• The next morning, Azreen went to the market. • She met Asraf and asked him to tell her what really happened to Madhuri. Asraf, you’ll have to tell me what happened. No one They told me that else would tell me. Madhuri was found Please… in the rubber estate. It seemed as if there had been an accident

Haji Ghani and his people cleared up the whole thing so quickly that before I could get there, they’d taken her away.

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Then, Azreen went home to see her mother and asked her if she would like to have some nasi lemak for breakfast. However, her mother told her that Madhuri always served her porridge for breakfast. So, she cooked porridge for her mother. Suddenly, her mother looked scared and told her that Madhuri was in danger and wanted Azreen to warn her sister. Who are they Mak? Why is Kak in danger? Madhuri is in terrible danger. You must warn her before they get to her.

Kak? But you don’t have a sister, Azreen.
Her mother made no sense. She looked at her mother and felt sad. The disease was affecting her mother little by little…

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Elsewhere in the village…
• Awang the bomoh (shaman) was terrified when a woman looked like a pontianak jumped out at him out of nowhere. She looked familiar but he was too scared to think who she was.
• He felt that something bad was going to happen.

He needed a sacrifice to perform a ritual to stop it from happen. He peered into a farmyard. •Suddenly, he remembered an incident that occurred years ago at the farm. Asraf was scolded by the owner of the farm for letting the gate opened and the bull had gone missing. Out of nowhere, Azreen came and claimed that it was she who had left the gate wide open and accidentally let the bull out. • The sound of a car stopping shook him out daydream. He quickly ran away.
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At school, Siti and Noor were talking …
I heard Cikgu Asraf had feelings for Madhuri once. I saw he was looking at her during her majlis bersanding as if he was either about to commit suicide or strangle Haji Ghani who was marrying her. But Madhuri did not glance his way even once.

Noor, I think That’s enough.

She added that Madhuri had probably married Hj Ghani because her parents could not say no to the rich village headman. Siti was angry to hear that and she left the class.
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• After lunch, Azreen went to the jungle. An old

lady greeted her. • She recalled the first time she met the Old Lady. Everyone thought that the Old Lady was an evil witch who had killed her husband. Azreen did not believe it. She was challenged by her friends to see the Old Lady herself. At first, the Old Lady tried to chase Azreen away but she told her that she only wanted to prove that the Old Lady was harmless.
• The Old Lady scolded Azreen for trampling over her plants and told

her to get out. The next day, Azreen came back and repaired the damage she had done. • From then on, they became good friends. She visited the Old Lady whenever she had problems with her parents.


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Inside the Old Lady’s house
Mak Cik, I just don’t understand. Why does everybody keep it a secret. Nobody is willing to tell me about the accident. Why are they covering it up?

Accident? Is that what they’ve been telling you? Azreen, Madhuri’s death was not an accident. Madhuri was murdered.

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