January 2011 c/o E.F.E.E Tel.

“Lord, who shall dwell in Your tabernacle? Who shall dwell on Your holy hill? He who walks uprightly, and works righteousness, and speaks the truth in his heart”. Ps 15:1-2 Help us o Lord to make a new covenant with our mouth for this New Year to speak always the truth and to dwell in Your tabernacle.

Waiting for the lunch and talking

Pastor Buia praying at the dedication of the Gardesti Canteen

A prayer of thanks

Impatiently waiting for the very welcomed gifts

A NEW YEAR, everybody hopes that the coming year will be better than the one passed, and so year after year passed on and somebody can ask: which year was a better one? People who come closer to the Lord will have only good years, for all of these years are the gift of the Father, and every new day the sun raises and sets down, until a New Year knocks again at the door. Every new day talks about the patience of the Lord who is waiting for us to do something for HIS GLORY. I am home at Michigan for one month, but my thoughts, prayers and plans for a better work are all for my children from Romania. When I left Romania I told them to remember the Bible verses, the songs and to pray for people who care for their needs. If you can see how beautiful they are, how they listen and obedient they are, I am sure you will want to adopt one of them and to bring him / her among your children to teach them to eat everything they have on the table, and to thank the Lord for the boots, for the sox, for the hat and for the the worm cloths and to know that many children don’t have these many things.

Year 2010 was a difficult one for many people, but for us it was one of the most blessed ones, and we give all the Glory to the Lord. All our needs were met, when we were getting short of money, our administrator and our cooks started to panic thinking about their so needed salaries, about the natural gas container getting lighter, but then the Lord was sending His angels. Even now I am talking on the phone with the administrator who tells me: “we need this thing and we need that thing and we don’t have much money left, but don’t worry, he says, the Lord will provide at the right time. Other times I couldn’t sleep at night but now we all learned how the Lord does all things”. We rejoice knowing that the day of tomorrow belongs to the Lord and that He will provide. I am for seven years ministering in Romania and I was thinking that it is too much to ask for a car, and even a bigger one as it was needed, and in 2010 I took courage to tell this in a small church in Michigan, about our great transportation and freight problem, and after the church service a brother who was visiting with this church (the Lord sent him there) came to me and said that he has $1,000 for the car. I went back to Romania, children were waiting for me, our brothers and sisters who work for this ministry were happy to see me back, and I knew I cannot buy a car with $1,000, but the Lord sent His messengers: Br. Adrian Veres from the Anaheim Church, where Pastor is Lazar Gog, Br. Dumitru Rosu from Bistrita and another Romanian Pastor from Germany after they visited the two canteens, they saw our children serving the meal, and before they left they offered exactly the money we needed to buy the best bus we ever dreamed, we bought it at the beginning of July from the market place at Suceava, so we were able to use it for the young missionaries from Michigan who came back after they felt in love with our children when they ministered here the year before. Always when the Lord will start with His blessings, He will not stop. As you know we didn’t have room for missionaries who came here to minister to our children, sometimes just for one week, and our main goal is not just to feed them, we want to teach them the fear of the Lord, to forgive, to love, to respect others and to be thankful for what God is doing for them. The “Missionary House” was needed as much as we needed the bus, so at the beginning of August by faith we started to build this house with room for 40 beds, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a hallway. With the help of the Lord and all of you who are supporting this project, we now have to install the roof and we trust the Lord that next summer our missionaries will have a place to rest. Everything that was done, was by the hand of the Lord and by your love as you listened when the Lord spoke to your heart and you offered to this ministry from what the Lord blessed you with, much or less, and we pray that the Lord will never forget your sacrifices, and He will write your names in His book of remembrance. In 2009 we started two canteens, one at Paltinis which was finished in January 2010, where 100 children have now a hot meal and spiritual education, and one at Gardesti, which was finished in November 2010, where over 150 children are serving a hot meal in two shifts, for the place is too small, and both of these canteens are located in Vaslui County. Both of these new projects were supported by the American Church from Louisiana which offered $30,000 through Pastor Ted Long who lives in Colorado, plus some money left over after we purchased food and other expenses from your offerings. The Lord is GREAT and MERCIFUL, and also most churches from Suceava, the ones who have more and the ones who have less, offered to this ministry as they afforded it. Another mission from Italy, through Br. Masimo, is supplying to us pasta, cooking oil (sometimes even olive oil which it is so special to us), sugar, pasta sauce, wheat flower, so much that sometimes we can help some of the very poor Christian and non Christian families, and this is a great testimony to them, to see the love of Christians toward them. To God be all the glory! On December 8th and 9th we dedicated the two canteens. For this great event, among our guests we had Pastor Ted Long who sponsored them financially, Pastor Johnny Buia who supervised our expenses, Pastor Nicu Cotlet from Suceava who managed the construction from Gardesti, Pastor Cristi Stan from Vaslui and Christian and non Christian parents of the children. The Lord poured His grace upon us and this will stay in the mind of our children for years to come as a great celebration, and for others as A GREAT WORK OF GOD, AS YEAR 2010 WAS THE BEST OF THE SEVEN YEARS THAT I SPENT IN THIS VERY POOR AREA. GLORY TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD! A bus, two canteens and starting to build the “Missionary House” I want to thank everyone who prayed for us and supported us financially in the month of January: Life Bridge Church from Indiana $100, Catuna Pavel Family from Arizona $500, Mary Paino from Indiana $50, Pacurar Family from Oregon $50, Florin Anchidin Family $100, a family from Alleluia Church $200, from Bethel Church in MI Chris and Ana Smalberger Family $500, Ionel and Andrea Duca Family $500, Ionel Havristiuc Family $100, Daniel Havristiuc Family $500, Ovidiu Hapca $100 and another brother $350. All this money will go to Romania on January 25th to continue the “Missionary House” building, as we borrowed the money to buy the steel sheets for the roof, and to support many other needs of this ministry. May God reward the joyful givers and may He multiply all of these gifts. With great respect and love: Lidia Rascol, lidiarascol@earthlink.net Tel. 734-487-5791 and 248-762-4386