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August ‘08

Dear Friends & Harvesters, matter. Your destiny is priceless!
We must challenge ourselves and ask, “Lord, what can I do in my
As you know 2008 is a year of “new beginnings”. It is a year life to maximize my fullest potential in you?” By asking this question,
of newness, of growth, of going to the next level. September 1st you initiate a new level of eternal fruitfulness in your life!
2008 will mark our tenth year of full time international ministry! We
are amazed and humbled as we look back at all that the Lord has As we embark upon our eleventh year of ministry, we have asked
accomplished and allowed us see and be part of. As we reflect ourselves this very question. We too are challenged to enter a
on this we also contemplate the next season of growth and new season of effectiveness, harvest, and
increase and look forward with great anticipation as to what eternal growth. In order to facilitate this growth
possibilities lie ahead. We have a vision for one million souls and, and enhance our productiveness both
by His grace, we are well on the way to seeing this goal become here in America as well as the nations,
a reality. God has led us to bring our daughter,
Lauren, on as staff to serve Grace and
It is very easy in our 21st century lifestyle to compartmentalize God. Glory Ministries. Lauren has “grown up”
We often subconsciously put Him in a box and thus greatly limit our largely on the mission field and has a
potential in Christ. tremendous call of God upon her life. She
The enemy wants to magnify our problems or circumstances and has completed Bible college and is well
minimize the involvement of God in our lives. When we have a true suited and positioned to serve in a full time capacity. She met and
revelation of the immenseness of the Holy Spirit in us, nothing will married her husband Alex who likewise attended Bible college and
stop us in pursuing the plans and purposes that we are destined he too is uniquely called and equipped. Lauren has already joined
for. We must never allow ourselves to be distracted by trivial things our staff full time and we hope to bring Alex on full time as well in
or become half-hearted in our eternal pursuits. We must look the near future.
outside our boxed lifestyle and see the BIG picture that God sees. This is a big step of faith for us, but we believe it is going to sharpen
We must conform ourselves to His image, renew our minds to His our focus here in the United States as well as enhance and increase
Word, and see our LIFE the way He sees it! the harvest of souls among the nations.
Alex and Lauren will begin to head up our humanitarian outreach
Our life is but a vapor and NOW is our opportunity to maximize and street evangelism campaigns. They will also compliment our
our potential in Christ to its fullest…The Bible says in the book of mass crusades by conducting youth conferences that will be both
Revelation that when 20 we are in heaven the Lamb of God will focused on winning the lost, as well as raising up a new generation
“wipe away the tears from our eyes”…I believe that those tears are of “on-fire” young people through discipleship. Ultimately, this
a result of one seeing through heaven’s eyes all that was available will multiply the scope and impact of Grace and Glory Ministries
to them on the earth that they left completely untapped; a wealth and cause a new level of increase for the
of eternal fruit that remained in the form of a seed. Kingdom of God.
They say that a graveyard is one of the richest places in the world…
Why? Its certainly not because of elaborate gravestones and We ask you to link your faith and your
expensive coffins for the deceased. It is a place of unfulfilled lives, finances with ours as part of the Body of
dreams, ideas, and destinies that never produced the treasures Christ and as partners with this ministry. We
within them. How many potential entrepreneurs died with their are responsible to set the standard of our
dreams? How many scientists died with the potential to formulate blessing and harvest, both here on earth and
medical cures? How many ministries were never birthed? How in heaven. We love you and pray that each of
many of God’s children were buried without reaching the fullness you will maximize your potential in Christ to
of their calling? On the other hand, a graveyard also represents a the fullest every day!
multitude of souls that were never given the opportunity to choose
Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and heaven as
their eternal home. You see, as children of God, the importance of
maximizing our lives to their fullest potential in Christ is a weighty

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10 years of


2804 Coastal Range Way | Lutz, FL 33559
2804 Coastal Range Way
Lutz, FL 33559

Crusade Itinerary
August/September 08: September/October 08 Date TBA
Brazil in the cities of Campo 10 Years in Ministry Proclaiming Your City For
Grande, Belo Horizonte, Rio Anniversary Banquet Christ Mass Crusade
de Janeiro Dates & Location TBA Juticalpa, Honduras
Dates & Location TBA more details to come...
All dates and times are subject to change. Log on to for updates.

Crusade Update: 2000 Souls Saved in Brasil!

Our hearts are filled with gratitude once again as we have seen another mighty
harvest of Souls come to Christ! Well over 2000 Souls responded to distinct
and clear altar calls to surrender their hearts to Jesus in the nation of Brasil. The
meetings were marked with intense hunger as people pressed in to receive the
touch of heaven... many were even carried out of the meetings totally saturated
with the Power of the Holy Spirit!