Tsalteshi Trails Association Board Meeting Minutes January 17, 2011 @ EOC 6:00P.M.

Members present: Charlotte Harvey, Adam Reimer, Carly Reimer, Bill Holt, Pat King, Kent Peterson, Dan Harbison, Alan Boraas, Kristine Moerlein Members absent: Renee Merkes Meeting called to order by Pat @ 6:00 1) Approval of Agenda ± Agenda approved, added mass mailing 2) Approval of Minutes ± Minutes approved, one typo change MOTION: Adam made a motion to approve the minutes, Kristine 2nd, unanimous decision. 3) Guest ±None 4) Chair¶s Report ± Pat, committee assignments Kristine Morelein ± Treasurer Charlotte Harvey ± Membership Carly Reimer ± Secretary Adam Reimer ± President Pat King ± Past President Dan Harbison Vice President 5) Treasurer¶s Report ± Sara y Kristine reported an ending balance of $32,296.14 from the reconciliation summary. o Received ATI Grant o Received Team Fees o Youth Skiing o Coaching clinic paid o Insurance coming due ± Shed, Equipment and Workman¶s Comp 6) Committee Reports ± a. Biathlon ± Tim Bruno y 1st meeting canceled due to no guns y Parents meeting ± 20 kids y Will meet every Saturday y Checking grooming schedule with Bill b. Events ± Kristine y Feb 6th ± She can Ski y Penny and Gail Moore teaching beginning adult skiers on Tuesdays with youth skiing

c. Masters ± Kjell, no report d. Timing ± Pat y Kenai borrowing timing equipment y T200 borrowing start clock in 2 weeks y Renee wants to train someone for timing ± Facebook posting? Will check with a few people e. School Liaison ± Kent, no report f. Trail Development ± Alan, no report g. Membership ± Charlotte, no report h. Racing ± Pat y Besh Cup races: 134 signed up for Saturday, 150 for Sunday y Tom ordered outhouses for 1 week, $340 per week for 2 i. Trails, Equipment and Facilities ± Bill y Ordering some new equipment for snow machine y Ordering some new arrow signs y Grooming for Besh Cups 1. 2 lap 10 K 2. Track setting for Sprint Course 7) Old Businessa. Web Page Updates ± Jim Bennett y Need 2 people to be in the know on how to use program and be able to update web site y Discussed Facebook uses y List serve for mailings y Adam will check into web page y Carly will invite members to events, e-mails will go through Carly to Jim b. Trail Signs ± Bill y All received and now have to put up. Corner signs, wrong way signs y Need temp signs to post for backwards trails c. Weather Station - Bill y Bill will check wi-fi at Shed y Dan will work on internet hook-up for computer d. Wax Shack y Need to get keys from Kurt Schmidt y Talked about use of wax shack y Possibly mounting table on the outside of the new building y Ready to put electronics in the building y Masters use? Middle School? Youth Program? y Hockey Shed renovated, now MS in that building and Youth Program also e. Snowshoe Rules ± next Month 8) New Business ± a. Storage Needs/ Building Usage y Cold storage in conex y Tom re-modeled Hockey Shack for Middle School usage

y Possibility of another cones box, $1,500, can move it this winter y For now make use of old Biathlon building b. Jenny Neyman Articles ± Alaska Master Skier MOTION: Alan made a motion for Jenny Neyman to be editor for TTA to the NSAA Newsletter, Charlotte 2nd, unanimous decision. c. ATI Supplemental grant - Bill y Bill spoke to what to spend money on 1. New LED¶s on wolf 2. Then think about adding new lights in-between when circuits are less loaded. 3. Possible new bathroom on K-Beach y Ok¶ed Bill to re-write grant and bring back to us next month d. NSAA Newsletter ± already covered e. 40 Acre parcel by Isaacs Rd ± Carly y Marcus Mueller mentioned that it would be a good time to make a proposal to lease land y Parking, trails, building ± need to meet or talk to Marcus to find out what needs to happen. y Adam/Carly will call/meet Marcus to see what to do. f. Dan Bevington ± Bill y Interest in building a jump in the area y Certified USSA jumping coach y Bill will invite to come back next meeting g. Mass Mailing ± already discussed h. Morgan Steel ± Write a thank you for steel donation - Carly 9) Next Meeting Date ± Feb 14th at EOC in small conference room. a. Pat and Bill to send a calendar to make a yearly schedule 10) Adjournment ± at 9pm