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Formaggi  9
Assortment of Italian cheeses served with an olive medley

Salumi Misti  9
Fresh sliced cured Italian-style meats

Bruschetta  6
Tuscan style grilled baguette topped with diced local tomatoes, fresh herbs and evoo

Pasta e Fagioli  3/6

Tuscan style cannelini bean and tubettini pasta soup

Pappa al Pomodoro  3/6

Roasted tomato and bread soup with diced onions


Insalata della Casa  6

Mixed organic greens salad

Insalata di Cesare  6
Coco’s version of the classic Caesar salad

Caprese  7
Fresh mozzarella, organic tomatoes, and basil with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction


Broccolini Aglio e Olio  3

Sautéed broccolini with garlic and oil

Patate Arrosto  3
Oven roasted potatoes with pecorino cheese

Spinaci Saltati  3
Sautéed baby spinach with garlic


Gnocchi alla Sorrentina  10

Potato dumpling with tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella

Tordelli Versilliese  11
Tuscan-style fresh ricotta and spinach ravioli with meat sauce

Penne al Pecorino  12
Penne pasta with garlic, sautéed shrimp, zucchini and pear tomatoes
in a white wine sauce with Pecorino

Lasagne al Forno  11
Classic baked lasagna with meat sauce

Maccheroni alla Buttera  12

Pasta with Italian sausage and peas in a cherry tomato cream sauce

Tagliatelle Verdi al Prosciutto 12

Fresh spinach pasta with porcini mushrooms, prosciutto, onions, and parmesan
in a light cream sauce

Cannelloni Gratinati  12
House made manicotti stuffed with roasted veal, Swiss chard and ricotta cheese
in a béchamel sauce au gratin


Tortino del Giorno  P/A

Tuscan style omelette of the day

Pollo Paillard  10
Pan seared chicken breast with rosemary over a spinach and tomato salad
with an herb vinaigrette 8/25/2008
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with an herb vinaigrette

Pollo in Tortiera  12
Oven roasted chicken with sage, garlic and rosemary

Tagliata di Manzo  11
Pan seared Angus flankWebsite
steak with an arugula salad, balsamic dressing and cherry tomatoes

Petti di Pollo alla Modenese  12

Lightly breaded chicken breast topped with Prosciutto Cotto and Fontina cheese

Parmiggiana di Melenzane  10
Classic baked eggplant parmesan

Salmone Piccata  12
Sauteed salmon scallopine in a lemon, butter, and caper sauce served with sautéed spinach



Mascarpone Cheesecake

Panna Cotta

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Home-made Gelato or Sorbet 8/25/2008