1980. Armed with only 15. also at Las Pinas City.00 and guts as its starting capital. roots started in a humble rented shop along the comers of Marconi and Dalton streets in Makati City. recognized the growing potential of truck body requirements and started the venture tapping his previous corporate accounts as his initial customers and developing new patrons and emerging commercial enterprise clientele as his target market. the company expanded its manufacturing operation and acquired a lot along CAA Rd. the company acquired a new site for its expansion program located at km.

For example. person in charge will just manually compute for the sum or difference and then write in the paper. Cavite has a semi manual system in monitoring their supplies or materials since when the person in charge in the warehouse start working in the said company. Inc.3 Data Flow Diagram Context diagram Metro Truck Builders Inc. where the records are temporarily kept.Metro Truck Builders. a number of items are added or subtracted in the warehouse. Inventory System . that may cause of data loss and lack of data security. 4. Dasmariñas. Editing records are done with the used of pen and a sheet of paper.

Inventory System .0 Parts/Contract 2. Metro Truck Builders Inc.0 Product Approval 4.4 Data Dictionary Part Number = {Legal Number} Part Name= {Legal Character} Beginning Inventory= {Legal Character} Purchase= {Legal Character} Withdrawal= {Legal Character} End Inventory= {Legal Character} Date= Month+Day+Year 4.Data Flow Diagram DIAGRAM 0 CUSTOMER 1.0 Product Availability Warehouse 3.5 Problem Areas The Metro Truck Builders Incorporation encountered a problem regarding in updating the previous records in inventory and orders to monitor the records.

3 Data Specifications System Overview The system is only intended for the use of Metro Truck Builders Inc. It also has data reports of the products.2 Process Specification 5.0 The Proposed System 5.2 Metro Truck Builders Inc.1 Entity Relationship Diagram 5.2. Inventory System .3 5.1 Data Flow Diagram See at Chapter 4. 5.3. Inventory system.2 Data Dictionary Part Number = {Legal Number} Part Name= {Legal Character} Beginning Inventory= {Legal Character} Purchase= {Legal Character} Withdrawal= {Legal Character} End Inventory= {Legal Character} Date= Month+Day+Year 5.5.

Research Analysis Construct / modify Mock-up Design .Database .Interview .Interface .Programming Testing and debugging Documentation June 2 3 4 Table 1.0 The Schedule of Activities July August September 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 October 2 3 3 4 1 Metro Truck Builders Inc. Inventory System .1 Schedule of Activities Activities Month Week Customer Communication Planning Data Gathering .5.

2 Cost Estimation Table 1.00 Total P 3240.1 Cost Estimate Item Electricity P.00 P 10.00 P 150.C rentals Printings Folders Book bind Total Quantity 216 hours 10 hours 64 8 1 Unit Price P15.00 P 3762.00 P80.00 P 40.00 /hour P 3.00 CHAPTER 6.00 /hour P15. Inventory System .5.00 P 192.0 REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS AND SPECIFICATION 5-1 Metro Truck Builders Inc.00 P 100.

Figure 2. Inventory System . the person in charge will just manually compute for the sum of difference and then write in the paper. Editing records are done with the use of pen and sheet of paper.6. For example. where the records are temporarily kept.0 Data Flow Diagram of the Existing System Input ADD Add Record MTBI Update PERSON In Charge Update MTBI Update Update Pringting Print Metro Truck Builders Inc.1 Process Specification The company uses a manual system. which is. a number of items are added or subtracted in the warehouse. we can say could be a cause of data loss and lack of data security.

Inventory System .0 Data Specification Data Field Description Unit Beginning Balance Purchase Data Type Text Text Text Text Metro Truck Builders Inc. Base on the research and interviews done by the proponents. Inc. Table 2.Figure 2.1 Context Diagram Supplier Request Parts List parts Inventory System Secretary Deliver parts reports Request Parts Contractor 6. the following are the attributes included in the system. is the manual way of Inventory managing. updating and saving information of their tools and supplies.2 Data Specification The existing system of Metro Truck Builders.

1 Process Specification 6-1 Figure 3. item) Add Record Database PERSON In Charge Modify Update Stock Update Database Search Search Search Generate Report Verify Item Record Update Report Print Print Metro Truck Builders Inc.0 Data Flow Diagram Input ADD Record (supplier. Inventory System .Withdrawal Text End Inventory Text CHAPTER 7.0 SOFTWARE DESIGN SPECIFICATION 7.

0 SOFTWARE IMPLEMENTATION 7-1 8.1 Programming Considerations. Issues.Figure 3.2 Data Specification Table 3. Inventory System .0 Data Specification Data Field Supplierid Suppliername Itemdesc Unit Quantity Numofitems Dateofpurc Contractor Numofout Dateofout Data Type Text Text Text Text Number Number Date Text Number Date 8.1 Context Diagram Supplier Request parts List parts Request Parts Contractor Inventory System Deliver Parts Report Secretary 7. and Tools Metro Truck Builders Inc.

Inventory System .In order to use the system the user must have knowledge in MS Visual Basic 6.2 Software Requirements • • • MS Windows XP MS Visual Basic 6.2.2 System Requirements Specification 8.0 Sybase Central 8.3 GHz 128 Memory At least 1 Gigabyte Hard Disk Space Printer 8.2. It is also better to use Intel Pentium 3 with at least 1 Gigabyte hard disk space.1 Hardware Requirements • • • • Intel Pentium 3 2.3 Human Resources Requirements Metro Truck Builders Inc.0 because this software is operated by that programming language. 8. The Inventory System uses also Sybase Central for the database of the patient record.2.

Is the transaction performs quickly? Yes      No 8-1 Metro Truck Builders Inc.3 Software Testing 8. User must be higher than the staff to secure the records.The user must be computer literate and have the authority to access the record.1 Testing Activities White-Box Testing – a test case design method that uses the control structure on the procedural design to derive test cases. 8. Inventory System . 8. Is the system has a unique key for every data? 5. Is the system has a protection for all the data? 2.2 Test Case Cases 1. Black-Box Testing – enables the software engineer to derive sets of input conditions that will fully exercise all functional requirements for a program. Is the system produce the exact reports? 4.3.3. Is the system requires full data? 3.