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“Dennery National Day of Hope and Renewal”

Morris and Associates in collaboration with the Dennery Trust

November 2010 BACKGROUND Context Overview On Saturday October 30th 3010 the Island was hit by Hurricane Tomas which severely impacts Saint Lucia. Tropical Storm Tomas has resulted in large areas affected by swollen rivers. At the Macro Level: • • • Subdued growth in productive employment relative to the rise in output. added to the existing hardships previously experience by the residence of Dennery.Lucia . and family abuse) Lack of employment opportunities Significant job losses(agriculture and construction sector) and widespread social hardship Rise in the share of over-indebted household • Reduce income at the household level and eroding purchasing power At the Mesco Level: • • • • Lack of adequate social asset Low level of social capital in communities Lack of adequate activities aimed at increasing the resilience and social cohesion of rural communities Limited community infrastructure and community building initiative leading to less resilient community. Soufriere appeaed the most affected by Hurricane Tomas with major landslides and the area remains cut off from the neighboring communities of Choiseul and Canaries. 2 . Increased unemployment. landslides from excessive rainfall and damage caused by high winds wide spread roof loss. Hurricane Tomas.The impact to Dennery of these combined occurrences were as follows: At the Micro Level: • Low self esteem and general feeling of hopelessness • • • • Vulnerability to various social risk(crime. caused significant damage to the livelihood of the people of Dennery. As a result of the passage of hurricane Tomas Saint Lucia’s agriculture industry. downed power lines and trees across St. causing major destruction to infrastructure. The Dennery Valley which had been previously affected by the banana liberalized trade policy had just recently suffered severe flooding and storm damage as a result of the passage of a tropical storm two months ago. Reduction in foreign direct investment and private capital flows. . particularly bananas were severely affected. with 100% crop damage reported. drugs.

2.2 Dennery Music and cuisine expression event This activity would be done at the Four Dour Heritage Park and would include the following major activities: • Musical festival • Creole cuisine by-local festival • Creole type Kids bazaar • Practical on-hand Training activity in the following 3 . which seeks to bring hope and healing to the residents of Dennery.1National Creole fun sports events This activity would be done at the Diato fish landing site and would include the following major activities: • Engage in cockfighting fun sport.1 Programme Purpose To create an enabling environment. 2.3 Activities In fulfilment of creating /motivating the people of Dennery towards a renewed interest of economic engagement and social stability it is proposed that a “Dennery National Day of Hope and Renewal” event be undertaken on December 13th 2010 (national day) in the Village of Dennery.2. • Engage in a greasy pig an greasy pole fun sports • Canoe two man row race 2.3. PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION .2 Results The expected result from the activities carried out over the period covered by this programme is: • Dennery community motivated toward a renewed interest of economic engagement leading to an expected Social stability. This will involve the following two major activities: o National Creole fun sports events o Dennery Music and cuisine expression event 2. motivating them toward ecomomic empowerment and teh acheivement of sustainable livelihoods 2.3.

All services. capacity enhancing and advisory services in support of the above. entrepreneurs at the Dennery Saturday Fish Fiesta. Dennery Trust • • 4.o even/logistics management training o menu planning o food presentation 3 Stakeholders and target Groups/Beneficiaries This Programme is specifically designed to provide social and economic development opportunities for the people of the Dennery community in generally and the following groups specifically: • • • the Fond D’or Heritage Park entrepreneurs entrepreneur at the La Point and Mandele lookout points the Sankofa Rainbow Roots Farm. there are other Ministries which will support the Trust with the operational day-to-day implementation of respective activities based on sectoral focus. supplies and works under the program will be procured through small community contracts that will benefit the Dennery community. b) physical: mostly in the form of equipment and other supplies in general. 4 .Implementation The Dennery Trust will have overall responsibility implementation. programme management. Human Resource Development. Material and non-material means The project is split between physical and non-physical means as follows: a) non physical: Technical Assistance and training. for the Programme Estimate Organisation The Programme would be administered by the Dennery Trust with technical support from Morris and Associates and the Ministry of National Mobilisation. and. While the lead Dennery Trust will have overall responsibility for implementation.

3 SUSTAINABILITY: It is expected that this event would be an annual event by the of Dennery in celebration of St. 4. Village 5 .Lucia National Day.It will establish a Project Steering Committee to oversee the implementation of the programme and provide guidance on issues which may arise.

It summarises the estimated costs of implementing the programme estimate without giving details of the breakdown of programmed activities. broken down by contribution of each donor contributing to the financing. sub-activity. investment costs and operating costs).BUDGET ESTIMATE The budget estimate for the programme estimate is presented in Section 3 dealing with the financing plan. . sub-activities or their various components. FINANCING PLAN The table below shows the estimate of all the expenditure planned under the programme estimate (by activity.

2 1.1.Budget heading Activities Donation 5000 5000 5000 77000 2000 79000 2.3 o even/logistics management training o menu planning o food presentation Sub-Total 52.000 2000 4000 1000 1000 2000 1000 1000 10000 7000 5000 5000 14000 2000 8000 7000 6000 2000 20000 2.6 2 National Creole fun sports events Develop the cockfighting pit /prices for winners Greasy Pigs(TWO)/Prices Canoe race/prices Rest area PA system and MC Tents Clean up activity promotion Sub-Total 40.5000 1 1.3 1.900 .4 1.000 3000 5000 10000 1000 7000 5000 5000 1000 10000 2.1 1.1 1.000 3000 92.2 • 2.1.000 5000 169.1 • 2.5 1.000 3000 6000 1000 5000 Government contribution 5000 1500 3000 2000 1000 3000 2000 5000 22500 TOTAL 10000 6500 8000 12000 4000 9000 3000 10000 62.1.4 3 Contingencies Grand Total 129.000 Dennery Music and cuisine expression event • Musical festival o Stage and lighting o PA system/MC o Musical equipment/generator o Artiste/band o Electricity o giverway Creole cuisine by-local festival o Tents/ booth o Transportation of items o Toilets o Cooking supplies donations Creole type Kids bazaar 3000 • Practical on-hand Training activity in the following 3000 50000 50000 5.

8 .

. nongovernmental partners and civil society agencies.4 TECHNICAL AND ARRANGEMENTS ADMINISTRATIVE IMPLEMENTATION Steering Committee The Steering Committee would be establish supervise the overall approach and strategy of the project. Technical advice would be provided by Morris and Associate. Management structure Overall responsibility for implementation will rest with the Dennery Trust with the various components being supported by the appropriate governmental Ministries.