Chapter 2


1. 2. Run ‘Setup.exe’ provided in Urdu Mahir CD. Click ‘Next’ in welcome screen.


Read & accept the license agreement and click ‘Next’.


4. 2 . Cick ‘Typical’ button in next screen. Enter your name and company’s name if any in next screen and click ‘Next’. 5.

Name of computer running Urdu Mahir server will be entered in ‘Server Name’ field in this case. Select ‘Single User Mode / Server Mode’ and click OK. Installation will start and following dialog box will appear 8. NOTE: If you have single user license of Urdu Mahir you will select ‘Single User Mode / Server Mode’. 3 . 7. Click ‘Install’ in next screen. ‘Client Mode’ is selected when installing Urdu Mahir on client machines. Registration steps are not required when installing client mode of Urdu Mahir.6. For server versions of Urdu Mahir.

9. 10. 4 . Online Registration: Connect your computer to internet & click OK button. NOTE: Pressing ‘Trial’ button will run Urdu Mahir in trial version which is valid for 15 days from installation. Click ‘Finish’ in the next screen. In few minutes your product will be registered. Fill all fields properly (All fields are required). Skip to step 18. If you don’t have internet connection then skip to step 13. Your product’s serial number is pasted on Urdu Mahir Installation CD. Following registration screen will appear: NOTE: If this dialog box does not appear. Trial version has some limitations and does not render all Urdu characters correctly. right-click ‘Urdu Mahir’ icon in task tray and select ‘Re-launch’ from the shortcut menu. 11. 12.

Following screen will appear: Note down your serial number and product code. Following page will appear in your browser: 15.pakdata.13. 5 . Offline Registration: If you don’t have internet connection then click ‘Register Offline’ button. 14. Visit from any other computer which is connected to internet. Fill in all fields properly and click ‘Submit’ button.

On successful registration. After successful registration. Enter this key in the dialog box described in step 13. 18. following message will appear: 6 . following screen will appear in your browser: Note down your activation key.16. 17.

Select ‘Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)’. Click ‘Apply’ button. Select ‘Regional and Language Options’ from Start=>Control Panel.Setting up Languages & Keyboards You need to setup languages & keyboards in Windows OS to properly type Urdu text. 7 . Select ‘Languages’ tab. These steps are slightly different for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Settings for Windows XP 1. You may be asked for Windows XP Installation CD to copy necessary files. System reboot may also be required.

After reboot. Click OK. Select ‘Languages’ tab. Click OK. Click ‘Add…’ button. Following Text Services dialog box will appear: 3. Click ‘Details’ button. For adding Sindhi keyboard layout.2. Select ‘Urdu’ in Input language field and ‘Urdu Mahir’ in Keyboard layout/IME field. again select ‘Regional and Language Options’ from Control Panel. click add button again and select ‘Urdu’ in Input Locale field and ‘Sindhi Phonetic’ in Keyboard layout/IME field. Following Urdu keyboard layouts are also included in Urdu Mahir that you can add using the same procedure: • • • • • 8 PakUrdu NLA (National Language Authority) Monotype Phonetic Phonetic-2 .

5.• 4. 9 . Click ‘OK’ for customize dialog box. Steps for changing this setting are slightly different for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Click ‘OK’ for regional options dialog box. select 4th item as follows: 3. Click OK for ‘Regional and Language Options’ control panel. But use this setting carefully as it will change all numerals in your OS to Urdu format. Following dialog box will appear: 2. In ‘Digit substitution’ list box. Goto ‘Regional and Language Options’ control panel and click ‘Customize…’ button. In ‘Standard digits’ list box. select ‘National’. Urdu numerals in Windows XP 1. Olympia Click OK for Text Services dialog box. you can change the global settings of numerals in regional options control panel. 5. 4. Displaying numerals in Urdu If you want numerals to appear in Urdu.

10 .Online Keyboard An online keyboard is available from: Windows XP: ‘Start=>All Programs=> Accessories=> Accessibility=> On-Screen Keyboard’ You will have to change the font of the keyboard from ‘Font’ command of ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘PDMS_SindhiMansehra’.

Indicates that Urdu Mahir is currently active and running properly. 11 .Chapter 3: 8VLQJ 8UGX 0DKLU Urdu Mahir green icon appears in the task tray of your computer’s desktop. Is the Windows language icon for multilingual keyboard switching. Right clicking on Urdu Mahir icon will show the following Urdu Mahir shortcut menu: This menu has four item which are described below: 1. When you press this icon a list of available languages and keyboards appear and you can select your desired one. About Urdu Mahir…: Shows information about Urdu Mahir Configuration: Urdu Mahir Configuration dialog box will be displayed which is described in step 8 of installation instructions. Indicates that Urdu Mahir encounters some error. Typing Urdu in WordPad Start WordPad by selecting Programs=>Accessories=>WordPad. Exit: This option will exit Urdu Mahir. Double click on it to determine the cause. 3. Re-launch: This option will re-launch Urdu Mahir. Represents that currently Urdu is selected as the default typing language. 4. 2.

Type ‘n a t e l y q’ to type Nastaliq in Urdu. Following menu will appear: Select ‘Urdu’ from above menu. Following menu will appear. Select ‘Urdu – Urdu Mahir’. click icon in the task tray.For Windows XP. NOTE: If only one keyboard layout was added then above icon and menu will not appear. 12 . Now you can type Urdu from your keyboard. For Windows 2000. Select ‘PDMS_NastaliqNafees’ from the font menu in Wordpad and select a larger point size like 48. Select ‘Urdu Mahir’ from this menu. click icon in the task tray. If more than one keyboard layouts were added for Urdu language then a new keyboard icon will appear in the task tray. The menu will contain all keyboard layouts that were added previously. Clicking on it will show all keyboard layouts that were added for Urdu language.

13 . To have text begin from the right.Chapter 4: :RUNLQJ ZLWK GLIIHUHQW $SSOLFDWLRQV Urdu in MS WordXP To type Urdu in Microsoft WordXP 1. … Now you can type in Urdu. Select PDMS_NastaleeqNafees font from font menu. 3. 2. click Right-to-Left Select UR from language menu. on the Formatting toolbar.

2. 3. Place the insertion point in the table. and then click the Table tab. 14 .Use columns in Urdu documents You can specify the direction of columns in an Urdu document by selecting “Columns…” command from the “Format” menu and then select right-to-left direction from the dialog box. Under Table direction. select the table direction you want. click Table Properties. Use tables in Urdu documents 1. On the Table menu.